Pet Design Pass! Wooo!

Posted: by Frostheim

The latest beta build did indeed include the new pet abilities (including poop-flinging monkeys  and Heroism), as well as a handful of other changes. Here are the changes that we’re aware of so far — this mostly info from MMO-C with some additions observed on live tossed in:

Beast Mastery

  • Aspect of the Fox — regens 2 focus when struck with a melee attack; everything else the same.
  • Tame Beast no longer reduces your armor by 100%.
  • Envenomation renamed to Killing Streak and revamped – When you score two Kill Command critical hits in a row, your third will deal 15/30% more damage and have its cost reduced by 5/10 focus.
  • Cobra Strikes now has a 5/10/15% chance to proc from any Arcane Shot instead of a 20/40/60% chance to proc from a critical Arcane Shot or Kill Command.


  • Chimera Shot revamped – An instant shot that causes ranged weapon damage plus [ 24% of RAP + 401 ], refreshing the duration of your Serpent Sting and healing you for 5% of your total health.
  • Careful Aim now affects target above 80% health, up from 60%.


  • Traps had their description modified, apparently the restriction of “Only one trap can be active at a time.” no longer exists.
  • Cobra Shot now deals weapon damage plus [ 8.6% of RAP + 276.81 ] in the form of Nature damage.
  • Frost Trap is now called Ice Trap
  • Black Arrow now only shares a cooldown with Explosive Trap and Immolation Trap.
  • Improved Tracking revamped – now Increases ranged haste by 1/2/3%.

Pet Talents

  • BatSonic Blast: No longer does nature damage, just 2 sec stun.
  • BearDemoralizing Roar (renamed from Swipe):  Reduces physical damage caused by all enemies within ?? yards by 10% for 15 sec. 10 sec cooldown.
  • Bird of PreySnatch: No longer does damage. Disarm duration increased to 10 sec.
  • BoarGore:  Now causes the enemy to take an extra 30% bleed damage for 15 sec. 10 sec cooldown.
  • Carrion BirdDemoralizing Screech: Appears unchanged for now. [I’m sure it will be changed.]
  • Cat Rake: appears unchanged. [I’m sure this will be changed. The goal was to have all pets do the same damage.]
  • Chimera — Your pet simultaneously breathes frost and lightning at an enemy target, slowing the target for 5 sec. / 30 yd range, Instant, 10 sec cooldown (No longer deals damage)
  • CorehoundLava Breath: No longer does fire damage, just 25% cast speed reduction. Cooldown reduced to 8 sec. Focus cost removed.
    Ancient Hysteria: Increases attack speed/casting speed of all party/raid members by 30% for 40 sec. 6 min cooldown, but causes 10min Sated debuff preventing Ancient Hysteria and Bloodlust.
  • Crab Pin: unchanged.
  • CrocoliskAnkle Crack (renamed from Bad Attitude):  Now reduces enemy movement speed by 50% for 6 sec. 10 sec cooldown.
  • Devilsaur Monstrous Bite: Now reduces the effectiveness of healy received by 25% (standard mortal strike) for 8 sec. 6 sec coldown.
    Terrifying Roar: increases crit chance of all party and raid members by 5%.
