The Human Capacity for Stupidity

Posted: by Frostheim

In general I think I’m a good raider. I understand my class, I do good dps, and more importantly I have a pretty good skillset that allows me to fill in all the special hunter roles (target switching, kiting, special movement things) without losing much dps.

Most importantly I’m always trying to perfect my skills, and reduce my mistakes. This is one of the reasons I love the EnsidiaFails addon so much – it’s hard to reduce your errors if you don’t even know you’re making them. But of course, the flip side of this is I certainly do make stupid mistakes.

Scott Adams had an interesting observation on human stupidity: he related a story about a new pager he got that didn’t work. He tried everything to fix it from trying new batteries to reading the manual before finally driving back to the store to get it replaced. As he was explaining the problems the clerk took the pager and in one smooth motion popped the cap off, took the batteries out, turned them around to the correct orientation, put them back, and turned it on.

Scott Adams’ observed that his massive stupidity is not what was remarkable; what was remarkable was that he managed to drive a motor vehicle through heavy traffic without killing himself or others. People have a remarkable capacity to switch back and forth between stupid and not stupid.

So that said, here’s a list of all the stupid raiding things I can think of doing:

  • I’ve stood in void zones
  • I’ve been hit by the Yeti charge
  • The very first time I did Thaddius 25 I somehow mentally reversed clockwise and counterclockwise and ran in the wrong direction zapping everyone. To my credit, I’ve never zapped anyone since.
  • I’ve pulled aggro
  • I’ve misdirected to the wrong tank
  • I’ve accidentally pulled a neighboring trash pack
  • I deliberately didn’t use consumables during a wipe-fest evening (and got schooled by Hrist for it)
  • I’ve disengaged off of a cliff
  • I’ve disengaged into walls and posts
  • I’ve pulled before the tank was ready (obviously this is only possible in pugs – Hrist is usually half the instance ahead of the group. He’s giving me bad habits of impatience.)
  • I’ve had the wrong aura on the Twins
  • I’ve deliberately ignored what the RL said in a pug and instead used a strat I thought was better. Being right doesn’t make this any less stupid, fyi.
  • I’ve raided in pvp gear
  • I’ve realized halfway through a boss fight that I was in viper (and promptly set up power auras to warn me when that happens)
  • I’ve wiped the raid (by accidentally pulling Garr along with 2 corehounds back in MC days. Everyone died but me – I FD’d)

So looking back on it, it’s a pretty discouraging list. About the only things not on there are failing the lava dance or failing the jump to Thaddius. But on the bright side, the vast majority of them were mistakes I only ever made once.

So what are some of your most memorable stupid mistakes?

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  1. Gunho says:

    Shooting for way too long in viper mode… i still often do this.
    But not for long. I use Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text to play an alarm sound and display “Viper of NOOB!” everytime I hit 100% mana in viper mode, so after 2 alarms i’m usually back to Dragonhawk :)

    Most memorable, back in vanilla my boar pet ran off in UBRS during the Rend Blackhand fight and aggrod the balcony spectators.
    Most common, failing to track the proper type for the 5% Improved Tracking bonus.

  2. Arthemystia says:

    We’ve had two recent memorable wipes that can be traced to a single person. One was my fault, and it was on XT Hard Mode. I failed to see the gravity well on me and sucked in nearly the entire group. The even more damning fact was that we had him at about 2% at the time. I’ve no doubt we would mash Hard Mode XT right now, but this was back when it was still a challenge, and the gear would’ve been a considerable upgrade.

    Also, yes, a dummy light for Viper in Power Auras has saved me numerous times since I created it.

  3. Vael says:

    Aww, this is such a great End-Of-The-Year post, full of “reflection” and “self-improvement” and all that crap. ;)

    I have done many of those things, along with:
    FAILING to make that jump on to Thaddius’s platform. Not once, not twice, but THREE times in a row.
    FAILING to remember that I was on Frost Patch duty on Anub…for no other reason that I must have just been zoning in my own head. It took my tank yelling “Why is there no frost on the ground?!?!?!” for me to have an oh shit! moment.

    To paraphrase a depressed philosopher, “That which doesn’t wipe us only makes us stronger, right?” *grin*

  4. Frostheim says:

    Gunho — note that you don’t have to track the mobs that your fighting to get the imp tracking bonus anymore. As long as you’re tracking *anything* on that list, you’ll get the bonus to everything on the list.

