Cataclysm Beta Hunter: Camouflage

Posted: by Frostheim

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The level cap is 85 in the Cataclysm beta, and we finally have access to Camouflage. I have to say, for what is essentially a pure pvp ability– and I was a bit disappointed to learn our level 85 hunter ability was only for pvp — but despite this, Camouflage is impressive! Both in appearance (badass!) and utility.

Seriously, take a look in the Camouflage video:

How Hunter Camouflage Works

I’ve been doing as much testing as I can on Camouflage. I haven’t tested it against everything, but I’ve covered a whole lot. Here’s the basics:

You can only enter Camouflage while out of combat. If you or your pet attack, Camouflage ends. If you take damage (from a DoT on you, for example) Camouflage ends. Camouflage lasts for 1 minute, and has a 1-minute cooldown.

While in Camouflage, if you’re standing still it acts as stealth (kind of) — you essentially cannot be seen. While moving you have that cool-shimmery predator effect. You can be targeted, however — not by tab-targetting, but by clicking. But though you can be targeted, you cannot be attacked. Also while in Camouflage, you do not display a nameplate to someone who has nameplates turned on — so you remain difficult to see.

In PvE, if you’re Camouflaged, mobs do not aggro on you. Your traps are effectively useless on them however, since they aren’t in combat and they just evade or insta-heal damage. In PvP, you’re immune to virtually everything while Camouflaged. Oh yeah, seriously.

The Camouflage List of Awesome

The List of Awesome includes all of the varied awesome things that you are totally immune to while in Camouflage:

  • You are not affected by any ability that must target you
  • You cannot be tracked
  • Flare does not remove you from camo
  • Hunter’s Mark does not remove you from camo
  • You do not set off traps
  • You are not affected by any aoe that I’ve tested (including locks, priests, and warriors)
  • You are not affected by aoe fears
  • You are not affected by mass dispell
  • You are not affected by demoralizing shout

What you can do while in Camouflage

All of the follow can be used while under the effects of Camouflage without breaking Camouflage:

  • Drop traps
  • Use the trap launcher
  • Change aspects
  • Deterrence
  • Use the pet “move to” command (which could have some neat tricks)
  • Mend pet
  • Dismiss pet
  • Summon pet
  • Use non-damaging engineering stuff, like nitro boosts, parachute cloak, explosive sheet (but not bombs)
  • Drink a potion
  • Use hearthstone

What you cannot do while in Camouflage

Well, technically not anything other than what you can do — some things you literally cannot do, while most others will simple break you out of Camouflage. Specific things tried and failed include:

  • Any kind of attack, by you or your pet, other than traps
  • Hunter’s Mark
  • Flare
  • Misdirection
  • Bandaging (you can bandage others, but not yourself)
  • Eat
  • Disengage — well, since you have to be not in combat to enter camo… and you have to be in combat to disengage, you pretty much can’t by default.

Overall, Camouflage scores an 11 on the Awesomesauce meter. Sure, it’s still a pvp ability and sure, all those immunities are only useful if you aren’t actually fighting (and no one has put a dot on you) but camo is fricking huge. Huge I say!

Even in PvE, camo will give us a nice quality of life boost. The ability to just camo and walk past anything we don’t want to waste the time to slaughter. Or rather than just hitting FD when things get rough, we can hit FD, camo, then saunter off to safety.

So yeah, Camouflage is a winner. Now just wait for the other classes to start wailing about it : )

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  1. Iiro Nurmi says:

    Let me get this straigh.
    You can’t be attacked by any mobs (excluding truesight) no matter how close you get? Or does it work like stealth and once you get close enough you will be exposed?

  2. Edathren says:

    my nerf senses are tingling…

  3. Anansi says:

    Yeah, this is going to get nerfed into the ground sooner than later.

  4. Can you test whether you can cap/defend PvP flags while Camo-ed? I would assume not, but that’s the kind of bug that could slip through.

  5. Zeroum says:

    @Iiro Nurmi: In the video you’ll see Frostheim walked over and inside a mob and did not aggro it.

  6. Noah says:

    The nerf will probably be camo falling off at a certain range and view angle, like how a rogue pops out of stealth if they are within x yards of the enemy’s forward sight or if they touch the enemy from behind.