  • DagonhawkFire Breath: Now increases the enemy’s magic damage taken by 8% for 45 sec. 30 sec cooldown.
  • FoxTailspin: Reduces attack speed of all enemies within 10 yards by 20% for 8 sec. 40 sec cooldown.
  • GorillaPummel: Focus cost removed. Just 2 sec spell school lockout.
  • HyenaTendon Rip:  Now, it increases enemy damage taken by 30% for 15 sec. 10 sec cooldown. [There is clearly a typo in here : )]
  • MothSerenity Dust: Now interrupts/prevents spellcasting from that school of magic for 2 sec. 1 min cooldown.
  • Monkey Bad Manner: Hurls a handful of something special at the target, blinding them for 4 sec. Rude.
  • Nether RayNether Shock: No longer does shadow damage. Just interrrupt/spellschool lockout.
  • RaptorTear Armor (renamed from Savage Rend):  Now reduces enemy armor by 4% for 30 sec. Stacks 5 times. 6 sec cooldown. [I’m sure this will be fixed to stack 3 times for 12% like every other armor debuff.]
  • RavagerRavage:  Now increases enemy’s physical damage taken by 4%, lasting 25 sec. 15 sec cooldown.
  • RhinoStampede: No longer does damage. Bleed damage effect increased to 30%. Duration changed to 30 sec. Cooldown changed to 15 sec. So just the bleed debuff.
  • ScorpidClench (renamed from Scorpid Poison):  Now disarms the enemy for 10 sec. 1 min cooldown.
  • SerpentCorrosive Spit (renamed from Poison Spit): Instead of a DoT, it now is a debuff, reducing enemy armor 4% for 30 sec. Stacks 5 times. 6 sec cooldown. [Note: I’m sure this will be changed to stack 3 times to be the same as all the other armor debuffs in Cata]
  • Shale SpiderEmbrace of the Shale Spider: 5% stat increase.
  • SilithidVenom Web Spray: Root duration increased to 5 sec. No longer does nature damage.
    Qiraji Fortitude
    : Increases party and raid members’ stamina by 148. Unknown duration and cooldown
  • SpiderWeb: Duration increased to 5 sec.
  • Spirit BeastSpirit Mend: The Spirit Beast heals the currently friendly target for (1237 + ((RAP * 0.35) * 0.5)) plus an additional (475 + ((RAP * 0.35) * 0.335)) over 10 sec. 40 sec cooldown.
  • SporebatSpore Cloud: Now reduces the casting speed of all emenies with 6 yards by 25% for 9 sec. 12 sec cooldown.
  • TallstriderDust Cloud: Now reduces attack speed of all enemies within 10 yards by 20% for 8 sec. 40 sec cooldown.
  • Turtle Shell Shield: unchanged.
  • Warp StalkerTime Warp (renamed from Warp): Changed completely. Now reduces enemy’s movement speed by 50% for 6 sec. 15 sec cooldown.
  • WaspSting: Changed completely. Now simply stuns a target for 2 sec. 45 sec cooldown.
  • Wind SerpentLightning Breath: Now increases the enemy’s damage taken by ??% for 45 sec. 30 sec cooldown.
  • WolfFurious Howl: Changed completely. Now increases the critical strike of the entire party/raid by 5% for 1 min. 45 sec cooldown.
  • WormAcid Spit: No longer does nature damage. No longer reduces armor, now it increases enemy physical damage taken by 4% for 25 sec. 10 sec cooldown.
    Burrow Attack: 8 sec aoe, 30 sec cooldown

