New Multi-Shot AoE

Posted: by Frostheim

Here’s a quick look at how the new multi-shot aoe is working out for us. Right now it looks kind of like when aoeing quest mobs/soloing, MM has by far the best aoe. In instances with mobs that will be up for a while, SV may well have the best with the ability to put serpent sting on them all. Currently BM needs a little sumpin sumpin for their aoe. Maybe that’ll happen in the pet pass.

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  1. Meegan says:

    That looks like a nice replacement for volley, plus it’s more interactive. I do hope they add some sort of benefit for BM hunters to use it though.

    It looked like the damage was fairly close to the Volley damage, is that the case?


  2. TheAngryMongoose says:

    Any idea how the Survival AoE rotation will work? The way the talents are set up it seems as though they expect you to multi-shot once every 15 seconds, wheras I can’t even see once every 12 seconds being useful.

  3. QueenOfBlades says:

    Wow, I was just thinking about Multi-shot AOE this morning, and *BAM* here it is on the WHU. I love you Frostheim, please have my half-elf/half-dwarven babies.

    For farming/soloing/old dungeon crawlin’, I was very concerned about the loss of volley. I’m glad that Blizzard has stepped up to improve Multi-shot, but I have the same question as Meegan…what’s goin’ on with the damage?

  4. Elhessar says:

    That’s exactly the kind of video I was searching in YT this morning :)

    Thanks! I’m glad that the Multi Shot effect is still the same… but with more projectiles, yay!

  5. Omogon of Lethon says:

    Thanks Frost. good info.

  6. Necrie says:

    I saw yellow hits in there as low as 283 and as high as 1120. Were the lower hits your bear swiping/clawing ? Assuming thats the case, then it looked like your multi was doing about 900-1000+ non-critical hits, and about 2k+ Crits. While that does indeed seem somewhat comparable to our current volley, as others have said, though it has been a while since I paid attention to what my individual Volley hits were (I use Mik’s SBT, so it combines all the hits into one big number).

    Regarding BM getting some lovin’, I agree that it would indeed be awesome, but remember under the effects of BW/TBW, Multi’s focus cost will be halved, so keep that in mind, because you know Bliz will have to balance any benefit they give BM around that. >_<

    What I'm pondering is, considering how much the damage has been nerfed, does 40 focus really make sense anymore ? Yes, I know, some will say in comparison Rogues FoK costs 50 Energy, but they regenerate their energy 2.5 times as faster than we do, unassisted. Also, this is not the same Multi-shot we had before this patch, where we'd see 6-10k crits on individual targets.

    Thanks very much for making this vid Frost :)

  7. TheGrumpyElf says:

    I like the looks of it but I would rather have my multi hitting three targets for 15K each and a volley for more then three targets. As it stands this is a piss poor replacement for volley and a loss of a good multi shot.

    There is a lot of time left so hopefully they make some adjustments on it because at the moment it seems we lost two good skills and got them replaced with one lackluster one.

    Thank you for sharing, I was really wondering how the changes to multi would look.

  8. Spleet says:

    Can you clarify how MD works with this new AoE? I seem to be thinking that volley (currently) is not an attack we can apply our MD to but been on a WoW break right now so no way to test that. I enjoyed using multi-shot MD for multiple targets as an opening shot sometimes (especially in 5-man random pugs where I felt the tank needed some threat boosting) and seems from your video that will still be possible with the new-fangled AoE multi-shot.

    All in all I can’t say this is a horrible change and certain a bit of further tweaking is in store from beta->PTR->live play.

  9. Spleet says:

    oop…meant to say NOT a horrible change…sorry

  10. Rangr says:

    Using my brother’s beta account i had tested a multi-shot with serpent spread a few days back and i noticed it procs imp. serpent sting with each application from the multi shot. Just wanted to share.

  11. Valacia says:

    I think I can live with this… Since making the switch to MM I have really started to love it, so I think I may continue on in Cata as MM unless one of the other specs proves significantly more powerful and retain my BM spec for showing off or (prey thee) sextreme soloing.

  12. Frostheim says:

    One thing to keep in mind is that in dungeons and raids, you will not be able to spam multi-shot like I was doing here. MM will get maybe 4 in a row or so before having to use steady to regen. Other specs will get only two in a row. It’s the mobs dying (and giving me 50 focus with each death) that gives me basically unlimited focus here.

    @Spleet MD on live works just fine with Volley. On beta MD also works, but MD has been changed and the transferred threat fades away after 30 seconds.

  13. Myrdreon says:

    Nice vid, but i lack the most important part: explosive/snake trap. With the new launcher you can get one of those right into the pack along with volley. Especially as far as damage goes, i wouldnt be surprised if multishot is hitting this low cause they expect you to use a trap along with it. No other class can sustain 2 aoe’s at once anyway.

