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Reviewed 2/2/2012
Patch 4.3.2

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Cataclysm brings with it a significant change in the way haste rating works for the level 85 hunter hunter, which has raised questions about how haste rating works, how good haste rating is and about the lvl 85 hunter haste cap for steady shot and cobra shot and how it affects the global cooldown.

This guide will explain exactly how haste works in Cataclysm and what the steady shot and cobra shot haste caps are for the BM, MM, and SV hunter. The really short version is that you should not worry about the haste cap, you should not try to reach it, and you probably cannot reach it even if you tried.

The Basics of Cataclysm Hunter Haste Rating and Haste Cap (level 85)

128.057 haste rating gives you 1% haste.

Before we get to the haste cap, let’s start at the beginning: what haste does is increase your base focus regen, speed up your rate of fire, and the speed that you cast spells – which for us means Steady Shot and Cobra Shot (technically Aimed Shot too). It will also transfer 100% to your pet, increasing their attack speed and their base focus regen. Note that haste does not affect our dots like Serpent Sting or Black Arrow.

The Hunter Haste Soft Cap

Haste rating does not reduce the hunter global cooldown.

In Cataclysm hunters have an awesomely short global cooldown of just 1 second. Steady Shot and Cobra Shot have a cast time of 2.0 seconds. Haste rating will reduce that cast time, but if you manage to get the cast time below 1 second, you’ll still have to wait the full 1 second for the global cooldown.

This is what we refer to as the soft cap for haste — the point at which your steady and cobra shot cast time is equal to the global cooldown. Fortunately in Cataclysm at level 85 it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever come close to hitting it.

It’s worth noting that even beyond the soft cap, haste continues to benefit you (thus haste has no hard cap for hunters). It will still increase your rate of auto-shot fire, and will still increase your base focus regen.

Soft Cap Numbers by Situation

Exactly what the soft cap is depends on what other haste effects you have up, including Improved Steady Shot, Focus Fire, and the 10% haste raid buff (brought by the SV spec as well as other classes). You also have temporary buffs like Rapid Fire and Heroism — though you should not worry about those. You don’t care if you’re over the Rapid Fire soft cap, because that’s only for 15 seconds — the rest of the time you’re far under the cap.

  • 10% raid buff: 81.2% Haste (10,399 haste rating).
  • 15% Imp Steady Shot or Focus Fire buff: 73.9% Haste (9,464 haste rating).
  • 10% raid buff and the 15% Imp Steady or Focus Fire buff: 58.1% Haste (7,441 haste rating).
  • Rapid Fire and the 10% raid buff and Imp Steady or Focus Fire: 12.9% Haste (1,652 haste rating) — and even then you’re only at the cap for the 15 seconds during Rapid Fire.

Note that every hunter should have at least one of these buffs: BM has Focus Fire, MM has Imp Steady, and SV brings the 10% haste raid buff.

You can also find out what your steady/cobra shot cast time will be with various buffs and haste ratings by using Zeherah’s handy little Haste Calculator.

How Important is Reaching the Haste Cap?

Not important at all. In fact, you probably can’t do it anyway. Don’t worry about the haste cap. Don’t worry about trying to reach some specific level. There is no special recommended level of haste. You want as much of every stat as you can get, and when you have a choice you always want to grab the stat that will help your dps the most.

Haste is a much better stat for hunters now than it used to be, but it did not become some magical ultimate stat. Also always keep in mind that haste remains the stat that you’ll always get less benefit from in practice than in theory. Haste is good for long, stationary fights.

If the fight is very short (soloing) you’ll likely see only a tiny fraction of the benefit. If you have to move during the fight you’re very likely to lose some of that haste benefit — the more you move the more likely you are to slightly clip your auto-shots — and remember that haste is only improving their speed by a fraction to begin with.

I’m not saying haste is bad, but take any spreadsheet or simulation results with a grain of salt — it won’t be  as good as it looks.

Haste vs Attack Speed vs Ranged Attack Speed

Some things give us haste, and some things give us attack speed increases, and some give us ranged attack speed increases. For the purposes of calculating the soft cap, these are all exactly the same.

Hunter Haste Math

For those who are interested to know how to calculate haste effects for yourselves.

