Attumen the Huntsman drops one of the coveted rare mounts: his horse, Midnight. Fortunately for hunters seeking this mount, Attumen is very easy to solo, and is located right at the beginning of Karazhan.

YouTube Direct Link: Hunter Solos Attumen in Karazhan

Talents: Max Health Extreme Solo Build
Pet: Turtle
Pet Talents: Extreme Solo Pet Build
Gear: 2 pieces of T5 (see full Extreme Hunter Solo Gear article)

I used a turtle for this, but that proved unnecessary. I never used shell shield or cower. I recommend a bear or croc to speed things up a bit.

Clear out all the trash mobs in the area. Pull Midnight. Attumen will dismount almost at once (95% health). At this point you can dps whichever one you’d like — I went for Attumen just because I already knew that my pet had good threat on Midnight so I wanted to swap him to Attumen to build up threat there.

Every now and then Attumen will give you a debuff that reduces your hit chance by 50%. No big deal and it only lasts 10 sec, but that’s why you’ll see misses. Continue to single target dps whichever one you want until they get to 25% health. Once either Midnight or Attumen reaches 25%, Attumen will mount up again, wiping threat.

Let your pet get aggro, MD to him, and continue to dps. Mounted Attumen has a nasty charge – you can completely avoid this by being within 8 yards of him. Just stand at your minimum shooting range and you’ll be fine.

From here on out it’s a simple tank & spank. Good luck on getting your mount – it’s a 1% drop rate nowadays!

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  1. samuel says:

    I attempted this, but I don’t have 2/5 t5, so my pet died at like 75% on the main boss man.

  2. Jaedia says:

    A tip on the trash, kill the people first then the chargers, then the others. I found this to be quite important, and the turtle was quite useful on the larger pack before Attumen. I just spam MD + Multi Shot while still DPSing Midnight, nice and easy though as long as you have 2pc T5 (I tried without :< )

  3. Jackolas says:

    tried it today. must say that the trash of 5 mobs was the hardest (needed 2 tries because I forgot to heal my pet :S)
    boss self went down like a dream
    never thought it would be that easy

  4. quivering says:

    ive been doing these mount bosses for a while, and as been pointed out, trash for this one is much trickier than boss. i find that if i freezing arrow one of the horses to pull the trash to my pet, so i can down the people before the other horse unfreezes.

    maybe i just need to a do a little homework on this trash but ive wiped a few times on this trash (some of the bigger pulls at least) but never on the boss.

  5. Cocky Mage - a.k.a Neven says:

    Frost, are you still bitter I beat you on this roll and got Attumen back when we were running Kara?

  6. Tlord says:


    Frost, thank you for bringing this to light.. I got my turtle..respec’d the offspec last night.. *Didn’t* have to do any gear/enchant/gem changes from my Full Raid Gear (25toc and above Gear, for those with Gearscore Addon, 5431). Was suprised at how easy it was to do with an outline laid out by you. Got Attumen n both ZG bosses down last night for starters and am hoping i can soon being doing more “Extreme Soloing” :D. The simple fact that i was having to run ZG with a Drood Tank friend and would have been bitter if after a few weeks or months he beat me on a roll for mount makes this information invaluable to me and again just saying Thanks! :D Only Question that i don’t remember seeing covered is if Cower and Shell Sheild stack?

  7. Nanette says:

    I’m confused – how can you solo here? Don’t you need to be part of a raid to enter? Someone plz explain.

  8. Cocky Mage - a.k.a Neven says:

    What frost did was ask a guildie out doing stuff if he could group and raid with them, make the raid, and then go in solo. The other guy just went on doing what he was doing (probably fishing… we have a lot of anglers in our guild).

  9. Tlord says:

    Where There’s A Will There’s A Way!:

    The best option I’ve found around this pesky problem is… Get a guildie to log on an alt, join your raid group..then log off that alt while still in your raid…worked like a charm for me and i plan on doing it again tonight :P

  10. samuel says:

    I got the mount on my 3rd solo :)

    I hope tiger mount is this easy to get. (It’s easy to solo, just hope the drop rate is nice)

  11. Daniel - Netniuq/Hellscream says:

    Just soloed him myself without the T5, but Michaelanglo did have 32k health buffed, trash was the hardest part, but saving shield for lower health then renewing the heal worked great. hope this helps all the other soloers out there

  12. Ardor says:

    Trash definitely harder than the boss, but I’ve had Attumen bug out both times I’ve soloed him. He just fades away and leaves me with Midnight … no drop when Midnight dies. Is there a spot one needs to stand to keep this from happening.

  13. Grovin says:

    I know I’m way late for this, but last night I finally decided I was gonna try my hand at extreme soloing. Pulled up Frost’s article on it, dumped my Surv spec, added the extreme soloing spec, respec’d my croc. And I wasn’t sure where to go first.

    Around 1am, I downed Attumen on the first try. No mount, but still indescribably awesome.

    Thanks Frost!

  14. Wullie says:

    After reading these articles I went and got me a turtle and tried this. I have no T5 gear yet but was still able to down Attumen. I am now doing the heroic BC instances and was surprised how easy it can be (well Ramps was).
    Thanks for showing us some great ways to use our hunter.

  15. Gavin says:

    Is this possible to do this without the T5 pieces cuase even though my server is high populated i no one ever wants to ever do anything besides ICC i have 3 (almost my 4th) piece of T10 would i be able to down him still or the ZG bosses at least?

  16. Duggybear says:

    I have been soloing ZG for a bit now, tiger boss is pretty basic. Misdirect, multi shot, intimidate whoevers casting heal. Wrks great if u focus ur pet on whomever recieves the heal, and multi shot ensures they go dwn evenly. Raptor boss a bit more difficult, but same rules, misdirect and lay into him then FD. Working on my key for Kara and looking forward to trying for the mount. Fyi, I only use a croc, runescrill of fortitude and drums of the wild for ZG.

  17. Duggybear says:

    addendum: I’m wearing 2 T5’s, 140 res for pet crit immunity and rest is 232 gear.

  18. Serczh says:

    Ok, I just haven’t figured it out yet, so I’ll bite….
    How do you get in to solo when you can’t get past the gate?
    It says raid parties only.
    Same with my other tune solo attempts.
    Trying to do Attumen, but it won’t let me in???

    • Alife says:

      lol soloed him a few times at 80 and had some fun (never got the mount) and did a few more bosses in there but now at 85 wow walk in the park lol got a cool looken crossbow that i might transmogg though