    Especially with readiness for MM that means you got up to 40sec (explosive is 2x 20 sec) of having 2 nonstop aoe’s along with 20 focus multishots . SV lacks that, having only 1 trap and 40 focus cost, but adds serpent sting ticks for free. Only BM really lacks bit having just 1 trap and no additional bonus in any way.

  14. Frostheim says:

    Keep in mind that explosive trap was also nerfed to the ground. I’ll have to do some testing to see if it’s worth using when your under the ae cap, but it’s not worth using when stuff dies relatively fast — since you need all those 30 seconds worth of ticks to make it worthwhile.

    Also, other classes can maintain multiple aoes at once, if you’re counting aoe dots : )

  15. Bindura says:

    Effective AoE for soloing….hmmm presuming you mean soloing low level stuff. You are lvl 83 in the vid AEing down trash packs in Icecrown with 12k HP; move to say Hyjal a lvl 78-81 zone, the mobs have 30-35k HP. Certainly not going to be able to AE them down.
    Notice that volley does more damage in live at 80; this is good means that we will have to use CC; maybe.

  16. Goodgracious says:

    One of the concerns I have about the new aoe, was the loss of being able to control where it hits. With volley, you can control it by where you place the circle on the ground. So if you’re farming rep, you can attack on one group, and ignore the npc standing near them using volley. Multi-shot will currently attack the npc, if there aren’t enough targets in your chosen group.

    Is this the same with the new multi-shot? What sort of control do you have over your spread?

  17. PingHansen says:

    Not too shabby. Very hunter’esque ;o) And certainly not as bad as we feared..

    Where is our close-up self-defence? And they even nerfed traps, giving us even less of a chance to survive grouped mobs?!

    Where is the control? With Volley, we could easily control wich mobs were hit – like the warlock Immolate.

    Where is the ability to hit hard-to-reach mobs, like those om platforms above us?

    IMO, we are still getting shafted – but at least they have started using lube ;o)

  18. Reedo says:

    Have you post any spec you think while do good dps.

  19. makak says:

    sv aoe on those mobs i ALOT better
    thanks to imp serpent sting 2xmulti as sv is like 5 multi as mm because imp ss is HITTING for over 2k
    also sepent sting as sv is just hiting like truck
    serpent + 2x multi was enought to kill those as lvl 83 hunter
    there is some from my short testing

  20. David "A-List" Otunga says:

    I wonder if serpent spread is going to be resisted or immune’d like the concussive barrage effect is? Either way, it looks like survival is going to be refreshing the sting with each multi which will keep the dot ticking.

    Gonna have to play around when it hits and see if it’s worth tossing explosive shots in if LnL procs etc.

  21. Frostheim says:

    It’ll only be immune by guys who are immune to our serpent sting. The only reason those guys were spamming immune to concussive barrage is that they’re immune to all forms of slowing effects anyway.

  22. David "A-List" Otunga says:

    Good to know. I’m glad both specs have something to add on to the aoe, but poor BM right now looks like it’s explosive trap then fire and forget multi-shots =(

  23. Myrdreon says:

    I really, really doubt those serpent sting talents will remain as-is (or maybe serpent sting itself gets weakened) if that part does that much more damage then multishot.

    Then again, i doubt they can make that serpent spread have the aoe cap effect (total damage remains constant when hitting more then 10 mobs) which might count for the increased effect.

  24. Rolgorf says:

    For me the three biggest three issues are 1. No ability to deal significant and continuous AOE (actually any) ranged weapon damage inside the min range 2. Losing the ability to control where the shots land and 3. No ability in PVP or PVE low level to uncover stealthed players or mobs.

    I find the min range concept bizarre – especially for you stout drinking gun toting dwarves (I can understand a min range for a bow/crossbow) but a gun? Really? In the real world a gun is just as effective at it’s job regardless of range. A shotgun will put a duck dinner on the table equally well from 2 inches as from 100 feet. Volley is the only such ability we have (meeting all the criteria above)

    I can forsee a ton of bad pulls in raids with this new multishot ability – there will be more than a few stray bullets/arrows hitting unintended targets with MD on cooldown!

    Finally, in PVP, I can’t stand the thought of being sapped over and over by some Rogue while he calls in his buddies on vent and I don’t even get to see who he is before I’m visiting the spirit healer. With Volley, at least I can get a glimpse of whom my wrathfull revenge will be vetted upon.

    Blizz – please please PLEASE address these issues in the next round!

