Drak’tharon Speed Run: 6:30

Posted: by Frostheim

Our guild had out heroic races again last weekend, which continued to be huge fun. Our best run was heroic Drak’tharon Keep which we managed to complete in 6 minutes 30 seconds — setting a new personal record. This was a fast run, with only 7 trash pulls in the whole instance.

The only real mistake we made was after Dred’s pen one of the dpsers starting attacking mobs that Hrist was pulling, and Hrist had to turn around and backtrack a lot to pick them back up and take them to the burn spot.

Also the second pull Hrist did was a bit crazy, but he pulled it off, despite his health dipping dangerously low.

After speeding through DKT, our next instance was Occulus, of all things. As we sat at the entrance I had an idea…

Frost: Huh, I wonder if we can run through all of the mobs in the beginning and just jump through the portal without having to fight any of them.

Hrist: Crap! I wish we could have tested this earlier.

Frost: Yeah, but if we can, that would save a huge chunk of time.

Hrist: And if not we’ll wipe and definitely lose the race.

Frost: Well, I’m a big fan of the philosophy of “Either win it, or lose spectacularly.”

Hrist: Heh. Let’s do it. Mount up.

As it turns out, the answer is no, you cannot. Looks like you can’t click through the portal while in combat, and we wiped horribly. And worse yet, that graveyard is far away.  For the sake of knowing what our time would have been, I reset my stopwatch when we got back in.

Not much in the way of tricks in Occulus — just solid execution and not flying into any avoidable drakes. We completed our run after the wipe in 11 minutes 18 seconds, which was also a personal best… though I kinda suspect we could get a bit faster with that (like, say, if I had any mana at the beginning of the fight, rather than having just rezzed).

Also, this will probably be my last speed run video for a while. Hrist is getting annoyed that I’m giving away our secrets to the competition.

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  1. Tickles says:

    Awesome video! Btw, What’s the name of the song playing in the vid?

  2. silentdante says:

    you do know if you watch the video to the end it says what music is playing…

  3. Asis says:

    Wow, Frost, what was with that music? BTW, LOL at you getting feared at the end, IDK why, but when I saw that I couldn’t stop laughing. Maybe it was a a little dude hyped up on too many red bulls with that crazy music.

  4. Thornagol says:

    That was awesome! What kind of dps were you pulling on those large groups?

  5. Repairbill says:

    You cannot stop posting videos! I need all the intel on team hate I can get. ;-)

  6. Testhas says:

    Hi, Frost, I’m french (so excuse my horrible english ;) ) If you pull a lich and you FD, you reset a lich. So your team crosses a bossroom and you FD, is more fast (yes, i know, horrible english :s)

  7. the Cheerleader says:

    hahahhahaa:D good stuff Frost:D and i agree.. don’t think of it as giving away your secrets.. think of it as teaching the world:D <starts singing "i'd like to teach the world to sing.. in perfect harmony…"

    I am bellaskye and i approve:D

  8. Sniperburte says:

    That’s a shame there won’t be any more speed run vids. They are awesome to watch

  9. Farstrider Aliha says:

    You know ShortBus tried the ‘wonder if we can click the portal’ bit on the last pack. And it isn’t a long run…Running back to BRD or BWL that is a long run. Still well done on yout DTK run…

    GO Team ShortBus!

  10. Twin says:

    Why Swedish music :-) hehe…
    Nice run…I want to see more of these kind of videos…like they say…if picture says more then 1000 words…how much does a video say!!???

  11. Gizzmo says:

    My game is starting to get boring, and being in a guild that would do something like that would be really fun.

  12. Orcha of Bloodscalp says:

    Thx for a really nice video, it is really good to get some tips on which bosses that you can skip. But how in the world did you stumble on Garmarna? I was really suprized when I recognized the music, it is not that often that the swedish songs (performed in swedish) makes it any further than our nordic neighbors.

  13. Tsingtao says:

    Frost has the best taste in music

  14. Omogon says:

    I just listened to a bunch of Garmana music on you tube. Very evocative stuff and just the sort of stuff that Dwarves would love while hanging out in Ironforge during the long cold winter. It’s too bad that there can’t be a dwarven band playing in the Stonefire ( or one of the other pubs in IF) .like the orcs in the World’s End.

  15. Miwanor says:

    Frostheim, As an Norwegian player and an active reader of your blog i noticed that the song in the video was Norwegian, this leaves me with the question of. are you from Norway ? =)

  16. Paurixote says:

    “Also, this will probably be my last speed run video for a while. Hrist is getting annoyed that I’m giving away our secrets to the competition.”

  17. Tragick says:

    I love watching these, I think would also be fun to do runs for time but with everyone not in their primary spec.

  18. Phinn says:

    I’ve sneaked through the portal in Occulas before, but only as a hunter. If you FD just by the portal, you leave combat and can click it while feigned….leaves the rest of your group to battle through again without you but it’s a sneaky trick, could possibly work for rogues too

  19. Peeweeism says:

    Ok i have a question not related to any posts. im like fully geared now with 5732 gearscore, But now im working on pvp speccing. I dont see any articles on like the best pvp talent build, or best way to gem for pvp or anything like that….help me out here. Im not getting owned in arena’s but its not going as great as i want to. i need the INNS and the OUTS. thanks