The first of the WHU Cataclysm beta hunter preview videos: the new pet “Stay” command. Now instead of just parking your pet in place, you can target where you want your pet to go and wait for you.

It’s currently a bit buggy and will let your pet climb up nearly vertical surfaces and hang out there like some kind of Spiderman-pet.

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  1. Raybeez says:

    Looks neat…But is it practical to place your pet that far away?I thought we hunters send our pets to the enemy and fire away.Then again it’s just a beta.They might keep it or scrap it.

  2. Ibet. Tortheldrin says:

    Thats so cool!
    Since your in the beta could you make a video of all the new pets? Ireally want to see the mastiff for worgen.
    Also, this could potentially replace the movement of eyes of the beast when pet tanking… Right?
    Can we tame chimeras and wyverns or sharks and orcas ( vasjir)?

  3. code says:

    Nice! Maybe useful sometime.


  4. Joonces says:


    BRK has posted some videos the past days of all the beginning hunter pets. You can go to:

  5. Marius says:

    @Tortheldrin You can see all the lvl 1 pets on BRK’s blog.

  6. Valacia says:

    Such an amazing and awesome (and I can’t believe something I specifically wished for was added) thing for pet tanking!!! ZOMG!!!

    Too bad pet tanking looks to be on the list of things going the way of the dodo :(

  7. Mirlorien says:


    As a night elf, in world PvP situations, I often set my pet aggressive and make her stay where I think the enemy will appear. I then go to the edge of range, shadowmeld, and wait for said enemy. The new stay will make this easier. With the new camouflage coming up, this trick will be even more fun!

  8. Iceveiled says:

    Spiderpet! Spiderpet! Does whatever a spiderpet does!

  9. Chimy says:

    Augh! Iceveiled beat me to it. =D

  10. alittledrunk says:

    Very nice, so did anyone else catch the shoutout to Frost in BRK Baby Pet Roundup 1 video? hint it’s where he is talking about the talent tree.

  11. seso says:


    Of course this can be a useful! Think of back in the good old days when we used to be able to do a Misdirection pull onto our pet with a Line of Sight issue for the mob! Now we can scout out aroudn a corner, see the mob we want, send our pet waaayyy back behind us, MD pull onto it, and watch as the mob blissfully bounces past us!

    This can only be awesome.

  12. Wrangler says:

    So are both the Mastiff and the Fox basically new skins for Wolves. A bit of a let down but I’ll take it over the current selection of Wolf skins.

  13. Ibet. Tortheldrin says:

    Ok thanks Joonces and Marius

  14. Chessier says:

    @seso are we keeping MD?

  15. Valacia says:

    okay, I just actually watched the video and that is even better than I had ever imagined it would be. The range is freaking amazing!

    Oh, and I will have a fox, I love that model!

  16. Arthemystia says:

    Frost, here’s my questions with this: if your pet has aggro on a mob and you tell him to “Stay” somewhere new but keep him in defensive/aggressive, will he continue to attack while kiting?

  17. Armin says:

    Blizzard may not fix the spiderpet ‘bug’, as it is no different that today. Also today pets are capable of walking at cliffs its master cannot. When attacking a mob on a hill it will do that e.g.

    Wonder if the cats still have stealth. If they do, this is fun for various PvP BG’s when combined with this feature. :-)

  18. the Cheerleader says:

    hehe:D spider fox spider fox can do anything a spider fox can:D

  19. Omogon of Lethon says:

    @ alittledrunk: yeah…thought it was pretty cool :)

  20. Sofeladese says:

    oh my…fox is SEXY

  21. Corwyn says:

    Is this usable for getting your pet to jump? I mean if you are about to jump down and don’t want your pet to take the long mob-riddled route. With the loss of eyes of the beast, is your only solution to dismiss, jump down, and call pet? Or can you use ‘stay’?

  22. Daedrin says:

    Ok so im digging the new ability, but im wondering what the hell your shot rotation is? Looking at your bar, it seems out of order for the normal rotation….. or are you just one of those people that bounce around the bar?

  23. Crosshair says:

    Thanks for showing us somethings with this newly enhanced ability. Neat…

  24. Frostheim says:

    @daedrin I typically have all my main attacks at numbers 1-7 on my bar. Most often used shots are mostly on the fingers that can take the abuse better. But in cataclysm shot rotations are very different — and there’s a chance it’ll all change up again when the talents get torn apart again.

  25. Garwulf says:

    This is bitchin. The stay command is going to awesome for assigning sentry placement in PvP.

    Thanks for the video. Looking forward to more. :)

  26. Tajiavu the huntress says:

    Booyah! Great for Solo Raiding or PVP ambushes!

    thank you blizz.. you do love us!

  27. Gizzmo says:

    This ability was on my list of wanted features back in BC. Awesome to have it in the game now. Also they really need to make a icon for it :P

  28. Necrie says:

    Yea, I’d have to agree with Armin, the “Spiderpet” (awesome, btw) action is not a bug. Its just PC’s that are unable to climb that surface. NPCs (and therefor pets by extension) have no trouble climbing what is impassible terrain for a PC.

    The ability still gets a “Frickin’ Sweet !” imho :)

  29. cool, also love the fox pet and that you can get it in old areas like redridge

  30. Suffix says:

    Can we expect more Baby hunter videos Frost? Having both you and BRK on it would be awesome. How prepared can one Hunter get for Cataclysm?

  31. Mirlorien says:

    @Arthemystia – Interesting question. My guess is no, since telling the pet to stay is synonymous to calling her off the mob. Then, depending on your pet’s stance, she may re-engage the mob after complying with the stay.

    @Frostheim – I too would like to know the answer to Arthemystia’s question. How does this work in Cata (well, based on the current test build)?

  32. Jagerd says:

    Eww… ANOTHER keybind… :/ Oh well, will still be useful.

  33. ZS says:


    Can you use the Stay command while casting Eagle Eye?

  34. Frostheim says:

    There is no eagle eye anymore.

  35. GYLD says:

    Is that a quiver I see on your back? I was rather disappointed when I heard they were removing them from the game as I always like to keep one in my bag for looks. Though I shouldn’t get my hopes up as I can’t imagine you using something associated with a bow…

  36. Frostheim says:

    Of course it’s not. I’ve never, ever, used a bow or a quiver.

  37. Ani says:

    totally should have used a boar for that video, though. Spider-pig! Though I am psyched that they are coming out with foxes. Such cute little guys.

  38. Elliot says:

    Spiderfox! AMG so cute these foxes are :)