  5. Mojoen says:

    Raiding with a fishing pole

  6. Chimy says:

    Oooh, ooh.. Mapping my ‘use fishing hat’ macro to the second tool bar and hitting it before combat accidentally, so it effectively switched my helmet with the hat and I only realized it during a boss fight. (And now you’re gonna die wearing that silly hat). Terrible.

    DEing off a cliff is a freaking hunter rite of passage.
    Believe it or not, I actually got the falling achievement in the basin by accident that way. lol

  7. Gunho says:

    Oh! Didn’t know that, thanks! Saves a whole lot of stressfull tracking changing.

  8. Aguacate says:

    Running TOC 10 armed with a fishing pole

    MD’ing onto the ex-tank that was dps-ing that particular fight – he died butvery graciously still sent me some ammo for Christmas

    Entering UK with an aggresive pet

    Falling off the path on the gauntlet run in HOR

    must learnto paymore attention!

  9. Quivering says:

    oh im sure i have plenty. if i get tunnel vision, i can soak in void zones if im not careful (tho i stay aware enough to keep me and my pet alive during sarth waves). my biggest problem is i tend to accidently range pull. i dont have latency issues (unless im in lagaran, where instant shots get cast times). but im in the habit of spamming my next shot in priority so i dont lose time. problem is, on trash pullls, if everything quickly dies, my spam will target some other mob and off fires a shot and here they come. now im good with kiting, snaring, and ccing in emergencies but thats no excuse. its a pain, especially in lfg dungeons.

  10. Gil says:

    Distracting Shot on the boss. Stupid bloodbeasts look just like Saur!

  11. Arthemystia says:

    Argent Lance. ‘nuf said.

  12. Camdin says:

    MDing Warlocks(it was an accident I swear).
    Got aggro on adds, pulled them clear to the other side of the room and didn’t FD until they were right on top of me. By that time others had also pulled more agro than the tank so mobs started moving through the group taking people out before the tank cought up.

  13. Panzer says:

    I’ve made several of the above mistakes.
    Entering (after a wipe) Mimiron room with pet on agressive, not once but twice.
    Get new shiny bow.. slap a gem and an enchant, equip, enter combat and then realize bullets are not the proper ammo.
    But my most memorable mistake was on Kelthuzad, back when naxx was new. Shooting banshees and skeltons, selecting one of the skeleton on the back by mistake and watching in horror a march of dozens of mobs upon a screming group. To this day i’ve never confessed that it was me that wiped us that night. :)

  14. Darkbrew says:

    Unfortunately my list is way too long for this space, but here’s a fun one that happened not too long ago.

    I ran out of ammo in the middle of a boss fight. I actually opened up my Eng. window and crafted a couple of stacks of ammo and was able to resume dps in the fight.

    In my defense I had done and inordinate amount dungeons and raiding that particular night. Okay, there really isn’t a defense.

  15. Gil, that reminds me of a fail I pulled on my dk tank. I was OT in ony 25, on whelp detail. Everything went extremely smooth, got to phase three, and moved in for my mindless 1.8k dps. Then I accidentally hit “2” instead of “3” and deathgripped Ony onto me…. and the half of the raid that was standing next to me.

    I ran to the MT as quick as possible, and somehow got lucky enough to not cleave the raid to peices. The Tank pulled her back off me, and there was a moment of silence over vent before someone finally said, “What the hell just happened?”

    “I dont know what you’re talking about, continue dps.”

  16. Vael says:

    Gold Star for Arth!! ;)
    I forgot a good one that happened just the other day. Halls of Reflection, starting the gauntlet.
    Me: Hey, I have a good running lead built up and I think it can buy us a few more seconds of time. Hey, did you know that you can be trapped on the OTHER side of the ice walls while Jaina is breaking them down? Cause I didn’t…
    Luckily my group made it thru. Its pretty hilarious, though, cause you can see around the walls, watching scary Arthas coming for your friends, and you can’;t do anything. Good times, lol.