Update: the only pet talent I’ve seen that’s changed in Wild Hunt (sadly we lose the boost to health it gave us for tanking & extreme soloing, but that is not unexpected).

Wild Hunt: When your pet is at or above 50 focus, your pet’s basic attacks will deal 60% more damage, but cost 50% additional focus.

Oooookay, that is a lot of information! The most fascinating thing is that it looks like our pets are not getting “mini” versions of raid buffs, but in fact are getting full grown-up versions. So we’re the wild cards on the raid roster — whatever buff/debuff you don’t have, that’s okay. Just bring more hunters!

A note on the pet abilities: some people are complaining that their pets got nerfed. I want to hit these people in their delicate man parts. Blizzard told us months ago that all pets would do the same damage (well, all ferocity the same, all cunning the same, etc) — so we knew any special attacks were being removed, and we knew the raid buffs were replacing them. Furthermore, we’ve been told that pet damage would be around 20-30% of hunter damage, meaning it had to go down somewhere for the most part.

It looks like exotic pets just get two abilities instead of one. Sadly our croc lost it’s bad attitude — looks like we have no aoe-damaging special attack in our pets anymore (just thunderstomp).

For reference, here is the latest rundown of the Cataclysm raid buffs and debuffs:

Cataclysm Raid Buffs/Debuffs

Agility and Strength — Death Knight, Shaman, Warrior
Armor — Shaman, Paladin
10% AP — Marksmanship Hunter, Enhancement Shaman, Blood Death Knight, Paladin
Burst Haste — Shaman, Mage
3% Damage — Beast Mastery Hunter, Arcane Mage, Retribution Paladin
Health — Warlock (probably Destruction), Warrior, Priest
Mana Pool — Mage, Warlock (probably Affliction)
Mana Regen — Paladin, Shaman, Warlock (probably Affliction)
Replenishment — Shadow Priest, Frost Mage, Survival Hunter, Destruction Warlock, Retribution Paladin
5% Crit — Fury Warrior, Feral Druid, Subtlety Rogue, Elemental Shaman
20% Melee Attack Speed — Shaman, Frost Death Knight, Retribution Paladin, Survival Hunter
5% Spell Haste — Shaman, Balance Druid, Shadow Priest, Destro Warlock
6% Spell Power — Mage, Shaman
10% Spell Power — Elemental Shaman, Demonology Warlock, Fire Mage
5% Stats — Paladin, Druid

12% Armor Debuff — Warrior, Rogue, Druid
10% Physical Damage Debuff — Warrior, Druid (probably bear), Protection Paladin, Warlock, Blood Death Knight
30% Bleed Damage Debuff — Arms Warrior, Feral Druid, Subtlety Rogue
30% Cast Speed Slow — Warlock, Rogue, Arcane Mage
5% Spell Crit Chance Taken — Fire Mage, Warlock (probably Demonology), Mage (possibly Frost)
25% Healing Taken — Arms Warrior, Fury Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Frost Mage, Shadow Priest
10% Melee Attack Speed Debuff — Warrior, Death Knight, Feral Druid, Protection Paladin
4% Physical Vulnerability — Arms Warrior, Combat Rogue, Frost Death Knight
8% Spell Damage Taken — Warlock, Unholy Death Knight, Balance Druid, Assassination Rogue

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  1. nekomancer says:

    Hunter Bloodlust! O_____O

  2. Bloodbàne says:

    Surprised you didn’t make a bigger deal out of getting Bloodlust/Heroism. I have been secretly hoping this would happen and figured it would be a BM thing. That way, it is really just 2 1/3 classes that have it so it is still “rare” enough for Shaman not to totally freak out :)

    Love the information so far.

  3. Argent says:

    OMG OMG OMG Monkeys actually fling POO :D :D :D this is amazing

  4. Zyrinx says:

    Spirit Beasts only have 1 ability… not yet implemented?

  5. Daishi says:

    Any updates to the pet talent trees?

  6. Novijen says:

    We have bloodlust now?!?!?


  7. TheAngryMongoose says:

    Other than loot issues, is there anything to make a group consisting of hunters healers and tanks less viable? Since we can bring most of the buffs we’ll benefit from between us.

    Also, will be fun trying out a group consisting of a turtle hunter and some spirit beast hunters.

  8. Iceveiled says:

    Poop flinging!!!! *uncorks the champagne and sprays everyone*

  9. Ary says:

    While much of this is very exciting, I do look at the changes and feel unhappy. As someone who raided with the same wolf at her side since before it was cool (yes, even in Vanilla), it’s sad to see such a huge shift backwards in the wolf paradym: according to wowhead and MMO, wolves are now cunning pets, and their personal buff is outshone by a BM ferocity pet.

    Some of these buffs are so potent that it will drive alot of raid groups to demand specific pets being deployed, and that smarts, too. I’d have loved to see alternate buffs available within pet trees, so it didn’t make certain pets obsolete. PvP-wise, you’ll still see a high favouring towards Spiders and Crabs, whilst Ferocity/raiding will be dominated by Raptors saving other classes from having to sunder armor and the like. BM get some fun gadgets, sure, and why not, but I’m not a fan of an exotic being a “better pet”, since it’s effectively saying, yet again, “everyone must have”. Surely all pets with a second special, unlockable with the BM 31 pointer, would have given greater variety.

    The idea, is great, but the execution just leaves me feeling sour, since the “all pets are equal” won’t be true.

    I hope this is looked at carefully, but somehow, I doubt it will be

  10. Dansonsdorf says:

    I might have missed it, but read through twice, what about my beloved Chimaera ?? Didn’t see them on the list? Wondering what is gonna change for my fav. PVP pet “DoubleUglee”?

  11. Bloodbàne says:

    @ Ary – That is a good point about raptors unless the Sunder Armor/Expose armor thing gets reworked so that Rogues and Warriors will actually use it.

  12. Frostheim says:

    Wolves are still ferocity pets.

