New Tamable Pets

Posted: by Frostheim

Blue post recently asked us what new pets we’d like to see tamable in Cataclysm:

We’re looking to get some feedback on the types of pets that hunters would like to be able to tame and the types of abilities that might be interesting for those pets to have. Is there a type of creature in the game now that you would like to be able to tame or an ability that you’ve always thought should be added? Here’s your chance to share a bit more about what you think could be great additions for the hunter class.

Regarding what new kinds of pets to tame, I have to say I’ve always wished we could tame critters in general. Who doesn’t want a war bunny, or squirrel, charging into battle. Or even better, let me tame one of the new snail models we saw! Give it a reduced movement speed and let it apply a slowing slime trail wherever it goes.

As far as existing things, let us tame murlocs, ’cause they need a good home. I’d also love to have an engineer craftable hunter pet – the Portable War Machine. Make 3 versions, or make customization kits for it, so you have a tenacity, cunning, and ferocity version. That would rock.

While we’re on the topic of pets, I still want to see pet collars! Also, how about some fun pet idle animations like all the vanity pets have?

As for new pet abilities, I mostly just want tenacity pets to have a way to become crit immune now that resilience won’t be helping our pets with that anymore.

What do you guys want to see?

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  1. Satran says:

    My little white bunny would have a vicious streak a mile wide…

  2. Sidetracked says:

    I fully support the taming of critters, but they should have the ability “rabies” that gets passed on when they attack.

  3. Silve says:

    I really want a giraffe pet (or mount). The Barrens and Sho Basin are covered in the things, why haven’t we figured out a way to tame them?

  4. luimi says:

    a dragon pet or a drake pet.

  5. Kotar says:

    All for the awesome idea of engineering crafted pets.

    Make them BoE or Bind on use so that they can be sold to non engineering hunters. Make each one with 3-5 uses available and make the hunter still have to go through the taming process and not have to worry if the fail the first time or two.

    Personally some kind of dragons, drakes, protodrake pets would be great. Definitely not the whelps or the huge mount size dragons, something in between.

    But barring that, I’d have to say Kodos, Mammoths, or the slimes/oozes.

  6. Iceveiled says:

    I’ll stick with my answers in the article yesterday:

    1) Murloc. Special ability is a thrown fishing net that roots your target for a short period of time. And of course it would make the murloc noise when charging at your opponents.

    2) Monkey. Special ability is it flings poop in the eyes of your target, disorienting them and making them lose control of their character for a few seconds. (…and we all know blizzard has a weird fixation on poop.)

    3) Giant Squirre. Special ability is Acorn Barrage, a multi target ranged attack that hits 3 enemies 2-3 times in rapid succession. Imagine macroing this to multi-attack and using it between volley on trash pulls. Could also be useful in PvP.

    Love the idea of an engineer crafted pet too!

  7. Iceveiled says:

    and by multi-attack I mean multi-shot. Bad hunter!

  8. Iceveiled says:

    Also sorry to triple post, but I’ve thought pet collars would be an interesting way to customize pets, ever since I played Dragon Age where you can put a collar on your pet dog. Imagine if pet collars had 1 gem slot on them, and there was a unique set of pet gems in the game…nothing crazy, maybe 10 different gems. Standard gems like stamina boosts, special ability cooldown reduction, faster focus regen, a gem that grants the pet the ability to heal a certain % of damage received, AoE damage reduction, etc.

  9. Ellivlok says:

    I agree with the ability to tame dragons, they would be a pretty strong pet to have. They would have to have the flame breath and wing buffet but since they would scale down in size or be small already the cleave radius would shrink aswell as the wing buffet and the tail swipe would probably be removed leaving room for a Roar type ability to increase AP or Crit.

  10. JU1CYFRU1T says:

    As it has been said already… I really want to be able to tame the proto-drakes. Especially with Cat being all about dragons, I don’t see why not. I would be picking up one of every color I could find… Blues from Storm Peaks, Reds from Sholozar, Plagued from Icecrown, etc…

    I have always been a fan of the “ride your pet”, so if you had the red proto… with the mount earned as well, it would just make a cool mount animation to just hop on the drake (instead of the silly little “cast”).

  11. Aldrong says:

    even thought it has been said many times already i would LOVE to see dragons as a pet, also like the idea about murlocks and eng pets and to ju1cy yes they should do that lol
    to feel like i helped any ill think of something else to….. maybe something like underwater pets, like sharks and they could have blood in the water buff that sends them in a frenzy increasing ap and defense or something, u could only summon when underwater though they wouldn’t help usually but they would be awesome and have better fighting then land ones to make fighting in water faster

  12. luimi says:

    what about, if u can use 2 pets at the same time, that will be bad-ass

  13. Omogon says:

    Critters in general just for fun. Dragonkin, Basalisks and Oozes for combat pets

  14. Methuus says:

    Okay, this is a pretty boring one. But I’ve always wanted to tame the spikey demon-boars that you find in Outland.

    I like boar pets (even if their special ability is pretty useless) and I like the demon-boar model. And I was pretty disappointed when BC came out and the Outland boars turned out to be demons rather than beasts.

    And then further disappointment when that model wasn’t used in Northrend. I mean seriously, take the demon-boar model, color it white and blue, put it in Storm Peaks, call it an “Iceboar” and let me tame it.

  15. Vyrc says:

    Newest pet
    Tameable: TBA
    Talent Tree: Cunning
    Diet: Everything!
    Special Ability: The Power of Math, Logic and Science!
    Family: We shall let you find out.