  17. Quadilious says:

    My stupid moment is still being used to taunt and ridicule me by Mrs. Quad! She needed dps one day to help her and her friends get some alts through DTK. When I arrived at the stone I noticed she had an old friend in her party, a very capable pally tank who I used to have fun with by seeing how long we could go before I’d grab aggro from him. We started the run, made it past the first boss when this pally said “Quad REALLY likes testing me”. it was at this point that I realized that if I had been paying just a little bit more attention, this pally was no longer a tank, but a healer, and ALL me MD’s had been going to him, not our ACTUAL TANK! Some how we made it without wiping (a tribute to awesome healing skills!), but everytime I go into a dungeon or raid, there’s the mrs going “you sure you know who the tank is this time?”

  18. Tlord says:

    Guildies Got Me! and DI “Lag”:

    Okay.. We Raid for 4 Hours Starting at 10pm Eastern So In My Defence I Am Realllly Tired At The Point Of My Mistakes.. 1. My 245 ilvl Cloak Finally Drops In 25ToC and I Roll And Hit A 93, I’m Elated, Only To See A 100 Roll ( Toc Is No Longer Progression So We Just Roll Now)… I Lose My Cool And Start Ranting At The Rogue That It’s More Of An Upgrade For Me..Everyone Begins To Laugh In Vent..100 (100-100).. I Felt Pretty Dumb. 2. Coming Up On The End Of Raid Time On A Seperate Night I FD On A Wipe In 25Togc Over By The Gates The Bosses Come Through.. I Cant Get Up.. Nothing I Do Works… I Tell RL/GM I Gotta Relog Something Is Up.. As I Go To Log Pally Starts Howling… I Then Knew I Was DI’d And Died A Little Inside That Night To Embarassment. In The End, I Will Never Be Fooled By These Again, If I’m Awake Enough To Notice Them :P

  19. Quivering says:

    @darkbrew: ive done that an embarassing amount of times, usually after doing so many dungeons i lose count.

    similarly tho, one night i got in an ony25 pug. mid way through phase 2, i got “need to equip ranged weapon” error. im think wtf, ive been using my gun all night (troll with gun is all sorts of stupid all by itself). i look, my gun is busted red. so i find a safe place next to the wall, pop out jeeves, repair and continue dps… all mid fight phase 2 ony. :D

  20. Mike says:

    Using my pet attack macro and clicking over the head of the trash in VoA 25 causing lots of dead people. I almost felt guild for using Feign Death…… almost

    As soon as i noticed my wolf dead and the boss running at the group I new what had happened…

  21. stoutnbitter says:

    My stupidity knows no bounds. Still to this day I make mistakes by the bucket full.
    Most memoral, Scholo miss targeted mob sent pet across the room, recalled pet, only to have it run around the wall to come back. 10-15 skellies chasing it.
    first day i found out what “WTF?” “NOOB” and “FFS” were short for.
    and that started the demise of pets in raids for that guild.

  22. alittledrunk says:

    think i have done most of those, mike the pet thing, really helps to have that heart of the phoenix( wasn’t my pet, he’s right here). Disengage off cliff is a strat i use(parachute helps)
    although i did hit disengage in Ony 25 in to the eggs(right as she was landing)
    have pulled more mobs than i care to count by NOT putting pet up before jumping down into areas(not sure if this is fixed or not, don’t have the nerve to try again) +++ left — right(who’s left and who’s right???) and my all time fav, zoned into OS 25 late hit autorun while talking to wife(and ran right into her) about 2 secs later i saw you have been removed from raid…..

  23. I’ve spent more on disengage repairs than I care to admit.

  24. Welx, Stormreaver EU says:

    Your not alone, Frostheim my friend, this have all happened to me too.
    (Well maybe not Garr and raids and such, but the rest :))

  25. Aguacate says:

    Oh and spawning into TOC after a DC in the centre of the arena – then mistaking the Faction Champions for my team-mates…

  26. Tlord says:

    Flew up beside a Horde (clothies are fun), Dismounted, shot with everything i got thennnn.. Parachute.. parachute…. PARACHUTE!?!?!? .. dead… ooohhh yaaa i got a new cloak and forgot to replace the old icon with new one..I’m sure that Horde had a good laugh.

