Beast Mastery 101

Posted: by Frostheim

All columnists are picking a spec and doing a basic “class/spec 101” on it, and I hit up Beast Mastery (’cause let’s face it, BM needs some lovin’ these days).

When you’re looking at stepping into the hunter class for the first time there are three key concepts to keep in mind: guns are finely crafted machines of death while bows are primitive contraptions better suited to butterfly-humpin’ hippies; dwarves are solidly-built, better looking, and better able to handle the sweet nectar of life (alcohol) than other races; and finally beast mastery is the ideal entry point into the hunter class… Read More. Meast Bastery 101

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  1. Sylrus says:

    Just read the article and somehow managed to come up with a question about MM instead.

    In the article you disparage Improved Hunter’s Mark, claiming it should only be taken as a “hit” for the raid team as at least one hunter should have it (hopefully not the poor BM, whose dps suffers enough already). However, your MM raid talent build guide here at the WHU shows 3/3 in IHM. In that same guide you discourage putting many points, if any, into Improved Steady Shot, claiming it doesn’t proc enough as MM to be worthwhile. However, your armory profile currently shows you as 0/3 IHM and 3/3 ISS. Now maybe you just aren’t the designated hunter for IHM in your raid group, I don’t know.

    The gist is this – my experience when playing around with talent builds is that most any standard MM build is going to have 3 points at the end that can really only go into either IHM or ISS – at least as far as dps increasing talents go. So assuming I’m the only hunter in my raid and taking IHM for other hunters’ benefit is not an issue, which is the better dps increase?

  2. Arthemystia says:

    I like the backlash to the elf and bow hatred from the few on there who can’t take it in stride. It’s amusing.

    Nice guide though. A wide-scale dissemination of basic huntering info is probably the best way to combat the “huntard” stigma we sometimes get, especially as it pertains to PvE BM hunters these days.

  3. Lirithiel says:

    @ Sylrus: Never copy Frost’s spec as he has said oft times before he’s always testing/trying out new things. So his specs are constantly changing. But the MM spec you refer to is the most dps in ideal circumstances. I myself forego IHM and specced into Improved Barrage for the AoE. I don’t like the fact that other hunters can override my HM with a lesser rank.

    I was all giddy inside when I saw the heading ‘Beast Mastery’ only to find out that its a ‘101’ instead. I will never give up on BM and hold out hope that Blizz will finally make it competitive with MM/SV again soonish (prolly not). Nice guide all the same Frost.

  4. Omogon says:

    Nice article. I’m a BM hunter at heart who raids as MM so I can do better dps for the group. Lately I have been running all heroic randoms as BM. I have got a few “lol noob” comments at the start of a few randoms …but at the end they have gone away ; especially if the “lol noob” tank or healer has gone down and me and my BIG RED PET have downed the boss ;)

    I get a great laugh about the twits who get “offended” when you rag on elves and bows. It’s great fun. It’s a running joke in my guild as well. I think that I’m the only dwarf and my favourite pet is a pig named “Scutters”. I’m currently using the Felglacier Bolter but I’m running every Ony PUG I can so I can try to get a new gun

  5. Spleet says:

    Ohhhhh Snap!!!

    My bow twanging svelte night elf just face planted with a graceful feign death from that jibe. I must admit that letting my Diplomat go in favor of my new bow from ICC10 leaves an auditory gap in my killing but the big yellow numbers make me all warm inside.

    You short dumpy little balls of back hair do OK in raid and your biggest asset is is (along with those squeaky gnome types) I can prop my elbow right on your flat thick-boned gourd with perfect LoS.

  6. Fradin says:

    I had a interesting conversation in a pug last night after our tank dropped out on HOR the pussy lol he said he saw a BM spec hunter produce 10500 dps in ICC now i did say thats incredible since its the least DPS spec however it got to thinking that maybe if your not good on movement in ICC at least your pet would be doing constantly damage while following the boss around and you running about. Now i did’nt know this guy from a bar of soap so he could be out right lying to me which was my 1st impression as alot of people strench the truth alot to impress . Frost would it be possible especially on the 1st boss in ICC that if your movement sucked that the big red devilsaurs could actually make up dps for you since he will follow the boss every where and not get the movement debuff ? .

  7. Frostheim says:

    Honestly Fradin, I wouldn’t believe that a BM hunter could do over 10k on a ICC boss. I’d ask for a raid parse link.

    It is possible that if your movement skills are really bad that you could end up doing more dps as BM — one of the great advantages of BM is how forgiving it is of so many different kinds of errors.

    The other option, of course, would be to get better at playing your class and do more dps in SV or MM :)

  8. Arthemystia says:

    Pet DoT making up for awful movement? Lol. Interesting theory.

    Also, 10.5K on what? AoE Trash? Blood Queen with the bite? Seems suspect for (almost) anything else in ICC.

  9. Fradin says:

    Oh i have personally seen 11500dps in icc mainly on trash pulls however the hunter finished 9500 dps overall after a full trash clear ( MM hunter ), I was just wondering if big red could make the DPS while a useless BM hunter runs around I know myself dropped to 3000dps on the 1st boss down from 6500- 7000dps due to the intense movement and the idea of your pet doing all the work sort of grabbed my attention while your running around like a headless chook just thought i would bring up the idea but i didnt believe him either never seen any BM pull 10,000 dps let alone more .

  10. Lirithiel says:

    What numbers are you BM hunters putting out in ToC 25 btw? I’m not allowed to raid as BM in my guild coz they don’t see it as viable but the last two weeks we’ve been running ToC 25 to gear some ppl up and hope that Death’s Verdict drops (it never does!!!) and I’ve gone BM and ended up on 5.6k and 5.9k dps respectively, finishing 3rd overall on both occasions. I must add that I fall into the category of movement-sucking hunter. I dunno how that compares to other BM hunters which is why I’m asking.