WHU Guild

Posted: by Frostheim

This is the holding page for the official WHU guild.

The current level cap is: NONE.
The next event is: Not announced.

The WHU guild welcomes all dues paying hunters. In addition to being a fantastic community that’s always willing to help each other out, this is the platform from which we host the WHU in-game events, such as:

It is for these events that the WHU guild was created — though since then it’s taken on a life of its own. There are always hunters online the WHU at any time of the day or night, questing, PvPing, maintaining the guild bank, and pursuing the elusive BiS gear.

The WHU guild has an artificially imposed level cap, so that most of us will be on approximately even footing. This greatly increases the chance that there’s someone available to help you with whatever you need, or willing to hop in a dungeon or battleground with you. The level cap will very slowly be increased, and will only be increased after major WHU events. Currently the level cap has been removed and WHU hunters can be all the way up to level 85.

WHU Guild Basics

  • We are on Icecrown (North American Server), Alliance side.
  • To join: first read all the rules on this page. Then hop on and join the WHU chat channel (/join WHU) and ask for an invite. There is almost always someone online who can invite you in. If you don’t get a response right away we may be busy owning a bg. Just wait a bit and ask again.
  • The current level cap is NONE
  • Read the WHU 101 for a rundown of what to expect and how to prepare for WHU events.
  • You can access the WHU Guild Forums

WHU Guild Rules

We have some basic rules and requirements to be a part of the guild:

  • Only dwarven hunters allowed. That’s it. This is simple and shouldn’t be hard to follow!
  • You cannot go over the current level cap! If you want to level a character up to 85 on your own pace, that’s fine, go to it. But the WHU guild is for us to level up together at the same snail’s pace.
  • Please only one character per person.
  • Be polite. Avoid personal attacks of any kind, and any language that would get you a reprimand at work or isn’t allowed on prime-time television.
  • If you are inactive for 2 week and aren’t a the level cap, you will be kicked from the guild to make room for active members. You can always ask for an invite again when you return.
  • Officers reserve the right to /gkick people who are behaving like asshats. There is often no warning — we just kick you and are done with it, so behave.

WHU Guild Ranks

  • Member — the first rank you get.
  • Dues Payer — rank granted once you hit level 20. Basically you’ve been around long enough that we know you aren’t just here to rob our bank.
  • Level Capped — once you hit the current level cap, you get this rank. Level Cap ranked people will never be kicked for inactivity (though you’ll be demoted out of level capped when the cap changes).
  • Officer — people who help run the guild or the guild events. Be kind to them, they work hard

WHU Guild Bank

We do have a guild bank with all tabs, but with the number of characters we have in the guild, there is not a lot of space to go around. Thus we want to use this space wisely.

  • You can only deposit to tab 1.
  • There are various limits on what you can take out — usually 2-5 per tab per day. So choose wisely.
  • Do not put random mats into the guild bank — not leather, herbs, ore, or any of it.
  • Do not put random greens into the guild bank — not even for someone to DE.
  • Do not put white items, gray items, food, bandages, or any of that junk into the guild bank.
  • Please only put completed (crafted) items that are useful for hunters of our level into the bank. And of course gold is always welcome.
  • Bank tabs are organized by level — level capped characters can withdraw from all tabs (except, of course, the deposit tab and the officers tab).


  • Yes, we have a tabbard.
  • There are several WHU alt-guilds (often for high-level alts) including the Dead Hunters Society started by DK alts but open to all alts. The DKs are primarily used to farm up money to twink out their little hunters.
  • The current level cap will always be in the GMotD
  • We are always working to keep our numbers below 1,000 (we used to be over that, before the cap) and as a result the number fluctuates a lot as we boot inactive people, and usually spikes just before an event.
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  1. Gevauden says:

    I hope there’s a long, slow plan behind all of this that culminates in ICC. Keep up the good work everyone, this is a blast to be a part of. Looking forward to leveling with you guys.

  2. carnage says:

    i really wish sometin like dis was goin on when i was leveling my hunter would of made it much more fun o well :) cant wait to see yere next vid .

