I had a story corner for the last podcast, episode 56, in which I was a bit of an ass in a heroic, but we didn’t get to it with all the awesome stuff to talk to Zeherah about. I ended up telling the story in the postshow, but I thought it’d be worth retelling for the other 99.9% of WHU readers.

Before the last podcast I had decided to run a random heroic for no particular reason, other than playing with focus is fun. The queue was uncommonly long however and I was just reaching that point of deciding to leave (I can’t stand people who leave halfway through a heroic — as if they didn’t know how long it would take them) when the queue popped, so in I hopped.

It was Old Kingdom, which is pretty short. It became clear right away that the tank knew what he was doing and had no aggro problems. I was leading with MD of course, and generally we were blowing stuff away and racing from pull to pull.

A bit into it one of the puggers asked, “Can we do a full clear? I need to kill every boss.”

To which I responded, “I’m sorry, I don’t have time to do all the optional bosses.” No one else said anything, the guy didn’t say anything back, and we kept racing along.

I was slaughtering the damage meters with the killer heroic MM spec — using mostly just arcane shot, kill shot, and silencing shot — and picking the targets lowest on health and going for those killing blows so that I never ran out of focus and almost never had to steady shot. I realized at one point that hey, this was actually a lot more fun than just sitting there and chaining Volley. A heck of a lot more fun. I’m making decisions about who to attack and what button to press. This rocks!

I dismissed my pet and we made the stairway jump, then raced up toward the final boss. Three of us were right at the faceless ones before the Herald when we realized that the tank and that one guy who asked to do all the bosses were nowhere in sight – they were going the other way.

One of the other guys proximity aggrod a faceless one and I sent my pet in and quickly turned growl on. Then the other two turned and ran off after the tank, leaving me and my pet with aggro. Well with cower and Mend Pet and a lot of dps I managed to burn the faceless one down and then said into party chat, “Hey guys, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize we were doing the optional bosses. I said I don’t have time, and I don’t have time for them.”

This was met with a couple of comments, including “Hunter come here.” and “Hunter, get down here.”

I had been about to apologize and leave, but these guys had annoyed me just enough. Screw ’em, I figured, I’ll just finish off the instance on my own. Goddamnit I don’t need them — I’m a hunter!

Well I was not terribly prepared for any extreme soloing. I didn’t even have the Glyph of Misdirection on this spec (though in retrospect I could have just changed it on the spot — but I was too annoyed to be bothered with anything other than proving I didn’t need them). So I slipped on my two pieces of tier 5, switched to a tenacity pet and didn’t even bother with any other stamina gear or pet food or consumables. I just charged.

After clearing the rest of the faceless ones, I prepared to take on the Herald. I wasn’t entirely sure if this was possible but I was running out of time until the podcast and the rest of the group was still on their way to the first of two optional bosses. So I attacked.

The fight went surprisingly well. My pet was certainly taking a lot of damage — more than I could heal and I was dpsing for all I was worth to try to increase the t5 set healing, which of course led to me pulling aggro, but a quick FD took care of that.

The MM spec was working particularly well for this. Every now and then the Herald would do some magic damage to me, and then I’d Chimera Shot and heal it up. But my pet’s health was steadily going down, and I had already burned Cower.

I figured all I really needed to do was get to the Insanity phase. Since there was only me fighting the boss there’d only be one nightmare and my plan was to trap the nightmare me and hang out and heal my pet up.

I succeeded in pushing Volajz into casting Insanity while my pet had just 20% health left, and I made sure that Mend Pet never dropped (and wished I had gotten around to re-installing Power Auras). My pet got up to about 50% by the time Insanity finished casting, then 70%, then 90%.

The problem with the only nightmare being me was that he was apt to hang out at range and shoot. I looked around. Where was my nightmare? Pet was at full health. Still no nightmare me. I checked the Herald, he was still channeling. Where was my nightmare?

Then I saw in the party frames the other party members dying, one after the other.

“WTF hunter? What are you doing?!”

Whoops, I guess that boss encounter is zone-wide. That was totally not intended. But honestly, how did those weakling little nightmares kill them? Oh well, I figured once they all died the nightmares would come to me and I could deal with them easily enough — heck handling them all was no big deal before 4.0.1 and with the new MM unlimited focus against weak opponents build this would be crazy easy.

