Best Hunter Enchants

Posted: by Frostheim

reviewed and accurate
Reviewed 4/10/2012
Patch 4.3.2

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Warning: This is an outdated Cataclysm guide. For the new Mists of Pandaria guide click Here.

This guide will list best hunter enchants for your level 85 hunter gear in Cataclysm. A hunter running around without enchants may as well be naked – don’t be that hunter. In Cataclysm, hunter enchants got yet another boost, and the enchants now add a lot of dps to your hunter.

The Best Level 85 Hunter Enchants

We’ve listed the best hunter enchant for each slot, including crafted modifiers and reputation rewards. We have not included anything that is profession specific — you should always use your profession enchants, of course.

While there are a handful of hit rating hunter enchants available in Cataclysm, you really don’t want to use those. You’re typically giving up a larger amount of a desirable stat (agility) to get the hit enchants — you’d much rather reforge your crummiest stat into hit rating, and then use the best available hunter enchant for the slot. As a result we’ve removed any hit enchants from this list. Again, you do not want to use hit rating enchants for your hunter gear in Cataclysm.

Best Cataclysm Hunter Enchants
Slot Best Hunter Enchant
Obtainable From
Head / Helm
Arcanum of the Ramkahen Ramkahen Revered Rep
Blacksmith Abasi
Shoulders Greater Inscription of Shattered Crystal Therazane Exalted Rep
D’lom the Collector
Back / Cloak
Greater Critical Strike (for most hunters)
Major Agility
(Wrath enchant if your agility is worth more than 3x crit)
Chest Peerless Stats Enchanting
Wrists / Bracers
Enchant Bracer – Agility Enchanting
Hands / Gloves
Major Agility (Wrath enchant) Enchanting
Waist / Belt
Ebonsteel Belt Buckle Blacksmithing
Legs Dragonscale Leg Armor Leatherworking
Feet / Boots
Assassin’s Step
Major Agility
Ranged Flintlocke’s Woodchucker Engineer
Melee 2-handed
Mighty Agility Enchanting

A Note on Boot Enchants

Unlike other slots, we actually have three options for our feet enchant. The Assassin’s Step provides us with less of a dps advantage than the straight Major Agility enchant, but also provides a slight movement speed increase.

Theories on the advantage of this vary — some top raiding guilds claim it’s essential and force all their raiders to take it. On the other hand some of the highest dps hunters in the world claim it’s totally unnecessary. Basically it will help you get where you need to go in movement heavy fights a tiny bit faster, get out of void zones sooner, and start dpsing again sooner. On the other hand if your situational awareness is good and you have good movement skills (including aspect dancing & using disengage), you’ll see no advantage from the enchant.

So whether to use the enchant is your call — but if you find that you get caught in  or clipped by void zones a lot, it’s probably a good idea  to take it.

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  1. Brucey_MM says:

    Awesome! Thanks for summing these up for us :)

  2. DarkDragoon says:

    im curious for the reason behind the choice in the hand enchants. are the spec dependent, or is there a certain gear level where you would choose one over the other? thoughts frost?

    • Frostheim says:

      It’s both spec and gear dependent. Right now it looks like SV values haste a lot, so it’s possible — depending on your precise gear — that you might actually like the haste enchant better.

      • GrandmaRose says:

        I am ancient, (as some of the quest characters) and on a hugh learning curve with WOW. I refer to all of your guides. You put so much effort and dedicated time to help others, and I know it is greatly appreciated by thousands of players.

        I will never be an outstanding MM hunter, but I am enjoying trying to stimilate my brain so I dont fade away, but I follow all of your advice.

        Currently I am unsure of the enchant I should put on a very nice cloak I just got (Mantle of Doubt), as you say most hunters should enchant with Critical Strike, but with Major Agility if agility is worth more than 3X crit.

        I am unclear as to what that means. Up to this point I have kept major agility. My agility is 3454. and my critical strike is 13.37 %.

        I know you are far to busy to answer questions beneath your expertise is advising excellent hunters, but I thought I would take a chance and see if you could help an ancient out.

        My thanks to you, whether you are able to answer this or not. You are very special for helping so many players.

      • Sianl says:


        What the guide is referring to is a unique situation based on your gear and your spec.

        When you acquire certain items they will affect your damage differently. At specific thresh-holds some stats (Hit/Crit/Agi/Haste/Mastery) can become stronger then others.