Calculating how much haste rating you need to get to the soft cap is very easy. To figure out your new steady or cobra shot cast time, just take 2 / 1.x where X equals your haste percentage. Thus if you have 24% haste, steady shot’s cast time will be 2 / 1.24 = 1.61 seconds.

Haste stack multiplicatively, not additively. So a 10% haste raid buff and your 24% haste from gear do not add up to 34% haste — in point of fact they are effectively 36.4% — the product of the haste effects (as 1.haste). But the easiest way to calculate this is just to apply each haste buff separately, one at a time.

Note here that something that procs haste rating (like Prestor’s Talisman of Mchination), as opposed to % haste, can just be added to your current haste rating.

An interesting effect of this is it makes calculating the amount of haste needed to cap based on your current steady or cobra cast time very easy. Just take your starting cast time of 2 seconds. Then apply any haste effects from buffs, one at a time. You now have a cast time somewhere in between 1 second and 2 seconds.

The haste percentage needed to reach the haste cap is cast time – 1.

Thus if your steady/cobra cast time is 1.63 seconds, you need 63% haste to reach the cap. If your cast time is 1.23 seconds, you need 23% haste to reach the cap. Simple!

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  1. kryna says:

    i’ve been reforging haste to mastery. what i think i’m reading is that this approach makes sense. thoughts?

    • Nick says:

      Never reforge into mastery. It is the worse attribute for hunters. I suggest you forge all mastery into hit (till capped) and into:

      If there isn’t crit on your gear, put into crit since AS and CS are very expensive on Focus; and those are the ones you want to hit hardest.
      Also, haste increases your focus regain so every little bit helps. but always Crit>Haste.

      • Talearus says:

        You clearly do not play bm spec…. mastery rocks… im at the training dummy now, and the more mastery the merrier. Haste really seemed to have no effect one way or another. i reforged some of my crit to mastery and got more dps……. and 1st time posting…. love the site, keep up the awesome work guys.

      • Frostheim says:

        Look at it this way — BM hunters get maybe 45% of their damage from their pets, including Kill Command. Maybe a bit less. Each point of mastery increases that by 1.7%. Crit increases *all* your damage, and pet damage, by about 1%.

        This is of course a simplified way of looking at it, since both of them only really boost your dps that much when you have 0 mastery/crit. But which would you rather have: 1.7% boost to 45% of your dps, or 1% boost to all of it?

      • Hunterchr says:

        You do realise that at 18 mastery in MM spec the wild quiver is likely to be your 2-4th highest dmg output right? And as a SV hunter it just increases ALL dmg you do. I’d say it’s one of our best stats.

    • molo says:

      mastry isnt good for hunters should be reforging to crit

  2. Jiihoo says:

    Hi frost. About haste caps .. How about caps that let you keep certain rotation and gain just enough focus to maintain it?

    • Sporek says:

      You want your haste to be (5.60%) for your rotation. Saying there is no Haste cap is pathetic, clearly your comment makes a great point

      • Frostheim says:

        The amount of haste you need for a rotation is never a single fixed number — it depends on your spec and also depends on what buffs you have available to you in your raid.

        For details about how haste affects rotations, look at the Haste Plateau articles in the hunter guides section.

  3. Spleet says:

    So, are you prepared to offer your opinion of stat rankings yet? Is agility still numero uno? Crit, haste, ap, mastery…where would you rank them in terms of importance? Expanding on Kryna’s coment… with the ability to reforge what might you give up in order to get?

  4. Eidelweiss says:

    I think he would say don’t reforge everything into parry :-)

  5. Sniperburte says:

    “Haste is a much better stat for hunters now than it used to be, but it did not become some magical ultimate stat. Also always keep in mind that haste remains the stat that you’ll always get less benefit from in practice than in theory. Haste is good for long, stationary fights.”
    This kinda clears something up for me. I’ve had a theory that stacking a little bit of haste would help us in PvP. More haste=faster steady shot times=less time standing around regenerating focus. I guess this puts my idea out the window.
    I don’t know how many of you PvP, but it’s pretty painful out there. our max range is the same as everyone else now, making it suicide to go against a caster and its a lot tighter window of kiting room against a melee. Deterrence might as well be called please hit me I can’t do anything but drop traps. On top of that, I’m really effective up until I run out of focus 3.2 nanoseconds later, and now have to stand still for the 1.75 seconds unbuffed it takes me to cast steady shot in PvP gear. Pets spawn with enough health to get one shotted and I guess Blizz put some self awareness in there because they usually just go run off and hide on their own and won’t come out. Before when I saw someone running by themselves in a BG I thought free HK, now it’s “RUN AWAY!!!!!”