  16. Duders says:

    Tame Dreamwalker + Mend pet = Easy loot

  17. Maccumber says:

    Give Worgs some emotes for those that like ’em (I personally think they are a lame model with their droopy tails; I will always like the original wolf model the best; my Vilebranch Wolf is my best friend, and I think it’s great how he scratches/sniffs/howls when idle).
    Tameable MAMMOTH!
    And how about Basilisks?
    The Un’Goro models are mean looking suckers…

  18. Ragecage says:

    For pets from animal types that already exist in WoW, I think an Elekk or Mammoth pet would be cool. Dragonkin, definitely, especially the whelps. I’d love to see Gryphon, Wyvern or Hippogryph pets.

    Taming a shark would rock for those upcoming Cataclysm underwater zones (though our pets today don’t really ‘drown’ underwater). I would love to see more ‘spirit beast’ skins on some pets without needing to be a BM hunter. Ooooh, imagine a Spirit Shark… that would be cool.

  19. Zat says:

    @ Vyrc

    Special Ability 2: Unusually large and hairy wrists
    Special Ability 3: Uncommonly good looking

    As for the pet idea’s I like the mechanical pet ideas and mountable pets would be epic. Druids dont have the cast bar. Hunter’s should get the same as long as out pet is alive.

    As for abilities; I like the mini raid buff idea.

    Skins/ New creatures; I couldn’t care less. Maybe just make exotic pets BiS for BM hunters and make more of them.

  20. Iceveiled says:

    …so are the rumors true about wrist laser hair removal?

  21. luimi says:

    no idea, but using 2 pet at the same time, that will be epic for a BM

  22. Ironthumbs says:

    a pet swarm would be good.
    Like instead of a single pet, a whole swarm of bees/insects of some kind.
    that would be sick

  23. Alihandra says:

    Basilisks, Deer / Elk, Oozes and maybe some of those Arcane Serpents would be cool. Taming mechanical mobs would be fun, though may be an engineer specific talent.

  24. Ibet tortheldrin says:

    How bout a water only pet that does extra dos in water beacause of the new area in caty
    also i think we should be ableto tame humanoids
    i’ve always wanted a

  25. Ibet tortheldrin says:

    Ooooo though of this just as I hit done


  26. KahliTorah says:

    To be honest I would love to see certain demon types be tamable. We all loved the model of the Vargul Blighthound. But there were so many other skins of the same dog that we simply couldn’t touch because of the Demon tag. I think these should be switced to beast, Or we should be made to tame certain demon mobs. Just to add a little variety.

    I also wouldn’t mind seeing some of the pets available only to BM spec be made tameable by any spec. Of course adding new pets to make up for this, Sort of a “out with the old in with the new” deal.

  27. Fizzy Stouthammer says:

    The first thing I said when I saw the blue post was, “I want to tame squirrels!” Nothing would make me happier than to take a crazed squirrel into a dungeon and set it loose on the boss. If they were anything like real squirrels, you’d have to kill them before they get to you. Once a crazed squirrel latches onto something, he’s not letting up.

  28. Arthemystia says:

    I’m much more concerned that they balance existing pets so that there’s more relevant choices. I see adding a ton of new pet taming choices as more of a collector’s thing, not anything that really furthers the class.

  29. Kylaella says:

    I would love to see a new ability called “Release the Hounds” where a pack of dogs dash in. I was thinking CC ability with some type of damage. Maybe it could be used for only mammals like “Release the Squirrels?”

    Maybe a Tanarian (Tazmanian) Devil?

  30. Kylaella says:

    Or how about calling all the woodland creatures to your aid like Snow White in the last Shrek movie?

  31. Padluck says:

    THE MOOSE IN ASHENVALE. I remember when I was an itty bitty hunter so long ago, I saw them and instantly thought “MUST HAVE”. Then I approached them and saw “Not Tameable” and my heart sank lower than my toes. I want a moose. I WANT A MOOSE.

  32. Padluck says:

    And how about a BM move that briefly calls another pet from your stable, enabling you to have two pets for a very short while?

  33. luimi says:

    And how about a BM move that briefly calls another pet from your stable, enabling you to have two pets for a very short while?
    yes like the shamman speel when they sumon the wolf. have a spell that summon a secont pet , that really will make my happy

  34. ozudogdu says:

    I would like to see some uncommonly good looking :D beats. not this boring typical ones. for example those 3 legged beasts in zangarmarsh imo or beasts that look different from what we see now. and as other ppl said if they dont balance pets adding 10000 new pet wont make much difference every1 will just choose one even if its not so much better.

  35. Deathztalker says:

    What about a pet with a Armor pen Version of Furious Howl, a hell hound or bad ass porcupine.

    Or maybe a crazy ass light bug for the flash and bag people with a crit Version of Furious Howl that works like a sting

  36. Lendri says:

    I haven’t seen any one else say it here but, pets that attack at range just like us hunters. Sort of how the imp works for locks. (at least from my limited lock knowledge they attack from range)

  37. Kylaella says:

    Release the Hounds could be the call a second pet ability?

    If there’s an underwater element to Cata, how about aquatic pets?

    I would like to have a walking Shark like Jabberjaw or a 3-legged dog too ;)

  38. Vaeku says:

    Dragons/drakes WOULD be cool as a pet, but it would never happen. First off, they’re dragonkin, not beasts. And that’s not just gameplay… Dragons would not let you tame them for any reason whatsoever. Drakes, possibly (that’s why all of the flying mounts have been drakes and not dragons). But still unlikely because they’re too intelligent I think to fall for a tame.