Alas they all left the party, which then booted me out of the instance as well.

But hey, if it weren’t for those other classes holding me back I could totally have solod heroic Volazj in my MM spec. How awesome is that?

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  1. eltex says:

    The other day I joined a random, and got H OK. After the first boss, someone asked if we were doing a full clear. I said I can’t, not enough time. Then the tank said, ‘it’s justice points, you need them or you don’t’. I thought for a second, and realized they were right. We did a full clear, and I haven’t did a random since…

  2. Balgur says:

    Great story Frost!

  3. Eiye says:

    I know it’s wrong to laugh, but that was funny. Not condoning the unintentional slaughter though. Some players need to learn not to hijack runs. Frost, i think there was a small part of you that knew what would happen if you engaged the boss. I’m not judging! **lol**

  4. Artixo says:

    Yeah, mind controlled/duplicated versions of me tend to have bad effects on other people. My priest won’t double team ZG anymore with me because every time I was MCed I would one shot him. Poor guy.

  5. Valacia says:

    I stopped running randoms on my hunter the second I had enough emblems to pick up my 4th piece of 251 t10, now with 4 80s, I have used the same pattern. I will do my last random on my warlock tonight, after a week @ 80. LK dungeons are soooooooo boring anymore.

  6. Ounitron says:

    I love it. Agreed, it probably would’ve been more appropriate to simply drop group, but hey, who can blame you for doing science on the ones who were still alive. Thanks to their sacrifce, now we know Voljaz can likely be solo’d on heroic.

  7. Dorianchika says:

    I odn’t know how many times I’ve surrendered to helping a guildy do his/her daily random and gotten a party who want a full clear. Its pretty much stopped me from running the daily random altogether. That and being called “Hunter”…

  8. Armin says:

    I’ve noticed that too. No matter how simple your name is, we are always called ‘hunter’ :-)

    But I like the concept of the nightmare being zone-wide. Must try that some time …

  9. Factoid says:

    Kudos beyond Kudos, best story time yet. Still would love to hear you tell it on a podcast because despite your command of the English language, it is always more entertaining to hear the emotion in your voice as you rant about the support classes.

    • Alisaunder says:

      If you havent tried listening to the show live, I highly recommend it. Saturday, 1700 game time on ustream.com. There is almost always an after show in the chat room.

  10. DarkDragoon says:

    frost, your stories always give me a hearty chuckle. well this one made me lmao. priceless. i would have loved to see the look on their faces when they got killed off by weak versions of themselves. :)

    (on a side note, i have my first piece of tier5, gonna get the other one soon. huzzah! new worlds shall open up as i explore the more awesomesauce side of being a hunter)

  11. nerfornuthin says:

    This is one of the best story corners imo. =)

  12. Caera says:

    That’s pretty awesome!

    And it’s not just being called “Hunter” that annoys me…. it’s being blamed for everything whilst still being called hunter.

    I was in a random heroic run yesterday when someone pulled an extra group. They all died and I just lay there in feign death. The tank started bitching about the “stupid hunter who pulled the group” and in astonishment I replied “what, ME? I was standing right at the back of the party waaay out of range of the extra group. There is no way I could’ve pulled them.”

    Another DPS then sheepishly piped up with “yeah guys I think it might’ve been me.” The tank just went “oh… well it was ranged so I just assumed it was hunter.”

    Cheers, guys.

  13. Dyre42 says:

    As cool as knowing that Herald Voljaz is solo-able is you lose 5 internets for representing the class poorly.

    P.S I totally hate being called Hunter.

  14. Sidoen says:

    LOL that story makes me happy! It’s been way to long since I have heard about inconsiderate players getting their due in a dungeon! Though mostly I get annoyed when I am the tank I also tend to listen to people who don’t have time, always(mostly) willing to take the group through another dungeon when we finish up.

  15. Gavendo says:

    I’ve actually been in a similar situation myself once. The difference was, the entire group had disbanded by the first trash pull and I decided to just sneak through via the “shortcut” (there used to be a way to sneak through all the bosses straight to the last one) and try to solo the last boss myself. It looked pretty promising at first but this was way before 4.0.1 though so I just slowly died to lack of self-healing, doh.
    I should go back in there and try it now!