  25. Deepfriedegg says:


    1) if the group of mobs on you is not aggroed on you: Explosive trap, Disengage (or step aside), Multi-Shot. If it is aggroed on you, than volley doesnt help now either, you dont want to have them on you.

    2) new multi is not like old one. It hits target within range of X yds of your target, unlike the old one that was 35 yds ranged 180° cleave and there was no control whatsoever

    3) I dont know what exactly you call low level BG´s but have you heard about ability “Tracking Hidden”? You get it at lvl 24 (second bracket) as opposed to Volley that you were able to get at lvl 40 (fourth bracket)

    My opinion: I am fine with min range (we have tools to get out of melee´s face), however I would like to have it compensated with longer range (45 yds) so that our effective range is the same like other pure DPS classes

    Bad pulls: if you refuse to accept the mechanics of new multi and you really, really need to AoE pull, than try something like Trap Launcher + Explosive shot….

    I dont understand this at all… first of all, you will be able to track multiple thing, so Track Hidden. Second, when rogue saps you, you cant cast volley. Third, if rogue saps you, you know it is a rogue. Fourth, You are trying to say, that now you run and cast Volley on random places just to reveal a rogue??? that is very mana expensive and very inefficient method to do so compared to other tools we have…

  26. Rolgorf says:

    back @ Deepfriedegg

    You missed my point regarding criteria. With the new aoe ability, one still can’t deal CONTINUOUS damage with explosive and multi – aggroed or not. In low level instances having mobs aggroed doesn’t matter, in BG’s it’s not a blind spray it’s often targeted right over my head or at the area of another player whose just been sapped. Tracking hidden only reveals mobs on your mini map….not quite the same as visually targeting them and revealing them with little or no effort.

    Re: bad pulls, I wasn’t suggesting using aoe for pulls, just that when/if you use the new multi on a group of mobs, the probability of a stray arrow/bullet is increased.

    And of course I know that you can’t use volley while sapped, but my finger is on the trigger waiting for the sap to come off and prevent it happening again. Chock it up to different play styles, but those work arounds you mentioned sound like a lot more work – and humbly with respect, more work, for less output = less efficiency if you want to bring efficiency into the conversation.

  27. Justa says:

    There’s also the fact that Track Hidden is complete and utter garbage. :-)

  28. Deepfriedegg says:

    back @ Rolgorf

    I still disagree with you. So far the only spec not able to do continuous AoE is BM. MM with Bombardment + Rapid Killing is pretty much continuous spamming of MS costing you only 20 focus each (See Frostheim’s video). SV with Serpent Spread, Imp Serpent Sting and Toxicology is the king of hunter AoE (see this link posted by Makak: You might not be spamming MS but Serpent sting ticks hit like crazy. Plus add Explosive trap ticks for 20secs (26 in case of SV with Trap Mastery).

    You are correct with Track hidden, it doesnt reveal the target. But still, if little to no effort for you is casting Volley over another player to reveal a rogue, what is the difference if you shoot Flare instead over the same player (you would get it at lvl 38 in Cataclysm)? I know there is a CD on flare but as you said, you would use Volley to reveal a rogue only in special cases.

    Re: Bad pulls. That is just my opinion (assuming 8-10 yards radius of Multi Shot), but I dont think that you would ever get a group of un-aggroed (uff, that is a word…) mobs as close as that. So it shouldnt be anything like the old Multi where you just prayed… this looks to be pretty controllable. Or at least not less controllable than Volley.

    Re: Efficiency. To be honest, I went through my comment several times and couldnt find out where I suggested less efficient workarounds. Expl. Trap + Disengage + MS? Right now im doing Expl. Trap + Disengage + Volley, which is less efficient (you need to press button twice for Volley as opposed to Multi. In addition, you can fire multi while disengaging because it is instant). Or was it that AoE pull? It will be either MD + multi or MD + trap launcher macro which means the same number of buttons as today.

  29. Deepfriedegg says:

    @ Justa

    Yes. Except for the fact it lets you, you know, track hidden. And except for the fact that in Cataclysm you will be able to track multiple things.

    So for me if something is garbage then it is the INABILITY to track something rather than the ABILITY to track something

  30. Rolgorf says:

    Tracking multiple things sounds encouraging. I think what Justa is referring to is the fact that track hidden more often than not doesn’t reveal rogues. Come to think of it, often flares don’t seem to either. I don’t play one or know anything about them, can they resist our tracking abilities?

  31. Justa says:

    Indeed, i dont EVER remember track hidden revealing a rogue or prowling feral in a BG, bearing in mind they have talents to mitigate stealth detection. Like everyone else i’ll drop a flare and/or volley and usually a trap at my feet.