    Pet collars… Heh. I work at a pet store so that would be pretty freaky to see.

    Realistically though, I’d love to see basilisks as a pet.

  39. Arthemystia says:

    Or take the recent ideas to their logical conclusions and make a “RELEASE TEH KRAKEN!!” ability. Liam Neeson would port out of a genie bottle to yell the decree, and we’d be treated to a Final Fantasy-esque summoning display that lasts about 3 minutes before biting off the mob’s head or something.

    Yup. Most epic sh*t ever!

  40. Gagtech says:

    I always thought hunters should be able to ride pets… so maybe to be able to tame some rideable mounts.

  41. Rades says:


    And it broke my heart when I could tame neither.

  42. temul says:

    how about epic gears for your pet such as spiked collars and capes!

  43. Randolph Scott Jr says:

    I want a fluffy sweater and pink ribbons for Trudy. haha it’d piss him off somethin awful might make him hit harder the slacker

  44. Chuckles says:

    1. Hunters should be able to tame their own mounts.
    2. Monkey that flings poo
    3. Pet accessories that actually do something useful.
    4. Should be able to tame any animal u see in WoW.
    5. More pet foods with different buffs.

  45. Zuljilius says:

    Vyrc, how about you make Frostheim’s special ability
    “Uncannily good looks, despite all the food.”
    Hunter pet with charm effect? Succubus style, but with exceptionally hot Dwarves…

  46. Winchestor says:

    Tenacity pets should be able to equip plate armor (call it barding), truthfully making it all hunter loot.

  47. Bashel says:

    I think I really have to go with taming of two pets at once having both in battle at once! One greater pet and one lesser pet! WITHOUT DESTROYING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF OUR CURRENT PET MEANING MAKE IT THE GREATER OR HAVE US ABLE TO CHOOSE OUR GREATER AND GIVE THEM INCREASED ABILITIES WHILE THE LESSER IS STILL HELPFUL JUST NOT AS POWERFUL OR HAVE AS MUCH HUNTER ABILITY BOOST AS THE GREATER PET. Had to put it in caps someone transfer it over to the approiate site can’t seem to find it and i think this would help hunters greatly if they don’t turn it into a pet nerf first! while i love my idea i can see blizzard turning this into a huge pet nerf and destroying the overall effectivness of pets and making these two pets equal to our now 1 pet which would make me cry haha. Frost gimme a second opnion on this one good idea or horrible misguided idea?!?

  48. mbzn says:

    Would love to see Dragons tamable and really like the idea of engineered pets. Maybe not quite a natural hunter pet, but fun!

  49. Scutters says:

    I like more pets that look like Mounts (like the Shattered Hand Warhound). It’d be awesome to have a Ram or Gryphon. Honestly any animal related to Dwarves.

  50. Guntanium says:

    Taming a drake.

  51. Cashkow says:

    I just want variety. Balance is hard, all pets have their strength with a class. I would like to see different name/animation for the same class. Like a tenacity pet does, a cunning pet does… etc. Then you dont run into a situation where every damn hunter has the same pet because it has a stat advantage. Give the pet back it’s personality. Make some uber hard to get but look frikkin awesome pets that do the same stat damage or rated by difficulty to acquire as the rest of the herd.

    It’s a pet. A statement about you and what you like. If you want tenacity but run over highway turtles because you hate them, or if you like tenacity but *yawn* ok, fine sure, pack me up”You callin’ the Wolf… shee-it that’s all you had to say” then yu want to not suffer a stat penalty for liking what you like.

    I wouldnt go to the pound for a puppy and say, I really really like that Labrador (or yap/lap dog) but hey, that Pitt/Rot mix is way better in dps.

  52. Cashkow says:

    I do like the critter idea, or at least some really cute fluffy thing that no one would ever expect to be an unholy killing machine. Total on board to tame me a Monty Python Killer Rabbit.

    Tim: Well, that’s no ordinary rabbit.
    Tim: That’s the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!
    Tim: Look, that rabbit’s got a vicious streak a mile wide! It’s a killer!
    Tim: He’ll do you up a treat, mate.
    Tim: I’m warning you!
    Tim: He’s got huge, sharp… er… He can leap about. Look at the bones!

    The Epic Quest Tim’s Rabbit (80)

  53. Good Gracious says:

    From a vanity pet point of view – taming critters to be companions would be cool. (That’s permanent, rather than the current temporary with the critter bites).

    Personally I’m not that interested in wasting active slots on pets that aren’t useful. And pets in inactive slots sounds like collecting icons to me – what’s the point?

    With pets – I’d like to see pets that can combo hunter attacks.

    e.g. Serpent sting – with a ‘Serpent’ pet (which could be anything poisonous), the sting stays on 5% longer (or something).

    Something that gives incentive to keep the pet up, more than just the attack it brings. But specific to a shot or ability that is being used so that it can be tailored to the hunter.

  54. Samalanix-WHU says:

    Seriously … Stags and Elks.

  55. Pet dragons. ‘Nuff said. (Although, I do like the idea of an engineered pet.)

  56. Marintha says:

    The Zhevras and Talbuks you see around would be cool. Though along with some other people, gotta agree that pet dragons of some kind would rock. Maybe dragon-wolves or dragon-cats, some sort of crossbreed so we’re not taming REAL dragons. I’ll admit, as cool as it would be to tote around a dragon, it would be kinda… not story-line. And awkward.