  16. Bigmathunter says:

    Not really the same but was in a group right after 4.0.1 where the rest of the group died on that boss, and me and my pet cleaned it up and downed him. Then for once my jumper cables was able to rez the healer. the tank said it best in chat.
    tank:”DAMN HUNTER” hehehe,

  17. Eidelweiss says:

    That was pretty funny :-)

  18. Zman says:

    nice one Frost, er uh “hunter”….makes me sooo mad, especially in a PUG using vent for ICC….”uh yea, the hunter will do so -n- so” GRRRRRRR, the “hunter” will wax your ass!

  19. Tromb says:

    Nice mate.That what its all about .

    Take care of your Beast and the Beast takes care of you :)

  20. Bolder63 says:

    IMO you should have just left the instance. Pulling the final boss on the rest of the group was wrong, considering the mechanics of the fight. Not that they didn’t deserve what happened for completely ignoring you about having only enough time to finish.

    You’re better than that, no need to stoop to their level.

  21. Caliea says:

    Bolder, I think his point was that he didn’t realize it would wipe the rest of the group. Which is actually what makes it so hysterical. If he did it on purpose, it would be an example of just another jerk playing WoW. But it’s not.

    I love this story – so much that I read it out loud to my (pally) husband, who typically doesn’t like hunter stories. We both had a great laugh out of it. :)

    I really like the idea of you standing there going… “Where’d he go?” while the rest of the group is dying. Still makes me giggle.

    And yeah – I think they deserved it for calling you ‘Hunter’. You have a freaking name – use it! “Frost” is shorter to type than ‘Hunter” anyway…

  22. Schkrulnik Jenkins says:

    I really wish you were running a camera on this one…

  23. Ozolin says:

    That was hilarious, pure Win. :D I do a random when I remember to, simply for the extra gold, and for levelling new pets I might’ve tamed recently. You’re making me wonder if I should switch to MM from SV, but do you think it’d be that much better for Heroic ICC10?

  24. Gossamer says:

    It may not have been the nicest thing in the world, but honestly, you told them you didn’t have time, and at an early point in the goruping. You had every right to down the boss you came to down and it’s incredibly rude of them to continue on as if you never said anything. The other bosses shouldn’t be hard with 4. A polite group would have done the part you needed, let you get on with the other plans you had, and completed the rest on their own.

  25. Elessarion says:

    Sorry Frost but I can’t agree with you here. Once you realised they wanted to do the optional bosses you should either have sucked it up and gone (if your DPS was that high it’s not like it would have taken that long anyway) or wished them luck and left the instance.

    I appreciate that you might not have known that the nightmare phase would get the other members of the group, but whatever your reasoning you succeeded in sticking them with a repair bill and ended up wasting 4 people’s time as opposed to wasting just your time.

    Quite a few people are aware of you as a prominent figure in the WoW hunter community and quite frankly I find this entry detrimental to the image of hunters in WoW. Sorry but I don’t think it’s the rest of the group who are the bad guys here.

    • Harbinger says:


      It’s episodes like this that give DPS such a bad name. If you are rushed for time, don’t queue. If the queue is longer than you thought it would be, as much as it may pain you to do it, drop group. As a tank, I understand your DPS queue is long and things come up and you have to go. That’s fine. Another DPS will be along shortly. And I will respect that you didn’t waste our time or stress us out with whining about needing to GO GO GO!

      Maybe they should have spoken up before when you said you didn’t have time for the optional bosses, but I think it’s pretty self centered of you to assume that just because you don’t have time that they will ignore their needs. Dint assume everyone will bow down to the impatient DPS’s scheduling! It’s the most annoying thing in the world to a tank and everyone else in the group!

      Lastly, if you are DPS, learn to FOLLOW your TANK. You won’t find yourself somewhere they aren’t. You’ve been around long enough, you should know better. Sure it’s just a “heroic” but there are still people out there that need to learn how to do it right. And discretion /IS/ the better part of Valor.

      The habits you learn as you gear up shouldn’t go away as you top your chosen field. It’s when you are at the top of your game that you need to pay even closer attention to details lest you forget them when you need them later.

  26. Aoq says:

    And I will happily disagree with Elessarion. The group should have made a decision when it was brought up. The group should have killed the main boss and then those that wanted to kill the optional ones could have without the hunter that didn’t have time. At worse it was a failing of the group to compromise.