  7. Corwyn says:

    Can someone explain the PvP implications? That is, when would you use it?

    Can melee damage take you out of camouflage?

    There are many times I have wanted something like this for leveling… ah well, maybe 85-90.

    It is so frustrating that something this cool is of so little use to me.

  8. Tholrin says:

    Guys, did you notice that now all our pets can be spirit beast with camo!!

  9. quivering says:

    i can only imagine how much this is gonna be nerfed/changed BUT… while it is like it is…

    i wonder about something. AOE like thunderclap doesnt break it, but a pre-existing dot will. lets say you fight a hunter and you trigger their explosive trap. you move out of the trap AOE, kill the hunter and combat ends. you camo and walk back over the trap AOE.

    i wonder if it will treat it like an existing dot and break it (since you originally triggered it) OR like any other AOE (thunderclap etc).

  10. Melkorka says:

    Would be nice to see a vid of you running past some high lvl (heroic even) instance mobs.

  11. Thomas M says:

    This can be indirectly be used for defending in pvp, you just have to stand there and put multiple traps down next to the flag and an attacker will never be able to cap them, especially if there are 2 hunters doing it.

    A nerf bat will definitely be used with this.

    • Lackies says:

      This sounds cool and its definitely a decent delaying tactic, until you realize that if you’re two hunter’s trapping 1 dude you could probably just kill him. Further there’s a good chance that trapping an enemy will combat flag you which while not breaking your camo ( although maybe if your traps deal damage it should) would prevent you from Re-camoing. Additionally a savy player can target you and see time remaining on Camo and try and get an instant in during that brief period where camo drops and you refresh it.

  12. Corgooze says:

    I was wondering, does camouflage continue if you get on your mount?

  13. Frostheim says:

    No, mounting breaks camo.

  14. Argent says:

    I SERIOUSLY doubt they’ll keep it AOE immune, because, so far, it sounds like and everything-proof shield. Which is brilliant but i doubt Blizz will keep it when the other classes complain

  15. jimbo says:

    bad ass move for sure but like others say i to see this getting nerfed. i myself would use camo for pvp and pve.

  16. Induates says:

    Wonder if they’ll leave the hunter & pet shadows in – they’re noticable on plainly textured environments, like the beach. I guess we can lurk in the shadows though, like a rog.. darnit.

    Also, I presume eating breaks you out of camo?

  17. Dr. Cynicism says:

    So you can get all up in a mob’s business without breaking it… but I wonder if there are any level caps to that, like elite trash in raids, bosses, etc? (Maybe I missed that part). The reason behind the whole being clickable but not tab targetable (yes, I’m creating words as I go) thing is not clear to me… why be clickable?

  18. helmet! says:

    Does the 1 minute cooldown start when you break out of camo (similar to the cooldown on a rogue’s stealth), or when you enter it? I’m assuming it’s not the latter, because if it is, you could theoretically stay camo’d forever as long as you didn’t enter combat in the split second between when it expires and when you trigger the next camo.

  19. Frostheim says:

    Honestly, I hope they don’t heavily nerf camo, because I do not think it’s OP. If aoe could break it, that would be huge, since people can *see* the camo’d hunter and know exactly where to aoe, for example.

    I’m willing to bet you that no rogue would trade stealth with all it’s combos for camo. No pally would trade bubble for camo. So if you’re going to nerf camo, nerf them first.

    Also, currently the big unique thing about hunters in pvp is we have the single largest — by leaps and bounds — pvp weakness in the game in the form of our minimum range. We do not have an equivalent strength to compensate for that, however. Looks to me like they’re trying to give us one.

  20. Myrdreon says:

    I can already see the rogues crying about how they have to watch line of sight, distance, damage effects and all that when stealthed and moving, while we can just ignore basicly every mechanic there is. We can walk freely trough a room, follow patrols and tell the team everything as long as we’re back within that minute to avoid agro madness.
    We can stealth, run like hell to the opponents base/flag carrier or whatever and nobody will be able to do anything untill we open up.

    But most importantly, now hunters can truly hunt. Tracking means a lot more if you got that first shot, or can head up and take a look at what those dots on your radar actually mean instead of it being anonymous dots.

  21. Poake says:

    Hey Frost, can you eat/drink while camo-ed? I would doubt it since you can’t bandage, but I thought I would check this with you.