    “So, hi Alexstrasza, was just checking in, seeing if you needed any dailie–”
    “Why do you have a dragon on a leash?”
    “…… Hrm. Uhm. No reason, now about thos— Why are you changing into giant dragon form? …. Please don’t squish me—”

    And while they're at it, get rid of spirit beasts! Skoll should be a wolf, Loque should be a cat, etc. Bothers me to no end that just because Skoll has the, imo, coolest skin of the dogs he can't be used outside of BM. Grrr, worked hard for that thing!

    Also! Make a cat skin that makes sense. I'm tired of trying to figure out why every single cat in the World has fangs longer than its head. Seriously, don't they have trouble chewing? They just look silly!

    /end rant

  57. Nukldragger says:

    As alot of animals would be cool to have, I only have 1 request. I would like to see the Spirit Pets be allowed to be used by more than just the BM Hunters. They takes forever to get and I personally would like to show mine off in raids, after all my Bear is a Feroicty Pet. Trust me I know the stats for my wolf, but on the raids like Ulduar, I would like to shake it up and everyone would be envious LOL, Just my opinion. But could you imagine a COW charging into battle, MOOOing all the way LOL.

    Nukldragger of the Scarlet Crusade

  58. Matthew says:

    I’d like to see pets impart some sort of buff that was specific to the trait of the pet; sort of like an “Aspect of your Pet”. It would give them more utility in a broader aspect of the game. As much as I hate to admit it, there’s more to the overall game than being on the cutting edge of Boss Killing. It might make it an easier sell, and still provide the benefit of keeping a few that really just boost our abilities as flat-bellied, steely eyed killers….

  59. Khayalan of Thunderhorn says:

    I want a real flying pet, not one just hoovering some feet above the ground.

  60. Eurinome says:

    Loving the idea of a poo-flinging monkey; maybe some special ability involving prehensile tail as well? (used to seize weapon like some birds?)
    I love the stag, kodo and giraffe ideas, but I think rather than a squirrel, a SKUNK…. with a ‘gas cloud’ ability acting a bit like an AoE fear. (Green fart cloud and noises of screams included in animation. This would be worth a stable slot just for the funny factor).

    Rams: special ability of ‘head-butt’ stunning or throwing enemy backwards.
    Cat: tiny-size…. runs up and trips them over disabling movement for a few seconds. Remains hungry no matter how often you feed it.

    Not sure if they have this in pipeline for Cata, but if they don’t already, more special buffs that pets apply to you and/or group (like furious howl). Stamina buff? Faster focus regen? Enhanced crit? Resilience buff to hunter from specific pvp pets?

  61. Eurinome says:

    @nukldragger – ‘milk squirt’. Flashbacks to Diablo’s secret cow level…

  62. Al says:

    Anything that breaks up Wolf-a-thon on raids

    Please add a “Furious Roar” to cats or something similar or at least add something to the other pet classes to bring balance to the force!

  63. Al says:

    Sorry – as for new pets…I would like a killer parrot with a furious screech that swears at the enemy

  64. Elertai says:

    Im not sure if I would want new tameable pets -but it would be nice if some more already tameable pets got some more useful abilities… Usually there arent any pets but wolves in raids!

    And one thing I would sooooo love… Warlocks can summon their demon mount, palas can summon a special mount too… Why cant hunters tame their own mount? (And yes I know -off topic)

  65. Good Gracious says:

    Taming Druids – when they’re in their Bear/Feline/Boomkin form. ftw!

  66. Odi says:

    Yeti . . .period!

  67. Anzor says:

    To be honest, I never understood why anything tagged as a “beast” was not tameable. Dragonkin I can understand because they’re a sentient race as are the Murlocs. I understand not allowing us to tame demons because then we start cutting into warlock territory.

    Don’t need to add any models, just make any current “beast” model tameable. That’s got to be a good dozen or more right there with no need to add anything not already present.

    If I could only choose one, have to be a mammoth. I want that giant model and imagine when he goes big red pet mode?

  68. Tanyanka says:

    I’ve always wanted pet armour. Sort of like some mounts have, but with various bonuses and gem sockets would be great, too. :-)))

  69. Flyer says:




  70. Deathztalker says:

    A pet ninja panda would be cool to have but if they ready wanted to open some doors they could let us tame demon animals and put a big quest line in front of it. what would really allow them to make things interesting is if they introduced pet taming specialization that way that could introduce a lot of cool pets with stats and not worry about making us to powerful. At the same time it would also diversify the hunters a bit based on their pets and pets abilities and maybe we would see more than one hunter in a raid?

  71. Wolfnok says:

    engineering crafted pets – instead of feeding it like other pets, they need to be oiled! Love the idea. Agree that it should not be BoP and limited to engineers.

    Would like to be able to name my mounts (not just as a hunter).

    Tamable sheep – haggis on the run! Could pull the wool over an enemy’s eyes. :-)

  72. Canardo says:

    Am I the only one who thinks of RL hunter pets ?

    – Dogs
    – Birds of prey

    Forget the rest, taming a frog and let it lick the boss will be fun but I’m sure I will get bored with him at some point

    And I don’t want to be a hunter, I want to be an archer but I need the extra dps…

  73. Hyena says:

    I second the swarm pets. A swarm of bees surrounding your target and stinging them would be great. Or terrain-specific pets. Dolphins, Sharks. Avian pets that dont de-spawn when you mount up.

  74. Keirra says:

    I would like to see hunters be able to tame creatures like the zebras in the Barrens or the elks in Ashenvale as mounts. Its never really made sense to me why we cant do that, I mean if we can tame beasts and such why not something big enough to ride, right?