    • Itukaaj says:

      Frost, I know you are carebear but most concerns on haste come from the PVP community. Do you mind doing an expanded haste section geared more to PVPers. If there is no difference in surviving a PVP fight due to haste address that. Or, maybe, if there is maybe a target haste for arena and ideas how to get there. I heard Black Magic enchant maybe proccing off of Improved Serpent Sting. Have you heard or can confirm this?

      • Frostheim says:

        Haste has never been a good pvp stat. It’s better now with aspect of the fox and focus regen, but still not good.

        Basically we’re now much better at kiting in pvp, and much more screwed when someone does close with us. I think it’s a net loss for arenas, but could be a gain for battlegrounds.

      • Itukaaj says:

        Thanks for your great posts as always Frostheim. You have done so much work for the hunter community. This has been my first post here and I appreciate looking into answering. I want to push my hard casting in BGs so that by time I get Fox I will be that much better. I may reconsider and wait till later levels.

  6. Sniperburte says:

    Lawlz at the parry comment, but that’s how testing goes. No matter the unorthodox an idea is, you still have to try it because it might just work. Kinda helps to go back to your control afterward though =P

  7. Eidotrope says:

    Thanks for the guide, Frost. There was speculation (even on this site) that there would be haste plateaus: rotations and the marginal utility of haste would shift depending upon the amount of haste obtained. Will there be haste plateaus do you think?

    • Frostheim says:

      In theory yes, but in practice no. Our rotation is much more flexible than it used to be — if you need to shift a shot by a fraction of a second to get an extra steady in, you can do that. So while in theory getting to exactly X% haste gets you an extra shot, in practice you can get it anyway.

      Also with the much lower haste percentages in Cataclysm, there isn’t much ability to actually adjust your rotation.

      • Arcazua says:

        Why do you say no in practice? The plateaus are there in some sense, they just aren’t the rigid cut-offs that gimp you for missing them that they were under BC-era steady shotting. If you can get a survival hunter’s Cobra Shot down to about 1.50 sec, it becomes advantageous to use four cobra shots between explosives rather than three. That doesn’t mean that you couldn’t use 3 or that a fourth before that point is bad, but it is a point at which a 4-shot pattern becomes better than a 3-shot pattern. I would call this a cut-off, but a soft one, rather than the hard cut-offs we used to have.

      • Frostheim says:

        Not exactly. Your explosive shot has a 6-second cooldown that starts the instant you fire it — but when you fire it you then have a 1-second global cooldown before you can start doing anything else. So you actually only have 5 seconds of stuff to do between Explosive Shots.

        A SV hunter with Hunting Party and Pathing has a base cobra cast time of 1.77. At a 1.666 cast time you can perfectly fit 3 cobra shots in between, requiring around an extra 6% haste, or around 768 haste rating — something most hunters are going to have no matter what.

        To actually get 4 cobra shots in between each explosive — the next theoretical plateau — you’d need a cobra cast time of 1.25 seconds, requiring over 40% haste, something that just isn’t attainable at the moment.

  8. Zeherah says:

    You might want to include a link to the simple haste calculator I built in your article. It’s at:

    Also you may want to mention in your article that haste also affects pet melee attack speed and pet focus regen as well, although pets scale with your melee haste and attack speed bonuses, not ranged, so any ranged specific haste/attack speed bonuses won’t be inherited (such as Rapid Fire).

    • Eidotrope says:

      So for an 85 MM hunter with the 10% raid buff, Pathing and Improved Steady, it’d take about 6850 haste rating to achieve a 1 second Steady. Wow. Thanks for the calculator, Zeherah.