    Detrimental to the hunter community? I think not. Its people like Frost that raise the rather low bar of the hunter community to holding their own in raids and on the pvp field. People like Frost and (dare I say BRK) raise the standards on a daily basis. That is after all why you come here and read this blog is it not? To learn something?

    Regardless, I will try and solo this instance tonight. Thanks for the pro tip.

    • The Watcher Unseen says:

      “People like Frost and (dare I say BRK) raise the standards on a daily basis.”

      Yes, teaching Hunters that Silencing Shot is for damage (when it does no damage) and that 32 AP to Boots is the correct choice (when it’s strictly inferior to 16 Agility to Boots, and worse in practice than Cat’s Swiftness or Tuskarr’s Vitality) is most definitely “rais[ing] standards”. Deleting posts that prove his mathematical fallacies and inaccuracies – both here and on WoW Insider – really do raise that bar; after all, it’s not about being right, it’s about assuaging Frost’s ego, right?

      • Frostheim says:

        Again Rilgon, you are incorrect. I don’t know when I killed your cat or whatever I did to spark your crazy rage, but here are some points of fact:

        – I have not recommended using Silencing Shot for damage since the damage was removed. It is not in any 4.0.1 guide.
        – If you took a moment to look at the guides section, you’ll see that I recommend the 16 agility enchant (unless you need hit, then the hit/crit enchant). You seem to continually fabricate things from whole cloth and then attribute them to me. Seriously, I have years worth of daily posts, it can’t be that hard to find something I actually said that was wrong : P
        – No post has ever been deleted for disagreeing with me (thus all of your posts on the WHU are still here — I think. It can be hard to track all the different names you post under).
        – Posts are deleted for: spam, inappropriate language, and personal attacks. Even then most personal attacks I keep. On WoW Insider it’s more likely that posts will be deleted for language or personal attacks because I’m not the one who polices that. They deal with more trolls so they have stricter standards.

        If you want to disagree with me, please pop over to the FAQ of the site and read the section on how to actually make an argument, rather than an attack, ad hominim, or contradiction.

        In other words, try disagreeing with science and then we can talk — though I’ve noted when you’ve tried that in the past and I responded you were completely silent to the responses.

      • The Watcher Unseen says:

        And how, pray tell, is someone supposed to take guides seriously that you yourself don’t even follow?

        And even then, someone who claims to be “scientifically minded” would realize the dramatic increase in DPS uptime and other various reasons why there is absolutely no reason to use anything other than Cat’s Swiftness or Tuskarr’s Vitality.

      • Frostheim says:

        This is what we mean my an ad hominem — you’re still attacking me rather than arguing against what I say. For reference, I do follow my own guides (except, perhaps, where it pertains to guns) but as I’ve said many time, including in response to you, never just stalk my armory and assume that’s my recommendation. I’m testing different things all the time — or working on crazy builds for specific fights, or heroic builds, etc. More now than ever, of course.

        As for the minor movement buffs, the advantage depends on the player. Generally the worse your movement skills and situational awareness, the better the buff is for you. Some guilds, including Ensidia, actually required the buff or equivalent talent. On the other hand some of the best hunters out there with the highest hunter parses say the buff is completely useless to them because they have no problem maintaining full dps for most movement situations.

        The ability to stutter-step, bank focus for an arcane, and jump-disengage eliminate most or all of the benefit of the minor speed increase, because running out of a void zone or into position doesn’t actually decrease your dps — thus running a touch faster doesn’t change your dps.

        It is, however, perhaps worth more attention for those struggling with movement or situational awareness.

    • Linedan says:

      One problem. Once Volazj is killed, the instance is completed and (as far as I remember) the other four CAN’T queue to get a fifth person in. So “do the end boss then go back” doesn’t work.

      As a tank, I make sure I ask people if they want a full clear, but no matter whether I’m tank or DPS, I *always* assume that we will be hitting every boss and schedule accordingly. To automatically assume that the rest of the group will simply accept your “no” vote is arrogant. No, the tank shouldn’t have split off, and no, those guys shouldn’t have dumped the Faceless One and then run to join the tank, but none of that excuses the “screw you guys, I’m too important” attitude that’s laced through the entire post.