  75. Anansi says:

    Silithid Wasps like the ones in Un’Goro and AQ40. I especially want the black and white model.

    Also, tameable mounts! I want to wrangle my own mount, preferably a Clefthoof or a Rhino.

  76. Mirlorien says:

    Alliance hunters should be allowed to tame taurens.

  77. randolphscottjr says:

    I’ve always wanted the steggodons from ungoro

  78. Tsingtao says:

    WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! Did I miss something here? Resilience no longer scales to pets to get crit immunity??

  79. Macerin says:

    I am in total agreement witht he killer bunny!

    Now for something completely different, and yes I know this is completely off track but I would also like to see us be able to switch between all 3 of the trees. Make it exorbentant cost if necessary, like the mammoth mount or the chopper, but I want to be able to take advantage of all 3 trees when I need to instead of having to respec if i want to do MM instead of BM or SV instead etc. Limiting me to 2 of the 3 trees is just not working because i need all three to enjoy the game fully and having to redo the trees EVERY time i want to do BM is really a waste of time

  80. Armin says:

    Mmm, instead of giving us even more pets, why not stop the crap on how hard it is (while it isn’t) and make pets scale. It’s just a matter of priority. I rather have the current pets scale, than another non scaling pet with another non-scaling property.

    In the end more pets is just nice to put in your stable, but today we just use 1 pet for raiding.

    Adding debufs will perhaps make use choose the pet on the debufs, instead of dps. However still not on how cool/nice/fun/etc the ability is.

  81. nekomancer says:

    OT but I am happy hunter now:

    Blue post regarding Engineering in Cataclysm:
    “Oh, and powerful mechanical bows and crossbows in addition to guns.”

  82. Alisaunder says:

    Taming dinosaurs would be great or baby mammoths. I like the barding idea immensely but you could in addition to collars have piercings like earrings or cybernetic implants made by goblins and gnomes. Your wolf doesn’t fly into combat like he used to? Add a rocket jetpack!

    If we can’t tame mounts thenid like to take babies and raise them up into killing machines. Similar to the Ungoro mount quest only we can teach them a skill of our choosing like Furious howl. Maybe we could get a baby from our pets every ten levels that is a non combat pet and sellable for the pet collectors. Picture taming Manzane the flamingo and having a fluffly pink baby flamingo hopping and fluttering along too.

  83. Myrdreon says:

    I would mostly love a way to improve/enhance existing pets. Something like armor (so its also more realistic it can survive a fight. Doesnt have to be any stat improvement, just something to make them look more battle ready.

  84. sonicross says:

    1) Dragon / Proto-drake – fire breathing, wing clip (since we don’t have that one anymore), tail swipe.

    2) TAUREN – just like a priest does mind control on people. We should be able to mind control the beasts. (worgen as well).

  85. Spleet says:

    Wow….Tons of comments. Throwing out the slightly crazy I will say they are taking a HUGE step just by letting us tame MORE pets with the addition of new stable slots. Looking at many of the posts I think an extension of the BM tree to include a point called “pack hunter” (or something like that) where we could tame and play certain animals as a pack. I envision it almost like an AOE of fur…yee haw!

    Also, I like the idea of a pet collar with a gem slot. Think of the possibilities of PvE collars with raid stats and PvP collars with resilience and stam.

    Something I miss is having my pet out while mounted. As a low level tard I thought that visually a svelte night elf hunter on his cat mount with his pet saber-tooth pouncing alongside was really cool. Of course, this effect is 180 degrees to the horrible when you talk about a short filthy gun toting mess of dwarf hair on his (insert sexual innuendo) sheep mount flanked by a snorting pig or whatever your stumptards tame at level 10. OK…Maybe this one is better left alone.

    Back to the semi-serious I’d like to see some “undead” creatures tamable within the BM spec with some horrific talents like blood sucking, life stealing, face eating ex-wife kind of abilities. That would be fun…

  86. Arrowan says:

    WOW is right ! A lot of good creative ideas minus poo flinging monkeys :-)
    But I was most excited to think of my mount and I attacking while mounted ( AWESOME ! )and I would love to have more and change pets more easily. Good stuff keep them comming

  87. stoutnbitter says:

    as for which pet. i have no comments.. BUT.. i personally think that taiming a pet should be a thing that a hunter should be proud of. only a few exotic pets pose any sort of reisistance to our charm.
    no we dont want to be campped at a spwan site with 400 other hunters after a 4 day cooldown.. no we dont want to have hefty repair bliis trying to tame our “farming” pet.
    but all in all it would be nice to be challanged by the future beast that we wrench from its family and friends to become our death dealing machine.
    and keep it the same for engineered pets too.. yes.. you spend the mats make the thing.. and BAM.. its wild.. you still have to tame it.. its time for “NO FREE PASSES”.
    My 2c AU… *sigh* that is only worth 1c EU… and 1.9 US…

  88. Kavlar says:

    I thinking taming any animal should be possible, whether they are demons, undead, etc.

  89. Blogg says:

    What about pet glyphs?

    Rather than each species of pet having a unique special ability, why not have a variety of pet special abilities available to any pet? Special abilities could be taught using the glyph system. Each pet gets a major and a minor pet glyph. If I want the Furious Howl ability, I could buy a Scroll of Furious Howl and teach it to my cat, or my raptor or bird of prey. This way, we can all raid with Furious Howl, if it remains ‘the’ raid buff that we all want, but we’re not required to raid with a wolf.

    Some pet specials might need re-naming, since some have species-specific names. It might seem odd to have your bird of prey ‘howling’, for instance, but the names of the glyphs can be made more generic, I’m sure.