    • Itukaaj says:

      Wow!!! Zeherah, I made that post about the calc in hunter forums to which you kindly responded. On a personal note I want to thank you for what you have done for the community. I know you are pressed for time so thank you for including it. Have you found Black Magic giving haste procs on Improved Serpent Sting?

      • Zeherah says:

        I really haven’t had time to do sufficient testing on Black Magic to feel comfortable implementing support for it on the site. You can simulate it by making a rough estimate of the average haste it gives and putting it in custom stats. Given Cata is coming out in a few weeks I’m not sure there’s a lot of value in spending time trying to implement that enchant on the site- I’d need to have a much better understanding of the uptime to put it on the list.

  9. Aitun says:

    This article got me thinking that quick focus boosts on a long cooldown might help hunters a lot in pvp. Something similar to innervate that healers have to quickly gain mana.

    It would have plenty of utility in pve as well. It gets bothersome to keep focus high at all costs in order to have burst available when you need it the most (like for example shooting down valkyrs at the LK).

    Anyways, a bit of off-topic, but a thought.

  10. Tibbelkrunk says:

    Not to get technical, but…

    “1% haste will reduce the cast time and autoshot fire time by 1%”

    This is slightly incorrect. It suggests that with 100% haste, every cast is instant, which is not the case.
    1% haste will instead increase your casting and firing SPEED by 1%. That means 1% haste decreases cast TIME by:

    {1 – [1 / (1 + haste)]} * 100 %

    In other words:

    (old cast time) / (new cast time) – 1 = haste

    • Frostheim says:

      Absolutely correct, speed was the word I should have used. I decided just to nix that sentence because I want to leave all the mathy stuff for the end.

      • Tibbelkrunk says:

        Good call. :)

        With low levels of haste (as it sounds like we’ll have at 85), 1% haste is close-ish to a 1% cast time reduction anyhow.

    • Rydin says:

      i think my mind imploded… but thats why i love that i can come to this site and know you guys are crunching the numbers that i never could… lol

    • Nemesis says:

      Actually to be technical, your the math is wrong. Even the last formula is fundamentally in error. The correct one is

      (old cast time-new cast time)/old cast time=haste,

      This IS the definition of speed increase. This still indicates that with 100% haste, the cast time or firing time becomes zero. Simple math really. If you look at the last formula (that is exactly the right formula of haste definition), for instance,

      if haste is zero in there, this equation yields to (old cast time-new cast time)/old cast time=1. The only way to satisfy this equation is having a cast time of ZERO. However, in practice, this 100% haste can never be reached as well as the global cool down still caps the progression.

      Best and Happy gaming

  11. QueenOfBlades says:

    Thanks for the link to the Hunter Haste Calculator. Saved me the mind-melting task of trying to figure out my numbers.

    Also, put more t-shirts in your store! Would love to hand a few out as Xmas gifts.

  12. Terrowulf says:

    Might be a stupid question but after reading all of your post is there a recommended range of haste that we should have or reach?

  13. Dagorr says:

    I’ve got a 14.8% haste with a haste rating of 1894. I’m spec’d surv with the hunting party and pathing haste bonuses. I’ve reforged for haste rating just to test it’s DPS. I don’t know if other stats do better or equal to haste but with my current gear [ ] I’m pushing out around 12500 DPS self buffed. I’m a strong believer in haste because of it’s focus regen and with a shorter cast on Cobra shot I can easily weave in more between each Explosive shot, and with it’s effect applying towards my pet it boosts his speed and regen too, thus giving him higher DPS. I could just be naive, but I feel like haste is a stat well worth it’s weight in reforging. Please, reply with your thought or with your stats to give me an idea of other stats damage, such as crit or mastery. Thanks a lot for the post Frostheim, your advice has really helped strive above other hunters and all other DPS. I’m giving hunters the good reputation we deserve. :D

  14. Arcazua says:

    An easy way to explain haste vs fire rate is this:

    Work = Time * Rate
    1 shot = Basic delay * some speed.

    Whatever “some speed” is without any haste at all, THAT is what you are applying the bonuses toward. So with 10% from hunting party, 3% from pathing, 8% from gear, 30% from Rapid Fire…you have “some speed” * 1.10 * 1.03 * 1.08 * 1.30 = 1.59

    So what time do you need now that you have a modified rate of “some speed” times 1.59? Your basic delay *divided by* 1.59.

