Trolls Can Make Me Rich!

Posted: by Frostheim

I love my Shatter Rounds to death. The dps boost may very well be bigger than any single 1 tier upgrade I can get. Perhaps better than two. Spreadsheets say they’re about 150dps better than Mammoth Cutters. Raiding without ‘em is worse than raiding without a flask. Yes, they are better than a flask. They’re that good.

And yeah, I know they’re expensive. Believe me I know, because I’m selling the bajeezus out of them.

After spending the 4k on the Primordial Saronite, the first thing I did (well, first thing after slaughtering every boss currently in ICC) was to run to the AH in a desperate bid to recoup some of that money. At the time they were selling for about 100g per stack. I figured any progression raiding hunter who knew his stuff would want them.

And they sold, and sold, and sold.

I knew the price would plummet in no time – LFG channel was filled with groups forming just to farm the ICC trash – so I had to get in while the gettin’ was good if I was gonna make my money back. The next day the price dropped suddenly to 30g / stack when someone listed 250 stacks. I made it my goal to make sure they never sold one (and they didn’t).  But I recouped my Primordial Saronite expense, and was now earning profit.

I’m not going to go into the whole question of whether it’s “right” to sell something for a profit, or if at some margin it suddenly becomes wrong. We’ll leave that to Greedy Goblin to explain. My story is about trolls, and I’m getting there.

In addition to AH listing, I’d occasionally offer them in /trade for a good 10g cheaper than the AH price. Some people sent me angry tells at my gouging. Some people thanked me and friended me and promised me all their future business. Some people offered me a 1g tip and their mats (no thanks).

Enter the Troll

Then yesterday this guy started spamming /trade every minute or so. I logged on, and he was spamming. I got out of my raid – he was still spamming. Ran some heroics – he was still spamming. He was at it for hours. And when I posted my offer of Shattered Rounds, he upped it to every 15-30 seconds. For the sake of guarding his true identity, we’ll call him Troll (not his real name).


He clearly had a macro. I don’t know who Pinkee is, but he or she wasn’t selling any Shatter Rounds on the AH, that’s for certain. The Troll (and I’ll never reveal his actual name) was drudging up lots of complaints. People trying to explain supply and demand, or just begging him to be silent, if only for 10 minutes.

Normally I’ll only post in the /trade channel every half hour or hour, but with the Troll there, I upped it, a lot. I extolled the virtues of Frostheim brand Shatter Rounds. I offered a free Haiku for each customer (and delivered a unique one for each of them). I poked fun at the Troll, but I did so light-heartedly and kept it fun. I let people vent their frustration at the Troll, in the form of giving me money for bullets.

Suddenly I was getting a constant stream of tells. I was running back and forth across Dalaran selling a stack here, 10 stacks there. So much so that I wasn’t able to keep up with my ammo sales log – I have no idea exactly what all I sold. Halfway through I realized that I should be screenshotting this. Mostly it was a lot of hunters enjoying the humor and deciding to finally get their ammo (I think) but I also was getting sales to classes that don’t even use ammo.

Note: Yeah, the pics are small. But you can click on the images to enlarge them.





That’s right, that mage actually paid more than double what I was asking just because he was so annoyed at the Troll, and I presented an opportunity to vent that rage. Eventually the Troll switched characters and briefly tried to pretend to be someone else agreeing with himself. He was quickly called out and gave up all pretense.



At any rate, I would like to publicly thank the Troll. I made over 1k gold in under a half hour in /trade – and that’s not counting the AH sales during the same time period. Not only that, I had a massive amount of fun.

Oh, and here’s one of the haiku for you guys. No charge :)

Love hurts and love kills
That’s why these bullets you hold
Were crafted with love

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  1. Flor says:

    It’s 5g a stack on my server in Silvermoon.

  2. Omogon says:

    Sometimes I seriously consider moving Omogon to your realm :D

    btw…Shatter Rounds are about 3oG/stack on Lethon now….and there are group just farming the adds in ICC for rep. I was in a group last night…..clear the adds up to Marrogar, run out and reset……three rounds and you are friendly

  3. alittledrunk says:

    I have stacks of both the bullets and arrows, found someone else farming rep, and since I’ve been hording(pun) Earth and Shadow for the last month, I supply the mats and they keep half I get half(the Eternal earth and shadows only stay on AH for sec’s) The AH price was 60G/stack , now it’s down to 20G, and I sell in /trade for 10G/stack anytime I’m not running something.

  4. Deepfriedegg says:

    Aszune EU: Yesterday afternoon 30G/ 1000. Then I listed couple of my stacks of 100 for 15g.
    When ONE poster undercut my stack of 100 with his stack of 1000, the price begun to downfall. In the evening it was at 10G :)

  5. Nnof says:

    By stack I’m assuming everyone means 1000. Going for 11G a stack on my server aside from one twit who is selling “stacks” of 100 for 11G :p

  6. anbuish says:

    Its 30g a stack on my server. Theres another hunter in my guild that makes them. He gives it to the raid hunters for free, and only charges the other hunters for mats. I’ve used them on a target dummy as MM and my dps did jump from about 4.7k to about 4.9k. When I switched to SV it went from 5.1 to 5.2k. It seems to make a bigger jump as MM. Once I get some ICC gear I’ll stay MM

  7. Cocky Mage - a.k.a Neven says:

    Frost, Pinkee was someone that was selling the stacks early last week for 130g per stack. I think he was one of the first to have access to them, before the huge push for rep farming (I think wednesday last week, iirc).

    Pinkee got flamed too. A LOT.

  8. K says:

    Morons & Slackers as Gevlon would say. Gratz on your sales.

