ICC Hunter Loot Part 2

Posted: by Frostheim

The second half of my ICC hunter loot extravaganza is now up at WoW.com.

This week we’re going to dive in headfirst and dig through the piles of boss loot and see what gear comes out on top. So join me after the cut as we take a look at Quel’delar, the Ashen Verdict rings, and everything else that drops in ICC worth looking at! … Read more.

It’s all hunter loot in ICC, part 2.

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  1. Bloodseeker says:

    Absolutely love the intro art piece :)

  2. Kuldrad says:

    Great article as always Frost! I’ve always felt that hunters had by far the best and most intelligent community out there, and now the WoW.com community gets to experience it a bit!

    One thing I wanted to pick you brain on, and that’s the concept of ‘stat sticks’, and why we should defer to the appropriate melee classes for those if the item in question is properly itemized for them as well.

    I know the melee classes can use not only use the stats, but can also utilize the actual DPS part of the item. But doesn’t all DPS come from stats? I mean, this game is just a graphical representation of a crazy huge spreadsheet, using thousands if not millions of formulas and calculations. So when we attack, we are technically attacking with everything that our paper doll has equipped. All of our stats directly contribute to the outcome of the attack.

    Again, I understand that using a melee weapon makes the actual DPS stat on the item useless for us, but it is still directly contributing to our DPS. So if a 2H sword drops, and knowing that this item will increase my spreadsheet DPS by close to 200, I’m going to roll on it. If I win the item, I will then be lambasted by six or seven melee types that the item should have gone to the DPS DK in the group, even though his spreadsheet DPS with that item would only increase by 80.

    But it doesn’t matter, the sword was an upgrade for him, and is only a ‘stat stick’ for me, therfore I shouldn’t even have rolled on it, no matter how much of an upgrade it is for me.

    The same thing happens when a rogue rolls on a bow against a hunter. The rogue gets flamed without anyone even considering that it might have been a better upgrade for the rogue than the hunter.

    I know there is no winning this arguement, no matter how much data you can throw at them. Was just interested in hearing what everyone else thinks. To me, it is indeed all hunter loot!

  3. Eidotrope says:

    You’re missing a couple trash drops, like Rowan’s Rifle of Silver Bullets (a tank gun, I know) and and Wodin’s Lucky Necklace. I think Wodin’s will be the neck of choice. There’s also the Band of the Bone Colossus that drops off of Marrowgar25 and the Shadowvault Slayer’s Cloak that drops off of Gunship25 that I think are wrongly missing.

    Also, there are some one-handed melee weapons worth mentioning, like the 251 and 264 Gunship axes. They have ap, crit and arp.

  4. Eidotrope says:

    And then there’s also the Handgrips of Frost and Sleet.

  5. Zelnith says:

    I just have to say that the quote, “And no, he will not be dropping Frostmourne, though if he did I think we can all agree that a soul-devouring blade that corrupts and controls you is clearly a hunter weapon.” is one of the best sentences I’ve ever seen. =D

  6. Rogues will hate me.

    I have cleared the first wing of ICC 10 man twice in pugs. Both times there were no rogues in the group. In an odd sequence of events, I won the 251 1 hand axe on gunship, then the next run I won the Shawl of Nerubian Silk off Marrowgar.

    I was still using that damn polearm from heroic ToC5 when I won the 1 hand axe, and instantly had to switch to dual wield because of it. I’m honestly ok with that. Doesn’t really bother me.

    The cloak is a different story. The cloak is totally huntered up except for the Expertise. That basically makes it have a glowing surgeon generals notice of “Not intended for use by Huntards.” However, it was a direct upgrade from the Uld25 cloak I was wearing, and I swapped a little unnecessary haste for the even more unnecessary expertise. Any thoughts on this?

  7. Omogon says:

    In my guild we always ask the hunters if they want to roll on any gun (even if it’s a ‘tank’ gun). The big dps boost after lvl 219 means that even a “tank gun” could be a substantial upgrade

  8. Frostheim says:

    Eidotrop: they’re not missing, they’re deliberately left out (as I said i nthe beginning, we’re not going to discuss all of them — like any shoulder drops!).

    The reason we let melee have melee weapons is that the vast majority of the time they are a bigger upgrade for them than us. The actual dps stat of the weapon is the most magnified stat in terms of actual dps. So if a melee weapon is 200 dps upgrade for us (which, frankly, is unlikely) it’s probably a 400dps upgrade for the melee.

    Yes, it’s possible to a melee weapon to be a bigger upgrade for us, usually when a melee is pursuing a sidegrade. But 9 times out of 10, it’s factually better for them, and designed for them.

  9. Arthemystia says:

    Bwahaha! I’m glad I have no such inhibitions about bows. It actually took me a while to get used to the idea of using guns.

    /tar Zod

  10. Eidotrope says:

    I totally understand not mentioning some items, especially the 1h items and trash drops. But, if you aren’t going to mention them, I’d ask that you say why for each slot so that people can know that these items do exist and also know how to deal with them if they do see them drop. That is, telling people to ignore other shoulders and telling people why they should ignore them are two separate things. Providing those explanations would allow you to have a post that helps people with all ICC loot, rather than just those pieces you choose to mention.

