Wipe Recovery ep 1: Introductions

Posted: by Frostheim

Here it is, the first episode of the Wipe Recovery Podcast. Here we introduce ourselves and our raiding and raid leading experience, discuss some thoughts on the coming Cataclysm changes to raiding, discuss the difference between “casual” and “hardcore” raiding, and finally answer some emails.

Overall I think we got off to a good start. Despite the awkwardness of a first podcast (and Dawn and Hrist had never met) we managed to have some good discussion, including prostitution and nude Hrist body painting. This is a limited collector’s edition first printing podcast, so don’t miss it!

You can download the podcast here.

I’ll have to look into how you do the whole itunes thing. Euripides maintains this arcane knowledge for the Hunting Party Podcast and, evil bastard that he is, he won’t share it with me (partially, perhaps, because I’ve never asked. Still, I feel he should be sensitive enough to anticipate my needs).

If you have a question for the Wipe Recovery Podcast team, or if you have some epic drama stories to report, you can email us at: wiperecoverypodcast@gmail.com

Opening music for this week’s podcast is Ulduar by Summergale and Cranius, and the closing music is Ninja Raiders by EmberIsolte. Music is, of course, used without any kind of permission. We live outside the law.

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  1. alittledrunk says:

    it is really hard to hear the chicka on this one, although it could just be my system

  2. Zoka says:

    Looking forward to listening to this – but no iTunes yet?

  3. I was able to hear Dawn fairly well, but Frost/Hrist were a little louder. Regardless, great first episode! I really appreciated the hair-splitting you guys engaged in with respect to hardcore vs. casual guilds.

  4. Good Gracious says:

    I find the discussion of punishment/reward in hardcore guilds very interesing. Positive reinforcement (casual) vs. negative reinforcement (hardcore).

    Taking responsibility and assigning blame are two really different attitudes. And a punishment system seems more linked to assigning blame in the real world, than the taking responsibility that Dawn was talking about. (You know – psychology and all that bumpf).

    I’d love to hear more about this.

  5. Noiros says:

    Really enjoyed listening to it, but it could use a bit more hate. ;-)

  6. Alisaunder says:

    Been checking iTunes everyday. Now I know why I haven’t seen it. I am about to listen to it!

  7. Alisaunder says:

    Hrist chuckles. Who knew! He definately knows his Frostheim though. And Dawns voice is very soft. I listen through headphones at work so soft voices are a problem for me but at home I’d just turn up the speakers.

  8. Yorigrim says:

    Man you guys are making me miss our 40 man raids. I will never forget evasion tanking Vael for our first kill. Vanishing on top of the hunters after dragging the boss over on wipes because I was jealous of FD working. the snarky class channel. Good times. :)

  9. Schkrulnik Jenkins says:

    Knock, knock…

    Who’s there?

    Interrupting Frostheim.

    Interrupting Fr..

    Well I think that blah, blah, blah, so on and so forth…

    Loved the show, but Frost, for God’s sake…let someone else finish a thought!!

  10. Alisaunder says:

    Include a regular section with stories from raids would be fun I think. Definately enjoyed the podcast though.

  11. Eiye says:

    excellent first show. i appreciated the hardcore vs casual discussion. looking forward to more!

  12. Kraqar says:

    When you’re getting Itunes set up please remember a plain RSS feed for the podcast. It will allow those of us with alternate media players to never miss a show.

  13. Sal M says:

    Quick note (haven’t listened yet), but just thought you should know that using the Site Feed to create an RSS subscription also picks up the Hunting Party Podcast enclosures. Not a problem as such, but if you’re already subscribed to HPP like i am, you have the potential to double up on downloads.

  14. Sykodelic says:

    Was pretty cool,
    a bit of a shaky start, but after a bit more charisma is developed between the 3 of you, this should be a good one.

  15. Zelnith says:

    I greatly enjoyed the discussion from both ends of the raiding spectrum and please make the standard sign off include Hrist saying “…and don’t suck.” Seems to fit quite well =) But I look forward to more!

  16. kyeema says:

    one thing no one has mentioned about 10 man raiding is where are all these extra tanks coming from

    10 man = 2 tanks 2-3 healers 5-6 dps
    25 man = 2-3 tanks 5-6 healers and 16 dps

    given that there is a tank and healer shortage as evident in 5 mans there will be heaps of dps out looking for raids forced to go with bad tanks due to the lack or forced into tanking

  17. Dallik says:

    Really enjoyed the show and about halfway through the hosts all seemed to start gelling together better, I mark that up to Hrist and Dawn having never spoken before mostly, but Frost kpt it together and kept things rolling along well. Can’t wait for future casts.

  18. Grayz says:

    the short of the long is, after various vids on youtube i came across frost and this blog and couldn’t stop listening. so after reading some more i’ll finally start playing again…i think. altho reentering the world of warcraft scares me to shit. will i play a bit less this time around and not go bonkers? and yea being casual is worse, time wise, but it’s good fun regardless :D