Patch 4.0.3a Changes

Posted: by Frostheim

It’s Thanksgiving here in the US, where we celebrate… well, food. Or maybe we give thanks for tasty foodstuffs. I’m not sure — we don’t take the non-consuming part of holidays very seriously. The point is we celebrate or give thanks for food by eating lots and lots of it, and making so much food that there’s no possible way we could eat it all so that we have tons of leftovers to continue eating for the next several days.

So here is a roundup of the 4.0.3a hunter changes over at WoW Insider I’ve pre-written that you can read while I get to work on the eating.

It’s been coming for a long, long time: Deathwing has finally shattered old Azeroth. It was kind of a jerk move on Deathwing’s part, and frankly, he’s just asking to be punched in the face. Along with the visual changes and host of sparkly new pets available to tame, hunters are also seeing all those beta changes finally brought over to live with patch 4.0.3a.

If my poor, overworked email box is any indication, a lot of hunters out there have not been following the constant beta changes and are confused about many of the changes — and while our abilities are basically the same, there have been a lot of meaningful changes to the way our DPS works.

Join me after the cut for a rundown of the hunters view of patch 4.0.3a, including pet changes, ability changes, and just what Blizzard means by our shots being normalized… Read More.

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  1. I-CEE says:

    That was a great article mate hit the nail on the head on all points.
    for me I am happy with what we got at the moment chimeria shot is awsome now crits for 14k and heals you what more do you want.
    Only thing we missing is kill shot 9k damage is not enough ok you get it twice if glyphed still think kill shot should be at least the same as chimeria shot so it would be then a kill shot not an almost dead shot .
    Pets well got say so happy with the fox great for normal running around dailys looks nice nice ability ok less dps then a cat but with the buffs we have recived works really well and monkeys well there just damn funny lol

    aka Trilda

  2. Cinterclaus says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Frost and my fellow WHU-ers! Even though you perfectly captured the typical attitude towards the holiday, Frost, I hope you realize that’s not really what it’s about?
    At any rate, thanks for the recap of the latest changes! Mania does us a great service with her Petopia site, and I spent most of my WoW day yesterday getting new pets on my main Hunter. I guess I’ll probably go pick up a Monkey today, just so I’ll have one… hard to take them seriously as a ferocious damage-dealer, though. Foxes share that problem a little bit as well… but are a lot better looking IMO ;) But they both have the “tanking by distraction, not by intimidation” vibe (to very different degrees).

    Appreciate the explanation of just what it means to have our shots “normalized”. I had a fair idea of what that meant, but you made it much clearer.

  3. Fixation says:

    Been lurking around WHU for a while now, just thought I’d finally register and personally thank you for your dedication to the hunter cause :)

    Through all the painfully low damage (comparatively) in the previous patch you kept my hopes that blizz would balance us out, maybe even buff!. With this new patch, me and my guild ran icc25HC (we’re 12/12 as of 2 weeks ago ;D) and me and my CL were overjoyed to see us topping the charts a few times! Obviously some fights are better than others for us, but to go from panting to keep above the tanks, to actually being numero uno dps was awesome.

    I switched during trash pulls to SV for the big e-peen numbers and loved it, the sindragosa gauntlet proved the best; I wasn’t there, but (apparently) my CL hit 100k dps with SV AoE in there, bear in mind he’s full 277+ items. But still, I find that number quite difficult to believe, so don’t quote me. Can’t wait for SV raiding in cata.

  4. shardavarius says:

    So, what is the point of burrow attack. The worm is a tenacity pet. I am assuming, then, that Blizzard intends for it to tank. Why make one of it’s abilities render it unable to do so?

    • Cinterclaus says:

      It’s sometimes risky to try to make sense of Blizz’s design intent. I can only guess that:

      A. As it originally functioned, the Burrow attack simply made the Worm far too good as a tanking pet, compared to the other Tenacity pets. Especially since they took away the Bear’s “Swipe” attack. So this perhaps is a nerf to keep it from becoming the only Tenacity pet choice.

      B. Or, they intended Burrow to be an aggro dump for when the Worm is being used in a group, but not as the main tank.

      I’m much more inclined towards “A”, but there could also be a “C” out there somewhere.

    • Frostheim says:

      Burrow attack is how BM gets good aoe damage in 5-mans and raids. They couldn’t give this to a ferocity pet, because then it would be the highest single-target dps as well as the best aoe — and we’re trying to avoid having one pet clearly better than all others for raiding.

      Thus the worm is fantastic dps on all that trash, but you want to go with a ferocity pet for the boss fights — and the choice will depend on what buffs you need so we won’t have all bm hunters using the same pet in every situation : )

  5. Zeherah says:

    Just one small piece of clarification, the weapon damage still does factor in slightly after the normalization, our specials weren’t fully normalized. What happened is they fully normalized the AP component of our specials, so that no matter what the speed of the shot we gain the same amount of damage from AP. There is still a small amount of variance from the base avg dmg of the weapon. It’s not enough to hugely tip the scales for slow weapons (especially since there are some benefits for fast weapons too) but if the ilevel gap is small and the stat gap is large, you can still see a slower weapon come out ahead of a fast weapon. This is most likely only going to be the case for SV or BM, as they depend less on weapon damage based shots and see less value from procs, whereas MM gets more benefit from procs because of wild quiver and uses almost exclusively weapon damage based shots.

  6. Ottanok says:

    Don’t know if that’s a change from 4.0.x or before but I never saw written that the freezing trap allow us to trap multiple targets now.
    With trap staying 1 min and CD of 30s, in theory it could be possible to freeze up to 3 target.
    I say in theory because could only tested 2 mobs frozen at the same time (couldn’t see with a 3rd one cause unexpected aggro and had to go)
    Test : place trap on path of 1st (no straight to activate cd and allow delay of 1min freeze), trap 1 more 30 sec later, and a 3rd one.
    Period of time of 3 frozen mobs = time between 1st trap down and activate.

  7. Zeherah says:

    Oh I thought of another change that I’m pretty sure didn’t make it in till 4.0.3a. Pets now gain the appropriate amount of AP from % AP buffs on the hunter. Previously pets would only inherit AP hunters got from static buffs, but % based AP buffs wouldn’t affect the amount of AP a pet would inherit. This has been fixed.

    Sadly the ravager bug, windfury bug, draenei hit bug, etc. are all still present.

  8. Slickrock says:

    So on the weapons for a BMer, I have the PVP 264, Zod’s 264, and Rowans. Guess I need to check the spreadsheet again to see what is best with the change. Before the first round of changes, Rowan’s and Zod’s were neck and neck due to the T10 2-pc bonus.

  9. Lirithiel says:

    Anybody else miffed that Blizz changed Rak’shiri’s AWESOME aqua skin to white & black? If I had wanted one of those I’d go tame King Bangalash again! Now a rare that was voted as one of the best looking pets on Petopia not too long ago looks the same as the NE starting pet ffs. Oh wait she has gold teeth so you know she’s hardcore…and ever so slightly distinguishable from the rest of the sabers stealthing around in northern Winterspring.

    Why not instead make Shy-Rotam look like the rest with a slight distinguishing feature and make Rak’shiri, the rare, look super awesome like it always has???

    I know, I know, I can just go tame Shy-Rotam instead as she no longer spawns for THAT quest but rather always mills around the big rock but it’s a matter of principle. I spent a month camping for Rak’shiri just before the launch of WotKL and now she looks rather bland :(