  27. DragonNightz says:

    back in BC running Kara, me and our GM ran out the back door to summon another member and i jumped from the bridge trying to land in the water and land on the side of the river there…… plus i forgot to hit my Skyguard Cape…… :(

  28. Tiger says:

    Failing to disengage on Vezax hardmode and accepting a battle res in iron council that spawned me right beside the boss as he was doing that AoE, got one shot lol.

    Oh and just the other day I wanted to be cool and jump off a cliff in AV then disengage before I hit the ground, but I hit disengage too late and died. xD

  29. rugby10 says:

    MD pull to tank in OS 25 and promptly forgetting to MD before shooting… and got the firewall achievement for it while dead…LOL…

  30. Levity says:

    …sigh…got jumped by a DK, Deathgripped – Freezing Trap/Disengage away before CoIce, we both stuck and trinket escape, pet chomp, not realizing where i was now, Deathgripped again – Disengaged off cliff now behind me…can still imagine DK laughing…

    …joking pre-raid HoL about the new hunter buffs (MD) with another hunter…first mob, still had hunter selected, MD to him…*wince*

    …got falling achievement and trauma (hfw bandage at 5% life) achievement after another Disengage escape-retreat-fail…

    And of course, Horde Lance.
    *hangs head*

  31. Ozram says:

    My main is shadowpriest, though alt is hunter. managed to gear up the hunter fast and effective.
    We went to Ony 25 and when we started to attack her, I didnt think about threat.. Its much easier to dot up and start to nuke as SP… A hunter nukes directly :P You know what happened, I took all aggro and whiped the raid …. And that has happened ALOT of times :)
    Its sometimes hard to change playstyle, when you alter the chars… But Im learning :D

  32. code says:

    You switched Guilds Frost?

  33. code says:

    Guild…. need a edit button.

  34. nheco says:

    One of my worst mistakes was something like Darkbrew… i was on onyxia, pew pew shoting and suddenly i started to hit like crazy the buttons thinking “why u dont shoot asshole!” and then i saw the red little letters on the screen saying “you dont have ammo equiped blahblahblah”… after that, i finished the fight by “melee’ing” xD

  35. Spleet says:

    The worst has got to be getting summoned in to ToC25 from a BG where I (of course) had my pet on aggressive. And, of course, I popped in and before my eyes stood the faction champs with my cat Fuzzball streaking in at them. While I take the majority of the “doh” on that event I must say I do not recall the RL letting me know where they had the FC’s up.

    In any event I was so mortified I simply whacked the power button my PC and grabbed a good book to spend my evening with. If any of the other 24 folks on my server read this well…sorry!

  36. Hyperion says:

    I’ve got 2 pretty big memorable ones. lol
    1) I’m an enchanter and was helping a friend get all their enchants done. When i was finished i told them to go ahead and summon me to ToGC, not noticing that I replaced my ammo bad for my enchanting bag, we started up the fight only for me to realize… no ammo! I get made fun of a lot for that.

    2) Our druid tank can also double as a healer, and has very good gear for both. Well he was tanking, i think it was faction champs so i set up my MD macros and went on. Easy kill so we move to Twins. Well he switches to heal, and as we pull I MD our healer blow some CD’s and burst 5k dps. Dead healer, we wipe. :(

  37. Omogon says:

    All of the above

  38. SonTzu says:

    After a wipe I was the last one back. I was paying attention to chat and auto-ran right past the group in a group of trash promptly dying – again.

  39. Tinz says:

    nice post… we probably all did at least 1 thing from your list. and well, i still do some of those things… o’_’o

    my 2 cents:
    1. tried switching auras while flying – fell and died.
    2. entering some instance and cursed when i couldn’t attack anything, then realized that my gun was beyond repair.
    3. forget that i can FD. -_-“

  40. Vyrc says:

    Selling all the greens and blue soulbounded equips in my bag, waiting a week, then realizing that I sold my helm feet and chest. Damn Santa Suit, it is just so cool!
    O and raiding with an ilevel 2 staff because i thought it looked cool =D.

  41. Autumn says:

    I have a spider pet which I use for PVP and BGs. To make sure it’s always chewing on some enemy, I have its behavior set to aggressive.

    So, this new raid TOC came up, and we had a spot of trouble with faction champs. I thought, “Hey, why don’t I use my PVP pet so I can web-kite the rogue or something?”