      • Rayzer says:

        @The Watcher

        What?!? A boot speed enchant offers a ranged class a “DRAMATIC increase in DPS uptime”? Just let that statement sink in a bit. Beyond Frost’s points in his reply to that statement, there are few instances where 1 enchant or 1 gem or 1 talent point or 1 anything is a “dramatic” increase in dps. Its all baby steps, the more you do right the greater the benefit. A lot of little things lead to “dramatic” increases in DPS not singular choices alone.
        Cookie cutter anything will never truly lead to min/maxed potential. Knowledge of your class, knowledge of your playstyle, knowledge of your group composition, knowledge of the mechanics of the content you are running are all required for properly min/maxed play…not OMG this is the best boot chant EVAR and it makes you win!!!!….

  27. lataralus says:

    I cant say I think this story is all the awesome and great you think it is. Your a member of a random group of people who are trying to enjoy the game. 4 other people wanted to do a full clear of the instance. That leave you 3 choices, join them, leave them, or be an ass. I guess based on these comments its cool to grief others…

    I guess i just expected better

    • QueenOfBlades says:

      1 person explicitly stated they wanted to do a full clear, another person explicitly stated that they could NOT do a full clear. The other folks stood there like mutes, unless I missed something. Hence the tank going off alone and the team getting broken up. Lack of communication failure if you ask me. Communication that is the responsibility of the team leader to keep clear.

  28. QueenOfBlades says:

    You gotta love the lack of communication in the random PUGs. :D It definitely makes life interesting. Always happens, somebody asks a question and either nobody answers or only one person does. I’m usually the loudmouth going, “Ok guys, WTF did we decide on?” On a side note, if Frostheim popped into one of my random PUGs I’d be too busy fangirling to care if the team wiped.


    Main points…

    1. MM Spec still kicks booty.
    2. Frostheim still kicks booty.
    3. Hunters kick booty.

    However, it would be interesting to know what pets you used in this dungeon.

    • Harbinger says:

      The problem in randoms is you are usually moving along too fast to stop and type out a response in most cases. Sure the tank should have spoken up, but if you follow your tank, there is no reason to split up the group.

      • Rayzer says:

        The only one who really has that excuse is the healer. The tank can obviously stop and respond to whatever he likes and if you really think you need 3 dps to kill trash…….

  29. QueenOfBlades says:

    If you don’t want to lead the group, and take the 3 seconds to type out a question. You should pass on your leadership on to someone else. “Just follow the tank” is a good guideline, but often in normal PUGs that tank (or other members of the group) have never ran that dungeon before (or haven’t in a long while). Heroic PUGs are different people typically know the dungeon. Regardless, just because you are the tank does not mean you are the defacto leader. There is a reason for that little crown over your portrait, it ain’t just decoration.

    I say this to everybody who complains about how much their random PUG sucked, communication is KEY and CENTRAL. Every time I run a PUG where people take the 2 seconds to talk to one another we next to never wipe and walk away with a pleasant experience. Every time people stay holed up in their shells mindlessly running through the dungeon, something bad happens…every damn time.

    • Harbinger says:

      You do realize that the little crown seems to choose a random person when multiple people have their check box for it checked…? I’ve been tank, had it checked, with others in group, been the one that queues us and it goes to the DPS thats is the only one from their server. That crown is just decoration.

      • QueenOfBlades says:

        Yep. You can also pass it on to someone else. I’ve done this, others have done this. What I said still stands, either lead and communicate, pass on leadership, or do nothing and roll with the consequences.

  30. Tazzad says:

    I’ve done something simmilar myself :P Thou i wasnt soloing, it was me and another guy (A warlock) The rest of the group were AFK and we didnt have time to wait, so i changed my pet and charged (Dont have tier 5sets :'( ) got him to insanity part, killed the only nightmare i saw, and he were still charging, after like 15 sec, i suddenly saw 3 more nightmares running towards me (The three other people where further down the instance) After 2 more insanity’s we down him :D Felt kinda awesome to have tanked the HC boss with my pet ^^

  31. Frostheim says:

    I totally agree (and put in the title) that I was a bit of an ass and should have just left the group. That said, it was not my intention to kill the party – I was just trying to finish my dungeon. I figured the worst case would be that I’d have to deal with all the nightmares myself, which would have been fine.

    Definitely a good example of bad pug communication though.

  32. Twilit Soul says:

    Hilarious and epic. Love it lol.

  33. Schkrulnik Jenkins says:

    Can anyone on here honestly say that they have never been a bit of an ass in game?

