WHU Level 19 Hunter Event Video

Posted: by Frostheim

Here it is, the video for the WHU Level 19 hunter event! Remember, any dwarven hunter can join the WHU Guild and the next event will be in about a month, this time with the new level cap of level 30.

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  1. oldpain says:

    another GREAT time !!!! Thanx Frost and Gil for ur vids. And a BIG THANX for all the time spent putting this together. Everyone involved /slap on the back.

  2. Joolsy says:

    Wow, just… wow. Nice one.

  3. Nayu says:

    Simply amazing.
    Great job at filming, too. But the event itself of course can’t be beaten.

  4. Férn says:

    Epic, makes my spine tingle a lil bit :) Might download the US version of WoW so I can be in the next one!

  5. Deathmd says:

    Hey, Fern, there’s actually a really easy way to play on US servers if you’re from another region, and without installing another copy of WoW.
    Use your computer’s search function to look for a file called realmlist.wtf
    Open it in a text editor. It has 4 lines of text.
    Change line 1 to this: set realmlist us.logon.worldofwarcraft.com
    Change line 4 to this: set portal us
    The reason you don’t change the second line is because you still need to patch your game from local servers to have a better download speed.
    When you want to play in your own region again, just open that file back up and change the ‘us’ in those 2 lines to whatever it was before (eu i’m guessing?)
    Enjoy :)

  6. The Cheerleader says:

    Great Vid Frost:D well done!!

    Good times were had by all:D

  7. Bloodshine says:

    Well done all. This army is going to rule. Trained at the beginning to combat the greatest of challenges, Hogger, Dragons, Hrist, Frost himself. Prepare for all Hunter BG and heroic premades, as well as extended events at level 80.

  8. oldpain says:

    don’t want to leave out a kudo’s for you dworf…good vid thanx for taking the time

  9. Lechbrava says:

    Surely u guys have a gm watching these truly epic events. If not… then shame on the gm’s.

  10. kobaofzuljin says:

    My first WHU event and i had a blast. Can’t say enough about how much i appreciate all the work and dedication you put into trying to help other hunters and creating a truly new fun aspect to the game. Keep up the great work and lookin forward to 30!

  11. Hippiedude says:

    WhuuuuHoooo! Nice video! As always, well done! Level 30 here I come. How can it get any better? Truely, an awesome event!

  12. Gimmeabeer says:

    That was great! I’m a level 80 Survival Hunter, I just happened to find this site today. The information is great! I would love to join in the next raid. How do I join? Should I make another hunter? Keep up the great work.

  13. Alisaunder says:

    I’m amazed that you can set up such great shots and angles while corralling 300 rowdy dwarves on the move. And some with no setup and as little direction as “fly to SW!”, “To Hogger!” and “To STV!”

  14. Alisaunder says:

    Gimmebeer, welcome! Roll a dwarven hunter on icecrown and /join WHU channel. As for an invite to the hunters guild. Thereis a second guild for alts that uses the channel so that we can supply the hunters with gold to stop our xp and all sorts of gear and assistance. Check the bank for starter gold guns and ammo, ask now and then for a portal to Dalaran and I’ll hook you up on my Mage kolasis. If you need anything fir professions or dungeon escorts don’t hesitate to ask for a group or an escort. We have had a few hacked accounts so if you make an alt you may need to show us a corehound puppy to get bank access but we can also mail stuff if you see something you need. The alts guild is called Dead Hunter Society.

  15. Littlebear says:

    This was fun! Thanks all!

    It was great to be able to chat with Alisaunder and Shadowstreak!


  16. Eidelweiss says:

    I don’t think my little dude will ever catch up. Eid is just too much fun to play that I don’t have time for alts, so frostarmy sits, along with my many other alts :(

    So you guys killed Frost? It’s epic, but man, I just couldn’t do it. How did you make him shootable? I mean, it’s frost! Inquiring minds want to know!

    God (and by that I mean Frost) this place is epic.

  17. Yorigrim says:

    OMG I saw dwarves using bows. GKICK :D

  18. Soupstrainer says:

    Wow great job some other guildies made great vids too. Thanks Frost, Bella, Arth and evryone that attended. Kinda neat seeing MNK in action as well : )

  19. DrJ says:

    You killed Hrist! You Bastards!

  20. Dianth says:

    Wonderful work! I got goosebumps watching the part where we kneel before the king. Just awesome stuff. I have never been in such a guild as this. Everyone is so willing to help each other out. I love the way the event leaders all work together to get us corralled and find us when we lose our way. These are definitely Good Time for me :)

  21. Grundrong says:

    Awesome video for an awesome event. Looking forward to to the Level 30 one! :)

  22. Dorianchika says:

    I have to laugh everytime I see the dwarves “spawning” like salmon on the way to STV.

    Nice work folks, looks like a blast =)

  23. Verfolger says:

    This event was so fun! Thank you for allowing me to take part!

  24. Chickadude says:

    It was worth cutting out of work early for. Thanks to everyone for such a fun start to my evening.

  25. patsnul says:

    Gimmeabeer, just roll a new dwarf hunter on Icecrown.
    “/join whu” to join whu chat, and ask for an invite.
    Get yourself a gun and level to 30 as quickly as possible for the next event.
    Cap your experience so you do not go over the allowed level.
    have fun!

  26. gnomeforlife says:

    Great vid frost. thx to the officers for organising a memorable evening :) flying IF/SW was a trip.. great fun.

    Just wish i got at least one killing blow on Frost lol.. next time for sure.

    thanks again!

  27. Frogmorton says:

    Too bad it’s US, would love to see something like this on EU.

  28. kirei says:

    *cry* i’m so sad i missed it. Glad you guys had a blast. I’ll be there next time!

  29. Arthemystia says:

    The dead dwarf in the Christ pose in the very last shot is me, btw. I’m thrilled Frost used that piece of footage.


  30. Colic says:

    This is insane that you guys pulled it off … wow. Love the video, the angles, the idea. Great hook as always!

  31. Bernhard, Stormrage says:

    I just wanted to say that this video was awesome! I was laughing so hard during the focus fire scene in the arena. I’ve posted it into our guild website.

  32. Heidi says:

    Hey guys,
    I must say that what started as an awesome event has now turned sour.
    Many people took time off their servers to come and be part of a wonderful thing at WHU.
    Now we are left standing around with our thumbs up our bum.
    Our level 30 hunters stagnate while waiting for our next event.
    Please, either take us to our next glory or let us know what your plans are.

  33. Frostheim says:

    First of all, the next event has already been scheduled — log in and you’ll see it as the gmotd and on the guild calendar. Will be a bit before it’s announced here on the site, but they’re always announced in guild first.

    Secondly, the events have never been that close together. They’re usually a few months (or more) apart. While we have a cluster coming up, that’s the exception, not the rule. If waiting 3-4 months between events isn’t worth it for you, that’s cool, but the guild is probably not for you then.