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Posted: by Frostheim

oldmanHunters these days have no respect for their pets.

I see hunters running around with subpar pets because, as they say, “it’s close enough that it doesn’t really make a difference” or even hunters that don’t use their pets at all because “they don’t do that much dps.”

Let me tell you, back in my day our pets were total crap.

It was pure blind luck if you got your pet to survive a boss fight, and even if it did, its dps was next to nothing. But you know what? We still used our pets, and we liked it! Because back in my day we weren’t like the lazy pups these days (with their barber shop cuts and their new-fangled armor sets). We didn’t leave dps sitting on the floor, I can tell you that.

And our pets didn’t have these fancy talent trees that you whippersnappers have now. If we wanted to teach our cat a new rank of claw, we had to go out and find a pet that had that rank, tame that pet to learn the ability. Then we could teach it to our main pet.

And that was okay, because we had three whole stable slots. We had room to spare to tame pets just to learn abilities to teach our main raid pets.

And there was none of this “all pets are the same” junk either. You want a dps pet? Well then it’s gonna have less health and you’re gonna like it that way! If you wanted to tame a cat, you’d have to go out and find the best cat to tame – because they might have different attack speeds, who the hell knows? It’s was a jungle out there, unexplored country.

We didn’t have any of this “avoidance” stuff either – when I hear hunters today talking about how hard it is to keep their pets alive I want to smack them upside the head. In my day we had to train our pets in resistances (fire, frost, shadow, etc – you spent talent points on each — and the higher you wanted it, the more it cost) so our pets could raid with 120 fire resistance and a wee bit of something else. And we didn’t even always have that – we were thrilled with the patch that suddenly let us spent half our pet’s talent points to get 120 fire resistance! And our pets still died in every other fight.

And you couldn’t count on pets getting any kind of healing during a raid either. Sure, we had Mend Pet back then, but it was a channeled spell – so you could sit there for 15 seconds casting and meanwhile you did no damage, and your pet died anyway.

Your pet certainly wasn’t getting any healing from the raid healers. They hated hunter pets with a fiery burning like some kind of horrible sphincter infection. And there wasn’t all this raidwide healing going on like hunters these days have. You couldn’t count on a chain heal sneaking over to your pet – heck, we didn’t even have shamans back then.

It’s true, shamans were just a boogieman that the horde used to pwn alliance in battlegrounds (and don’t get me started on what battlegrounds were like back in my day – whining when your queue takes 10 minutes – try 7 hour queues you crybabies).

No, we didn’t have shamans, we had paladins. And in my day there weren’t actually any ret paladins or tanking paladins – hell, they could barely even heal. No, in my day all pallies did was buff people. Their blessings lasted only 5 minutes back then, and they had to cast each one individually. I’m serious, just think about that for a moment. 40-man raids, and you have to target and buff each and every one of them, and by the time you’re finished the first person’s buff is halfway done.

With all that going on there was certainly no way they were going to waste a  second to buff our pets. And we liked that just fine. We were used to being abused and neglected. We didn’t ask for a pet blessing, we just sucked it up and dpsed like crazy. Hell, Kings was about the only buff we cared about for ourselves anyway. Blessing of Might only boosted melee attack power back then, and we didn’t need wisdom that much, ’cause we were good on mana.

Yeah, back in my day, not every class had limitless mana. Many classes could actually run out of mana – then they were done for the rest of the fight – just wanding or melee left to them. We hunters were special that way – we’d need no more than 1 or 2 mana pots during even the longest fight – and we didn’t even have aspect of the viper either – didn’t need it. Partially this is because we didn’t waste a whole lot of mana on our shots.

We didn’t have these new fangled “rotations” you hunters today have. We put up serpent sting and then aimed shot (3 sec cast time), multi-shot, and then we sat there and auto-shot until a shot became available again.

Half the time we didn’t even use Serpent Sting because the raid leader ordered us not to. You see, in those days you couldn’t have an unlimited number of DoTs and debuffs on a boss, and the hunter’s serpent sting sucked so much the raid didn’t want us cluttering up the available space. After all, the warlocks had dots that could do over 40 dps!

Yeah, and then they’d turn and ask us to jump-shot kite the bosses into position. Uphill. Both ways.