        For example: If you do not have 8% hit, you should be reforging secondary stats into hit as hit will give you the most Damage Per Second gain per 1 stat point spent. However once you get that 8% hit, anything beyond that is wasted as you have already earned a 100% hit chance. Thus each point of hit you have pass 8% is giving you no DPS gain.

        Every stat has the *possibility* to change depending on how all your stats combined work. Especially when they reach certain levels. There might be a point, at least according to a mathematical perspective, that a high amount of crit rating can give you more damage out put then a small amount of agility.

        Consider the following, what do you think will allow you do to more damage in a fight: 1,000,000 critical strike rating enchant to bracer compared to 1 agility enchant to bracer. In this extreme case here you have the option to gain 1 million crit rating over 1 agility. You would gain so much raw stats, even if its not your best stat, that it would make the 1 million crit enchant the best choice.

        The critical strike enchant to cloak is 65 crit rating while the straight agility enchant to cloak is 22 rating. (Notice that that means there is 3 times more crit compared to the agi) This is where the ‘3x’ specifically comes from. There is roughly 3 times more crit itemization then agility.

        So if your current gear makes you gain 5 DPS for every 3 crit rating you get but only 4 DPS for every 1 agility you get, you should be getting the crit enchant to cloak. ***arbitrary numbers to establish a point***

        So in short: There is no universal enchant for hunters as your stats become more or less valuable with the more gear you acquire. There can be a point where 65 crit might be more valuable to you then 22 agility. The guide more or less suggests you should use a DPS simulator to figure out the exact enchant you want.

        To make things easier for you, both enchants will do roughly the same increase to your damage out put. In most cases I have seen, however, the agility enchant tends to come out ahead.

        Hope this has helped you;

  3. Arthemystia says:

    The level of preparedness that we have (thanks to Frost and others) for Cata even before it hits is staggering. For perspective, I have to think back to what I knew when Wrath hit. The answer is humbling, and really (really) highlights how far we’ve come, both me personally and the WHU and hunter community in general.

    So anyway, thanks as usual. This is awesomely helpful.

  4. zshadeslayer says:

    wouldn’t Draconic Embossment – Agility be w better wrist enchant for LW? or have I just lost my mind?

    • Frostheim says:

      Isn’t that the leatherworking-only enchant?

      • Rikii says:

        As Frost quoted ” We have not included anything that is profession specific — you should always use your profession enchants, of course”.

        It is a LW only chant.

        Therefore it was not included.

    • zshadeslayer says:

      my apologies, I had forgotten about you not posting profession specific enchants/gems. Thanks for all your hard work Frost

  5. Tokiko says:

    Going by enchants these days it appears blizzard no longer wants us to dual wield one handed weapons as there is no 1hand agility enchant in game as far as cataclysm goes – and older enchants just won’t do anymore…
    I hope this is just a bug because for pvp players especially this is a step backwards and personally i was always happy when two single-handed weapons were best choice…

    • Frostheim says:

      Heh, it’s not just enchants, but the weapons themselves that make 2-handers the clear choice for hunters — just like Wrath, 2-handed weapons are just better for hunters in Cataclysm.

      • Tokiko says:

        Yeah well, there’s some truth to that… Though if two-handers just wouldn’t drop, two one handers were a good alternative – see dual wielding PDK Heroic axes because anub’arak heroic wouldn’t go down ^^

      • Firedealer says:

        Yeah but DW is jsut soo Kewl lol but yeah 2hnded=better

  6. wilegenuis says:

    Does the name “Gnomish X-Ray Scope” hints it will only be created by Gnomish engineers? If so it means that Goblin engineers are left behind, should we all go Gnomish?

    • drvic10k says:

      there are no longer proffesion specializations, in this case it’s just a matter of name, just like Dragonscale Leg Armor that doesn’t refer to Drangonscale leatherworking spec

      • Jyger says:

        That is not entirely true. Specializations were only removed from LW, Tailoring, BS. Specializations still exist for Engineering and Alchemy. That said all the gun enchants are general engineering recipes.

  7. Anansi says:

    Regarding feet enchants. I think the Assassin’s Step one is hands-down the one to take (unless you need Precision for Hit in which case the choice is obvious).
    I believe it’s a raider’s responsibility to ensure they can get into position as quickly as possible and to get out of danger as quickly as possible. The latter is going to be particularly important in Cataclysm as mana is going to be more precious for healers so your healers absolutely to not want to waste their heals on you because you couldn’t get out of the fire quickly enough.

