Jump Disengage Video

Posted: by Frostheim

Over at WoW.com today, the Jump-Disengage tutorial video.

This is something I’ve been meaning to put together for six months now, but I kept putting it off because I’m horribly lazy, and also I kept forgetting to record raid footage to show it in action. I finally decided I just needed to get it done and dug up the couple bits of raid footage I had and then added some shots at the target dummies and the race track of it in action and decided that was good enough!

One of the greatest movement tools in the hunter arsenal is Disengage, and it is also one of the least used in raids. Just like jump shot, you can use jump-Disengage to Disengage in the direction you’re running without slowing your forward momentum. It takes some practice, but once it’s habit, jump-Disengage becomes a fantastic tool to let you get where you need to go faster. I believe this is a key hunter movement skill… Read More.

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  1. Hippocrap says:

    Wow am going to have to try this. Since i started using disengage to move forward it’s always been from standing so I will spend some time at a dummy work on this then will incorperate it into my HC’s

  2. Saelle says:

    Recently I’ve been working on my jump shots and found a great place to practice under Icecrown Citadel. There a spot with one enemy (Orbaz Bloodbane – 80 elite) and a bunch of his men that are busy fighting Ebon Blade forces. Bloodbane was made for 5 players in level 80 greens but any hunter can kite/kill him easy though his 422k health can make for a somewhat long battle. The room is set up in a circle so it is a perfect spot to practice your hunter skills while waiting for your 25 man raid group to finalize. I work on my jump shot, auto shot timing, and disengage as I wait.

    If you can’t find him and are next to the big pit that falls to the Forgotten Depths you are in the wrong phase (the spot is directly under the instance). You need to do the Beneath Icecrown Citadel quest you get from the ship captains then the Eidolon quests you get at the Shadow Vault to get into the final phase. I recommend everyone do these anyway as it makes summoning people to Icecrown a lot easier. :P

  3. Oyless says:

    The Jump-Disengage is a great skill to learn. Its a great skill to pull out of your bag of tricks in almost any occasion that might show its nasty little head. Use in PvP is a must but in Raids; Sindragosa, Festergut, Rotface, Prof. Putricide, etc. so many places in ICC that it can be used.

    Plus I’m sure that Frost will probably take care of “jet”.

  4. Rades says:

    A great hunter skill to know. Recently my non-hunter friend was watching me (in RL) do an ICC25 Deathwhisper kill, and I was at the front of the room. The mobs at the back needed attention, right as a D&D landed on me. I automatically jump-disengaged out of it towards the back and it blew my friend’s mind. “How did you just do that???”

  5. Valacia says:

    Ever since you mentioned this the first time (or, maybe it was krip? I forget) I have been using it constantly. I use ti everywhere, and in fact feel sad when I can’t use it out of combat.

    I find this particularly useful on fights like Rotface and Putricide. LOVE jump-disengage!!

  6. Beergasm says:

    If you have a mouse with a side (aka thumb button) you can map it to running, instead of having to press both mouse buttons. Of course you could just use both buttons anyway, and map the thumb button to something else, like a macro. Or both, if your mouse has two thumb buttons.

    Anyway, great video!

  7. jackfinished says:

    Great video Frost!

    As others have mentioned its a handy skill to have. I think the angles you used and the mouse turning animation will help those keyboard turners get up to speed. I cannot wait to see the comments on wow.com about the vid and the awesome song at the end.

    Keep up the top notch work!

  8. Quadilious says:

    It’s been an ability that I’ve been using for as long as it’s been available. I love it in situations like Sindragossa’s blistering cold pull-in, when defile is cast by LK (careful though, nothing will make you the butt of a joke faster than disengaging off the edge) or any other unpleasant situation.

  9. bottekott says:

    Kind of wrong to say that you have to be moving with the mouse to jump shot/disengage.
    I strafe, move forward and backwards with my keyboard and turn with the mouse and I have no problems jump shooting or jump disengaging.

  10. Jagger Blood says:

    I use it wen i was soloing nexus on the last boss kite/fight. Its also cool when you go Blackwing lair and you need to go trought the Firemaw part, disengage is not slowed down.. :))

    I use for pvp and raid the same macro, i inclued wing clip to slow down the mob, so i gain even more time!
    Here is the macro:
    /console targetNearestDistance 5.000000
    /targetenemy [noharm][dead]
    /cast [harm,nodead] Wing Clip
    /cast Disengage

    Good hunting and have fun!

    Jaggerblood, Gnomeragan

  11. Doneromin says:

    Long time reader, first time poster …. Frost can I see a jump/disegage with nitro boots active. Can just see a nitro/jump/disengage into a yawning chasm … lol.