But we were happy raiding that way. We just hardened the f up and and did every tiny thing we could to boost our dps and prayed for the warlocks to die so we could put up our stings.

What’s that?

Well, yeah, I suppose that is something that we oldtimers have in common with you young pups. We both want the warlocks to die.

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  1. Vyk says:

    Haha, Way to tell it like it is. This is one of your best.

  2. Oyless says:

    You hit it on the head Frost! I remember those days, I haven’t playing as long as some but I do remember having to go and tame pets just to learn a higher rank of an ability or just to get a certain ability.

    You tell those noob hunters how to take pride in their pets. They are in all forms of the word…”Your Best Friend”

  3. Regolith says:

    Very clever. And all true, of course. I might say that for all but the hardcore raider (and even then, in some cases) your choice of pet doesn’t much matter to your overall DPS. Unless you are a BM hunter (which according to you are therefore NOT hardcore raiders) any Ferocity or appropriately specced Cunning pet will put out fairly similar numbers. I consider this a good thing, even if I wish they hadn’t normalized the pet bonuses, just to keep a little of the flavor of choosing a pet for their innate abilities.

  4. Omogon says:

    You tell ’em Frost :D

    Funny stuff…….but lots of truth in there. I never played ‘vanilla’ WoW, but it still amazes me to enter a pug with a hunter who either does not even summon their pet or has a tenacity pet and does not use it. …..or who only has one pet. Another thing that drives me nuts is hunters who spam chat asking stuff like “where is the Wyrmrest temple ?”….or during the recent Pilgrim events.. “where is Thunderbluff ?”……….you’re HUNTERS for cripes sake….you are supposed to be trackers, and know the land. I have a number of titles but the one of which I am most proud is “the Explorer” I and my trusty old goretusk , “Scutters” have hunted every single zone in Azeroth.

    My stable looks like this:

    Scutters the goretusk quests with me when I’m spec’d BM. He’s my first pet and is set up for all the single mob dps he can manage. He has done in MANY rogues ;)

    Fido the wolf raids and does heroics with me when I’m in MM spec. He is set up with the pet raid talents from this site

    Fluffy the spotted cat from Zul Drak goes to battle grounds and wrecks havoc among the Horde “squishies”

    Harry the turtle is my “extreme solo” pet….he does not get a lot of use but he’s there if I get the urge to try something “semi suicidal” ;)

    Tim the Icecrown bear is my pet tank (tried a croc but just didn’t like him). I don’t have any good tank gear so my instance tanking has “not been pretty” but he does raise lots of eyebrows by regularly taking on Chillmaw and the bombardiers.

  5. Bee says:

    7 Hour AV queues and 17 hours for a game to finish :(

  6. Phyllixia says:

    I am amused. :)

    Having respect for pets would be why I still have BM as my main spec now – I came across too many hunters way back then that didn’t bother with pets, so I decided to become the pet advocate :D

  7. Prelious says:

    “…how hard it is to keep their pets alive…” lol……….OH CRAP!!….did I leave growl on??

  8. Cocky Mage - a.k.a Neven says:

    Heh, Frost, I am amused that you mentioned the 10 minute wait time for pvp queues… Especially since on Monday you were bitching because you, Hrist and I had to wait 10 minutes in a pvp queue.

    Irony, oh how I love thee.

  9. Zat says:

    Damn warlocks and their half my DPS getting the sweet warrior threat buff that could keep me from feigning death, which I refuse to do anyway. Screw it, I can tank Gromok if I want to tank Gormok. Just give me the buff already!

  10. tdf says:

    All so true :)

    If you want a target for a future post, remember how bad some of the original talent trees were. If I remember correctly the original top survival talent was a ludicrously bad dot? Easily the worst top talent in the game.

    It wasn’t all bad though. Remember the days when if we did run out of mana we could just FD and drink. Or FD and change armour, FD and use jumper cables etc.

  11. Bolder63 says:

    Good Stuff Frosty thanks for the laughs & the memories

  12. Fawatam says:

    Ahh, the days where Pettopia was better than wowhead and thottbot and wowwiki combined. Having to research pick out the best one. Wow was much more innocent and pure back then… Now these damn kids with their Heirlooms and flying and battleground leveling have NO respect. No respect I tell ya! Why they wouldn’t have lasted a week in Molten Core. Now THATS a raid!