    Or, keep the current species-specific abilities and simply add glyphs to our pets to allow us more flexibility and pet utility. For example: Glyph of Accuracy – Your pet lunges mencaingly at the enemy’s genitals, increasing your Crit Rating by 40.

    Pet glyphs would be a flexible, expandable system that Blizz should love. And hunters can choose the pet species we like and train him with whatever skill we find most useful.

    And how about a pet (or pet glyph) that provides Hit Rating? One more option for staying hitcapped without respeccing or regemming for every new piece of gear would be nice. And low level hunters could use another way to get some Hit.

    Why can’t the barbershops expand their business to include our pets? Custom collars or colour changes should be easy enough to do. And, well, my wolf Howell kinda needs a bath.

  90. Sofeladese says:

    Foxes. They’re already part of the Emerald Dream in the lore, and with Malfurion “commanding the forces of the Emerald Dream” they would fit well into the Hyjal Zone.

    Give them a fire based special, maybe with a -1% chance to hit? (nerfed Insect Swarm)

    Please, just give us some foxes. A spirit beast would especially rock.

  91. Yandersmith says:

    I would like a ranged pet like you could make an eng. pet that could would shoot too like the little guys in borean tundra.

  92. Chacha says:

    Collars and armor would be so cool. Plus all the hunter pets wouldn’t look like the same scruffy thing that you and everyone else picked up somewhere along the roads of Azeroth. Foxes or weasels would be cool, they could increase your focus regen or hit rating, or some sort of buff. Like in Sholazar Basin, if you work for the oracles and you choose Jaloot to follow you around, he gives you that 10%speed buff and 100%swimming speed buff. Each pet family could have a buff (maybe even for the whole party if you’re in one) that doesn’t necessarily increase your dps like Furious Howl, but proves to be useful in certain situations. (like Weasel’s Cunning = distracts the enemy, reducing its chance to hit). Something to make a hunter want a pet not because “it’s the best dps” but because they feel a special connection to it, like a real hunter should.
    Or even (this is the RP in me speaking) if the Forsaken can be hunters, they’ll be able to benefit more from pets that have been affected by the plague, like creatures from Felwood or WPL & EPL.
    The one thing that would make me fall over and die from happiness overload is if we could do a quest to tame a special mount of our choosing, or mount our pets. Nothing would make me happier ^^

  93. trammell says:

    I think they should have core hounds for at least a level 40 and they should lower the level on some of the more exotic pets as well

  94. Venndyalah says:

    I second the giraffe desire. Ever since I first hit the Barrens, I’ve wondered what is so untameable about them. ><

    In my ultimate fantasy-land, we'd be able to tame druids in BG'S too. Hehe…. he… he…

  95. DarklingThrush says:

    I think cunning pets should become more useful by getting utility skills – maybe they could fetch and retrieve objects, instead of just snatching weapons. Maybe they could sniff out herbs. Right now they are the least-used group; most hunters use ferocity for dps or tenacity for tanking… If these other pets are so cunning, let them do cunning things!

  96. DarklingThrush says:

    Oh – and PET EMOTE!

    Does anyone still have this addon working? I can’t get it to work. Blizz should totally build this feature into the game.

  97. Gamgan says:

    I still think we should be able to tame Druids

    Engineer pets
    Ranged ( Dps) With little rockets or lasers
    Tank pet ( with lots of armor and lower damage)
    Buff pet ( gives target a lil force field or some kind of raid buff)

    Maybe some add ons like mini flame thrower or something, How about engineer * buffs* for your pets, extra armor, extra damage, rocket pack?

    Ride pet!
    would love to be able to ride my pet, with the same speed as my fastest mount,

    Pet swarm
    bunch of your pets attack for a very short time doing massive damage

  98. LLanowarr says:

    How about a talking dog that drinks martini’s? One that constantly makes crass comments… We could name him Brian!

  99. Tenin says:

    Draong… hands down. Allways wanted a dragon pet :P

  100. Tabathine says:

    I like the idea of your pet turning into a pack. The CC ability it would bring would be awesome. Maybe the pet can split itself into four mini pets, who do reduced damage, but keep the mob occupied.
    And defiantly yes on squirrel pet. And monkey

  101. umper says:

    we need to be able to tame gnomes

  102. Bozanimal says:

    The following was my response in the official forums:

    To be honest, Blizzard has done such an amazing job with the variety of hunter pets and abilities, I would be okay with nothing changing. But hey, since you asked:

    Pets I’d like to tame from current in-game models:A stegosaurus-like dinosaur that shoots lightning from its mouth; know any?Pterodactyls with a fear effectFlying Silithid/waspsElk – Antler gouge or daze effectGryphons and Wyverns – Our races can tame them, why not us?Drakes – For BM Hunters, it seems reasonable to tame a young dragon or dragonkin for a pet. Might tick-off their flight, though.Basilisk – Petrify (basically a cc preventing damage by to to the mob)Walrus – Puncture; bleed effectHydras – Increased chance to hit. Just because a +hit creature would be awesome to have.Horse – Ever been kicked by a horse? It sucks, but I’d like to do it to other people in-game.