    And I still don’t see good reasons to not include the cloak, gloves and ring I mentioned.

  11. Frostheim says:

    There are several reasons. I did say right off the bat that we weren’t looking at everything, just the generally best stuff for each slot. And the dirty truth is that I have a word limit. And I had already gone way, way over. Providing those explanations would have added another 500-1000 words, not changed the advice in any way, and generally cluttered things up.

    I made passing reference to Wodin’s, noting that there were other options if you were looking for hit in that slot — though the vast majority of endgame hunters will prefer the ones I listed and just take Focused Aim rather than have a 0 ArP slot. The cloak is just generally worse than the easy to obtain emblem one, the marrowgar ring you’d only want for the hit.

  12. Eidotrope says:

    Knowing about the word limit clears some things up, thanks.

    And I wasn’t pushing for those items as being the best, but rather as being reasonable alternatives. Since you made a point of listing reasonable alternatives for other slots, I figured they belonged in the list.

  13. Dorianchika says:

    Thought I’d drop in my two sense since I’m living large in ICC and have grabbed most of this stuff.

    Warning on http://www.wowhead.com/?item=50362 :
    Deathbringers buff is also a polymorph affect. On the Gunship fight, you are stuck on the other boat while this proc is up. Everybody rockets away… Everybody but you because you are a lowly blue dwarf atm; The horde boss procedes to wipe the floor with you because your rocket pack won’t work till the buff is manually clicked off or expires.

    Wodin’s Neck… Its nice, VERY nice atm with alot of content a few weeks away. I grabbed it and am enjoying vast amounts of agility, AP and Crit. A bug is currently occuring allowing it to drop in 10 man as well as 25 man.

    Question Frost: You mention keeping T9/9.X legs in the article, but I want to keep my two set T9 bonus. I’m not sure what to give up. “If Santa were your lover…” would you keep T9.X gloves/head and T10 Shoulders/chest OR T9.X Gloves/Legs and T10 Shoulders/Chest? I have a choice but already got the 25 man Leggings of Northern Lights. Thoughts on the best combos to see us into our full T10 sets?

    Many Thanks,
    Dori :)

  14. Deepfriedegg says:

    THAT sucks…. i was thinking about feigning death but that wouldnt make you more useful than manually remove the buff and get back to your own ship…
    I 100% agree with you on Wodin’s Necklace. It is wonderfull (i lost a roll for it twice already :) ). It will take many, MANY weeks before most of the guilds can get to kill Sindragosa (well, maybe not that many on 10 man) to get one of her necklaces – although i have to admit that Rimetooth Pendant from 10 man looks a bit better from MM point of view.

  15. Marty says:

    Good article frost, although you have to relise not all hutners have automaticall followed you over to MM ArP builds so the Wodin’s Necklace and the Frost Emblem Chest [Longstrider’s Vest] are AWESOME upgrades, and do merit a mention.

    I would move to MM ArP build, but can’t face the initial dps drop, I currently do 8k dps and are clearing all content happily, maybe in next expansion, then I can use levelling to learn the spec.

  16. Zaor says:

    Next expansion there won’t be any ArP.

  17. Frostheim says:

    The loot list wasn’t geared specifically to ArP hunters — though I certainly made a point to talk to them since that’ll be the endgame spec of choice. However it was certainly much more geared to MM in general. While all hunter spec like ArP, MM values it the most and the vast majority of endgame hunters will be some kind of MM spec.

    Again, when space is a factor, I gotta aim for the largest percentage of relevant readers as possible.

  18. Zaor says:

    @ Eidotrope
    You really should only need Ahn’kahar shoulders – nothing else really comes close. I like that Frost was just straight up about it, why waste your time explaining it if it’s the flat and undeniable truth?

  19. Zaor says:

    Well based on the objective data available there’s not going to anything close to the MM Arp build for raiding hunters. It’s simply an objective truth. And raiding hunters are the ones who will benefit from an ICC loot post the most (because they’re the ones with the most accessibility to the loot), so it makes sense to me.

  20. fangorntel says:

    I thought MM and Surv were still neck and neck. I usually top charts as Surv in our group and tried MM once and couldnt hit anywhere near the numbers Surv was pulling. Do you think its turning into a “you have to be MM to be competitive on the new content” or “surv just a bit lower then MM” type of situation? I havent figured the MM rotation out yet and may look into it again, dont want to have to regem and regear at this point to mess with it though. Starting to get confused on ArP, Thought it was pretty much useless stat for Surv hunters. This still true? I was told by a few people that im gona catch crap for rolling on the deathbringers will trinket as I am survival and it not good for us. Wana have a good argument to come back with at them :)

  21. Burazaazu says:

    “It’s all hunter loot in ICC…” Pfft, that’s funny, ’cause I haven’t seen one freakin’ piece of hunter gear drop aside from the Snowserpent Mail Helm I got the week after ICC came out, and I’ve been running both the 10 and 25-man every week since…This is why I’m affectionately known in my guild as “Burazaazu the Unlucky.” >:x