    So, I summoned my spider…

  42. Bindura says:

    I’ve wiped an Ony Pug by falling off the sides into the Whelps Pits after being invited off LFG. Sorry Rades I might have been in your raid group that day.

    Died from standing in a “fire” Koralon. Prompted me to get Power Aura’s

    Raided Ony successfully “cough” without taking damage until this last week. Standing targeting her face on. Big yellow text and giant cast bar untill oh crap. Jump turn DE uphill land in the middle of the Deep Breath and die. The raid downed her and there was a good job everybody from RL.

    I replied “I think I’m exempt from that statement” I might get DBM after this one

    When I pull agro I refuse to let the tank regain control (only on trash in heroics) and I kite them or die trying. I think I’ve burnt a couple tanks taunts doing this and then pulled the mob straight back onto me.

    MD’d my pet after forgetting to set my focus…MDing a DK DPS on H FoS after he tanked the last bit of trash before Devourer of Souls….did not even realise that we had brought in a tank untill the boss was taunted off him. Luckily he hits soft *cough*

    Die after refusing to hide behind saronite on Garfrost stubbonly believing I could dps him down faster than his debuff could kill me.

    Changed aspects flying out of Dal

    Horde Lance…Argent Lance…No melee equipped
    Viper then watching Omen amazed that I wasn’t reining the tank in

    FDing in the Heigan Dance and getting clipped by the green goo

    Not using voice over vent to warn a tank that he was going to pull Auria by tanking one of the trash at the top of the stairs…dropped into raid chat instead of yelling and watched the wipe in slow motion. I FD’d of course. That prompted me to set up vent properly.

    Again really sorry Rades…and all other hunters for falling into the Whelp pits. As someone asked after I fell to the raids death. “Who thought getting the hunter from LFG was a good idea?”

  43. Shadda says:

    AV: Try to hit Deterrence and Disengage right into 40 angry Hordies.

    First attempt at Malygos: Ran out of mana during each of our multiple attempts and hopped into Viper. The next day I think back on the fight and go… “Hey… the Aspect of Magic probably has a mana bar… I could have just used my sting.”

    DCed durring Grob. Got Mutagen and dropped the AoE in the middle of the raid.

    Went through several chain heroics without MDing because my macro’s set up for a PUG tank I’d had the day before.

    Decided to add some excitement to Heroics. Extracted Lightning Boss’s Aggro sound files (guy from HoL who casts Disperse). Played sound over vent while fighting elementals in front. Nearly got DPS warrior to charge the boss. This may not have been stupid, just evil. :)

  44. Risek says:

    I felt from that stupid pipe in Naxx 3 x in row lol and I was looking at gear of our priest healer then someone screamed go MD on Tank and I accidentally MD on heals lol…Its hard to be a smart hunter lol

  45. enigmashadow says:

    was in 25 ony and didnt repair so i had to use a grey bow i picked up from trash not to long ago

  46. Elganna says:

    I didn’t understand how feast foods worked, so I told my pet to try to eat the Fish Feast. It pulled some gargoyles instead. :(

    And I’ve screwed up on the jumping off ledge thing in Nexus, pet takes the long way and pulls everything too many times.

  47. Barrett says:

    I’ve managed to pull Raggy back in the MC-days during a wipe-recovery. Funny thing was that I was facing the wall while Arrows were flying out of my back. Needless to say we wiped again and had to corps run back xD Never knew how I managed to pull that stupid stunt off :P

    After more then 3,5 years people still remember that infamous Raggy Pull \ 0 /

  48. Cocky Mage - a.k.a. Neven says:

    Well, the easy one that comes to mind is that I jetpacked off the boat in ICC… before the event started. Still trying to figure out that one. I blame Frost some how (or lag, thats the other boogyman).

  49. Hyena says:

    1) Was summoned as a fill in on HF Ramparts for the last boss. Ran in, helped kill him, then the tank says ‘ Thanks for leaving Pack up for that entire fight.’ D’oh

    2) Back when I was BM, casting Phoenix on my pet, dead at a bosses feet, while the party was rebuffing after a wipe…

    3) First time on morrowgar a couple of weeks ago… ‘Okay, lets go. Hyena, Misdirect him to the tank and everyone run to position.’ So I go ahead and start the pull. Hitting MD first would have helped.