    I’ve got to say that I can’t think of much that I’ve done in game that was more fun than facerolling lowbies whilst in pursuit of my world explorer achievement, which I might add was done to me on several occasions while I was a lowbie.

    Seriously, what did it even cost the “victims” other than maybe 10g and 20min of their time. If you’re that worked up about Frost’s brief moment of ass-hattery, then I think you’ve got bigger issues.

    • Schkrulnik Jenkins says:

      And in case it isn’t obvious, this is directed at everyone above who felt the need to chastise Frost for what he did.

  34. Scorpious says:

    To all the butthurt people seem to be having when it comes to Frost’s advice contradicting his armory page, just adhere to the old adage “Do as he says, not as her does”. He has stated reasons for testing new builds and other crazyness, and to take away the most from him follow his advice, not actions.

    As for the article, anyone who says this wasn’t funny on some level is lying, or was one of the other four in that pug. True, it was kind of a dick move, but even if i had died in an event like that, I could at least say it was a rather unique way to wipe. If there are discrepancies about which bosses to down, it is up to the group to decide on this before getting knee deep in combat. If anything, there is a “group leader” assigned to random dungeon queues, not to mention a tank and healer to listen to depending on who you decide to take your final ques from.

    I know one thing, I don’t respond well to “come here” and “get down here”, or other demands from strangers, and I’m sure others don’t either.

  35. lataralus says:

    I dont respond well to…”screw the 4 of you who are running the rest of the dungeon im just going to do what i want anyhow”

    • Scorpious says:

      If you ever encounter that, remember there is a vote to kick option, just realize it can be used on you as well.

  36. Boxybrownn says:

    As I began reading this, I couldn’t help but think that Frost was a bit of a dick in this situation.
    I suppose I was in good-guy mode when I started reading. I generally help people as much as possible in heroics and do my best to be agreeable and kind. However, by the time I got near the end of the story I was apparently in evil-guy mode and lmao. Funny stuff, this is!

    • Frostheim says:

      Exactly, right?

      It’s that subtle combination of the other players being a bit assholey themselves (seriously, get the hunter aggro and run?) and the thought that hey, worst case scenario the bosss kills me, best case I kill it and the whole group gets the kill and they are amazed, right? I never considered that they’d get the nightmares across the zone… it’s a slipper slope, the asshatery, and an entertaining one as well.

  37. Rayzer says:

    Wow lots of reading comprehension issues today. Couple of quick things:
    1. Frost freely admitted that he was an ass.

    2. It was a mistake coupled with an unintended consequence, tell me that none of you ragging on him never “lowered the bar”.

    3. He didn’t run off by himself, in fact he was accompanied by 2 other group members which by some logic would have made them the majority meaning that the 2 players who did not follow technically should have.

    4. Really? Really…Linedan, queuing for a 5th? have you run a heroic lately? They are easily 4 manned and if you have any idea whatsoever 3 random scrubs can do them. In fact many of them were so tard proof that they were able to be three manned months ago not just with 4.0.1

  38. sladethis says:

    I am a BM hunter and use my Bear more than Skoll to hold aggro in RH, you should be a dick in those situations! Nice job Frost! There is no reason I should have to switch pets to help a tank, TY

  39. Roameeo says:

    Rayzer I agree. Not many folks are reading where he explicitly stated he was a bit of an ass. I think it’s funny as hell. If I had the skills Frost does, I probably would have tried the same thing, but alas I’m still kind of noobish on my hunter so I probably would have just dropped group once I realized they were heading for a full clear. Feign death FTW!

    And just another reason I don’t do randoms or PUG’s :)

  40. Roameeo says:

    Oh and being called “hunter”? Come on…what are you 12? We have names, use them. Call me “hunter” and see where my next MD goes :D

  41. Thyrkai says:

    On the topic of the stairway jump – here’s a pet peeve. Every other PUG running Old Kingdom seems to have someone who comes out with: “Omg, huntard needs to dismiss pet for the wee little jump.” To test the validity of their comments, I once didn’t do this. FYI, this was done in Normal mode while helping out some levelling guildies. The result: an extra trash pull courtesy of pet :P

  42. Velidra says:

    So I hear deleting comments is really cool

    • Frostheim says:

      You can find the commenting rules under the FAQ. Generally personal attacks and name-calling are grounds for deletion on just about any forums. Please behave yourself.