  22. Ryshat says:

    Can you mine/gather/etc. while camoed? That would be a huge benefit to gatherers out there, to be able to ignore MOBs while you farm.

  23. Frostheim says:

    No, you cannot eat while in camo. You actual use up the food, but get an error and no benefit from it.

  24. tijger says:

    *raises hand to ask* what about big red pet with camo?

  25. Techwid says:

    Can you fish while in camo? This would make achievements like “The Fishing Diplomat” a breeze….

    Thanks for the vid :D

  26. illmatic says:

    Hey Frost
    Just wanted to point out something you might want to look at.
    I think the only reason you were able to target femaledwarf was because you were within 5 yards of her. I remember reading it from somewhere. Otherwise if you’re not within 5 yards you cannot target her.

  27. Dorianchika says:

    I’m with Techwid… Can we fish in cammo???

  28. Kris says:

    Can you use Eyes of the Beast?

  29. Ghedrhalla says:

    Looks like weapon enchants and shoulder effects (not stats, but the physical appearance) will become a PVP concern. Not for what they DO, but how they LOOK ie. will they give you away on the battlefield.
    Overall looks like it will be a huge ability to just play around with in PVE so I seriously hope they do not take too large a nerf bat to the ability.

  30. Kyle says:

    one thing i haven’t seen yet. is it another aggro drop like feign death? that is, when you attack something, hit camo, does all of your aggro drop? I’m assuming it does but gotta be sure :)

  31. Frostheim says:

    You can’t enter Camouflage while in combat. If you aren’t in combat, then you don’t have threat to begin with : )

  32. Klingz says:

    You know what Frost ? I have not seen so much of a debate on any article for a long time.. I am hoping blizzard realises that this does not need to be nerfed, as I personally see no problem with it.

    We were told we would get this in WOTLK. We didn’t. Why? Rogues said it was too much like stealth. And now that Rogue QQ is starting to rear its ugly head on the forums again.

    I am just hoping they dont take this awesome PVP ability away from hunters..because in my honest opinion. What we get at 81 and 83 just doesnt cut it. This ability must go live.
    If Blizzard takes this off us again, then i will be pissed

  33. Ryshat says:


    I found my “Fishing Diplomat” and catching Ol’ Crafty a breeze in Orgrimar. I just ran into the back door, hung a right and headed for the water there. FD and while the guards run back I just pop Aspect of the Beast (to become untrackable) then just laid down in the water behind the big rock there and no problemo.

    Yes, you can still cast and fish while laying down, and if you do it in water up to your waist, you lay down UNDER the water, but don’t risk drowning as it (apparently) still considers your head above water.

  34. Faiike says:

    Can you band-aid while Camo’d? I highly doubt it, but it’d be interesting. See also: Health Stone, Health Potion, various other on-use non-Food health regenerative items.

    If used in PvP, can you lay an Explosive Trap while in Camo and use the damage to force people into combat? IE, can you jump on top of a hunter, drop a trap on them, and watch it tick while in Camo?

    Can Misdirection be used in Camouflage? Alternatively, if used prior to Camo, does the effect persist? (Example: Cast MD, sneak through instance, pull boss to tank. Sit in boss room as he runs to tank. FD to leave combat. Camo back to group.) If so, that could be interesting in certain situations where mob packs are too close to walk past, but too far for an engaged mob to pull them into combat.

    Can you use the pet Go To command in Camo? Can you use Big Red Kitty or Fervor? Can you use Readiness? Wyvern Sting (unlikely)? Master’s Call? Rapid Fire (beats me why)? Eagle Eye (for the luls)? Scare Beast?

    And… If you dismiss a pet while in Camo, then leave camo and recall the pet, are they still in camo?
    If you dismiss a pet while in Camo, leave camo, regain camo, and call them again… Are they still in camo?

    That summarizes my questions. Also, loved the montage.

  35. Frostheim says:

    Well the vast majority of your questions are answered in the article and/or video, not counting the silly ones, which I have not tested : )

  36. Faiike says:

    D’oh. Remind me to read twice before posting. And honestly, it’s the sillier ones I’m more curious about. Pet questions came up after seeing the “new pet isn’t camo’d” portion.

    BRK breaks Camo on use.
    That video is an example, at 2:30.