    • Lunatick says:

      Just wanted to say that as the raid leader of a reasonably successful guild, one of the things that should be considered for foot enchants is how often you’re asked to kite/handle special mechanics. Hunters are responsible for kiting more often than almost every other class (frost DKs are maybe moving up on this lately). Personally, myself and a second hunter in my guild are often tasked with things like hitting the gongs on Atramedes in p1 or backing up the ele shammy doing the fire kiting in the air phase, or kiting the parasites on magmaw. The extra run speed makes things like that a bit easier.

  8. Jyger says:

    You refer to stutter stepping in your article. Could you briefly explain that?

    • Lunatick says:

      Stutter stepping was a technique that was needed prior to either 4.0.6 or 4.1. Before then, you would not be able to auto-shoot while moving, so skilled hunters would pause briefly while running to make sure their auto shot got off to maximize dps. In one of the aforementioned patches, hunters were given the ability to auto-shoot on the run, so it is not longer necessary.

  9. Venadin says:

    I’m curious whether we will have any world drop recipes. So far I believe most of what has been reported is from datamining/beta play. Of course in WoLK it seemed like thinly world drops were the resistance enchants/flasks in icecrown and blue JC recipes.

  10. Spliitshot says:

    Stutter-stepping is moving a bit, then briefly stopping, and then repeating so that you do not lose your auto-shot damage while running. It takes a bit of practice to get the timing right and not be moving like a turtle but it is a great skill to learn. A cast bar with an “auto swing” timer on it like quartz (there are a few others as well) will help with getting your timing down.

  11. guntitan says:

    Frost you are missing the haste scope. Safety Catch Removal Kit

  12. Nightshade says:

    Thank you so much Frostheim! I really appreciate all your research and hard work. As a working professional with a wife and daughter, I don’t always have time to do all the research and testing I’d like. I can always count on you and the WHU to keep me up to date on the changes to my favorite class.

    Keep up the great work

  13. Sofeladese says:

    One thing I want to mention: heroics no longer drop epics, meaning the only source of Maelstrom Crystals is from raids. But most of these enchants require them, and probably until at least 4.1 those crystals are going to be scarce and expensive. Any chance we could get a lesser enchant list that doesn’t require crystals?

  14. Attilah says:

    I haven’t run the numbers through Zeherah’s spreadsheet, but it appears by only using your theorical example on stat weights, that the WotLK enchant of 20 agility to gloves would be better than the Cata haste or mastery enchants.

    • Frostheim says:

      It is indeed a fine line, and it depends on your spec and gear. SV in particular might actually prefer 20 agil if it turns out there’s no cata agility enchant for hands (not all the database info is up to date yet).

      • Balgur says:

        I would certainly agree with this for survival. However who know how it’ll work out once they nerf survival.

      • Balgur says:

        I’m actually getting that the 22 agi cloak enchant is slightly better dps then the 65 crit enchant as well for survival when under full raid buffs.

  15. Dungy says:

    On Agi to Cloak WotLK Ench 22 Agi-Back 22 x 2.227 = 48.994 DPS
    50 Crit to Cloak Cata Ench 50 x .592 = 29.6 DPS

    20 Agi to Gloves WotLK Ench 20 x 2.227 = 44.54 DPS

    These 2 seem to outweigh the Cata enchs by a fair bit according to Zeherah’s analyzer on my Hunter

  16. Skoal says:

    Hi. I’m not sure if someone put this up there, but as a Hunter the most logical choice for professions would be leatherworking and skinning. As a leatherworking ninja, you’d have Draconic Embossment for your bracers, increasing agi by 130.


  17. Dungy says:

    IMO Engineering JC is best comp then ENG BS or ENG LW

  18. Feilein says:

    I have two nice Heroic Axes, dual wielding the Lightning Whelk axes to be exact. I understand that two handed weapons are better thanks to the dual wielding haters in the blizz dev team… What I would like to know is, what is the best 1 handed weapon enchant UNTIL I get my 2 handed upgrade?

    • Konik says:

      ilvl333 two-hand weapon with +130 agi enchant is always better than 2 ilvl346 one-handed weapons with any enchant..anyway I assume that +26 agi WoTLK enchant is still best one for one-hand weapon..

  19. Kurozu says:

    I’m an engineer, so I have the scope taken care of and both my rep enchants are in place. I’ll drop the 300g on the beltbuckle and being that I’m also a skinner won’t have any issues with haveing the legs crafted, but Maelstrom Crystals on my server are 1500g a pop. I’m not about to drop upwards of 15k just to enchant a set of blues. I was just curious what some alternate (and cheaper) choices would be?