  12. Jeezythebest says:

    Video is kind of late and I dont see it being that valuable because of the focus cost, actually seems like it would lower dps.

  13. Frostheim says:

    I think your comment is kind of early, since we won’t have focus for months and months :) Also, I bet you disengage doesn’t end up costing focus.

  14. Joolsy says:

    Long time reader – 1st time poster =P

    I love this move but I have always played on my laptop and have until now always used the direction keys to manouver. Is this move possible using the keys because I can’t seem to make it work? Do I just need to practice more or is this the last good reason why I should take the plunge and get used to playing with a mouse? Thanks in advance.

  15. Frostheim says:

    Yes, you must use a mouse. You cannot turn nearly fast enough in mid-air without a mouse.

  16. Joolsy says:

    Many thanks for your swift response, I had (as it happens) done a little research following my post and pretty much reached this conclusion (I guess I should’ve done the research before posting huh? Live & Learn =P ).

    So it looks like I shall be spending a few days re-learning how to play. It is my opinion that the benefits will far out weigh the pain at the end of the day though. Thank you again and please keep up the excellent work.

  17. Bahzob says:

    Target dummies good place to practice this. Just set pet on attack, fire a shot and u will remain in combat so able to practice all sorts of maneuvers to heart’s content.

  18. Armin says:

    @Frost, “Also, I bet you disengage doesn’t end up costing focus.”

    I fully agree. (At this moment Blizzard hwoever hasn’t reached that stage yet and is still stubournly thinking it can have a focus cost :-) )

    Now to a more serious thing. I’m a keyboard mover …

    Well, before you flame me, I can also mouse move. I tend to switch depending on situation. The thing is, I see the clear advantage of jump-shotting and disengace jump with mouse move, as during BC I was a PvP’er and there movement is king. However during raids I always end up with too few keys to handle all my stuff. The standard toolbars, major hotkeys don’t cut it for me.

    So in many raids, I ended up moving with the keyboard (except for emergencies, as stated you can switch in game all the time).

    Now, I looked at add ons, but most of them also seem to be focussed on mouse clicking.

    So as a real serious question: how do you cope? Are there any special macro’s, addon’s, etc Or do you ‘just’ don’t use that much things off the standard numbers row on the keyboard?

  19. Bahzob says:

    Just follow up to above. IF is great place to practice. Tiles on the floor make a great reference point to see how far you need to flick mouse to turn through 180 degrees.

  20. Nerfornuthin says:

    I usually don’t use my mouse buttons to move, except for a few circumstances. I use mouse to turn of course, but I have my movement keys almost default. A and D to strafe, Q and E to turn but I only use them to modify my movement when I’m strafing in a backward/sideways direction to kite pvp. I use modifiers for most of my buttons and several of them used with mouse buttons…using keyboard movement, I can control my toon and use mouse to onmouseover different targets for things like concussive shot, silencing shot, etc while I keep my primary target locked. The 2 mouse button click I normally only use after disengaging to keep momentum while I’m using my keyboard hand to use abilities.. Also I have disengage keybound to G. =)

  21. Armin says:

    @Nerfornuthin, ah, so it is not just me. I mean, I have great respect for people like Frost that move 100% with their mouse. I mean, as said, I can mouse move and use it, but only for special moves and when I’m in PvP BG’s (when I use only a handfull keys) as I just miss the keys to get all the functions I want to use in raids. So I’m not alone it seems :-)

    And binding disengage to G is a good tip.

  22. Bu says:

    First of all – Frost u r the best:O))
    I wish I would play my hunter like one day…

    Anyway, to make long story short – ‘lil offtopic. Can u do some tutor on how to set up Aura for diff specs/needs?

  23. Good Gracious says:

    Thanks for this Frostheim – the jump shot tutorial has already improved my skills, and adding this to the armory is going to make me happier. Although I have as yet to work out where the hell I’m going to put the icon on my bar.

  24. Myrdreon says:

    Could you try doing the same thing, but with a parachute or a speed boost such as rocket boots? Compared to normal ofcourse.

    Lately seen some use it, yet others say it doesnt affect disengage distance.

  25. Mehkaela says:

    Wow this is awesome! I noticed that you showed it in use against Saurfang, and I think that if i can get it down, and assuming that my crappy graphics card does not freeze on me, it will make it easier to get back to my starting point at the left of the boss to drop a trap, after having kited a blood beast all the way around the room. I am totally going to try this, thanks Frost! :)

  26. Littlebear (Stonemaul) says:

    I’ve been using jump/disengage/parachute for some time, but hadnt considered it for forward motion.

    Is there a way to macro some of this? Right now I have disengage and parachute macroed, and try and hit tha, and space, at the same time. Not an easy feat when worrying about a mouse as well.