  50. Lyraat says:

    Doing WG and my daily LFG with my Chef’s Hat on.

    Raiding with Find Minerals on.

    I wish I could say I’ve only done these once. Oops :D

  51. Bladewisp says:

    > Finished the non-mounted phase of a 5-man heroic ToC with my argent lance still equipped.
    > Forgot that Flare was a hunter skill. I’d never used it before. Ever.
    > Forgot to turn Trueshot Aura back on after a wipe.

  52. Schmevan says:

    Disengaging off of Oculus

    Forgetting Trueshot Aura after just about every wipe until we pull

    Forgetting to turn an aspect on after being rezed

    forgetting to call my pet when I switched specs

    having my tank pet out half way through a heroic

    misdirecting onto the lock…wait I did that on purpose

    Pulling aggro

    Forgetting Hunter’s Mark

    Misdirecting onto a healer…still don’t know how I targeted him in the middle of a fight

    Trying to kite instead of FD’ing

    and many more…

  53. Schmevan says:

    oh yeah, and having aspect of the pack on and running through the trash room before Lotheb and wondering where the tank was when I got to the end…I made it…everybody else was dead or dazed…I fd’d

  54. Running the tunnel to Gluth in Naxx and deciding Aspect of the Pack would be a fantastic idea.

    I use a focus macro to MD, so I don’t really have a problem with MDing the wrong person. It’s not a problem see, its a hobby.

    Putting on my high ilvl gear for Flame Leviathan, then proceeding to raid Ulduar for hours bitching about having an off-dps day.

  55. dommod says:

    Ok, first off i’ve read all the comments, and i feel your pain guys, i’ve had my share of noobtastic moments.
    i’ve been playing my trigger happy dwarf for like 4 years now, many moments, but i have 2 that stand out…

    1) the first was a learning experience, back when LBRS was THE place to be. at the place where everyone jumps down to the bottom… i jumped, and we pulled a group… and i noticed, hey, my snow leopard isn’t attacking… Where could he be?! i thought… then he came trotting up to the group about a minute later… and so did half the instance… learnt pretty damn fast to dismiss pets THEN jump

    2) by far my greatest moment….. let me set the scene, back in the day, when Zul’gurub was the big huge instance… we spent 2 nights with blood and sweat and repairs to finally be standing infront of hakkar, me wanting my warblades and gun… and then…

    -as Anvilbreaker(GM/MT) was explaining “well guys we’re gunna have someone go on the sides and kyte a wind serpent up, when i say so, we kill it and everyone gets pois….” **click, click, BANG** the sound of the gun going off gave a moment of silence… one single bullet went streaking towards the beast…. an angered hakkar charged at the group aiming towards one short dwarf…i let out a high pitched “eeep” then FD’d and hakkar then PWNED the raid…. siiiigh

    ***** this was the week where they released the patch where right clicking on a target for a hunter would auto shoot… before this right clicking would be like any melee class, you would go itno a melee combat stance and see “target is out of range”… old habbits die hard i guess….

    p.s… every now and then i still right click :s my Mt hates/loves me ……

  56. Verg says:

    My never-dueling self accepted a challenge outside OS25, set pet to Aggressive, and forgot about it… until the trash wiped us…

    – Run out of ammo during boss fights (and open Engineering, craft two stacks, continue…)
    – Changed Aspects while flying… I mean… falling? (have it set to dismount me on cast)
    – Opened my Parachute Cloak too early during a fall… or not opened it at all…
    – Played ping-pong with melee mobs and the tank

  57. I just got a new one last night. We’re doing 8 man naxx with a mostly undergeared group. Got to KT, and 1 of our 2 healers dc’d right at the pull. We all went into the green circle, he stayed right where the adds spawned, and shouted “DC!” into vent. We all watched, giggling, while the adds spawned all around him, then came storming towards the circle. Every second or so, another bunch of skelly’s would spawn and come toward the circle. I was the only hunter, so I said, “Well that’s a wipe. So Long Suckers!! FD FTW.” Then I casually waltzed over to the door and fd. Right at that point, the healer came back online and ran to the middle of the circle, where they were just starting to get the adds under control. Feeling like an idiot, I canceled FD and tried to run back to the circle. The adds respawned again around me and killed me half way to the circle. Luckily my newest wave of adds was too much for the group to handle and they finally wiped it up. I didn’t really want to sit in a puddle on the floor and watch them kill the boss without me. Listening to them quote me for the rest of the night was painful enough.

