New Pet Skins in Cataclysm

Posted: by Frostheim

Over at today: New Hunter Pet Skins in Cataclysm Beta.

Note that the super special guy at the end has already been fixed in the beta in Friday’s patch (this is the problem with doing articles on the beta — by the time they’re actually published, info may have changed!).

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  1. DarkDragoon says:

    those fox skins look sexy. glad they are ferocity and not cunning(altho cunning would make more sense since foxes generally are portrayed as quick witted and versatile). hoping they have a good pet skill so i rock out with one.

  2. Kiaara says:

    LOL. Wow, that giant silithid is hilarious and awesome. I could see how his size would get really annoying in a raid though.

  3. Valacia says:

    Is that bear different than the bears in Felwood or Deathclaw on Bloodmyst Isle? I only ask because Deathclaw was my second pet ever, so if these are the same, then they have existed in the game for a long while,.

    Absolutely love the foxes, they make me happy. I sure hope they aren’t planning on changing eh silithid ravager skin from thousand needles. While I love the purple silithid skin, I absolutely LOVE the golden colored silithid ravager, and I dislike this new model.

  4. Corwyn says:

    Thanks Frostheim.

    Blizzard did a really good job with that fox animation. Compare it to the wolf for instance.

  5. Saelle says:

    It sounds like Blizzard “fixed” the silithids back to their original skin.

  6. Paurixote says:

    Can you get to hook you up with something better to make videos on? I know it’s a stretch, but with a video like this that’s all about how stuff looks, the compression really kills it.

  7. Edathren says:

    Almost positive that the bear has been around in felwood for a long time…..

  8. Valacia says:

    I would have to agree that the 360p video resolution is a bummer :( Heck, I was upset when I uploaded a video and youtube only got 720… lol.

  9. jeztok says:

    really, i’m the 9th response, and no one has yet mentioned how awesome it was to see a giant red silithid kill a bunny?

  10. jimbo says:

    lol. yeah epic kill for poor little bunny. big red pet on that huge silithid was awesome. i hope they change that cause dwarfs in a raid with that huge pet would not get a heal if healer didnt use a proper addon lol. and also i can see it becomming targeted by raid instead of raid targeting the boss/mobs.

  11. Alos says:

    Is that… the hyena idle movement pattern on that fox? *flails*
    Here’s to hoping they’ll get their own movments before long. :)