    Of course in raids people will demand specific pets to benefit the raid most. Which pet that is depends on the raid composition. The alternative to that is that it doesn’t matter what pet you bring (ie: all pets are identical) in which case you could bring whatever you thought looked best; however, I think that’d be a sad state of pets : )

  13. Marintha says:

    So I’m absolutely loving all the pet changes and awesomesauce.

    Unfortunately, one thing catches my eye and makes me frown:
    Frost Trap is now called Ice Trap.

    The purpose of this must have been to try and make the distinction between Frost (slow) and Freezing (ice block) trap easier to see. In fact, they made it even worse!

    I’ll encase people in my icy block of horror with my… Freezing Trap, while I slow them by casting frost around with my… Ice Trap. Who?

  14. Dis says:

    Apparently there is also a new exotic (deep spider or something?) that has the 5% kings buff.

    As far as exotics being better or more special, that’s pretty much the whole point of the 31 point talent in BM and the fact that they weren’t better is one reason many shifted to other trees early in the current expansion (before they added depth to the pet talents)

  15. Bloodbàne says:

    I do like the fact that we have options now and being able to pull out the Ancient Hysteria Hammer once in while will feel nice (be soooo sweet if has a cool howling sound to go with it. That being said, I am an Orc and Bloodlust is way cooler then Heroism).

    Now, since I had been wishing to get our own version of Bloodlust and Heroism and that appears to have worked, I am going to start wishing that we get a version of rebirth as well. I mean, doesn’t Spirit Birth sound like something a spirit beast could do :)

  16. Darkwood says:

    All the kiddies running around with Monkeys, it just makes my head hurt thinking about it. On the other hand Beastmasters getting lots of love with the Major buffs on the exotics

  17. Makoichi says:

    Glyphs for hunters were also updated in the current beta patch.

  18. Ary says:

    Frost, I’d REALLY appreciate that being triple checked as to the wolf pet family, since I can see two sites labeling it wiht the Cunning marker – I don’t have beta myself, so I’m limited to hanging on the words of those who do, but I really don’t want to see my wolf benig shelved…:-(

  19. Corwyn says:

    I don’t understand what Blizzard is thinking with:
    “Envenomation renamed to Killing Streak and revamped – When you score two Kill Command critical hits in a row, your third will deal 15/30% more damage and have its cost reduced by 5/10 focus.”

    First, the word you (Blizzard) are searching for is ‘replaced’
    Second, By ‘third’, it sounds like you are implying that the third shot also needs to be a crit, otherwise why not use the word ‘next’ and avoid the confusion.
    Third, Do you really want a talent which scales by the square (or cube) of Crit chance?
    Fourth, This is just A BORING damage increase. It changes no rotation, requires no decision, allows no cleverness, Why make it complicated? Weren’t you trying to get away from boring damage increasing talents.
    Fifth, if doesn’t increase damage all that much (at levels of crit, you say you want us at).

    Sixrth, Good riddance Envomation.
    Seventh, Hunters need another half dozen or so places to put points.

  20. Corwyn says:

    “The alternative to that is that it doesn’t matter what pet you bring (ie: all pets are identical) in which case you could bring whatever you thought looked best; however, I think that’d be a sad state of pets : )”

    Those are certainly not the only two alternatives.

    We could have pets which scale differently with gear. We could have pets that fit in with different playstyles (this would of course require having different play styles). We could have pets that synergize differently with different raid make up (e.g. ones that benefit from having multiple mages present) WE could have pets the work better with certain talent trees. We could have pets that work well with certain talents (this would of course require multiple viable talent selections.

    To pull just a few ideas out of my hat.

  21. Bule says:

    So is there a spread sheet on all pet abilities? Since it would be awesome to not tame two of the same pets. lol

  22. Frostheim says:

    @Corwyn… I think you missed my point. My point is that either your pet decision matters, in which case there will be a “best” choice for a given situation. That’s what we have now. Also under all of your examples we’d have that too.

    The alternative — not ever having a “best” option (or a couple the same) — meaning you can bring whatever pet you want most, is that your pets are all identical so the decision doesn’t matter.

    If the thing that makes pets matter is raid buffs, then a smart raid leader is going to request the pet that helps the raid the most. If the thing that matters is dps (like now) then everyone will bring the pet that gives them the most dps for their spec/gear.

