WHU Level 30 Hunter Raid

Posted: by Frostheim

On Saturday night the WHU Dwarven Hunter Guild rocked out and marched on Blackrock Mountain to take down Overmaster Pyron. This was our first event with access to mounts, which was awesome.

Many, many thanks to everyone who showed up and participated! Most epic-looking charge across the landscape yet, I think.

Way back after the very first WHU event, I was talking with Arust about potential targets to hit, and one of the ideas was Overmaster Pyron. The problem was at level 1 we killed a world dragon. Clearly Pyron was too easy.

But the idea stuck in my head and wouldn’t go away. I knew we’d slaughter him in no time now at level 30, but I just loved the idea of the WHU army marching on Blackrock Mountain. I thought that would look so cool.

Finally I decided to do it, and if we were going to do it, sooner is better. After all, the level cap is just going to keep going up. So I scrapped the original intended target in favor of marching on Blackrock Mountain. I’m certainly glad I did, ’cause I think it looks cool as all hell, but I do apologize to anyone who felt it was insufficiently challenging.

The level cap has been raised to 35. It was a small boost, because we’re going to have several events close together over the next couple of months.

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  1. Drondar says:

    I think we should do thrym next.

  2. the Cheerleader says:

    Wooohooo!! Great vid Frost!! Wow! All those rams in Kharanos is full of epic-win!! A big thanks to all the members of the WHU– everyone of you has made this guild a lot of fun to be in!!

  3. Bramman says:

    Had a great time. Very cool to see all those Rams running. Thanks to the guild leadership for organizing everything.

  4. Yuke says:


    I wish something like this existed on EU servers.

  5. Coraspindle says:

    This was big fun. Thanks for doing these, Frost. :)

  6. Schutze says:

    The challenging part of the event/Blackrock was the massive lag suffered that eventually forced me to hearth back to Dal. It was pretty fun otherwise.

    Is there a date for the next event?

  7. Dianth says:

    Awesome vid, sir! I had a blast and along with the others, I would like to echo my gratitude for all of the hard work that goes in to organizing these events! Thank you all =)

  8. Fioschad says:

    Man…I’m so mad I missed this >.< I hope I can make it to the next one… But either way, it looks like you guys had a fantastic time!

    Kudos to everyone who works so hard to organize these events; the footage looks amazing! (and I love how it was raining hunters at the end)

  9. Takunava says:

    I’m bummed I couldn’t make it, I had to work right when the event started =/ hopefully I can make the next one

  10. Corvid says:

    If you still plan on doing a Hunter and Pet love story video, I recommend this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlhUx89CM_g

  11. Wolf says:

    i wish i could of been there finally got new net so slowly leveling a hunter alt on my server to transfer to icecrown with boas almost got all the pve boas for it working on getting the pvp ones for the hell of it

  12. Arthemystia says:

    Despite being at more of these than I’ve missed, I’m always sorry to miss them. I will, however, be there on Pirate Day.

  13. Bixby says:

    Editing is amazing. Love the use of the music. It was a load of fun to run it, its even more fun to watch it later. I’ve watched this thing at least 15 times now. The pause with the change in music is really effective just before we all took the big lava plunge, lol.

  14. Therunn says:

    The lava jump reminded me of the running of the lemmings lol…cool vid though. Enhanced with an epic soundtrack.

  15. Férn says:

    That was amazing, I’m in awe of your organising capabilities, I stress out getting 25 people together :p

  16. TheAngryMongoose says:

    Right, this plan involves either mages or warlocks, but bare with me. Fel reaver. Thrym. Pit Lords. Kazzak. Go after the big’uns.

  17. TheAngryMongoose says:

    Classic video. You can imagine what the Dark Irons were thinking; “Shit! Invasion from Ironforge! Oh crap! They killed Pyron! Wait… why are they leaving?

  18. rhinochaser says:

    That was awesome fun again Frost. Thanks

  19. Gil says:

    So much fun, yea he wasn’t challenging enough but it was still a spectacle well worth the effort. Much appreciation to all those who helped put the event together. See you online.

  20. Sweetspot says:

    This was the MOST fun I’ve had in-game in a long time. Although I have other 80’s I plan on hanging in there with WHU for the full journey! Could not have been put together any better, and a wonderful way to meet new Wower’s.

    Pirate Day…AHOY!

  21. Alisaunder says:

    Angry mongoose. We ran out o’ beer and no self respecting dwarf would drink that dark iron swill.

  22. Kegbane says:

    It was fantastic to see so many guildmembers show up to support the guild event. Great job and a big thanks to Frost and all the officers for setting this up. I had a fun time and looking forward to future events. :)

    Now who took my beer?…. BOOZER!!! … Darn bear, keep it up and i’m going to replace you with one of them nelf cats.

  23. Serni says:

    That was EPIC! Thanks to all those who put in so much time & effort so that we could have such a blast :-)

  24. Thornir says:

    It won’t let me watch it :….(

  25. Thornir says:

    bwhahaha, three computers ftw! that was completely epic!!! I saw me in there:D sooo…wonder who the next big baddie we gonna take down is?

  26. Shaelynia says:

    I had a blast doing this! I came in a bit late, but made it in time for Blackrock Mountain and killing Overmaster Pyron. Just want to say I appreciate the time and organization that goes into these. It is so nice to have something to do in the game that isn’t all “srs bzns” LOL!

  27. Nylana says:

    This… needs to be transfered to EU servers xD

  28. dd says:

    i say its time to take the boat to northrend, or step throught the dark portal.

  29. Jaseph says:

    Awsome, too bad i work and am not able to make the events. Seeing such raw power on the move makes me feel like there needs to be a counter, perhaps an opposing all troll hunter guild. Would make for an epic battle

  30. Kuon says:

    Imagine a dwarven army rushing through the Dark Portal to take on all the Burning Legion on the steps to the Dark Portal in Hellfire Peninsula