Ogre Raiding

Posted: by Frostheim

One of the MNK raiders sent Christmas presents to everyone on the raid team via in-game mail. This included some spiced apple cider, a stack of flasks, and a Gordok Ogre Suit.

This tickled us all so much we decided to bring our Ogre suits to our ICC raid (except for poor Bella, who missed the memo) – specifically, we decided to wear them for the Gunship Battle.

Alas as it turns out you can’t actually use the rocket packs with your Ogre suit on, but I got some footage of all all hanging out anyway and afterward put together a short little video of epic ogre (and Bella) raiding. It was big fun.

Overall the raid was incredibly smooth sailing with the team working together really well and moving at a good clip (other than playing around as ogres for a while). We cleared ICC, hit Naxx for the weekly raid quest, then grabbed an undergeared member rejoining the team and took him through TotC for some gear, and ended a half hour early. A nice relaxing 2.5 hour run run, and I felt like I’m really starting to get into the rhythm of the Marrowgar fight now. Nice to see my dps moving up to respectable levels there as I move more efficiently.

Lots of joking around and chatting in vent as well. Who says you can’t move quickly and still have fun!

ICC 10-man overall meter.

ICC 10-man overall meter.

Marrowgar, for whomever was asking for specific boss meters.

Marrowgar, for whomever was asking for specific boss meters.

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  1. Omogon says:

    very cool Frost :)

    on a totally unrelated topic…….I quite like the new dungeon finder and have found myself a number of time in groups which have folks from your realm……do you ever use the dungeon finder…….is it even remotely possible that we could find ourselves in a group with Frostheim someday ?? That sir would be EPIC :D

  2. The Cheerleader says:

    thanks for the smiles Frost!! I love the pan of ogers as we are watching the ship come in!!

    He does use the Dungeon finder!! So if the stars align and the PTBs are happy, i am sure that you will have your chance to watch Frost at work:D Just keep joining groups and the odds will go in your favor! :D

  3. Frostheim says:

    I do indeed use the dungeonfinder tool – pretty much every day. Sometimes I’m just pugging blindly, other times it’s Hrist and I and one or two others filling out the party. So the possibility certainly exists!

  4. Omogon says:

    Excellent. :)

    I have two fears about the chance of pugging with you……..one is that the other ‘senior hunter’ in my guild will be luckier than me and get the first chance……and I’ll never hear the end of it ( he missed the lvl 1 hunter raid and I’ve ragged him endlessly about it ) and the other fear is that I’ll do something phenomenally “huntarded” in the middle of it all :D

  5. Scx says:

    Thanks for posting the Meter that I requested frost! You were marks for this im assuming? I hope you keep posting them!

  6. Snoggi says:

    I find it reassuring to know that your overall dps in ICC is roughly. I consider myself a pretty poor player, but I managed to get 5000 dps with a BM build while rep farming.

  7. Scx says:

    From what I see it looks like he’s missing a lot of buffs in that group, you only had what might and sunders/ possibly totems, not sure what spec the shaman is. I would like to see 25 man meters, if you do 25 man icc. Just a request thou lol, i personally don’t have much to compare with in raids so its nice to see what other good hunters are doing.

  8. Frostheim says:

    I’m usually missing tons of buffs in my 25-mans, alas. Our 25man raids are pretty much “whoever in the guild wants to go” whereas my 10-man team is a progression team (though still casual).

    Oh, and on trash I can do MUCH more dps, obviously :) Though I have to say I find the ICC trash really boring. Nothing but volley, but it takes forever :(

  9. Scx says:

    I agree, extremely boring trash. Let me ask you this Frost since your really good with the math of hunters, and this is completely unrelated to the post lol. Zod’s repeating longbow I know the base dps of the weapon is highest currently available in game, but you do loose a lot of different stats if you take this weapon. Could you possible pro’s con’s this item vs other lets say top 3 or 4 other ranged weapons available in game. I am a little torn on this weapon, I would say its an upgrade to what I currently use ( non heroic diplomat ) but I haven’t been able to find out if the proc and higher top end is worth loosing stats. Also not sure if I should still just try to get a heroic lvl gun / bow. I believe this weapon would benefit marks more than survival, but I am not a math guy haha. If you can help I would appreciate it, and maybe others would as well. Thanks!

  10. I’m still new to wow and can’t relate with the weapon stats. But i really like the video.. haha well edit. Merry Christmas all

  11. Ridje says:

    Nice DPS on the first boss Frost. Althogh was just wondering the remainder of the DPS on tht boss…In our guild run last night… 6 of us DPSing the boss were set apart by maybe 300-400 DPS 5.5K DPS being the avg. So it was a pretty quick down…however just wondering if there are any special hunter advantage in the fight mechanics which would attribut the gap between your DPS and rest of your team’s for Marrowgar…which to me is a standard TANK n SPANK fight…we had 4 ranged 2 melee DPS 2 heals 2 Tanks…

  12. Ridje says:

    for the matchmaking tool for dungeons, i am pretty sure they use one per class mechanic…I rarely find 2 druids, 2 warlocks, 2 DK’s, 2 hunters in the same group…So if your’e a hunter and wanting to pug it with Frost using the LFG tool, its not likely happening very soon ..

  13. Ridje says:

    @ Scx,

    Use a spreadsheet my friend..Its there to help out guys who arent fascinated by the rigors of the numbers 0-9 ….


    PS: i am a DK and I got a TOGC(25) geared hunter but right now I am gearing up for Shadowmourne and I am so frustrated that hunters dont have any legendary in ICC, considering the questline and the pain( read HM’s ) that will involve getting Shadowmourne lol :/ ..

  14. Goshawk says:

    How did you get that picture of the lich king it was awesome?!

  15. Goshawk says:

    And ironically I just got zod’s repeating longbow as well up from d.head