WHU Brewfest

Posted: by Frostheim

The WHU Guild had a wee Brewfest party during the Hunting Party Podcast on Saturday. We mostly just hung out and drank, but we also did a couple of the Brewfest quests and we fought off the Dark Iron dwarves a few times. There were so many tankards flying that the Dark Iron dwarves were conked before they could even step out of their mole machines.

With Brewfest and Pirates Day behind us, we’re done with the little holiday WHU events and ready to get back into the swing of things with killing big bad things. There are only two more events planed before Cataclysm comes and we take a long vacation to let everyone work on their mains for the new expansion.

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  1. Omogon says:

    Excellent vid ! And the perfect event for a bunch of dwarves :D

  2. The Cheerleader says:

    Very cool Frost:D I enjoyed the music!! Man.. that poor guy throwing all the barrels at us.. hahahaha.. he was working over time! Great job WHU!!

  3. Cinterclaus says:

    Great music choice!

    This was a lot of fun, I’m glad the video turned out so well! I tried to capture the huge number of mugs flying through the air, or the kegs during the keg-racing, with my screenshots, but it didn’t really do justice to it. The air was thick with mugs, looked like it was raining!

    Did we get an estimate of how many people took part? It was in the hundreds, I know that much.
    Thanks for an awesome event!

  4. Eurinome says:

    Ditto the music – couldn’t imagine something more perfectly matched to the scots/irish/gaelic/beer-swilling-dwarvishness of the day.

    Can’t wait for next party :-D

  5. Gastan says:

    I can remember one guy in IF when we were doing the shouting quest: “My god, how many of you are there?!?!”

    Lots of fun