  23. Euripides says:

    I’m seriously pumped about this change :)

  24. Axebrew says:

    If you’ll forgive an old hunter for wanting a point of clarification? When the design intent is to make all pets do the same damage, is it still true that

    – Ferocity pets will still have more talents that increase their damage output and less that increase survivability
    – Tenacity pets will still have more talents that focus on survivability and less on increasing damage

    … so that the net effect is that with the appropriate pet talents, ferocity pets will do more damage than tenacity pets?

  25. Frostheim says:

    Ferocity pets will still do more damage. Not only do they have better talents, but they’ll get more of your attack power with their base scaling.

  26. Akshrahl says:

    @Axebrew: Blizzard’s intent isn’t that ALL pets do the same damage, but that all pets within the same category (ferocity, cunning, tenacity) do the same damage. Ferocity pets seem to be designed for Raiding, Cunning for PvP, and Tenacity for leveling (and soloing?). Each area of the game has slightly different needs, so of course the DPS between categories will change; within a category, though, all raw pet DPS is equal.

    @Euripides: You and Me both, mate =D

    @Corwyn: I’m an aspiring game designer, so perhaps these considerations just seem more natural to me, but you also have to consider the ease of implementation. All of these abilities are going to have to be rebalanced, and this time around Blizzard wants them to be REALLY balanced. All of the ideas you suggested were cool, but many of them make it much tougher to ensure that each pet can reasonably see play – AND Blizzard has 9 other classes to pay attention to. By using raid buffs, Blizzard almost guarantees that EVERY raid pet will see play by someone – since no 10man raid is going to have every buff – and yet the pets can have wildly different abilities. It’s a very clean way to provide uniqueness among pets without having one pet be strictly better than the rest.

  27. Sofeladese says:

    Did… did I just read it right?

    We have HERO/LUST?

    And foxes just made a Sonic the Hedgehog reference?

    CAN I GET A F*** YEAH!?

  28. Eidotrope says:

    Hunters currently offer raid buffs but they are almost always inflexible and redundant. This changes all that! We’ll have buff flexibility like shammies and pallies, being able to switch pets to complement the other raid buffs. This is awesome!

  29. Arinvar says:

    Big buff for 10 man raids. I think not only will it be “lets get a hunter” but we’ll see more of “lets get ANOTHER hunter”. However I think for the average 25 man raid its just going to be a case of bring your favourite pet to the party and have fun. I know our usual raid make up doesn’t miss any buff that pets can currently bring (except the very very occasional heroism but we’ve recruited a 2nd shammy now).

    I like that they gave us at least 1 caster buff as well.

  30. Axebrew says:

    Thanks, Frosty. You, too, Aksrahl! Glad that’s still the plan. Between work and school (Back to school for my master’s. Oy! At least now when Heedy complains about homework, I can trump him with mine.) I’ve been only marginally keeping up with the oft-changing Cataclysm landscape.

    And only through here, come to think of it. Cheers!

  31. Ishtaar says:

    Brb, going to tame The Beast @ UBRS.

  32. Bindura says:

    I didn’t see the update so here I go:
    SV’s third mastery has been implemented: Into the Wilderness-Agiliity Increased by 15%.

    Probably didn’t notice when it was originally posted. Also haven’t logged into beta for a while.
    So BM get 25% AP, MM 15% boosted auto shot damage, SV 15% agi (or 30% AP & a bunch of crit, some dodge etc)

  33. Bindura says:

    WoW- Glyph of Kill Shot: If you Kill Shot fails to kill the target your killshots cooldown is reset. Effect has a 6 second cooldown.

  34. Dis says:

    +15% agi != +30%AP, it actually would only be a 15% bump to AP as well

    if you have for example 100 agi (so 200AP) and were SV, you would end up with and extra 15 agi (and 30 AP)
    if you had the same 100 agi (200AP) and were BM, you would gain 0 agi but 50 AP

  35. Poake says:

    It seems like everyone is all focused on the pet changes (which are intriguing, I admit) and missed what looks like to me to be a serious nerf to Chimera. Not only is the 15% heal gone with the removal of venoms, but look at the new damage calc formula. 24% of RAP +401? Am I seeing that right? Even when I have 10k RAP, that means my Chimera shot–my 31 pt talent and my supposed nuke in my rotation–will do a whopping 2800 damage before mitigation and bonuses? That’s….horrible, right? Frost have you tested it yet to see if that tooltip is accurate?