  3. the Cheerleader says:

    Wooooo! good times being had by all:D

  4. Fradin says:

    What a fantastic place and guild to be a part of the WHU guild rocks , so many helpful people and better still all hunters . Can not wait to see the day when 300 hunters turn up and own orgimar for day lol that would be awesomesauce right there.

  5. Dagnabit says:

    Couple questions, first once we would get to the level cap should we turn off xp?

    Next question. Are guns required? I only ask because I have heirlooms and one is the nice bow.

    Oh one last question. That gun you use in the video, is that better than the bow from ICC 10?

    Thank ya sir :) Looks awesome I may even move some toons to Icecrown lol

  6. Hailphage says:

    “You cannot go over the current level cap!”

    Doh! I guess this would explain why my level 24 hunter (transferred in from another realm to save the leveling, plus all the gold, pets etc he already had) got booted the other day. Oh well – I’ll just leave him in an inn until the cap gets high enough for him to rejoin :) (in the interim I’ll just use my original dwarf (still lvl 11) who was going to be shelved as a bank alt for a while longer :) ).

  7. Himh says:

    “once we would get to the level cap should we turn off xp? ”

    Yes. 10 gold to turn off, and 10 more to turn XP back on. It’s the stealthed rogue in the room behind the king in Stormwind.

    “Are guns required?”

    No. But you will get some gentle abuse from guildmates. They’re dwarves what did you expect?

    “that gun you use in the video, is that better than the bow from ICC 10?”

    I don’t know, and it doesn’t really affect my lvl 16 hunter. If the question is for Frost, and your asking him if his gun is better than some bow…I’ll just stand over here, out of the line of fire.

  8. quivering says:

    if youre curious about frost’s gun choice (http://www.warcrafthuntersunion.com/2010/03/yes-thats-right-yes-its-on-purpose/)

    btw just armoryd frost, hes wearing giantstalker gear lulz

    level cap right before we can mount, interesting. man i wish i didnt hate levelling so much.

  9. Dagnabit says:

    lol on the gun question I had, I only asked because the bow is a bit better but I can get a gun to stave off abuse lol. My 80 has the ICC bow but hey hes an 80 Dwarf Hunter he can handle abuse :)

    The Gun in the Video question was directed at Frost and I asked because it has tank stats on it! O_O ew. But it does look more badass than any bow I have seen (well mine is sweet lol)

    Thanks for reply :)

  10. Frostheim says:

    Keep in mind that Rowan’s uses the same model as Stakethrower (and I have both). I usually use Rowan’s because it is more overall dps for me, with my gear and MM spec, than stakethrower (and certainly more than the 10-man bow). It is, however, 0.3% dps less than Zods, again for me and my gear.

  11. Dagnabit says:

    Oh wow I had no idea a tank gun would be ok for a hunter. Would it work for me? http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Fenris&cn=%C3%90agnabit

    Thanks for the reply, love the site and those videos lol. Makes me want to transfer to Icecrown just to support a little Hunter :)

  12. macattack says:

    So where is WHU Europe then?

  13. Borro says:

    Indeed Frostheim, Where is WHEU?? :)

  14. Wolfnok says:

    we have a guild for DK alts, how about a catch all for other classes? I have a mage alt that I am leveling up, and would like to find a good guild for him. If there isn’t a gerenal alt guild, any guild suggestions?


  15. Hammershot says:

    Doh! I forgot all about the channel and the DK guild. I’ll have to catch someone to get my DK alt added.

  16. Wolfnok says:

    I was looking at the DK guild this morning and it looks like it isn’t just for DKs, which is good. :-)

  17. Xebeche says:

    Message to Getoutwo…This is Xebeche. Thank you for being patient, and I’m sorry I slowed you down at Gurubashi. I’m finished now. I dunno if I’ll make it back to /salute you, so if I don’t see you again, best of luck to you!

  18. Elder Gilanor says:

    hey frost you sould add a spot in this with all the previous events and next upcoming one.
    just an idea :)

  19. Ben says:

    you should link the latest lvl 19 raid vs Hrist video here :)

  20. Slashasmurff says:

    @Borro, i dont know if it was intentionally done but “wow hunters european union” has a very different connotation (to those that know about THE EU) than say; “european WHU”

    ((we get stuff done, hehe))

  21. Randi says:

    Is the WHU Guild dead? will there be another event some time soon?

  22. Wätts says:

    Are special characters in character names a problem? My chosen dwarf name is often taken, so I throw an ¨ in there.

  23. Baka18 says:

    How do i join like what realm?

  24. Syleana says:

    I am currently thinking of bringing my lvl 80 hunter over, what do you need from me. I can reroll another if thats a requirement. Anyway you could send me an email about the lvl cap and some of the info on how that works?


    • Arthemystia says:

      The current lvl cap is 50. Eventually we’ll get to 80, but transferring an 80 toon may lock you out of the next few events. The hunter does need to be a dwarf though, so a race change might be needed as well. You can always roll a new hunter, or bring another non-hunter toon over to be in one of the WHU’s “sister” guilds, for our alts and DKs and such.

  25. Xanthius says:

    I apologize for posting here if it’s not a good place for it. I couldn’t find any link on the WHU guild page to ask. I tried registering over there quite some time ago and never got a message back. I got an auto response on 12/02 but never got another one with a pw or anything. I tried logging in but it said my name is unavailable. It’s the same name here, Xanthius. Thanks guys and keep up all the great work :D

  26. saphia says:

    a EU server WHU guild would be good why not get one set up on shadowsong as there are already at least three hunters who would join there or move to that server already.

  27. Brekke says:

    Hello :) I have an 85 hunter main. However, I am currently busy busy with guild matters here on Antonidas. In order to be “active” does this mean I need to at least log the toon in WHU once a every day or so? It would be great to be a part of what yall are doing but I cant stay there constantly. Duty calls ;)

  28. Hondahoorz says:

    Been following WHU for a long time now, reading about your exploits and gleaning knowledge from your info pages, and it has helped greatly. Only problem I have is I’m and EU player (yeah, i know) so cant join your guild. Have you considered creating an EU branch of WHU or is there already a branch running/in the pipeline?

  29. Artémis says:

    I’d happy roll a new hunter on a EU server if a whu guild was set up there. Are there any plans to do this? I think it’s a great idea!

  30. Lycantis says:

    After watching the videos I want to be a part of this, I am a hunter and no other class is as exhilarating as this for me.


  31. Silver says:

    Love to join, to bad it’s not on a EU server….
    I even don’t mind to make a ally toon to be in a hunterguild.
    Hunters are l33t :P

  32. JTW says:

    I’ve 2 hunters on Maghteridon, but one is low enough I could delete her and start fresh elsewhere (but having the support infrastructure of high level toons is so nice :) ).

    If anyone’s still reading this and wants a Euro hunter guild on Maghteridon, contact Iala (85 night elf hunter) or Valha (dwarf hunter) in game and maybe we can get the ball running.
    I may suck at management (I know this) and recruiting, but can lend a hand :)

    For the Alliance (but without killing too many hordies along the way) :)

  33. Amortentia says:

    Artemis i was thinking the same thing…….i would be happy to start a hunter from scratch with these guys, any thoughts of whu coming to a eu server?

  34. johnnyarrow says:

    I,m lvl 85 hunter on US Alexrannza what the possitable to have the same guild on that server or doing i need to be on ur server to join the guild please let me know

  35. Duggybear says:

    Hey Frost. I was thinking of starting my own hunter-only guild on my server, Muradin, and hoped u may have some tips for setting up a guild bank as far as helpful items and such I cld farm up before going public. I already have a 5 tab guild bank named “The Hunters Lodge” and started crafting guns and begun “stockpiling” any mail / leather armor I find. Any other tips u or my fellow hunters can offer wld be greatly appreciated =)

    • Frostheim says:

      Well for the WHU we always had a self-imposed level cap (at first it was level 1, then 10, then 19, etc) so we always stocked items appropriate for the level cap.

      In general for new characters you want a large selection of good bags — that’s the number one priority. We also supplied 1 gold per day (and at the time ammo was a big deal, ah, time goes so fast).

      We keep a tab for low level characters, but focus mostly on a collection of the best craftable gear that can be made for our level — other popular items are glyphs, enchants, gems, and dps potions.

  36. Diz says:

    Howdy WHU members !

    I joined WHU guild in a few days ago , I played Demon hunter ( Dwarf ) 65 lvl , When I joined that guild , I feel that WHU would be great and teamwork as cooperate as members does. It made me more interesting and excited to work on my hunter also tried to level up and work so hard with my toon ! I am glad that I found a right realm and this guild ! xD Keep it up !!! /Salute !


  37. Gatheron says:

    Just was able to see your videos. My main is hunter on TN and I come here often for help and resources. I will be getting on Icecrown soon and start playing a hunter there. WOuld love to join in on all the fun you guys have.

  38. Aphasia says:

    My big girl space goat hunter is on Eonar, but thinking about rolling a new baby hunter to join you guys! Sounds fun!

  39. Mysterical the huntress says:

    i so wish you guys would consider starting up another “sisterguild” on a EU server! i am myself on frostwhisper… and i would so love to be in something like this…

    Any plans on starting something up there?


  40. scott says:

    ho what realm is the guild on

  41. Sil says:

    Can European players play on US servers? Do they need to purchase the game and / or a us subscription?

  42. Zelenas says:

    I”m gearing a hunter to join the all hunter raid team, when’s the first raid scheduled? Starting in FL? Shannox will be fun to pet tank!

  43. Omogon says:

    @Sil we had a guy from Zurich and a guy from Canberra in our guild once , so it seems that European or pacific players can play on US realms…if they can deal with the time differences :)

  44. tilted says:

    having troubles accessing the whu guild forums – can i get my password reset / send? (this function doesn’t work for me…)


  45. gneoma says:

    whats the current level cap?

  46. Alexnder says:

    Is there a guild on the server steam wheedle cartel (EU) if not can you or I set one up and if so does anyone want to join? If there is one can i join?

  47. Auoran says:

    i am looking to join the guild. i am on the Frostmane server? can anyone help?

  48. Anon E. Mouse says:

    New here, like this website. One small question that may or may not be offensive. Why do you only take dwarf characters..?

  49. Aîsha says:

    Hi all!!!
    Looking forward to leveling with all this Huntery goodness :)

  50. Sonea says:

    How do I file a complaint against members of your guild? I have had nothing but bad experiences with your members with the most recent being Brabelvar. He has been griefing.

  51. Haldiram says:

    So hi there im from Germany and find these genius site in the www.
    Nice work guys. I have a question about the next event. i want to be a part of it but in europa you can not join us server is some one out there who can help me with it im a hunter since my birth. Thanks for the site and the interesting posts.so thanks a lot byby and keep up the good work

  52. Bramman says:

    The guild website link is broken. The active website is here whu.guildlaunch.com

  53. Horyn says:

    Just moved to the server and proud to be a part of WHU. Thanks Frostheim for all you do for the hunter community.

  54. Dagnabit says:

    Any idea or any info at all about the next Hunter event? I was never about to join before so I’m very curious about this time around :)

  55. Sharkface says:

    You guys should set up some events on OpenRaid, free advertisement for you there

  56. Zimlobo says:

    The greatest hunter of ALL TIME has just put in for a realm transfer to Icecrown. That’s right. Things just got real.


    • Zimlobo says:

      Greatest hunter of ALL TIME was supposed to be encapsulated in open/closed “imaginary” HTML tags. I’m friendly!!!

  57. Zimlobo says:

    My realm transfer went through. Hopped onto Icecrown this morning and /join WHU for an invite. After sending a couple requests to the channel I had to leave for work, at which point I realized that I had Block Guild Invites check :-/

  58. Zimlobo says:

    I’m in. Proud new member of the Warcraft Hunters Union. Pay yer dues!

  59. Darkon says:

    new member of the WHU and glad