    I tried sorting through it myself, but not really sure id maybe some LK chats would be better than some of the lower end Cat ones. Any help would be great.

    I tried to sort through it myself and i

  20. BoneHunter says:

    Frost – For those of us who are way behind on grinding rep (still working on WIldhammer to get the helm), do you have suggestions to tide us over on the Helm and Shoulder enchants? Also – the Major Agility enchant was 50gp vs. about 2,200 gp for the Assassin’s Step – a big factor!

  21. Huntarolo says:

    hmmm i know dual weilding isn’t amasing at the moment but. . . .i run 10 man exclusively and the ammount of staff users who want the one from Halfus is just. . .irritating – i was handed the 1h agi weapons and told “put ’em to use since we have no sharder” and . . .well im perplexed = / they look. . .pointless – they seem to equate to just over my 2h but the enchants is my question

    all 1h enchants atm are procs or old LK patterns so heres my question – would it be better to just. . .disregard them and sell or put weapon chains on or an old enchant?

    p.s. – one more – the 2 set bonus for the claws and fists of torment – im geussing their pointless but. . .im the only fist weapon user in the guild =s and i know haste isn’t masing but. . .if the proc is ok. . . might be easier than waiting for about . . .12 resets and RNG for the staff

  22. Aaroneous says:

    I just wanted to bring up Draconic Embossment – Agility for bracers if you are a leatherworker that gives +130 to agility. This blows the +50 agility enchant outta the water but is only available for your own items. So its a bonus of having LW.

  23. elethir says:

    I think I commented on this somewhere else too, but figured this thread was more closely related.

    Synapse Springs are supposed to the BiS engineering tinker following a change that gives an Agi (instead of Int) boost for hunters.
    I was very excited about this, but up until now I still have yet to see the tooltip change to indicate this effect, and so haven’t taken off my (horribly outdated) haste tinker. Is it perhaps just a tooltip error, or is it one of those changes Blizz says they’ll implement and then put off without telling us?
    Thanks in advance to anyone who can confirm.

  24. Myrli says:

    How about a listing of “alternative” enchants (below 20g and usually found on the AH?) for sub-optimal equipment you are finding along the way? I don’t want to apply my final enchants on this equipment as It will be replaced shortly but I also feel naked without an enchant. Have not been able to find good resources. Thanks.

  25. Surakai says:

    What about the other engineering “Enchants” for gloves?
    Hyper-speed Accelerators, Hand mounted Pyro Rocket, Tazik Shocker.

    Or the flexweave underlay for cloak?

    I’m hearing a lot of “Engineering Tinkers Stack with enchants!” Does that mean that the flexweave underlay has lost the passive agility bonus? and can i then add a set of accelerators to my gloves with major agility?

  26. Dimmy says:

    Just wondering one thing, is dual wield totally out of question? Cause I (esthetically) like it better. I came across Fang of Twilight from Valiona/Theralion, and felt the need. So, are there any one hand enchants appropriate for us sharpshooters?

    • Ghedrhalla says:

      All the new one-handed weapon enchants are on melee hit or from spell cast so nonr of them really apply to raiding hunters. PVP may be a slightly different story as other players may get into melee range with you but I am inclined to say that it is the same as the PVE crowd.

      Overall the base agility from a single two-hander (w/ +130 AGI) versus 2x one-handers (w/ +26 AGI x2) there just is no contest in what we hunters should be using.

      Hanging out in town? Wear whatever you want. I’m running tBC content to find great looking pieces for when I finish my legendary sword. Instancing/Heroics? Go two-hander.

  27. D'ravem says:

    A cruel doub that I’m from some time, what the best belt tinker for engineer hunters?
    Nitro Boosts look usualy the best for me, but sometimes the plasma shield 18k buble look very nice also, specialy on the bosses at that time you KNOW they gonna hit you, only the risk of the debuffs make me have some doub about that.
    What most of you are using and why?

  28. Asdiph says:

    Wouldn’t the Charscale Leg Armor be better than the Dragonscale Version since it has Agil?

  29. Asdiph says:

    Disregard that. I weighed the stats.

  30. Morgna says:

    How about one handed weapons? i would probably say the 25agi from wotlk if im not mistaken, correct me?