  15. Alectos says:

    Okay, so I’ve been playing around with my rotation and it would seem that cobra shot is a pretty important shot in the rotation. In a typical rotation, or more precisely, during a typical explosive shot cooldown, I’ll be able to fire three cobra shots. Above you indicate it’s impossible to reach the soft cap, but what about say a cap that allows you to fit 4 cobra shots into one explosive shot cooldown. I’ve done a little bit of math and I’m pretty sure you’d have to have a cast time of under 1.25 seconds. That’s a whole quarter second off of the soft cap that is “unreachable.” How hard would it really be to reach a haste rating that allowed that, because my dps would skyrocket. Right now, when cobra shot crits… which it does… often… it deals between 17-25k damage and I’ve even seen upwards of that in ideal situations. Fitting just one more into the 6 second cooldown would be at minimum a 1.8k dps increase across the whole fight, and that’s assuming it never crits.

  16. Tokril says:

    I didn’t find anything in this guide about haste affecting the Marksman mastery at all. I haven’t done any spreadsheet work simply because I would mess something up, I guarantee that. *I assume* while haste by itself affects auto-shot, and steady/cobra shot timers, etc. and Mastery affects all shots including auto-shot, haste *should* also improve our dps somewhat relative to our mastery. Granted our mastery is in a small spot right now so maybe it’s harder to test but if we we’re to have a higher amount would haste+mastery eventually add up to a bigger gain than crit+mastery? To be fair, our mastery is affected by crit, *I think* our physical shots are still at 150%, and a sizable sum of our damage is still based from crit in the form of piercing shots.

    • Tokril says:

      Imagine that. I tried the same experiment with two different amounts of haste and guess what happened. 2.9 speed bow with no haste. 229 auto-shots, 50 wild quiver hits. 2.9 bow with 7.54 haste. 229 auto-shots and *49* wild quiver hits. 10 minute trials with an AGI trinket proccing in both attempts, which I should have taken off. With my haste the effects were negligible. More haste *should* net you more damage from mastery if you include the soon to be, non-clipped, auto-shot and perfect steady shots, but you would need a crap ton of it to beat out the +80% damage we’re getting from our signature shots.

      * = IMO, what I could have mistakenly perceived as, or pay attention to.

      What did we learn here? These guys know their stuff. It’s never a bad thing to check the work done, but they’ve probably done that too.. more than once.

    • Frostheim says:

      Physical shots crit at 200% damage. Haste does indeed combo with MM mastery; however, the effect is incredibly small. Crit, on the other hand, also combos with mastery, and crit passes on to our pets, and gives us more procs of things like Sic ‘Em and piercing shots, while mastery does not : )

  17. bigarrows says:

    hey guys im new here as a member but using the site for about 2 years…wondering where we was ss cast speed at and also whats our stat priority
    …agility..hit till 8%..crit..mastery..hatse? would u say thats right or not
    and whats would u say is our soft haste cap
    since patch im lost

  18. Saberth says:

    Hi Frost, just looking over the Haste stats, I have at the moment 5.68 on Haste and am slightly over the hit cap at 8.23% should I have more haste as a BM Hunter?

  19. jo23 says:

    hi i have a question for you guys …do my haste is to high …should i just not reforge my mastery on some fo my items?

  20. kites says:

    350ilvl MM. 11.92 haste(28.71 w/imp stdy), 14.93 mastery(31%), 18.54 crit, 8.01% hit, 12850 atkpwr.

    This brings my steady to a 1.55(after imp stdy) cast giving me 4 steady’s and an arcane/aimed between chims, I don’t use cobra seeing it has a slightly less avg dmg output then steady and no real benefit since I have chim. Currently pulling 17-20k unless it’s a heavy dance fight then I can drop to 13-16k.

    I’ve been getting crap from other hunters about the low crit and choosing to socket 2 deft ember topaz(20agil/20haste) over 2 more deadly ember topaz(20agil/20crit). Now with trinket procs, which they seem to pop often I do hit about 40% crit, so from here should I work on building mastery and crit and cut out some haste or should I just keep things as they are?