  13. Spleet says:

    My pet had to walk uphill in the snow both ways!!!

  14. Roarithaar says:

    I am a relativly new WOW player and I have to agree with you Frost, Huntards out there do NOT respect their pets, I started as a Warrior and when I saw a hunter with a pet, I psted him and asked “When can I get one of those?” He was kind enough to explain it to me and not call me a noob. Right away I logged off and started a hunter, Roarithaar was born! My First pet was a Wolf named Silver. I give alot of thought to the pets because they have saved my ass and the party on many occasions. So I will use this as an ode tho them:
    Silver, wolf
    Ben, bear
    Maguilla. Gorilla
    Humar, cat
    Hismagesty, cat
    Azul, cat
    Pinchy, scorp
    Itsy Bitsy, spider
    Kurken, core hound
    Skoll. spirit beast
    Nacho, Croc tank
    I remember them all fondly and was pained when I deleted ones to make room for a new Companion.
    Thanks to them and Thank you Frost and Arust, for a great site!
    The Axe that Cries,
    The Gun that Sings,
    Hunter’s Rock!

  15. Vael says:

    And you Night Elves on Mechanostriders can leave too…back in my day that never woulda happened! ;)

  16. Lazyw says:

    u forgot the friendship lvling in ur article :P wich determined then ur skills points xD

  17. Rades says:

    Not to mention that those pets who would save your butt and inevitably die in boss fights would get pissed off and LEAVE! Not like the 5-minute shackled-to-their-master pets nowadays.

    Oh, and the fact that you had to level a pet all the way, not just 5 levels. Max level and you want one of those armored boars from Razorfen? Have fun grinding Piggy up!

  18. Jackolas says:

    The good old days.
    being main puller in MC, BWL etc
    only way to pull some bosses is using pets.
    Kiting mobs because they could not be cc
    1 hit 1 kill casters with aimed shot from stealth (NE hunter)

    I want a time machine

  19. Magua says:

    ehhh…(knocks kids with his cane to push into the converstation) …yea and camping for days to get Broken Tooth, none of this fancy pants “talent” to increase attack speed, back in the day we had to “hunt” a fast attack speed pet.

  20. Armin says:

    Well, not everthingw as worse in the old days:

    1) no ‘full instance’ messages when entering a dungeons.
    2) you could actually use unlimted mana, health, etc pots. Just a small cooldown.
    3) non potty trained SV hunters couldn’t overwrite your MM mark.
    4) hunters could actually use traps in dungeons in a usefull manner.
    5) less gold sellers bugging you during play
    6) then there were realy no bad ass night elf mohawks :-)

  21. JoeF says:

    Oh man, I totally forgot Aimed Shot had a 3 second cast. Being a hunter back then was so different. And yeah, I remember going to tame Broken Tooth cause he had the mythical 1.0 attack speed, even tho I liked my nightsaber better, looks wise.

  22. stoutnbitter says:

    Well done Frost.
    Now be carefull getting off the soapbox, I will call a nurse.
    Come over here on the porch with us oldies and enjoy your strained beets and carrots.
    *sigh* yes yes yes. i remember the….zzzzzzzz.

    jokes aside.
    i can remember whipping myself into a frenzy over the same topic. and having 4 of my guild hunters actually say over “vent” “whatever, WTF, Chill out, Pops”.

  23. Graydeth says:

    ha ha! i registered just to comment that i found this post to be very funny. ah, the … old days.

    however, i’d like to replace “warlocks” with “paladins.” them and their damn bubbles.

  24. Schmevan says:

    Damn I miss the days of different pets actually being effective, instead of every hunter worth their bullets using a wolf…I think blizz should at least consider buffing the other pets to make them at least worthy of consideration. Maybe a smaller version of leader of the pack for cats, like a 2-3% instead of the druid 5% buff to crit so if there is no feral druid you’d want 1 hunter at least to have their cat out or something instead of having 3 hunters in a raid and all of them using wolves. My friend is leveling a hunter and I told him to get stable slots and he’s like, “why I’m only ever going to use the wolf anyway?” I found it hard to argue with him. Especially now that there are group heals that heal pets as well and some healers can be convinced to put pets on their grid since their mana pools are unlimited these days there should be a new significance to pets. Also the auto-attack focus dump pet attack is getting kind of old I think. WTB a better reason to have a pet then furious howl.