  36. Poake says:

    I did miss something. Chimera also include ranged weapon damage. So it goes from “absolutely horrible” to “meh.”

  37. Nyth says:

    It’s a fancy way of saying you can use KS twice every 11.5 seconds (KS cooldown + 1 GCD for 2nd KS); as long as the first KS didn’t kill your target.
    Seems really interresting, but don’t read it wrong :P

    I think it’s still too early to call out on numbers. Blizzard is obviously messing around with numbers a lot. Chimera currently does something like 6k crits whereas arcane shot easily does double that. I doubt that is intended.

    Also don’t forget you have a LOT more RAP in cataclysm. Not only do you get 2 AP from agility there is a TON of agility on most items; of course that’s partially because AP will go away form gear, but it’s still a ton.

    Also. I believe you miss the 100% weapon damage. It’s not really noted on most sites, but according to blues (and logic) the damage should be:
    100% weapon damage + 24% RAP + 401.

  38. Frostheim says:

    Chimera’s damage is currently pretty sad. It does slightly more damage than arcane shot, for more than double the focus cost (plus the serpent refresh). Honestly, it’s still worth using, but the reduction in healing potential makes me sad, since that was *super* useful in 5-mans, and the 5% is just barely noticeable.

  39. Corwyn says:


    Or perhaps you missed mine. :-) Some of the things I mentioned are totally reliant on just the Hunter himself. Let’s say there was a talent to increase spirit strike by 300%. The hunter could take that talent and a spirit beast would be the best pet for them. Or they could take another which makes a Cat the best. Then the choice of pet would totally be in the hands of the hunter, and they could say that that pet was the best given the ‘raid composition’. Yes, I know the mechanics as I stated them don’t work, but I am not a game designer, if I can come up with that on the spur of the moment, they should be able to come up with something workable.

    In this situation we would get:
    1) Variety of pets in the raid (or where ever).
    2) Hunters able to choose the pet they want.
    3) That pet would be the best in the situation.

    One of the troubles as things sit right now is those buffs have quite divergent values (look at all the woots we are seeing about heroism). If a ten man is missing about half the buffs (is that at all reasonable, I have no idea). It will be Corehound half the time. And number two pet 25% of the time. An improvement from 100% wolves (do they even stack?) all the time, but still not what I am looking for.

    And in 25’s we are back to ‘it doesn’t matter’. So we only avoided that for 10’s.

    A choice made by others is no better than no choice, as far as I’m concerned. Especially when that choice made by others comes with its own payload of abuse. “where’s your wolf, huntard”

  40. Necrie says:

    Frost Wrote:
    “12% Armor Debuff — Warrior, Rogue, Druid, Hunter”
    Wait, I thought scorpid venom was removed.. Is it and/or Viper back in ?
    Be still my huntery heart !

    Not too still !!

  41. Akshrahl says:

    @Corwyn: Yes, but if you based which pet was best on which talents you chose, one talent spec/pet combination is still going to be clearly better than the rest, and those of us who want to do the best DPS we can will be forced to go that talent/pet combo. Unless… all talent/pet combos did the same DPS. In which case, it wouldn’t matter which pet you brought – so long as you brought the RIGHT pet for your spec.

    So, at best, you might have, say 6 viable pets (2 for each tree). At worst, you have only 3 (one pet/spec combo per tree); however, with this raid buff solution, nearly ALL pets are viable, depending on raid composition.

  42. Melkorka says:

    So if we have a spirit beast, does that mean we can queue as a healer in the RDF? :P

  43. Dr. Cynicism says:

    I wonder if they’re gonna nerf the buff/debuff capabilities of our pets. And the monkey special is simply…. can’t even think of adequate words to describe it. It will be my first Cata pet, no doubt.

  44. Critzhappen says:

    So let me get this straight we don’t need classes anymore we just need all hunters that is good news :D I can’t wait to see more hunters are looking so great

  45. Beverly says:

    The corehound having BL/Hero is great, and will be very useful for my 10-man group that often is without a shaman. But it is still an exotic, so only BM gets it, right? So will BM do the same damage as MM in Cataclysm. I’d love to run with my corehound out, and that buff will make it really useful, but if it’s a trade-off on DPS, it’s still a tough decision.