  58. Phypa says:

    My guild doesn’t really raid too often, so I’m used to PUGs and following RL orders, and I tend to panic whenever I’m assigned to an essential role. I was with another guild in Ulduar, and it was my first time, and I was desperate to prove I wasn’t stupid. I was doing awesome dps, but then I died three times in a row to trash on the way to Ignis and could almost hear “huntard” rolling around in everyone’s heads. We get to Ignis, and RL says, “Can I have an MD pull please?” I start sweating, I’ve never done an MD pull before, and I’m the only hunter. But I dutifully drop the MD, trot over to Ignis, and hit distracting shot. Ignis takes two steps towards the raid before I notice my pet is set to defensive and is smacking his heels; Ignis one-shots my little kitty and is now out of control. The tank taunts him over and I make it back just in time to get thrown in the pot and die. I spend the rest of the fight in a puddle under his feet wishing I could just dc.

  59. Phypa, I generally don’t trust MD on a distracting shot. For my MD pulls, I usually hit MD, then do an explosive shot, steady shot. At that point, I’ve got enough aggro built for the tank to get the pull just fine.

    Anyone have experience testing MD Distracting Shots?

  60. Frostheim says:

    In theory distracting shot doesn’t work with MD. My understanding is that the shot is now a short-duration taunt. it doesn’t actually generate threat (which is all that MD redirects), it just forces the mob to attack you.

    Even if it did work it wouldn’t be an effective use of MD, since again, you aren’t actually generating threat for your tank.

  61. Elinowena says:

    My latest was ICC rep runs with some lower geared guildies. Used aspect of the pack to get out to reset, and well….yeah. forgot to change aspect till someone died and said “what is this buff?”
    Opps sorry!! :P

  62. Maliz says:

    some of my finer moments include disengaging off of anomalous’s platform and not reading the tool tip until the 3rd time i died while MD/distract shotting after the distracting shot change. one of my favorites however was my pally tanking roommate running off of stallagg’s platform in naxx which of course pulled stallagg down the ramp breaking the energy chain and wiping the raid. I laughed so hard at his red faced embarassment that i couldnt even throw him under the bus when the RL calmly inquired as to “WTF just happened?!?!”

  63. Maliz says:

    oddly enough i also apparently dont read posts above my own lol. Distract shot is now , as Frost said a six second taunt, however it has went through some changes. The origional Distract shot did indeed cause a high amount of threat that could be used with MD. Many good times were had by hunters who could MD to that pesky lock who was so dangerously riding the threat line. The next change that this shot encountered was to make it so that it still caused a high amount of threat but this threat was only directed at the hunter himself and couldnt be MD’d. The latest change making it a “taunt” causing no threat but forcing the mob to attack the hunter for 6 seconds.

  64. Phypa says:

    Huh, interesting. Glad I read this. Thinking back, Ignis was definitely running towards the raid, not me, so I must have accidentally clicked the wrong shot. (Yes, clicked…I don’t have distracting shot tied to any keys.) If I ever wind up in an MD pull situation again, as an MM hunter, I’m assuming I should use aimed and then arcane?

  65. Kasugano says:

    I have the piece of epic stupidity to best them all.

    Back in one of my very first trips to UBRS I managed to pull the crowd in the Rend fight.

    I don’t think I exaggerate when I say you really don’t get fail like that any more.

  66. peeshooter says:

    I started the gunship battle instead of taking a jet pack. No one had one on so it was an automatic wipe. On a later attempt, I did not hear the tank say it was time to get off the enemy ship so I stayed aboard causing the enemy boss to start throwing axes all over the place wiping us again. Believe me, now I know who to talk to to get the jet pack

  67. Aurial says:

    Hmm…. I did OS10 Three Drakes with my Kalu’ak fishing pole equipped. No one noticed, and afterwards I equipped my staff and never said a word to anyone until now. We got our titles though.

  68. Killyalots says:

    While my party was fighting a pack of mobs inside an instance, the one mob we were working on died, so I tab targeted to the next mob and started going go town, only to find out that I had accidently targeted a mob from another pack….lol.