    Models that would need to be added for taming:Baboons – Seriously, these are the most vicious animals on the planet. They’re just mean, evil creatures.Bulls – Ever wonder who would win if you put a bull and a bear into a cage match? Me too.Wolverine – The animal kind, not the mutant kindTriceratops – Purely so I can pit him against a DevilsaurFox

    Models I’d like added, but not for taming:KangaroosLlamasHippos (with little birds that land on them)Monkeys – These would be critters, and hang out in trees in Stranglethorn Vale, the Barrens, and similar tropical locations

    AbilitiesInspiring Roar – Replaces Commanding ShoutHawkeye – Increase chance to hit by 1% for all party members; does not stack with Draenei racialAcid Spit – Buffed to increase armor reduction to replace existing debuffsCompanionship – (Canines) Lame name, but basically a raid health buff that replaces PW: FortRallying Cry – BM talent that gives a lesser-heroism/bloodlust effect

    Finally, an OT request for Warlocks: Beholders. If Lo Pan has one, I want one.

    Thank you,


  103. Bozanimal says:

    Gah; looks like WHU does not accept bullet HTML; and I have no edit button! Feel free to delete my prior comment for this more pretty comment:

    To be honest, Blizzard has done such an amazing job with the variety of hunter pets and abilities, I would be okay with nothing changing. But hey, since they asked:

    Pets I’d like to tame from current in-game models:
    A stegosaurus-like dinosaur that shoots lightning from its mouth; know any?
    Pterodactyls with a fear effect
    Flying Silithid/wasps
    Elk – Antler gouge or daze effect
    Gryphons and Wyverns – Our races can tame them, why not us?
    Drakes – For BM Hunters, it seems reasonable to tame a young dragon or dragonkin for a pet. Might tick-off their flight, though.
    Basilisk – Petrify (basically a cc preventing damage by to to the mob)
    Walrus – Puncture; bleed effect
    Hydras – Increased chance to hit. Just because a +hit creature would be awesome to have.
    Horse – Ever been kicked by a horse? It sucks, but I’d like to do it to other people in-game.

    Models that would need to be added for taming:
    Baboons – Seriously, these are the most vicious animals on the planet. They’re just mean, evil creatures.
    Bulls – Ever wonder who would win if you put a bull and a bear into a cage match? Me too.
    Wolverine – The animal kind, not the mutant kind
    Triceratops – Purely so I can pit him against a Devilsaur

    Models I’d like added, but not for taming:
    Hippos (with little birds that land on them)
    Monkeys – These would be critters, and hang out in trees in Stranglethorn Vale, the Barrens, and similar tropical locations

    Inspiring Roar – Replaces Commanding Shout
    Hawkeye – Increase chance to hit by 1% for all party members; does not stack with Draenei racial
    Acid Spit – Buffed to increase armor reduction to replace existing debuffs
    Companionship – (Canines) Lame name, but basically a raid health buff that replaces PW: Fort
    Rallying Cry – BM talent that gives a lesser-heroism/bloodlust effect

    Finally, an OT request for Warlocks: Beholders. If Lo Pan has one, I want one.

    Thank you,


  104. Shananagins says:

    I can see lots of people came up with good ideas. BUT to be honest i would Love to see blizz make it to where hunters could mount up on their current pets. I mean what would be cooler then to ride into battle on Black Lion, just to demount and have that same Black Lion kicking some arz on your target.

  105. Prieto says:

    I remember when my hunter first got his taming ability I was at a loss as to what my pet should be. It had to be rugged and savage, able to hold off a horde of mobs while I dispatched them from a safe distance. But what pet fit that bill, a wolf? (too frail to fold off a horde off mobs). A bear maybe? (rugged yes, but it lacks savagery). A pig perhaps? (close, it meets the requirements but its bit lacking). The what do we have left? What animal can fit the bill?

    As hours turned to days I was sitting in IF when lightning struck, why not choose the deadliest animal know to man. Why not tame that which year by year causes more deaths than the horde and the scourge combined. A Cow!, the very animal that has laid low countless lives under its terrible hoofs, yes I would chose a cow. But one does not just walk up to a cow and tame it, no sir. Preparations must be made unless you are one of those who enjoys a trip to the spirit rezzer.

    So I set out to acquire a crew of foolhardy adventurers to help me in this most dangerous of endeavors, this is no mere beast we are talking about and one does not go alone and expect to make it back alive. It was not surprising when only 3 brave souls answered my call after all cow attacks are well documented a famous example being the harrowing tale of Hemet Nesingwary. A chill runs down my spine just thinking about it, however my mind was set and with my crew in tow we set forth to the darkest corner of Azeroth, the lair of the beast that cursed land know only as Goldshire.

    As we arrived at our destination we were met by the fearful glances of the locals, their ayes said it all. They did not expect us to come back alive who could blame them? Even with the aid of my 3 companions the odds where stacked against us however their gazes did little to dampen our spirits our resolve was strong. Onward we marched in search of our terrible quarry.

    Each day brought a new challenge it seemed the land itself was set against us, we would get no rest in this cursed place. It was at this time when we had reached our breaking point that we spotted it. From the corner of my eye a fearsome sight the beast had been tracking us all along, my blood ran cold. I glanced at my crew their eyes looking at me for reassurance, it was now or never I summoned all my courage and charged the fearsome beast. A terrible battle ensued I feared my strength would fail me but my team sensing my predicament sprang forth and ensnared the monster. At last the time was at hand to claim my terrible prize. However as I activated my taming ability a sudden fear griped my very soul this monster could not be tamed! This was enough to send my comrades fleeing in terror I was left alone staring down the cold eyes of the beast who was now free, this would not end well…

  106. Gremlock says:

    I like the Engineering idea as well as the Critters (OMG KILLER PENGUIN) and Dragons too I always wanted to tame a Gazelle from Barrens. Instead of Gems how bout separate Glyphs for our pets?