  21. Nick says:

    Um this is true if you are MM but as far as SV goes mastery is % damage on all ur shots

    • Frostheim says:

      Mastery is okay for SV, but not great. Look at it this way: crit is a damage increase for all of your shots, dots, and pet attacks. Mastery is a damage increase for all shots except auto-shot and kill shot and none of your pet attacks.

      • Barnacle says:

        So maybe I’m way off here but IMO haste should be a much bigger priority than we are giving it. In a perfect world you will stand in one place and have a perfect rotation to where your Explosive shot will go off the moment its CD is up. The reality of that is slim to none because of a nearly infinite things taking place during a fight. Be movement, looking at other parts of my screen, making sure I’m not in fire, etc. Movement out of fire is usually what mixing things up the most. Being that switching from AoH to AoF for a total of 5-7 is not only not useful but all but impossible as well given the fact that you will have to switch back after moving, I for always hit an arcane shot during this move. That way I am doing some shot while moving but not changing aspect or doing nothing altogether. When this happens it usually disrupts the rotation and therefore my focus and eventually hitting Explosive Shot on CD. I say all this to say. Having a faster cast speed for Cobra shot only helps you in these situations get to casting Explosive shot faster being that its going to generate the same amount of focus no matter its speed. I am in no way a mathematician and truly take your word as law Frost, but it seems that in a “real life” situation. Haste seems better than we are giving it credit for, or maybe I’m just doing it all wrong. Haha.

      • Frostheim says:

        Movement should not alter your rotation for SV. Changing aspects does not trigger a global cooldown, so you can indeed switch aspect just for your cobra shots and switch back in time for your explosive shot/black arrow. Aspect Dancing is a significant movement skill in Cataclysm.

  22. Eymberli says:

    Ok learning hunter here… I see formulas etc blah blah. What i want to know straight forward answers is what is the haste cap (soft and hard haste caps) for a hunter. I currently run in MM since cata. Use to run in Surv. without mousing over it the haste says it is at 16.74. The rotation i am using is the one from the Hunters Union Vid btw. this has helped a ton with DPS. I just want to know the Haste caps. Thank you

    • Inkarran says:

      the haste caps i think are different for each spec honestly, i run surv and the hard cap is 21 percent. the soft cap i think is 32, im testing this week on it, the idea for surv is to shot 3 cs and have explosive shot ready as the 3rd cs fires, and keep your dots up of course

      • Frostheim says:

        Each spec has different haste *plateaus* but the soft cap is the same for all specs — the 1 sec cobra/steady cast time. There is no hard haste cap — more haste will always help you.

  23. Tupacshaker says:

    Some of this info is out of date. We can move and auto shot now days.

  24. Aree says:

    I might have a stupid question but here goes….

    I’ve been playing WoW for almost a year, and my main is a hunter. This site has helped me enormously in towards becoming a better player. (And I just won the Recovered Cloak of Frostheim! *yay*)

    I have read all the guides and so on, and I have gemmed and reforged and I’m always striving to get my numbers up. But… I just realised something. When you are talking about hit cap of 8 %, and haste plateaus of XX %, which of the hit caps and haste numbers are you looking at? “Ranged” or “spell”?

    As I said, I’m still rather new to the whole WoW concept, and haven’t fully grasped everything yet, but I felt kinda stupid when I realised there are several numbers to look at…

    • Inkarran says:

      i play more surv than anything, but if you wanna hit up, they have great guides on hunters. feel free to comment back and ill try to help

  25. supershot99 says:

    Hiya, im a MM hunter (PVE) i was wondering,is Mastery any use to me?

  26. Archermit says:

    I have about 1k haste with a cast time of 1.62 on CS, I play SV and just got my 4 set. Since the 4 set procs from auto shots, should I stack more haste ( not at the expense of crit) to give more auto shots and as a result more procs on T12 4 set?

    • Inkarran says:

      for surv dude im running 21% haste, but its up to you really at this point, if you have extra stats to reforge with play around until you find the numbers you like, you can always restore and start over :)

  27. lordmogg says:

    I originally had all my reforging into crit. I then spent time filling out Female Dwarf DPS analyser and after a few tweaks etc and also uploading my gear to reforge . com I eeked out another 1000 damage overall.

