Pirate vs. Ninjas!

Posted: by Arth

So Frost is busy this week, leaving me to swoop in with the video. Frost will likely want to make his own soon, but this should keep everyone sated until that. For the past few events I’ve just been lending footage to Frost’s efforts, but it was fun to make a brand new video for a change.

Here she is. Enjoy!

I also just discovered that you can change the video quality of youtube videos manually.  If your system can handle it, I’d recommend the 480p setting just underneath the vid.  Maybe I’m the last to find this out, but I had been watching a lot of blurry videos up to this point.  And a thanks to whoever suggested The Young Dubliners to me in WHU guild chat.  Excellent band, and Irish rock seems to work very well for our guild.


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  1. DarkDragoon says:

    that was a badass video! the pirate and ninja battle was epic! love it :)

  2. Hyrne says:

    Once again WHU has gotten me addicted to something outside of game. I just looked up at my local library and requested some Young Dubliners’ CDs.

    Thanks for the video, keep the awesome times coming!

  3. Hulder says:

    Irish rock works well EVERYWHERE!
    Greetings from the emerald isle :-)

    P.S. Awesome video!

  4. Dianth says:

    Awesome sampling Arthemystia! Thank you for all of your hard work =) It translates into good times for many. I loved the end where we are all adancin’!

  5. Omogon of Lethon says:

    Scots Trad rock would work well for Dwarven events as well………since many of the Dwarven NPCs have a “somewhat Scots” accent in game :)

  6. Spleet says:



  7. NightTurkey says:

    Awesome vid. The whole event was epicsauce. I recorded about 40 minutes worth. I have yet to fire up sony vegas and make a vid.

  8. The Cheerleader says:

    That was truly epic Arth!! thank you sooo much for this great vid you put together!! Wooo! I even got to see myself firing off the fireworks! Sexy hawt pirate:D Two thumbs up:D

  9. Kurzmeuster says:

    For some reason, I am just getting a video not available message, both above and on the youtube site.

  10. Malados says:

    lol @ the Boomkin about half way through.

  11. Alisaunder says:

    iPhone cannot or will not play the video format. Is there a URL or other format option?

  12. zulukhan says:

    Great video and a great song.

  13. Bamli says:

    Great video, but if we’re looking for a band for the WHU guild I humbly submit the Wicked Tinkers. http://www.wickedtinkers.com/

  14. MetalBeast says:

    I use Fraps and then I import into Windows Movie Maker (Windows 7 version). From Windows Movie Maker I can upload direct to YouTube. If you set Windows Movie Maker to 16×9 then it also will magically convert them into 720p HD videos.

  15. Arthemystia says:

    Ali – I’m not a video guru, and wouldn’t know how to change the format. Apologies. It’s a standard video format though, so I’m surprised at the iPhone inability. Hopefully you have access to a regular cpu at some point, or someone else has a suggestion that could help.

    Bamli – There’s no official band, and I generally just try to mix things up when I do my videos. I just happened to use Irish Rock for a couple of them, forming the first mini-trend. I do, however, look into lots of bands, so I’ll try to check out the Tinkers at some point.

    Everyone Else – Thanks for the comments, and to all who showed up. I haven’t been doing a ton with the WHU guild lately, so it was a lot of fun.

  16. Sathien says:

    This was AWSOME!!! Can’t think of a better way to celebrate the day! Great job on the vid!

  17. Sathien says:

    or awEsome, rather….

  18. DarkMain says:

    Arthemystia – In the youtube settings for the video (clicking ‘edit’ will take you there) make sure that ‘Syndication’ is set to yes. This should let it be viewed on the iPhone (and other devices).
    I have a felling its set to yes by default though, so it may be another issue (they are stated in the Syndication section).

  19. Arthemystia says:

    Dark – It was indeed already configured to allow mobile devices to play the video. The problem unfortunately lies elsewhere. Thank you for the suggestion though.

  20. Zippö says:

    as a tip for future soundtracks: flogging molly have some really awesome tracks too, also doing irish punk :)

    sort of sorry for living in europe, so i probably wont ever make it to your guild and your events :( but maybe not so bad, due to my genetical dislike for the alliance xD

    but nonetheless, great blog, helped me a lot to improve my playstyle with my beloved troll hunter :)

  21. Beergasm says:

    That video was awesome, the music fit perfectly.

    FYI to any who care, here are a few more pictures from the event:


  22. Gorginn says:

    I was there at the area during the pirate vs. ninja face off on my horde hunter and have to say it was epic! My hats off to WHU.

  23. Bu says:

    Epic ending, great music :O)

  24. skyblade run says:

    watched this vid coupla times-awesome battle, great planning!
    just realized that they all use the same hunter spell rotation. watch the video: sudden lull, then tons of shots.
    lmao :)

  25. SolarSoda says:

    *WOW* – that was awesome!!! I just completed the quest “Avast Ye, Admiral!” for the hat and parrot, and while I was looking up information on the grind for the BS rep somebody mentioned the Deviate fish dish effect, which then led me to the comment with the video link. Nice piece of work here, I loved it!! Favoriting on my Youtube account! :D

  26. Guren says:

    MORE AoE!!!!!