  107. Hulksnipe says:

    So for what ever reason I am banned from the official forums, I don’t know why I never post there.

    But if someone was kind enough to pass on my message I would like to see the doing away with of exotic pets. I want to use my Core Hound no matter what spec I am.

    Also for new pets I would like to see:
    Phoenix, maybe have it be a bird of prey and just have a fiery skin.
    Drakes, we can use them as mounts, why cant we enlist their help in battle?
    The return of tameable ghost wolves. I was sooooo bummed out when they were removed, I was almost all ready to tame one for myself.

  108. Attaboy says:

    I like the idea of a Multi-Pet attack… but I’m afraid it would be too over-powering in PVP, so maybe have it share a CD with say FD or BW to keep the hunter from insta pwning their adversaries. As for a new pet type, i have always wanted dragons or dragonkin, that would be awesome. Eng pets would be ok, but i seriously doubt that will ever happen.

  109. enigmashadow says:

    gryhons should be tameable and dragonkin,yeti, frosthowl

  110. enigmashadow says:

    icehowl i mean

  111. Heello says:

    i would want to be able to tame a gryphon

  112. Chacha says:

    The multi-pack ability would be awesome, even if they just restrained enemies. :)

  113. Chacha says:

    And war-paint! to give our pets some color! :D and maybe a special buff for each color… red for ap, green for haste, blue for stamina, yellow for crit… kinda corresponding to the gem colors :) but that would be kinda messy for washing out of their fur… then you’d end up with a doggie that’s rolled around in way too much dirt and the paint’s worn off :P

  114. Dalspri says:

    Rams – like the dwarven mounts.

  115. Khayr says:

    Shoveltusks and clefthoofs. ): Could definitely fit under the boar and rhino families.

  116. BlackFire says:

    Ride your won pet. Like said above, I have always wanted to have this ability as well. Tame The Night Elf Saber Mounts, make them limited to Ally/horde. Ally can tame Kodo, Horde cant tame Saber ex. I have always wanted a Dragon a Drake would be dope. Some new way to tame I would LOVE! Taming now really has no challenge, except hunting for a spirit beast, when even that is just luck. But the taming part is boring anyway. Something new where you are force to fight the dragon to create a bond, a partnership, since they are sentient beings. Something like the Demons you hunt and fight for the Lok Delar quest, those Hunters who have complete the rights of passage as a Hunter and obtained the bow and Staff, quiver if you had the snew. (If not, you should) anyways… Each drake should spawn in different area and fight in a different manner from it brethren. It would make these pets/mounts feel more special when obtain, and require some work to get them, which i like. Its a Dragon it can be that easy to tame. Samething could apply for the Sabers/Kodos/Rams/Raptors/.

  117. BlackFire says:

    Forgive the typos in my above post, did not proof read. I meant ‘ Ride your own pets” and Ally can Tame Saber/Rams Ex, Horde Kodos/Raptors Ex.

  118. Jaydendougla says:

    I would like to tame drakes and aquatic pets would be fun but i think that adding armor and possibly gems for current pets would be a good idea

  119. Hadantor says:

    I too want a giraffe mount that doubles as a combat pet. It should also be able to breather fire and shoot lightning from its horns.

  120. Ikil says:

    We need tamable mounts! And I want a Clefhoof damn it! :)

  121. Ali says:

    I NEED the blue mage dog (currently tagged demon). That’s the wolf/pet I REALLY want. The red one’s OK, and I realize it’s all just pixels, but the blue one is best.

    I, too, wanted to tame my own mount as a hunter and thought it was silly that we couldn’t (c’mon we’ve got a natural affinity w/beasts). Trainers could sell “swift saddle” or stick w/reins.

    I also agree with the collars.

    I think that with a special BM talent or long cool-down we should be able to release all the pets in our carry bag…like a pack (I liked the idea of “release the hounds”).

    I also want the ability to shut the noise off my rhino when it’s walking.

    Reading from above wolverine/badger sound fun.

  122. Inciter says:

    Swarm pets (bees or mosquitoes), pack pets (a giant pack of killer sqirrels), herd pets (mammoths, rhinos, elekks and so on)
    some of these could be special ability; Mammoth calling out for its herd and a big herd of mammoth comes running (and the spell and animation is allready in LK –> The Assassination of Harold Lane)

    I like the idea of hunters being able to tame their own mounts or mount their pets.

    As for the mechanical pet; you really need to be an engineer to use it properly. How can a non-engineer heal or revive a mechanical beast even tho he knows nothing about how it was build??

    I would like to see a bigger varity in pets in a raid. But this could be solved by letting the special ability appeal to the spec: Wolfes have the furious howl wich appeal to the BM spec, MM Agi and SV hunters want a pet that increases their Agi or Crit and MM ArP hunters want a pet that increases their ArP

    That was just my 2c
    Inciter – Khadgar – EU

  123. Flora says:

    I think it would be nice if Hunters could ride they’re pets from level 40 and up. It would be better sence it shows how the mount merchants catch the mounts that they sell.

  124. Cynthia says:

    I fully support on Hunter pets being used as mounts. Maybe we can use our CURRENT pets. We can pay a hunter trainer 50g and learn the ability to mount on your pet. Maybe we can fight on it too but I think that wold just be pushing my luck.
    Thank you!

  125. Stephen says:


  126. vince says:

    will mauti be tameable ?

  127. rabbit says:

    rabbits, any critters. have a rabbit that can attack, has speed, maybe a healing ability. but i would love to walk around with a fighting rabbit

  128. Dreamlin says:

    I’d like to see a pet with ranged abilities