  46. Chuckles says:

    This will go down as one of the greatest hunter improvements EVER.
    Bloodlust!!?!??!? Seriously? Hell yeah!
    Thank you Blizz for listening to your customers and making a poo-flinging ability.
    Now my scorpion has a disarm instead of a lame dot. I just may replace my spider with him in pvp. Suck it meele and hunters in pvp.
    In BC hunters sucked as far as buffs. Now we are the best? TYVM Blizz.

  47. turtlehunter says:

    Did they just completely remove cats from our stables!!!!!

  48. BlazenBow says:

    This effectively makes us the most versatile class in the game, and its still balanced because unlike other classes, we have to choose between ONE of many extremely useful buffs.

    I love it!

  49. Littlebear (Stonemaul) says:

    Cobra Shot now deals weapon damage plus [ 8.6% of RAP + 276.81 ] in the form of Nature damage.

    So this isn’t affected by the Mastery Bonus to Elemental damage then, correct?

  50. Wisent says:

    It’s nice to see hunter pets becoming something that interests all party/raid members. My only fear is that this change will mean that it will be the raid leader who decides what pet to bring, and the hunter only gets to pick the colour :(

    Blizzard always stated that one of the reasons Hunters have to level their pets (unlike warlocks) is because they want hunters to care about their pets. However, with this change hunter pets become just like warlock pets in that we will have no choice in what pet to use.

    With bloodlust/heroism being given to corehounds it means hunters may not even be given a choice with regards to what spec they want to raid with and BM will become a mandatory (off)spec for any hunter to have.

    Chimera has lost a lot of it appeal. Without interaction with stings/venoms, Chimera shot becomes just another shot and MM becomes a lot less interesting. BM gets interaction with their pets and the potential to bring an extra raid-buff. SV gets traps, stings and lock-and-load.

    I guess the most positive of these changes is that healers will be forced to keep our corehound alive until after bloodlust/heroism

  51. Dharion says:

    @Wisent, sorry, have to disagree with you there. As much as I love raiding and try to be a good raider, if a raid leader told me I HAD to have “pet X” then I would quickly leave said raid. Since the day I got him, it’s been me and my wolf, and I WILL NOT give him up. I am a bit undecided on the changes to Furious Howl….. tho a 5% increase to crit for 1 minute does sounds kinda sweet….

  52. Ary says:

    @Dharion and Wisent

    This. This totally. I didn’t even think of another pet until mid way through WotLK – I was too invested in Mjolnir, my wolf. I know that’s a strange thing to be saying, and I do not consider myself a roleplayer – I run one of the top guilds on my server; we’re working on LK25HC atm – but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a very strong attachment to that black and grey bunch of graphics that’s bounded around at the side of my toon for 5 years. Shouldn’t matter. But it DOES. :-)

    I think attaching a second skill to exotic pets is a bad plan, flat out. Not because BM doesn’t deserve some love, because lord knows it does, but because it’s effectively saying “BM must take Exotic or be sub-par”, and to me, that stinks. Let that 31 point talent of BM’s be the unlocking factor in BM pets, giving ANY pet a second skill based on pet type – a BM cat that has a bleed effect (I’m guessing there) as well as a pounce that stuns; a wolf that has a furious howl as per, but a piercing one as well that slows nearby movement; a Serpent that not only reduces armour via it’s spit attack, but that also pins opponents in place much like a crab’s attack. Make sense?

  53. 7seti says:

    Ary: It’s not as bad as it looks. The Exotic pet second skill looks to be something that is useful for soloing or PvP, rather than raids. Only the corehound has two raid abilities, and we can’t know how often the cast speed debuff will be required in Cataclysm raids.

    In some cases, the non-exotic is better even for a BM hunter. Rhinos and Hyenas both have the same bleed damage debuff, but the hyena will do more damage due to being Ferocity.

    With 25 stable slots, there’s nothing stopping you from taming a Beetle* (stam buff) and a Spider (web) rather then a Silithid (stam buff + web), as each ability is most useful in different situations. And I can definitely see myself bringing my wolf instead of my Devilsaur in fights where pet positioning is tricky (e.g. Sarth flame walls).