    Can you not band-aid because you are unable to be targeted, or what is the reason behind that?

    And… Forgot. Can you, while in Camo, use Hunter’s Mark on a rogue, as an example?

  37. Arinvar says:

    If bandaging yourself breaks camo does that mean that receiving a heal from someone will break it also?

    Seems to me that the only difference between bandaging yourself and someone else is the healing. So will all heals effect it or is it unique to bandages.

  38. Frostheim says:

    You cannot bandage when you’re in camo. It doesn’t break camo, just won’t let you do it. I assume that you also can’t be healed, since you can’t be targeted. You can drink a potion.

    Using hunter’s mark breaks you out of camo.

  39. Noah says:

    Well, Frost, you don’t seem to think it’s OP, but I’ll give you my reasons why I think so:

    1) It’s basically an up-to-one-minute bubble, assuming you can feign death and you have no DoTs on you. Plus you can lay traps while under its effect. You can basically survive a boss wipe forever with FD and Camo, not that it would be extremely helpful.
    2) You can run *through* mobs without aggroing or being hurt at all.
    3) It is a slightly more visible version of stealth, but cannot be affected by targeted or (it seems) AoE damage, along with no movement impairment.
    4) It looks way too awesome.

  40. Quill2006 says:

    Any indication if stuff like talking to a quest-giver or clicking on something (with the little gear symbol) will remove camo? I’m thinking it would be great for those holiday achievements in the other faction’s cities and similar click-something quests. Of course, if you timed it right and dropped camo right before the cooldown ended and clicked whatever you needed, feigned and re-entered camo, it wouldn’t be too difficult

  41. Frostheim says:


    I’d argue that it’s nothing like bubble. You can attack with bubble up — get healed, use all your abilities. It’s more like a moving version of iceblock than like bubble. Unlike stealth you can be seen (which is why the aoe-immunity makes sense to me) and it runs out.

    I dunno if this is how Blizz intended it to work, but I haven’t heard anything that makes it overpowered. It not as tough as a bubble. Sure, you could keep to the sidelines and keep reapplying it… but so too could a rogue just stay out of a fight and stay in stealth forever… and anyone could just not log in at all and never get attacked. But if you want to participate in the fight, you end your camo.

  42. Spleet says:

    All I have to say is SWEET!!!

    Looks like tons of fun!

  43. Good Gracious says:

    Thanks for this Frost – it does look awesome sauce.

    Does non-combat damage break you out of camoflage? (e.g. jumping from a great height) It wasn’t clear from the article.

    Completely Off-topic – one of those places you were running through in the last part of the video looked like a golf course! LOL

  44. Frostheim says:

    Falling damage breaks you out of camo.

    Yes, that was a golf course : )

  45. Noah says:

    Ok, I suppose those points are fair, since you can’t get healed and you can’t attack — which means longer survival, but at no direct “advantage” when used except for time and repositioning.

    I guess I got caught up in the whole you-can-run-through-a-zone-without-attracting-any-mobs. I mean, if you had an all-hunter raid or dungeon, couldn’t you then skip all trash in the instance without any difficulty?

  46. tzu says:

    There was a blue post where GC said that yes “camo is that badass”…so this is the way it is attended to work

    I think this would of been a great talent that you had to make a choice on taking but for our great new level 85 talents I am extremely disappointed.

  47. Lilcheeks says:

    tzu… extremely disappointed is getting freezing arrow for 80… this one is going be a lot of fun.

  48. Arekku says:

    I’m still a little bit confused.
    When you camo, if I’m not moving, can the enemy see me at all, or do i not show on their screen.
    Because I could see her in the vid, but it looked like she was moving which i guess makes you visible but not by much.

  49. Hulder says:

    After the loss of volley and removing-minimum-range-was-a-bug I really needed some good news! Yum :-D

  50. Mattoulious says:

    Im with you guys. I think its bad ass, and realllly hope it doesnt get nerfed.
    They seriously needed to give hunters another tool in their pvp arsenal, especially with removing volley. When they said ranged rogues though …. i thought they were joking ;) lucky we dont have combo points!

    Frost. you said laying traps doesnt break you out of camo in pve but does no damage to mobs, hows it work in pvp atm ? does it do damage or do you have to come out of camo before it starts doing damage ?