  9. Nella says:

    Free market economy – WoW Overdrive mode FTW

    Grats on sales and anti-troll fun – sounds like a blast :) I’m just a lowly leatherworker making a steady proffit off of Crusader’s Dragonscale as the price of Crusader Orb’s continues to fall, paid for the patterns in 2 sales, paid for my own with a few more, now all is sweet profit to buy Iceblade Arrows with, yes I’m a Nelf with a Xbow – don’t ban me ;)

  10. Azurefire says:

    If your AH doesn’t have the arrows or bullets up yet, heres a trick I used…check the opposite faction. You can have a friend help you transfer them via Booty Bay.

  11. Prelious says:

    Still 20G/1000 on Gnomer (US). As I’m fiscally challenged most of the time I’m buying 2-4 stacks at a time after running Stormpeak dailies then I only use them for 5 mans or raids.

    Accidently left them equipped after a 5 man last night. Went back to Stormpeaks to continue some farming and noticed I was one-shotting worms. I thought…WTF…then had to laugh when I realized my iceblades were still equipped.

  12. Vael says:

    I had my darling Engineer friend offer to change his spec from Gnomish to Goblin since I am currently using a gun, but I told him not to. I figure I’m stuck buying the bullets for the time being (so please, try not to gouge your fellow hunters TOO deeply. We may just be stuck temporarily…)
    If only one had a crystal ball and could foresee what form of pew-pew they would be packing on the long trip through Icecrown Citadel.

  13. Lenwe says:

    I’m shocked that no one reported him for spamming.

  14. palris says:

    I wish my relms (Drenden) prices for the new rounds were as cheap as I see posted here. Shatter Rounds- 45g stack, Iceblade Arrow- 76g stack. Of course no-one in my guild can make them yet.

  15. Valacia says:

    weee! One of our guild leaders is a Goblin engineer and is just shy of revered and should have the shatter rounds pattern quite soon. I’ve been picking up eternal earths (and shadows, in case I ever get to go back to my beloved Bow) and have started worrying about where I am going to actually store all of this ammo! such a sweet sweet time!

  16. Chimy says:

    If everyone would just /ignore trolls, they wouldn’t spam chat because it wouldn’t be fun.
    There’s always someone who takes the bait though. lol.
    Glad this one time it worked out in your favor. :)

  17. When they first came out the price on Llane was about 100g for the arrows. I sat back and tucked my hands in pockets for a couple days to wait for the market to stabilize. Finally I saw someone undercut down to 25g a stack on the AH so I quickly bought 10 stacks. I figured the market still wasn’t stabilized, but I couldn’t contain myself any longer. They’s awesomeness. Well now the price has dropped down to about 10g a stack, but I’m set. Not only do I still have plenty from my 10 stacks, but friends of my have started buying them when the price looks really low and mailing them to me just because they like messin with the market. At this point I have my quiver full (yes, I use a quiver too.), and theres probably another 10 or so stacks in my mailbox waiting for me to make room.

  18. The Cheerleader says:


    Well, i am glad that you had fun in trade:D At least you have shown us how to have fun without a single shot being fired in an instance:D


  19. quivering says:

    wow is dead and its frosts fault lol

    i be selling the arrows for 9g a stack. i just turn easy profit buying up cheap crystallized shadow and relisting. easy peasy.

  20. Armin says:

    Well, Frost was having fun,w hich is by far the best reaction you can have.

    I wouldn’t have the patience for that. Also I wouldn’t have even tried to reason with mr Troll. There i a very nice /ignore option for those people. On my server theer were/are a grp of kids shouting on trade all kinds of obscene stuff every day for weeks. The issue was people respswoding, instead of ignoring them. If it wasn’t for the responses I wouldn’t even have noticed them anymore …

    So just /ignore them. Remember al teh others are seeing your desparate responses as well …

    What bothers me more is that theer are still NO shatterred rounds on my realm in teh AH. Money is no objection for me,but there simply are none. I’m almost thinking about switching profession … ;-(

  21. alamarco says:

    You guys are all lucky. I haven’t been able to farm any rep yet. Still using Saronite Razorheads. :(

  22. Backspace says:

    Haha “We’ll call him troll, so as to protect his true name”

    “20 pictures with his name in them”

    Awesome stuff frost, I love when WoW drama is actually quality and entertaining.

  23. Leisant says:

    HAHAHA! I was the first on my server with the Arrows. We farmed the rep tuesdays morning, and I was able to put them up tuesday before raid. I had a hunter whisper me telling me they didn’t work and he wanted his money back, lol.

  24. Leisant says:

    What’s the best tip you received? I had a hunter tip me with a rainbow of epic gems. One of each color… beat that!

  25. Phyllixia says:

    Hah, great story :)

  26. Pyrelik says:

    Rofl @ the troll thats great stuff frost.. Shatter rounds and arrow are going for about 15g a stack on drenden at the moment. they were like 120g easy but when i saw the price drop i jumped on my bank alt (cuz he holds all my money unless im raiding) and bought 50k arrows and just filled my Gbank with them. Being the only Eng in my guild im getting offer from the rest of the hunters in my guild to pay for the saronite and constant invites to farm trash is ICC for rep because they want them so bad. life is good. and they tip even (ill never charge a guild even for mats. i make sure my hunters pay their dues in the form of walking death)

  27. Armin says:

    Still no bullets on my server. Tons of arrows way below 10g. After some asking the reason is simple: best dps is a bow, so all top raid guilds use bows. And nobody cares about bullets … So I guess I have to wait for teh bow to drop me me as well (or redo some toct to get its bow to drop) …