    I have my Hit sorted and as much haste as I can squeeze in there. Ive noticed a significant improvement in my Focus availability. Also in my dps. If your having trouble deciding where really to go then try these two sites. They were very helpful for me: ( PS ive just equipped two new items so until I go home im over the hit cap lol )


    my link just in case ive totally missed the point and you have some suggestions:

  28. Spikedriver says:

    Wouldnt it be advisable to reach 1235 haste rating with 3/3 path to get the extra GCD into our rotation. With ISS and the like it assures that we have 2 AS and 4 SS plus 1 extra GCD before Chimera comes off CD? That extra GCD allows us a free slot to insert any aimed shot procs that come along without the rotation shifting out of balance.

    • Glasseye says:

      Better to use HM serpent haste High enough 4-5 SS followed by 2 Arcane for dump AS if proc before u refresh Chimera. With enough haste this is do able

  29. Inkarran says:

    if your a undergeared hunter now in cata, you wanna watch you haste after about 21% i can run 30k consistantly in surv. If i get to the hard plateau for haste”which is 20 percent” i can fire three cobra shots, spam explosive shot, keep my dots up, and run top of the charts. I recently changed some gear around and tried to reach the soft plateau for haste. at 30% haste i was messing up my dps. I could fire three and 3/4 of a cobra shot when explosive shot was ready. that slowed down explosive shot and my overall dps. if anyone knows the numbers for the haste plateaus for a surv hunter, please post them up. btw i run 32% haste, 21 haste, 8 hit cap, and 15 mastery for anyone who needs a little help with their own numbers. if you are good at the surv rotation, and have a zomg macro, you can spike to 32k with what i just posted. as i figure out more surv numbers and suggestions ill post them, feel free to add your opinions as well

  30. Hakata says:

    Please I need help on my BM Hunter… … I play ONLY BG and Arena… What is the best Haste % should I have?… for now I just do OK..but want to do better.. any help on fixing my spec and gems…

  31. Kenshunter says:

    Would you be so kind as to put a method in your article on how to accurately determine your Cobra Shot cast speed?

  32. Glasseye says:

    Saying that haste Cap is unreachable Or Getting your spells below 1 sec GCD is not true I have two trinkets that when Proc Get my Steady shot down to 0.856 Granted i already know i need to Drop some haste If you get between 15-16% with arrow of time and any other haste proc trinket with rapid fire on a boss u can pull aroudn 40k+ dps

    • Frostheim says:

      When we talk about reaching a stat cap, we’re usually referring to reaching it outside of brief cooldown windows. With Rapid Fire in the mix any hunter can at times dip below the soft cap — but you won’t reach it outside those brief windows.

      There is merit, however, to paying attention to how much those haste effects help you depending on your passive haste rating — this is particularly true for MM, which spends more time under high haste effects than any other spec. MM may want to be sure they aren’t soft-capped during rapid fire, while for SV it’s probably not a big deal.

  33. bortecine says:

    Hello, Im survival troll hunter. I have %38 crit, 8.13 hit(cant reduce to 8.0 :/) %29.13 haste and 12.82 mastery. Is that cool ? Should I reduce haste to mastery a bit?

  34. soultaker says:

    hi everyone, im using MM, i would like to learn and hope you guys can give me a guide, im running bad in dps… i dont know where is the problem, first i try to test at dummy, the dps reach to 2.5000 and then at raid my dps cant go up much…

    i got 4 piece of T13, hit reach to 8%, then push for Critical, my question is here, should my reforge goes to haste or mastery??? is that any point i need to reach haste or mastery?? and about the rotation for MM any suggestion for me to improve my dps?

    Thx for all attention

  35. jay says:

    this is totally wrong… with 4 piece T13 the haste cap is 757 and Mastery > Haste

  36. haste mode says:

    With Thunderking 5.2 full haste items I regenerate focus like a beast and need to switch out to focus shots MUCH less frequently. In fact it lets me get 5 full ticks of steady focus every time I need to switch to cobra shot which makes my cobra shots 30% faster and I’m full of focus again before I know it. I’m basically dumping arcane shots non-stop and when beast mode is up I actually gain focus as I’m shooting.

    Time your multi-shots with beast mode and you should never run out of focus again, haste is king!