  51. Akshrahl says:

    I’m not in beta, but I’m nearly 100% certain that the traps DO do damage to mobs and players. In the video, Frost points out that they’re avoiding and healing, since they’re not in combat. This is a behavior of the mob. It would still deal damage to a player, and I suspect it would also deal damage to a mob as long as it was in combat to not avoid it all.

    Perhaps Frost can confirm this?

  52. Hulder says:

    P.S. Damn you, Frost – I read/watched this before work and now I’m in the office with the Hunter song stuck in my head…

  53. DarkMain says:

    Quick questions about pets and camouflage…

    If you dismiss your pet and then bring it back it remains camouflaged right? And if you dismiss your pet and bring back another one the new one is NOT camouflaged but you remain camouflaged…

    What happens when you dismiss your new non camouflaged pet and bring back the original one… Is it still camouflaged or did bringing out another one break it.

    Also, what happens if you pop camouflage and dismiss your pet, wait for camouflage to run out (or break it) and then recall your pet. Does it stay in camouflage while you are not of does it loose it wile its dismissed.

    I know these don’t really have any particle implications or why on earth you would want to swap pets like that while in camo but I’m just curious.

  54. Brigwyn says:

    As a Hunter and former wow blogger that was hyper critical of Frost I just want to say how nice it is to come back and finally read a Hunter post that talks about the changes and possible uses without a ton of whining.

    I’m sure once things get back to a min/max discussion we’ll be on different sides of the fence. But for now, I have to say I’ve enjoyed the last few posts I’ve read.

    Thanks Frost!

  55. Browena says:

    Can you tame a pet while camouflaged? Could be very useful on hard to tame beasts…

  56. Chacha says:

    YES!! ^^ we are awesome! Just like the gods intended hunters to be :D

  57. ravnos says:

    Two things.
    I’d really like to know if you can either cast Camo while being a flag carrier in WSG, or pick up the flag while in camo. That would be excellent, I think. And probably be the biggest complaint about it, but that remains to be seen.

    The second thing is… I need that song. I have always played a hunter, and the song in the montage demands to be on my iPod.

  58. Bloodbàne says:

    Looks amazing. As I told everyone in my guild, basically useless for PVE but looks so badass that I will be in it all the damn time. Not much of a PVPer but with rated battlegrounds, I may be doing more of that now.

  59. Valacia says:

    @Brigwyn – What an amazingly narcissistic way to say hi… Makes me glad you said “former” because I can’t stand reading self indulgent drivel written by people who have nothing better to do than pat their own backs while standing on those of others.

    @ the important stuff – Apparently Firefox 4 has currently broken youtube somehow, fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your views of IE) I was able to get it tow work in IE. I imagine this will come in quite handy when soloing instances and idling in IF. I have no real need for the PvP aspect of this since I quite PvPing in any shape after Children’s week last year, but I welcome the nifty new show off device :)

  60. Pherra says:

    Couldn’t this be useful in PVE situations when you want to get into position for a boss fight? It would save time and could avoid nasty mechanics like Shadow Prison on heroic Blood Princes.

  61. Attilah says:

    The NPC rogues stealthing around a town Tol Barad were able to attack me while in Camo. I don’t know if this a bug or a intended mechanic of the Tol Barad zone.

  62. TheAngryMongoose says:

    You said it’s not affected by mass dispell. Can it be broken with aimed dispells or Shattering Throw?

  63. Brigwyn says:

    @Valacia ROFLMAO!! Standing on the backs of others? Your kidding right? You are rich! Take a look back and you’ll notice no link TO my blog not because it isn’t WoW relates, but out of respect. Se le Frost will understand that because he’s the master of SEO. ;)

    As for Camo I know it’s being highlighted as a PvP ability but I did like the pet application. I see this having possibilities while leveling and running in pairs. It does look interesting.

    Thanks again Frost!

  64. BeardedOne says:

    While watching the video, I noticed that you damaged a mob with what looked like a trap. Now, I know you said that laying traps doesn’t break Camo, but does trap damage not break Camo either? OMFG, I think I’m in love…
    Thanks for another great update, keep ’em coming.

  65. Silvertoe says:

    Can you mine/herb while in Camo? Fish?

