Cataclysm Leveling Spec 80-85

Posted: by Frostheim

Today over at WoW Insider, I talk about optimizing your 80-85 leveling in Cataclysm:

The Twilight Cult is on the move, the elementals are invading, and it’s only a matter of time until the elven lands start burning while the dwarves giggle from their mountain strongholds. Cataclysm is coming.

It’s time to start looking forward and planning our leveling experience. I want to stress as strongly as possible right at the outset that hunters are very easy to level. With our trusty pets at our sides, we’re an unstoppable tanking/DPS/healer combo. Every hunter spec can level through solo content very easily. That said, we’re going to be focusing on the absolute most efficient way of leveling from 80 to 85.

Join me after the cut as we dig into the talent spec, glyphs, pets, and what you need to know about gear to optimize your Cataclysm leveling… Read More.

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  1. Rikii says:

    Woot! Ask and you shall receive!

  2. Alisaunder says:

    I’ve been using my jormungar worm for months and not noticed the burrow problem. Is anyone else seeing it and what worm do you have? I don’t doubt Frost and Mania but it’s weird.

  3. Webot says:

    Is it enough to just have 1 point in Rapid Killing? I presume we don’t care much about the
    Aimed/Steady/Cobra damage boost, just the focus regen with Rapid Recuperation.

    Also it seems like 2 points in Pathfinding would be worth more while questing than the stamina boost in Hunter vs. Wild.

  4. anbuish says:

    Damn I’m at work, and WoW Insider is blocked :(

  5. Giix says:

    Mantastic! thanks for the update! i am guess we will end up needing to do both Mt. Hyjal and Vashj’ir to hit 85 … depending on how many 5 mans ya do (o and i have to hunt down that cub tossing quest ;). ) thanks for all the work you do frost.

  6. Venadin says:

    I was using the worm on live to farm ZG and do some BC heroics. As soon as I heard of the change, I started using a bear for extreme soloing in my BM spec. Unfortunately, demoralizing shout is not affected by bestial weath whereas it seemed like burrow attack was. I’ve tried to use my MM spec with T5/arena gear but my pet doesn’t seem to survive as long as with the BM Spec. I think it might have to do with being able to grab more pet talents. Also I tamed the Beast from UBRS and I get 21 talent points.

  7. Bu says:

    Thanks for info, Frost:O)
    Still have one question… Whats the best way to reforge t10.5 5 piece set?
    Can you give some ideas?

  8. bier says:

    Thanks for the info. One thing I was wondering is when you level in one of the new 80 zones, is it worth it to go back and do all the quests in the other 80 zone right away or should you just move on (go back and do them later for the achievement or whatever)? Anyone know which path is faster to 85? Is it worth it, except for the achievement, to do both starter zones?

  9. Myrdreon says:

    Maybe usefull to note that pre lvl49 levelling build as well, because before rapid recuperation MM seems very.. lackluster.

    SV’s thrill of the hunt/L&L and explosive shot seems a lot more usefull before then. BM seems nice at first, but the thing is in how fast everything dies – procs like cobra strikes/frenzy just cant get trough the ramp up to be on par with SV. Especially where SV doesnt have to wait for pet to get in range and L&L being far more reliable instead of RNG.

  10. Duckaholic says:

    If we have MD glyph, why not just misdirect to the worm? Even if it burrows, won’t it maintain the aggro we generated for it?

    On a side note, can you macro Mend Pet to Chimera Shot? That way you ensure both you and your pet recieve some healing? If pet choice doesn’t matter much since things die so fast, it would seem ferocity with it’s self heal might be useful so you could really power through things and not worry about healing your pet as much.

    Also glad to hear that Chimera Shot has been pumped up a bit in Cata. I lovee MM with mana but not so much now with focus (in terms of pvp).

    Great info Frost, keep it coming!

    • Frostheim says:

      When the worm burrows it’s not on the aggro table. Nothing will ever have aggro on it no matter what you do.

      I suppose you could castsequence your mend pet and chimera together, but you probably want to manage it separately.

  11. Duckaholic says:

    Aha, I see. So this seems to be a bug and I hope it gets fixed. Wish they would bug MD so you could target random people not in your raid or party. Oh the fun would never end.

    True, managing seperately is always best, I suppose just curious if it would work. Seemed easier to ask than to (gasp) go find out for myself. I suppose that’s what the donate button is for, a consultant fee :) and well earned might I add.

  12. Algroth says:

    I understand the logic behind removing the jormungar worm from the aggro table during a burrow attack, since the damn thing is underground and everything else is just watching the hole and taking damage.
    But if a tenacity (read: TANK pet) loses aggro when it uses its special ability, it isn’t really much of a tank pet, is it? I they “fix” that “bug”, they should also move the jormungar worms into either cunning or ferocity.
    Cunning would be my bet, since the pet would be able to use this ability very effectively in PvP (unless it’s still targetable and susceptible to AoE attacks).

    In short: either they change the pet type and some burrow-phase modifiers, or they simply change the AoE ability. The animal could just as easily be using some seismic powers (they DO like the underground, after all… no eyes = sonic/seismic radar) to create a damaging earthquake effect, but still be on top of the ground and thus attackable and stay on the aggro list.

    Alright, I’m done griping now. Frost: <3 <3 <3, I would probably have stayed BM through lvling, but now I see the error of my ways. Thanks a bunch!

    • Nyth says:

      It’s actually not that illogical.
      The burrow AoE attack was meant to be BMs source of extra AoE damage, where MM gets Bombardment for cheaper MS and Survival gets Serpent Spread.
      Tagging this to a tenacity pet means that you maintain some balance on that front.

  13. Goranth says:

    It took me a while to realise what was happening when the worm burrowed and the mobs turned on me. Rubbish I thought and neally sacked my worm off.
    However, I then realised that it ment I had a pet with Feign Death.
    Burrow the worm, feign death yourself, all the baddies run off.

    I found this most useful while leveling archeaology in dangerous areas. Running around an area prospecting aggros the mobs, my worm thunderstomps them and gets aggro and tanks while I get my find then we both aggro reset.