    I was trying to figure out how to practice this, and then I remembered the tatget dummy. What did you target when running the “race” demonstration in your vid?

  27. Boosshh says:

    Frost, you just blew my frickin’ mind. I thought it was pro to be able to to just disengage around an encounter without losing much DPS or situational control but this is just taking it to a whole new level. I pulled of an epic disengage-jump-scatter on a charging warrior in 2’s the other night before landing a freezing arrow once I hit the ground and eliminating the healer. My partner was still trying to figure out what had happened when the match ended. Glorious.

  28. Arrowan says:

    SICK !
    I love it I heard you explain it before be couldn’t do it .
    I love the tutoril video as most seeing it helps. THNX

  29. Rapal says:

    Wonderful guide, how come it’s not in the Guides section? It fits nicely in with the jump shot guide I think.

  30. Frostheim says:

    Fantastic point, I shall include this in the guides section. Didn’t realize I had missed it!

  31. erragall says:

    this is a very interesting and frankly awsome exploit of disengage, ive always imagined something like it but i never thought to tie it in with the jumpshot motion (cause im still mastering that skill =s). amazing. simply amazing.
    lots of brownie points =D

  32. Sogekihei says:

    As Frost notes, using disengage (or jumping in general) is not an optimal way to get out of ground based effects, as the game treats your character as still being at your take off point until you land. That said, the jump-disengage trick is awesome for jumping through ground effects.

    i.e. if you see another hunter drop a trap that you know is more than likely frost (WSG bottleneck areas are almost always a given), you can use jump-disengage to skip right past the snare entirely. Run right up to where you saw him lay the trap down and jump-disengage just before triggering the trap. You’ll set the trap off in the air and receive the snare debuff, but it won’t slow you down until you land, which, if done right, will be on the opposite side of the trap, which causes the snare to immediately fade.

    It’s absolutely hilarious to execute this particular scenario when you’re carrying the flag yourself out the tunnel w/ run speed boots and you know an opposing hunter set a trap right outside the tunnel and you just leap it and go sailing right on by and out of range of attack entirely.

  33. GTyoungblood says:

    I’ve been playing my hunter since fall of 2009, and have never been able to use disengage when not in melée range of an enemy. At the race track, maybe you were dueling the other character? But that looked way outside melée range. And in Iron Forge, it didn’t look like anything was close by.

    How the heck did you do it?!?

  34. Anzhar says:

    Long time reader. I’ve been working on this skill for some time, with limited success, but I’ve stumbled across a video of some phenomenal application.

    Granted it’s a flower-sniffin’ night elf doing the crazy jump-disengage action, but she is using it to lay a serious whoopin’ on the horde. And everyone can agree that those rogues had it coming.


  35. Doke says:

    First post here. I find this site awesome. Thanks for all the tips Frost. Keep doing the good work

  36. It can also save your life from unexpecting, pissed off Valk’yr:


    But seriously, Disengage is one of the hunter’s best spells. Macro in the Engineering parachute cloak and you’ll get great results! Also, since it requires being in combat, remember that as soon as you shoot your weapon at something, it puts you in combat, not when the shot actually lands. Take advantage of that…I shoot rats and critters just to jump-disengage.

  37. Gorekar says:

    You guys are def making me a better hunter, long live WHU!

  38. Diyaa of CC says:

    First: thanks for this and the jump-shot video.

    Second, a suggestion:

    I LOVE the way you started out this one with the actual mouse setup/gesturing, and really think it should be added into the jump-shot video as well.

    But much more important: many newer players (people in general, in truth) have never even known/considered/looked at adjusting their Mouse Sensitivity options, in either Win/Mac or the interface options. This can/will make it much easier to accomplish these, esp. if anyone is stuck on an older ‘ball-style’ mouse (as opposed to optical).

    So maybe add in a note about that in these tutorial vids???

  39. Vexd says:

    you can apply this technique by binding disengage to an extra button on your mouse. W key to move forward, jump, spin with right mouse button held down, click your extra mouse button and then turn around, I find it easier than using both mouse buttons.

  40. Orgigami says:

    Oh my GOD this is fun! I honestly never realized you could do anything like this. I’ve been using the jump-shot trick for a few years, but this is friggin’ awesome. Keyboard turners are entirely missing out on one of the best hunter tricks. I’ve always used a trackball to move and turn, I find it offers me more precise control. (I just could never get used to a mouse, limited deskspace). I’m … in awe. The rest of this site is awesomesauce too. I’m falling in love with the hunter all over again.

  41. Marujin says:

    i put this macro on my mouse reel

    just mouse reel back and i jump back

    very easy

    camera zoom in zoom out works with shift mouse reel

  42. Heptacon says: