Level 19 Hunter BiS Gear List

Posted: by Frostheim

Over at the WHU Guild more and more of us are hitting the new level cap (level 19) and turning off xp. While there, we’re twinking out our level 19 hunters with the best gear possible.

WHU member Uroloken has kindly put together this level 19 hunter BiS list for us, which I’ve tweaked ever so slightly. So let’s hear it for Uroloken for doing this for us!


Just a note here that at level 19 our stat priority is hit > agility > AP > int > stam.

Just like at level 80, we prefer hit until we reach the hit cap (which depends on what level mob you’re fighting, but figure you want to at least be at 5%). In fact, hit is even more important while leveling since it gives our pet hit and expertise, which lets our pet hold aggro better.

Stam is more important to us while leveling than it is at 80, but it’s still last on the list. Still, I’d prefer a 5 agil / 5 stam item over a pure 6 agil item, but I’d much prefer a 9 agil item to either.

Heirloom Items

Heirloom items are not included in this list; however, you can safely assume that any heirloom item you have will be close enough to BiS that you’ll want to use the heirloom. Remember that there is an heirloom gun available from the vendor in Wintergrasp, and the rogue chest and shoulders can be better than the hunter ones, especially for pet tanking, since they have a bunch of hit rating on them.

Satchel of Goods

The Satchel of Goods is the reward for using the random dungeon finder. When you complete a random dungeon using the dungeon finder, you’ll automatically receive the Satchel of Goods. It contains a random blue appropriate to your level. Could be cloth, could be spellpower gear, or it could be something best in slot for you.



  • Sentinel’s Medallion – pvp reward. Sold by SIlverwing Supply Officer in Ashenvale (61.5, 83.8) for 100 honor.



  • Glowing Lizardscale Cloak:  – drops off Skum in Wailing Caverns
  • Sentry Cloak – random BoE drop. Check the AH.
  • Tumultuous Cloak of the Bandit (+4 agil, +4 stam, +8 AP) – reward from Satchel of Goods.
  • Tumultuous Cloak of the Monkey (+5 agil, +5 stam) – reward from Satchel of Goods.





  • Deviate Scale Belt – LW crafted.
  • Vigorous Belt of the Monkey (+6 agil, +6 stam) – reward from Satchel of Goods.
  • Vigorous Belt of the Bandit (+5 agil, +5 stam, +10 ap)- reward from Satchel of Goods.
  • Tumultuous Belt of the Wild (+5 agil, +3 stam, +10 AP) – reward from Satchel of Goods.
  • Belt of the Fang – drops of Lady Anacondra in Wailing Caverns




  • Seal of Wrynn – Quest reward from “An Audience with the King” which starts with “The Unsent Letter” that drops from Edwin Van Cleef in Deadmines.
  • Simple Pearl Ring – JC crafted
  • Protector’s Band – pvp reward. Sold by Silverwing Supply Officer Illyana Moonblaze in Ashenvale (61.5, 83.8) for 100 honor.


Heirloom or engineering items are your only options.


  • Thief’s Blade – drops off Mr. Smite in Deadmines
  • Buzzer Blade – drops off Sneed’s Shredder in Deadmines
  • Sentinel’s Blade – pvp reward. Sold by Silverwing Supply Officer Illyana Moonblaze in Ashenvale (61.5, 83.8).


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  1. Fourtysix says:

    Hey Frost, that JC neck, Brilliant Necklace, requires you to be level 20 to equip.

  2. Iceveiled says:

    Looks good. How about a part two follow-up showing best enchants and gear enhancements ? Somebody out there has to be an expert on this. I’ve never been into twinking so I’m not qualified to offer my input. :p

  3. quivering says:

    is this just for min/maxing fun or is this going to matter in our next event? i figure if we do large scale raids like we have in the past, then its not going to make a big difference but if we do smaller scale stuff then ill try to work on it. i have a lot going on so im gonna be lucky to find time to hit the level cap. if its just for lulz i wont worry to much with it and do what i can when i get a free minute.

    thanks to uroloken for coming up with it, btw!

  4. Iceveiled says:

    It’s obviously not mandatory, but seeing as the next event is weeks away it’s just something to do should you want to bother putting in the effort. A lot of these things are easy to get with just a few deadmines/WC pugs, a little luck and money, and a handful of battlegrounds.

  5. Frostheim says:

    “Heirloom items are not included in this list…”

  6. Wolfnok says:

    Would the Lovingly Crafted Boomstick be a viable third option for ranged? Since it is crafted it may be more readily available than the others. Granted, not quite as good. Thinking in terms of availability.

  7. Satsok says:

    Note to self: Dont skim, READ.

  8. Wondering says:

    Would the leather set from deadmines be better…it has a nice set bonus

    I just remember using that when i was leveling long time ago. I kept at least pieces of for LONG time due to the set bonus

  9. the Cheerleader says:

    Thanks Frost:D

  10. Cryptaas says:


    is BiS last I checked due to the Careful Aim talent

  11. Valacia says:

    @Wondering – you are referring to the Blackened Defias set. I had the entire set when I hit 19 and I wore some pieces of it for a very long time!! lol I still have the entire Blacked Defias set as well as Cape of the Brotherhood ( http://www.wowhead.com/item=5193 ) which I think should be listed here seeing as it has more stam than the best back listed and the same Agil.

    The “Of the Fang” set is better for hunters though, I just hate how it looks, it’s really meant for Ferals and Rogues more than hunters it would seem.

  12. Frostheim says:

    Well, first of all level 19 hunters generally won’t have Careful Aim (since it’s not as good as other talent choices).

    But also, 1 agility is still better than 2 AP. Thus the 7 agil of thief’s blade is *way* better than the 10 AP from the staff :)

  13. Frostheim says:

    For the defias set…. only the full 5-piece set bonus helps us at all (10 AP) and since three of the set pieces are crummy green — not worth it. The other set bonuses are 10 armor, 5 arcane resistance, 2 expertise — useless.

  14. Ziñðoth - TN says:

    Not to mention level requirements. People should stop linking items that require Lvl20. lol

  15. Twen says:

    Would like to point out that the Silverwing supply officer also sells a bow. :)


  16. Good Gracious says:

    Do we have somewhere for the WHU guild, to let people know who the crafters are for making the BiS gear?

    I’m level 10 now, but doing the Skinning/LW and will be happy to make the BiS gear for folk when I get high enough.

    GG – WHU Guild Member.

  17. Ryuki says:

    Well I like to put out my own little list here or my two cents into the mix. It seems like a good list, but some things I like to touch on that you missed or in my opinion is just wrong. The first one and this is big for me, and this might just be a personal play style opinion. But really? hit > agility > AP > int > stam.

    I’m sorry, why would you put AP and Int over Stam? We’re talking PVP here right? I mean, you dont need to BiS for PVE at this level, you cap at level 19, your going to be doing battlegrounds, and there is no point in having alot of agility if you can’t live through the fight. Sure you might be able to take down a few people, but the idea is to stay alive and if your going to be carrying the flag, you need stam. Grant if you don’t care if your death equal to or more then how many kills you get then by all means leave stam to last.

    hit->Stam->Agility is all you need, don’t worry about AP or int. You wont have any major big mana costing shots so you wont ever run out of mana and when you do no big deal, your biggest shot will be auto shot anyways. Hit is still top only because it’s limited, you don’t have alot of options there so should take all the hit items, which are a must anyways.

    Professions? Sure you can go with whatever you want. But if you really want to be hardcore about this, Engineering and Skinning. Are your two best bets.

  18. Ryuki says:

    Head slot, what about Lucky Fishing Hat It might not be as good but it’s an option one can go for if you dont want to use the engineering hat or if you need the stam.

    I think my biggest disappointment with the guide is the lack of the Trinket information that’s given. “Heirloom or engineering items are your only options.” really? There are no good engineering trinkets at that level. Your cap at 150 strade skill, nothing but two that don’t help in pvp. What about Alliance You list the Protector’s Band but not this one? It’s basically a must have to beak fear and/or stun. The other option? Hello, Arena Grand Master not that hard to get. Yes annoying to get, but can be done and it gives 12 Stam. That is huge for PVP. I can’t believe that was over looked. Even by going by listing stam as last, to not list these two kind of shocks me that they got over looked. You guys really need a PVP hunter on this site to check for this stuff.

    For belt, your only opinion is Deviate Scale Belt. Sorry, the items form Satchel of Goods are too random for me. Plus given how this list was put together, you put hit over everything else.. with such limited hit why would you go for Vigorous Belt of the Bandit with gives you zero hit over 3 hit? Kind of goes against the hit over everything doesn’t it?

  19. Ryuki says:

    For legs, you also have Scouting Trousers of the Monkey. Yes very hard to get ahold of being it’s a random enchant. Go for the one with +5 Stamina/+5 Agility about 10g and down, get them before they notice and the price goes up.

    For a weapon, I would still go for Twisted Chanter’s Staff over the others listed. Being you can put the +25 Agility on it and you should not be meleeing at all anyways.

    Range; Go for Lil Timmy’s Peashooter over the bow, the bow is better, but we’re dwarfs for peeps stake. How dare you? And I believe using a gun over the bow for a Dwarf is better, I haven’t done the math so I’m not sure on that.

    The biggest one for me, for peeps stake if your going to min/max and twink at 19 for PVP.. how could you not give a bis Enchantments list? I’m still wondering about that one.

    Back: Enchant Cloak – Lesser Agility
    Chest: Enchant Chest – Greater Stats (come people go for the 100hp one)
    Wrists: Enchant Bracer – Superior Stamina
    Gloves: Enchant Gloves – Superior Agility
    Legs: Medium Armor Kit
    Feet: Enchant Boots – Minor Speed
    Melee: Enchant 2H Weapon – Agility
    Ranged: Accurate Scope

  20. Ryuki says:

    Sorry for so many post, it wouldn’t let me post them. I also have one last section about Talents but it says it looks kind of spamming and wont let me post it, just four links too…

    Final note; this is just my opinion, I’ve level 5 twinks up; hunters, rogues and locks so I kind of know a thing or two about bis at 19. I also do a lot of pvping at all levels and nothing kills me more then whe someone says that stam is not important for PVP. There is a reason why all PVP gear has Stam on it and alot of it to boot.

    Best to luck to all the hunters gearing out and happy hunting :)

  21. Kenriith says:

    Ryuki – You assume we are going to be doing a lot of BGs once we cap at 19th? How? I sat in the queue for 65 minutes yesterday with no action. Was suggested by a guildy to unlock my xp and just queue normally, but that gets expensive. Am I missing something here?

  22. Frostheim says:

    “We’re talking PVP here right?”

    Well, not so much in my mind. I was thinking mostly extreme badass hunter 5-manning (thus the concern with hit). But I think this gear is pretty good for pvp as well. At level 19 pvp is much more hunter friendly and our ability to kite other classes is incredibly strong. I don’t feel like defensive stats are *as* important at 19 as they are at 80. Sure, if you want to carry the flag (a task best left to other classes, imo) you want to stack stam. But if you just want to reign death, going for the agil/stam gear on the list will suit you well.

    Oh, and what trinket were you talking about? I thought the pvp trinket required level 20?

  23. Ryuki says:

    Yeah, well in the case of if your going to be doing PVE, such as soloing really hard stuff then yes, some of the gear slot I talked about might not be best. And the trinket I was talking about was Insignia of the Alliance. It must have been cut off, you can get it with 2,805 Honor Points in Stormwind. The other one, the Arena Grand Master, has no level requirement and can be worn at level 1 (its just really hard to get) and same with the Insignia of the Alliance.

  24. Ryuki says:

    Kenriith- It depends on the time of the day your doing the que. I recommend doing so at peak hours, which might be hard for some people do do given the fact most have mains on other servers. Either way, the BG system is a bit broken, given even in normal bgs the wait can be hours to never. It just as bad at level 80 as it is at level 10. However, peak hours I have noticed the wait has been about 20-30mins, and if your que with a group of 5 (your only allowed to group in 5s, you can’t group into a raid of 10 and que) it’ll be much faster. And you know there is always world PVP xD

  25. Tumraider says:

    Careful Aim is really a must if you plan on doing any serious twinking because hunters benefit greatly from a larger mana pool anyways and lots of items with agility/stamina also have a bit of int on them. Your list is highly agility based, which isn’t always a good thing if you want the best twink since it’s a balance of agility and stamina stacking(with int being something you take when you can get it without sacrificing anything).

  26. Himh says:

    One of the joys of WHU is leveling a whole new character a whole new way. One of the new things I tried, is PVP in Battle Grounds. Surprisingly huge fun, and profitable in terms of providing gear. But now that I have all the rewards I want out of PVP, and I’ve frozen my toon’s XP, I have little interest in BG’s, and much more in pushing my PVE limits.

    I now have a month to see what kind of trouble I can get a level 19 Dwarf hunter into. Normally level 19 lasts minutes, as I blast through to get Level 20 and a mount. I now have the luxury of playing and replaying instances. Instead of theory-crafting, and dummy testing, I’ll grab my gun, and my bow, and do some real field testing.

    Thanks for the gear lists, they make a great start for comparing gear.

  27. Flintlok says:

    thx for the list, uroloken; the post, frostheim; and the debate, ryuki and all.

    this is all very illuminating, but it doesn’t seem like we really need to argue all these finer points. are we not just hundreds of 19 dwarven hunters, having fun in a game that many of us take way too seriously most of the time? this BiS list should not be viewed as The One True Setup, but rather as a guideline — like “being sober while carrying a loaded rifle”. in fact, despite the BiS list that kilthur wrote up before the lvl 10 mega-raid, i seem to recall at least a few whu members running around in their skivvies throughout most of the event!

    i definitely agree with himh that it’s great to be free of the rush to 20 (and beyond) and be “forced” to smell the roses for a while. don’t get me wrong, while smelling those roses i’ll get as geared as i can, but i’m not going to stress about fractions of percents of agi vs. fractions of percents of hit and what that could mean for me in pvp as opposed to pve. i just wanna run around w/ a bunch of other dwarfs and shoot stuff!

  28. Uruloken says:

    People of Earth,

    My inspiration for putting together this list was to compile a list of gear that was fairly easy to aquire and would provide level 19 hunters with some of the better stats needed for their class overall. This list is by no means intended to be the BE ALL END ALL list of gear.

    Sure, there may be really harder to get pieces that are a smidgen better than items on this list; however, I feel like the majority of people in this guild are looking to get the best gear with the least amount of effort, especially since it will be replaced in a month or so.

    If you really are obsessed with getting the absolute “best” pieces at any cost, then I’m sure you probably already have the tools at your disposal to create your own list, so this list is not designed for you.

    I really just want everyone on the Icecrown server to know that WHU means serious business!

    @ Frostheim – I forgive you for mispelling my name.

  29. Ug says:

    I think we may want to include some of the BIS craftables also for those that wont have time to run through WC or Deadmines

    A few examples would be Deviate Scale Gloves, Dark Leather Cloak and Black Whelp Tunic or Murloc Scale Breastplate.

    Also the Lovingly Crafted Boomstick.

    As for Scopes we have a bit of an issue. the BIS is the Accurate Scope but it requires an engineer over 20 to make and someone over 20 to put it on the gun. Otherwise we have the Standard Scope which uses the same moss agate that is needed for the Lovingly Crafted Boomstick.

    I have some decent stock for mats I just need to know what to make, I expect for the time being I will keep pumping out the crafted stuff on the list and making the gun

    WHU – Ugcug

  30. Flintlok says:

    my dead hunters society DK alt, flintrot, is an engineer. between runs through WC for scales, i’m working him up to the level where he can make lovingly crafted boomies; hopefully i’ll be able to start handing those out after not too long!

    but we won’t be able to use accurate scopes until our hunters are 20+, ’cause attaching the scope binds the gun to the attacher… :p

  31. Ug says:

    I see on wowhead that the tooltip does now say it will make it soulbound. I guess they changed it in one of the 3.x patches. Back to Moss Agates for Standard Scopes I suppose

  32. Cryptaas says:


    If you don’t think 19’s should take careful aim what spec do you suggest? 0/10/0 was always the twink spec due to the atk pwr and crit gains. In addition, the Twisted Chanter’s Staff is able to have the 25 agil enchant put on it making it that much better.

    This is coming from an avid 19 twink who put a lot of time gearing and facerolling :)

  33. Ryuki says:

    No I wasn’t saying this had to be or any one guide should be a ends to all for twinking at 19. But coming form a site that wants the total best you can have BiS why list the 2nd best or even some of the items are 3rd best. I was just pointed out some things I saw wrong or missing that should be there. In the end, each hunter should look at this as a guide and nothing more, use it to help roll your toon as you find for your play style. There are a number of twink guides out there to compare too as it is.

  34. Daddyodwarf says:

    Yeah. Stop looking at it as a guide and start looking at it as a guide. You tell them Ryuki

  35. Elder Gilanor says:

    just so people know this is not a PvP specific list. in most cases as a low level PvPer you will want a lot more stam. to have good lasting survivability in battle grounds at 19 having over 1k health is important. that said, going for stam after 4 other stats might not be the best option if you are planing on being a PvP twink.

    on the other hand this is a very good list for starting our 5 man hunter runs (or continuing :) ). the stat priorities will have you doing very good DPS as you find your way out of WC.

    i like looking at this list as the tier 8-9 of the hunter lv 19 gear. (all tho there are a few items in there that are actual BiS)

    thanks for putting this list together! the list is easy to gather and tweek in ways you see fit for your character/play time :)

  36. Myrdreon says:

    Hmm.. engineering goggles/trinkets.. Doesnt frost have enough on 500 hunters and 500 pets that he also wants them all to throw bombs? Scary tought actually hehe.
    *mumbles something about 500 http://thottbot.com/i4384*

  37. Ug says:

    Well Irix and I tried the bit with putting the scope on the gun in the trade window and that does not work. So I guess we are stuck with the +2 scope for the time being.

  38. Ryuki says:

    Yeah I didn’t know they change the Accurate Scope, so my list is updated to the other one, Standard Scope. No big deal, everyone makes mistakes ;)

    And well, even if your still going to be doing PVE and not PVP, some of the gear listed requires you to do alot of PVP, like the ring and necklace.. so.. why list them then? It really doesn’t matter. Any good player will go out and find the BiS for them, so the fact the guide doesn’t have anything is’t a big deal…

  39. Elder Gilanor says:

    i was talking more about stats then the actual items and where you get them. but yea, it was quite easy for me to get the honor for those items. i think the rings and the bow are all 100h each (thats like 2 games for the three)

    im also stam stacking a bit for those bad pulls in instances where pets arnt enough to keep you from taking damage.

    i just think stam is a little bit more important then the stat list says it is.

  40. Rhinochaser says:

    Deffinately want the twisted chanters staff with the 25 agil. chant, Timmy’s lil peashooter if your a Dwarf with +2 damage scope on it and this is important; YOU WANT TO USE THE CRAFTED HEAVY SHOT. Be an engineer so you can make this. Makes a big difference. Be prepared for endless BG Que’s On my server the lvl 19 Twinks are more or less dead. However the lvl 29 bracket is very alive and well and hunters are gods in this bracket. If the BG’s ques are endless for you guys you may want to move up to the 29 bracket.

  41. Arrowan says:

    Great stuff highly appreciated and a preveiw of 20-29 would be great when we are ready.
    Thanks :-)

  42. Arrowan says:

    PS: How about enchants, potions, elixers etc…

  43. Jackshot says:

    Talent preview please?

  44. Gogglymoggly says:

    My hunter is not at the level cap yet but I really needed this list so that I can equip him when he arrives there. i do have 1 question though, what does BiS stand for BoE and BoP, I’ve heard of but this is my first time twinking a toon and I’m just curious to know if this is a twinking term or what. Anyway the Goggly is an engineer and will be happy do provide any item that you may need or even want if you have the mats. :)

  45. Bitterbrew says:

    BiS stands for “Best in Slot”. It means the absolute best item for that gear slot.

  46. Helgate says:

    I have a 19 hunter with over 10,000 HKs on my old server. Your list is very right-on. Ryuki’s comments are also very right-on. I’ll add a few comments, which are only additions to those listed above. Frankly, strategy, working well with your teammates, and (probably) Ventrilo will make more difference than any one slot having BiS or 2ndBiS.

    Ruin Battlegroup is where 19 Twinking has gone. (There may be others, but my old realm had queues of over an hour and in Ruin the queues at least pop – esp. between 9pm – 1am.) I’ll run 5-10 WSGs in a night sometimes.

    Most valuable profession for any twink is Herbs for Lifeblood 3. You need a higher-level escort to achieve the 225 Herbs max for that buff by picking herbs in STV or other regions. This gives you and extra 720hp every three minutes or so. Hugely valuable. I like skinning for Master of Anatomy (crit. buff). Engineering gives you a 100 hp hat and some fun toys – especially gnomish discombobulator.

    A twink buddy with far more experience than I puts +22 int on his Twisted Chanter’s Staff. He likes the mana pool. I frequently run out of mana. But, I suspect that that is because I’m mashing keys more than following a good rotation (you can get kinda worked up in WSG, lol).

    Careful Aim 3/3 – Improved AP/DPS;
    Hawkeye 3/3 – Improved Range for better DPS and kiting;
    Improved Conc. Shot 2/2 – for kiting and slowing FCs;
    and Lethal Shots 2/5 – for Crit.
    This ( + mana pool) explains the int. stacking.

    Spiders and other pets with slowing talents are pretty standard. The do help a lot with kiting. But, you can’t slow Druid FCs because of their form changing. So, I’ve switched back to DPS pets like wolf or cat.

    Insignia of the Alliance
    Arena Grand Master – you need 12 Arena Masters (which you can’t use) to make 1 AGM.

    Gear – again, everything above is pretty good:
    Hands – Rigid Gloves of the Monkey
    Waist – Girdle of the Blindwatcher from SFK or Satchel belts
    Finger – Meadow Ring of Eluding – world drop (good luck with that!)
    Fang legs, gloves and chest
    Chest – Defias is a legit option

    Chest – +4 to all stats (as mentioned above) is pretty hard to find, but great to have
    Boots – Lesser Accuracy, +5 hit rating

    Elixirs / Pots:
    Elix. of Defense, Lesser Agility, Wisdom, Minor Accuracy
    Healing, Swiftness, Minor Magic Resistance Pots.
    Rage, Ogre’s Strength, and Firepower obviously don’t apply here.

    I realize this site is more about hunters than twinks; but, I figured my comments would make your discussion more complete. If I level up a hunter past 19, I’ll be back to check out your site here. Looks great.

    Happy hunting.

  47. Trinket says:

    Heirlooms engineering supplies and the following trinket from Gurubashi arena: http://thottbot.com/i19024

  48. huntingyou says:

    i just wanted to update this list, hunter dont use INT anymore, and some of the items have been made obsolete.
    Head: Fishing hat(although takes a while to get)
    Shoulders: Shadowmeld spaulders
    chest: the tunic of westfall isnt in the game anymore
    rings: cant get seal of wryn anymore
    range wep: theres a pvp bow in ashenvale thats BA

    and thats really all that i can think of, i hope what i said was helpfull in some way

  49. jbs1 says:

    the bracers from shadowfang are better black wolf bracers

  50. Sylince says:

    Something that only Horde can get, is the Farstrider’s Longbow. 18.4 DPS, 3 stam, 3 agil, I find it great for my hunter twink.