    Myself, I’m not bothered with there being a ‘best pet’ in different situations provided each pet is useful somewhere.

    *Info on the Beetle family here:

    They appear to be non-exotic Cunning pets with the same stam buff as Silithids.

  54. 7seti says:

    Addition: It looks like the Beetles have Venom Web Spray as well, so they may be simly not finished yet. You may have to disregard my comment about beetles + spiders vs silithids.

  55. Gzr says:

    Lots of choices though. I’m having trouble figuring out what I’ll use as my on-call five – the pets that I’ll have available for 90% of the situations I’ll find myself in.

  56. MrJackAs says:

    Hmm crockosilk, birds and birds sem to be the pvp pet choice for cataclysm..

    Ofcourse you will have your spiders crabs etc

  57. Corwyn says:

    Frankly, I would rather have a real choice between 6 pets, than no choice between 25.

    And that 25 is overstated, since in 25s unless the raid is deficient, all pets will be equal (i.e. no meaningful choice). In 5s, at most the top 6 pets will be viable. Only in 10s will there be a bunch of choices, and that will only be at most 10-15.

  58. Corwyn says:

    On Wild hunt:

    This looks to me like a 6.7% damage per focus increase for our pet, when that pet is cooldown bound. But I thought Blizzard didn’t want us to ever get there.

  59. Dreyja says:

    I choose to still be sad that I lost the extra damage from my Silithid’s web. I know why they did it but I haz a sad. XD

    I can’t wait to see how this comes out in the numbers.

  60. Fnord says:

    The Warp Stalker change is really disappointing. It was one of the best mobility skills for soloing, and it doesn’t change the DPS of the pet (and it was fun to chase down mages in BGs with).

    Need to see if we can get that changed back…

  61. Qonaan says:

    Hmm. If Crocolisks are getting a special that slows the target, but Crabs and Spiders are retaining their root abilities, and Chimeras are retaining their equally-statted slow ability, why would you choose a Tenacity Crocolisk over the higher-damage Cunning pet families that do similar abilities?

    I’ve had my croc stabled all through WotLK except for the excellent assistance he gave on farming rhino and mammoth meat with his Bad Attitude, so I’m concerned that this shift in abilities will keep him stabled for good. Am I reading things wrong?

  62. Armin says:

    I thought that Blizzard wanted more diversity in pets and not everybody haveing a wolf. :-)

    If so, the current buf must be an error: “Now increases the critical strike of the entire party/raid by 5% for 1 min. 45 sec cooldown”

    So every 45 seconds you get 60 seconds of buf!? So that is 15 seconds margin allowing easily for constant uptime of a 5% fixed crit buf *for the whole raid* …

    This means: “Hunter, either bring a wolf or I’ll replace you with one that does …” :-)

    However the fact that it is 45 sec cooldown for a 60 sec buf already indicates to me, it will get changed. Probably will be fixed to 10 seconds of 5% buf with 45sec cooldown or so.

  63. Iggyhunt says:

    Frost, I have a beta test request. Since it’s looking like some of the better raid buffs will be exclusive to BM spec, will a BM alt raid spec even be possible? Bear with me while I think out loud. Let’s assume that we will have opportunities to customize our pet selection before the raid based on what we learn of boss mechanics. We know that the 3rd boss would best be served with say an exotic pet, but the rest of the raid can be done without an exotic. Can a marksman main spec hold an exotic pet in the active stable to switch into during the raid? I would understand not being able to actually summon said exotic while Marks spec’d, but does that also prevent us from carrying around our BM pets as well?

  64. 7seti says:

    Armin: You missed the point entirely. That crit buff is also provided by fury warriors, feral druids, sub. rogues and elemental shamans, and they do not stack. If you have any of those in your raid, the wolf will provide no added benefit. The idea is that each pet brings a full-strength raid buff or debuff, allowing us to fill the gaps in a raid.

    Iggyhunt: Good question. I’d think it would be possible, you’d just get an error message if you tried to call an exotic while not BM specced. Just as you do now if you respec with an exotic pet out.

  65. Joe says:

    So if for example you use the silithid to buff the group with fortitude, what happens when you change pets between fights or if the hunter dies or if the pet dies? Does the buff go away?