  25. Narootz says:

    Haha, this is soo true. This has to be one of your greatest posts ever!!

  26. Moot says:

    So true. Although I never had a chance to play vanilla, I still had to train pets for abilities and save that cash for their talents, too. And you also forgot what life was like with one LESS bag space for your quiver or ammo pouch. 1000 pc. ammo stacks, Hrmph!?!?

    P.S. Way to channel Hrist!!

  27. Frostheim says:

    Armin said: “1) no ‘full instance’ messages when entering a dungeons.
    2) you could actually use unlimted mana, health, etc pots. Just a small cooldown.
    3) non potty trained SV hunters couldn’t overwrite your MM mark.
    4) hunters could actually use traps in dungeons in a usefull manner.
    5) less gold sellers bugging you during play
    6) then there were realy no bad ass night elf mohawks :-)”

    1 – nope, in my day we just had the server crash several times a week instead of this “full instance” malarky
    2 – 2 minute cooldown on potions, so we could use a lot of mana pots during a fight. But of course we didn’t need to so not sure how that’s a good thing. Also, do you remember what potion expenses used to be like for raiders back then? Of course you hunters got it even better today – don’t need potions at all.
    3 – SV hunters didn’t raid back then – they were just a pvp legend.
    4 – I’d say traps are more useful in raids now than they were back then. Off the top of my head, Razorgore is the only fight I’d actually use a trap on back in the day.
    5 – bah, we had MORE goldsellers in my day. Not only that, but most of them were hunters (if a hunter was BM – 80% chance he was a gold farmer) so everyone assumed every hunter was a gold farmer.

    6 – Yeah, we didn’t have to put up with the mohawks. That was nice.

  28. Splatus says:

    man, that brought back bad memories ;-)

    great post

  29. Pookii says:

    I, for one though, am grateful that Mend Pet is no longer channeled. THAT was such a nuisance!

  30. quivering says:

    you old people are funny. wow needs to implement nursing homes in cataclysm :P

  31. Arthemystia says:

    When tanking, occasionally Witwicky will out-DPS me in fights where I’m focused on too much other stuff to bother with a constant rotation. Anyone not using their pets to their fullest better be careful they they don’t decide to stop using you as their hunter.

  32. Fradin says:

    I love my pet and theres only a few times were i do not use him like ony in case he gets pushed into the welp caves but i still have him out and on passive to get the FH buff. Wow i didnt realise how hard wow use to be since i only started playing about 2 years ago and never had to experience that kind of thing. Thanks for the post Frost i found it very amusing and it just goes to show how better off our hunters are today compared to the good old days. Long Live the Hunters and there Pets !

  33. Arthemystia says:

    I’m kinda happy I didn’t raid in Classic. Frost isn’t the only one that makes it sound insane. To hear nearly anyone tell it, sh*t was haaard.

  34. enigmashadow says:

    lol oneof my best friends is a lock his name is yodathemasta and i named my pet yodaeater and beat him in a duel

  35. Ubrhunter says:

    Yeah I wish Blizz would go back to having pets with different stats from each other. I think that really added to the individuality of the pets and you as a hunter. I would not want to go back to the old pet talent system though. And yeah raiding was a lot harder back then. You had to be on your toes or you got kicked. Thanks for the lovely memories though. =)

  36. Eillarius says:

    Bravo. Best yet, Frost.

  37. Rhinochaser says:

    I love my pets & I dont like the fact that we are forced to use certain ones to maximize our DPS, but it is what it is. I leveled my hunter to 80 with three pets. 1st a bear, then a gorilla at lvl 42, the gorilla seemed to be able to hold 10 mobs at once and gave his life for me on many occasions. At level 65 I went back to Ongoro crater and tamed myself a Devilsaur and went all the way to level 80 with him and still have him. Sure I tried a few other pets for pvp and have a wolf now because I have to use one to be competitive in MM or SV spec. I even had a awesome cat until the great BM and cat DPS nerf of Jan 2009. But 99% of the time I am just rolling BM with my Devilsaur.
    Had to let me gorilla go when they nerfed his special ability and gave him a pummel ability on a long CD. Couldnt justify keeping a space for him in the stable since he was so gimped now. I never bothered getting one of those Spirit beast because my Devilsaur pwned everyone he ever dueled so it seemed more of a novelty than anything.