  31. Rÿma says:

    One flaw i noticed, doesnt the leg enchant say it has to be in your inventory? tooltip wise this would mean its LW only :p

    • Nichara says:

      There are actually two version of the leg enchant: dragonscale leg armor, which is tradeable; and dragonbone leg reinforcements, which is lw only. They both have 190AP/55 crit; only difference is the tradeable version requires a pristine hide and 10 blackened dragonscales to make, while the lw only version only needs 2 blackened dragonscales and no hides. Leatherworkers can make the former for non-leatherworkers but save themselves money by making the lw-only version for themselves.

  32. rhabynn says:

    im guessing Mongoose is no longer viable as it was in lich king?

  33. Mick says:

    One handed weapons aren’t that viable anymore

  34. Anjalia says:

    The tooltip means once you enchant the leg armor it will become soulbound, and you cannot enchant another person’s leg armor through trade or enchant a leg armor then put it for sale. It needs to be in your inventory to be applied and bounded to you.

  35. Panosru says:

    Frost I think that now for cloak the best ench is greater critical strike :)

    • Frostheim says:

      Good call — for most hunters the 65 crit will now be better. I’ll toss both up with a note about the wrath enchant (which for some gear setups is still technically better).

      • GrandmaRose says:

        I am ancient, (as some of the quest characters) and on a hugh learning curve with WOW. I refer to all of your guides. You put so much effort and dedicated time to help others, and I know it is greatly appreciated by thousands of players.

        I will never be an outstanding MM hunter, but I am enjoying trying to stimilate my brain so I dont fade away, but I follow all of your advice.

        Currently I am unsure of the enchant I should put on a very nice cloak I just got (Mantle of Doubt), as you say most hunters should enchant with Critical Strike, but with Major Agility if agility is worth more than 3X crit.

        I am unclear as to what that means. Up to this point I have kept major agility. My agility is 3454. and my critical strike is 13.37 %.

        I know you are far to busy to answer questions beneath your expertise is advising excellent hunters, but I thought I would take a chance and see if you could help an ancient out.

        My thanks to you, whether you are able to answer this or not. You are very special for helping so many players.

  36. Panosru says:

    Hi again Frost, based on femaledwarf calculator I see that for gloves the best ench seems to be greater mastery rating, although it is just +3.73 addition into our DPS, could you confirm it?

    Thanks a lot for the work you done for hunters community :D

  37. Ilion says:

    How do I figure out if my agility is worth more than 2x crit?

  38. Nichara says:

    Just one thing to add, if you’re a leatherworker you can do better than the +50 enchant on bracers enchanters make; you can do the emboss draconic embossment-agility and get +130 agility. Embossments are self only so you can only get this if you’re a leatherworker but just a reminder that if you are, this is 80 more agi than enchanters can make for you.

  39. kelashan says:

    @GrandmaRose (there’s no reply button for her post)

    You will almost always find yourself in the ‘most hunters’ category for anything you read on here, the majority of the time, people who do NOT fall into the ‘most hunters’ category, will know who they are. So if you aren’t SURE you’re in the exception category, you will almost never go wrong by sticking with the ‘for most hunters’ advice. Even if you take the for most hunters advice when you shouldn’t have, it won’t hurt your numbers significantly.

    If that wasn’t clear (and it probably wasn’t): You will most likely be best off with the cataclysm 65 crit to cloak enchant. (but the other one is ok too)

  40. Ravenblud says:

    @GrandmaRose is a pretty good site for figuring out how to gem/enchant/reforge your gear. Just import your character and click on the optimize button, then follow the suggestions for your gear. Oh, and I took the +22 Agility for the cloak over the crit. Good luck and Happy Huntering! :-)

  41. morde says:

    On my legs i have 145 stamina and 55 agility is that not better than AP and crit?

    • Nichara says:

      Actually no; 190 attack power is equivalent to what 85 agility would add. Figure in the 55 crit, that would be about the equivalent of another 40 agility. So the dragonscale leg armor would add as much dps as 125 agility would about, making it superior to the 55 agility charscale leg armor has. (Stamina does nothing for your dps so I didn’t factor it in.)

      To use a simpler analogy: a quarter is clearly worth more than a penny, but 50 pennies are worth more than one quarter.

  42. Nichara says:

    Minor correction: on Female Dwarf and Mr. Robot they both showed that on the hand enchant, the one that gives +50 haste or +65 mastery actually have the potential to provide more dps than the +20 agi enchant. Not going to get into the complex haste discussion… but it is worth considering whether or not the haste would help more or not. It has the potential to.