  69. frugner says:

    i, like many, tend to get tunnel vision on some fights. its usually cuz im trying so hard to top the DPS list, i forget to look at my feet. the funny thing is, my guild as a whole tends to do the same.
    i have countless times, entered dungeons with my pet on aggro. i have an addon that not only tells me im in viper, but also makes teh screen flash and makes noises.. alas, i still forget sometimes.. haha i need to sober up

  70. Dathim says:

    Probably one of the biggest mistakes I make is running around with my Ore tracking on. I’m a constant gatherer, and you can find me on at all hours of the night making my circuit through Icecrown. The problem is that I tend to forget that my Ore tracker is still up instead of a mob tracker. So I am constantly having to switch during boss fights. The sad part is that I’m at the top of my guilds dps meter either way (just had a big guild split a while back). Other than that I make all common mistakes as well as making the mistakes of being a clicker and playing on a laptop.

  71. Morrdant says:

    Most recently – MDing onto a fellow guildie hunter cause I was gear checking right before a pull in ICC…

  72. Zat says:

    1) I’ve been doing the Baron Rivondare mount runs and had put my Iceblade arrows in the bank. I forgot to get them out for our 10 man clean up of Saurfang. Simple solution our guild engineer hunter was in the raid. I’ll just get them from him. “Hey, can I get some arrows? I forgot mine in the bank.” “Sure, no problem” *creates 4 stacks of arrows and gives them to me*

    We kill Saurfang then go do an alt run through TOC10 for the weekly raid quest. On Faction champs I open my inventory to see 4 full stacks of Iceblade arrows in my backpack. >.<

    2) From said TOC10 alt run above, I'm one of only 2 non-alts. The other is a warrior who is off-spec tanking. I say in vent, "I don't need the raid quest I've already done it. I'm just here to make it easier for you guys." On lord Juraxxus I didn't get the memo that off-spec tank is now on-spec DPS.

    On the pull I promptly pop my MD to our warrior DPS who was going to have threat problems with our tank anyways and pop both wolf shouts and rapid fire, rip out my black arrow followed by 3 explosive shots because I got the lock and load proc immediately. I was riding high. Then all of the sudden Juraxxus is running full boar at me and I'm thinking, "how the hell did this happen?"

    SO, I aggro dumped on our warrior DPS who says over vent, "I don't know how that happened. I only used white attacks and I pulled aggro." My reply, "Wait a minute… Who's tanking this again?"

    So much for making the run "easier"

    Both of these happened yesterday. Humorous day for huntering on my part.

  73. Brumtahr says:

    Of course a lot of this happened to me too… my highlights:

    Disengage in Oculus… I lol’d
    MDing the wrong tank because I cba to change focused target
    Distracting shot on Saurfang… huh… I swear I turned blue that time

    but probably the worst fail I witnessed was not from me but from another hunter…. I wish Fraps was running then, because it was of Leeroy proportions. 25 raiders preparing their assault on Marrowstrike, everyone is buffed, eat the feast, remember to kill the spikes, don’t tank… what was that noise? Sounded like an arrow shot. WTF?!! who pulled the boss? Well that hunter did… full wipe. SORRY SORRY he boasted on the raid channel. He probably right clicked the boss and came a bit too close to it.

    We come back and after 2 unsuccessful attempts, the very same hunter, at the same preparation stage, SHOOTS AGAIN in the same way. Yet another wipe and a very angry RL who kicks the stupid out of the guild in a matter of seconds. LOL.

  74. Rochelle says:

    Oh, yes.. The memories – hopefully ;)

    Most embarrassing moments:
    – Aggressive pet in raids..
    – Accidently hitting on the targetted ‘Ragnaros’ after a whipe, when my raid were on half health
    – Kept using FD once in AB, fighting against the same horde character over and over.. Only managed to trick him once!

  75. Rochelle says:

    hitting -Auto Shot- *

  76. Kodein says:

    Distractionshoot on Saurfang in ICC, and hear the tank saying WTF..:)

  77. Arrowan says:

    Almost all of the above but shooting a distraction shot on my healer was the most memorable and the one I still can’t live down :-(
    PS: not reading chat and missing instructions i still do. Boy I love vent