  66. MrJackAs says:

    I cant help but notice when you tried pvp on the other hunter i saw you was in a party, if your in a party with someone because they are in your party you will see them in stealth mode.

    If they are not in your party and you camouflage and stand still you will be actually stealth mode and the only way they can see you if the stand near.

  67. tzu says:

    @Valacia – Well put…it’s what came to my mind and I’m sure most other peoples

  68. QueenOfBlades says:

    “You cannot bandage when you’re in camo. It doesn’t break camo, just won’t let you do it. I assume that you also can’t be healed, since you can’t be targeted. You can drink a potion.”

    I wonder if this is just a bug. It makes no sense that I can gulp down a healing potion, but I can’t bandage myself (BUT I can bandage others). Yep, smells like a bug to me.

    Otherwise camo seems pretty sweet, but since we’re still knee deep in beta I still have a funny feeling it’ll get nerfed. No facts, just a feelin’ that the nerf stick is looming.

  69. Frostheim says:

    I dunno — it seems to fit in with the theory that you can’t do anything that requires targeting you, even if you’re the one doing the targeting.

  70. Corwyn says:

    @Brigwyn – “I see this having possibilities while leveling”

    It is our level 85 skill. No more leveling until the expansion _after_ cataclysm.

  71. Brigwyn says:

    @Corwyn well that just sucks. lol guess i should’ve read a bit more carefully. Okay, I can have fun soloing instances then. :P *nyah* so there! lol

    BTW – thanks for the clarification. Much appreciated.

  72. Noah says:

    If high-level instances are doable with a 5-hunter group (which we all know can be done), then this could make getting to the bosses absolutely trivial . . .

  73. Frostheim says:

    To be fair, I’m pretty sure that Brig’s former blog (huntsman’s lodge) was around before the WHU, so you could just as easily claim I’m standing on his shoulders : )

    He and I didn’t always see eye to eye (just ask him about his CRAZY MAN definitions of elitist :) ) but we still always got along and respected each other.

  74. Valacia says:

    @Brigwyn – I suppose I could have simply said “If you don’t have anything nice to say…” lol

  75. Valacia says:

    Frost, I just realized you have a link to xkcd here… you just earned a large helping of internets for that :)

  76. Brigwyn says:

    @Frostheim it was THE HUNTING LODGE you elitest gnome loving dwarf impersenator!! lol poor Garwulf. He runs The Huntsman’s Lodge /facepalm

    But yes, we had our disagreements. (Tho that might be putting it mildly. :P )

    Really, Ido like the softer more friendlier approach in your Beta posts. Then again, I was always the careear. Take care man! Keep up the good work!
    @Valacia And here I thought I did say something nice. ;)

  77. DarkDragoon says:

    Im curious, any idea if this ability will still work on enemies that see through stealth? Even though we are untargettable i cant see blizz allowing us to be able to walk through entire instances or into enemy cities without any sort of repercussions.

  78. Canardo says:

    Is this a possible camo raiding use ?
    – hunters mark a boss
    – misdirect to the tank
    – go camo
    – run around the boss or whatever is a good spot
    – shoot your 3.5 second cast time aimed shot ?
    I guess the question is: Will camo break when the arrow/bullet is actually fired or when you start your 3.5 second cast ?

  79. Shadda says:

    Anyone know if the Night Elf racial “Elusiveness” gives you an improved version of camo (or at least the stealth part of it?

  80. Reyvn says:

    This is sooooo gonna rock. Situational uses in pvp: AB, scout and attack a node, WSG: Scout the EFC and as a matter of fact that works for every bg, it will keep a Hunter from being targeted when assaulting an area in Eye, AV, and Strand. World pvp will help protect from an ambush.

  81. drvic10k says:

    well, the Camo is awesome, the first perfect usage, that came to my mind is running low lvl raids and dungeons for achievements
    no more time consuming trash killing

    but what i just found out is, that dwarf hunter is even more awesome than my tauren, because of the pet scale, your pets are about the same size as you are, that’s cool, i never noticed it before
    from this point of view, the only thing that could possibly be more awesome than dwarf hunter is… wait for it… GNOME HUNTER

  82. Dourne says:

    Gnome Hunter! /facepalm
    No no no, ya durn idjit! Gnomes only like ta wear cloth and wiggle their fingers!