    Experimenting on the dummy +50 haste did give a little more dps but not a huge amount. Still it’s worth mentioning and considering. (Female dwarf stated the +65 mastery would give 11 more dps than that, but the mastery enchant is much more expensive than the haste enchant because of the maelstrom crystals it uses; and I decided the miniscule boost, probably cancelled out by the RNG anyway, was not worth the huge additional expense lol…)

  43. deer hunting gear says:

    Good — for most hunters the 65 crit will now be better. I’ll toss both up with a note about the wrath enchant.

  44. Qino says:

    Wouldn’t Draconic Embossment be a better enchantment for your bracers than enchant bracer agility? if youre a LW

    • Nichara says:

      Indeed it would. The guide doesn’t mention any profession specific enchants because it’s meant to be a general guide, but yes if you’re a leatherworker, the best wrist enchant would be draconic embossment agility for +130 agi.

      In fact what the heck, here’s a profession specific enhancement guide appendix for hunters:
      leatherworking: bracers: draconic embossment-agility
      enchanting: rings: enchant ring -agility
      blacksmithing: bracers & gloves: socket bracers/gloves (then put a delicate inferno ruby in them)
      jewelcrafting: no enhancements technically, but you can use delicate chimera’s eyes in place of delicate inferno rubies, for +67 agi instead of +40 agi
      inscription: shoulders: swiftsteel inscription
      tailoring: cloak: swordguard embroidery
      engineering: gloves: synaspe springs; head: deadly bio-optic killshades with a smooth cogwheel in the cogwheel socket

      • Nichara says:

        Er minor correction to above, socketing your bracers (for blacksmiths) is NOT better than the +50 agi enchant, since it would only allow you to add a +40 agi gem. UNLESS you’re both a blacksmith AND a jewelcrafter, in which case it is better, because you can put in a +67 agi gem. Only socket your bracers if you’re both a blacksmith and a jewelcrafter.

      • Nichara says:

        to add: deadly bio-optic killshades have TWO cogwheel slots, and probably the best for hunters would be a smooth cogwheel (critical strike) and a quick cogwheel (haste).

      • Purcy says:

        In case this guide is still getting traffic down this low, I just wanted to mention that blacksmiths can socket their gloves and bracers, and still put an enchant on them, so the extra gem is always a gain.

        Good hunting!

  45. zlimply says:

    Can you tell me an enchant for 1h weapon … like if i have 2 fist weapons PVE , what kind of enchant should I use ?

  46. Drexel says:

    Great site.

    Might I suggest adding tinkers too?

  47. Redlaces says:

    I just picked up a fist wep for MH< and an axe for OH…I'm only using these until I get the new polearm, but I'm wondering, are there any good enchants for these?

  48. Omer says:

    Hi Frost, hmm.. a question..

    i was writing some long long question, but then i realised myself that the 130 agility enchant on 2h weapon, can make a 365 2 hander more apealing then 2 390 daggers…

    that doesnt seem right.. :o ( aspecially when i have 2 daggers and nothing to do with them ;) (no one else rolled for them on LFR)

  49. Graydeth says:

    well, if you HAVE to for some reason, 1h weapons…

    enchant weapon – x2:
    exceptional agility – 26 agi
    accuracy – 25 hit, 25 crit
    berserking – proc 400 AP

  50. Graydeth says:

    one thing i’m curious about is the use of Greater Mastery to hands if you have Vishanka and you’re a survival spec:
    65 mastery instead of 20 agi

  51. FarElf says:

    On the bracers, Leatherworkers have Draconic Embossment – Agility +130

  52. DAM says:

    First off, let me start with, I love your site, and I trust it blindly.

    That being said…

    I just wanted to say, I usually trust the “reviewed and accurate” logo you put on these. However, seeing it on this when there’s a note that refers to waiting for patch 4.2, and it’s “reviewed and accurate” for 4.3.2…

    I’m just saying, maybe someone should review these for accuracy before you stamp it “reviewed and accurate”.

    • Frostheim says:

      Ah, I see where you’re talking about. Yeah, sometimes when nothing changes in a guide for a patch (like enchants going from 4.2 to 4.3) I just update the reviewed date, and forget to check for outdated references in the text; however, all of the information and advice is still correct — there was just a leftover comment about when an item was being released, which is now in the past.

  53. Cent says:

    No’Kaled and Electrowing dagger can boost DPS with +26 exceptional agility enchants and the gem slot. The level 300 enchants only proc in melee range like No’Kaled. But not growing and slowing with Kiril (fury of the beast) makes me want to go dual- wield.