    I really am attached to my Devilsaur and to me the pets are half the fun of being a hunter. I do get tired of seeing SV hunters with wolves ALL the time but i understand why they have them. Past of my reason for clinging to BM I guess.

  38. daragh says:

    I’m glad you brought up the subject, it’s been awhile since I posted even though I read up daily… This subject though is something I really take to heart. I was pissed off to say the least when Blizz took away the hardships of the hunter. There was nothing more fulfilling than having to go out and find the pet you needed, train it, learn it’s skill, abandon it and train your main pet. There was nothing better than seeing a fellow hunter not understand, how come your cat you rip his apart even though you had the same cats..

    I loved the learning curve, I loved the hunt. Today this talent tree bullshit with people running around with vanity pets is killing the class. I miss the old hunter, I miss the mana management, the thrill of the hunt, the camping for the pet that made a slight difference. I despise all the hunters camping Skoll and Gondria, Loque’nahak was the thrill of the hunt, he spawned in over 7 places and you had the whole server looking for him… now you have 2 other options for all the whinning people who got tired of camping… It took me 2 months to get him but the thrill existed, just like it did to get Humar…

    Blizzard have lowered their standards for the average player, this class was meant to be a noble class, today it’s the “ohh i can level up quick class” the BM tree got torn to bits int he DPS game and it pains me to think people considered BM as easy mode, the shot rotation was simple cause the aim was making sure your pet stayed alive.. the pet management was the focus, calling it back healing it, sending it back out there… Trapping mobs, kiting mobs..

    I’ll give you an example, in ToC heroic, I pulled a couple of the mobs before the Paletress, kited them around the room and killed em and the people in the group were like “wow do hunters still do that?” and the new hunters in the group were all “man why’d ya do that? ” I’ll tell you why, FOR THE THRILL OF IT….

    I cringe when I join PuG’s these days and I tend to make sure as an officer of my guild, all the hunters are up to date on thier specs, pets n moves.. (thanks to WHU)

    When you see people camping skoll, thinkin they are about to tame the COOLEST WOLF !!! you can’t help but cringe..

    I say we sign a petition to bring back vanilla days.. bring back the hard mode, bring back the individual pet with its special ability and for god’s sake do something for the exotic pets… I say we lower the level of all wolves in Storm peaks to 75 and make all these new hunter who spec survival and grab a wolf cause it’s the “in thing” spend some hours to level the pet up and love it for what it is…

    Make my life a living hell Blizzard !!! cause thats what hunters are about, survival and ruggedness..

    AND :

    ban titles like “diplomat” from the hunter, we aren’t dipolmants FFS, we are savage beings, one with nature.. While we are pulling out the BAN STICK, ban the hunter class from the BARBER SHOP too.. all these nicely trimmed beards are scaring me.. we are starting to look like Paladins..

  39. Ganuke says:

    I do remember the time … Old skool MC and BWL, getting new pets and abilities …
    Having a special fire-resistance pet for Ony and BWL.
    But I prefer the current time!

  40. Daranath says:

    Yeah I remember all that too. It’s definitely alot easier nowadays. Amen! Preach it!

  41. Andro says:

    Remember the Night Elf Shadowmeld Aimed Shot? Have Broken Tooth for the fast attack speed pet and have him Stealth… creep up on a clothie and have him start pushback on the caster and then unleash that hidden Aimed Shot? Or Sian Rotam as a pet (from the horde spawned quest). Slow attack speed along with the Devlasour Tooth… nice HUGE crits out of stealth. Ahh… those good ole days.

  42. lorth says:

    hey forst, i have been looking for somewhere to post a question about pets and 3.3, as this is about pets i figured as i can’t find where to submit my question i would post it here.

    in 3.3 wolverine bite is now activated on pet critical strike and i was wondering if u could run some tests (cause urs always seem very very accurate) as to if it would be viable to raid with this kind of build. its just a thought as 3.3 came out like a few hours ago i haven’t really looked into it at all just as i was reading the patch notes it got me thinking…

    also i totally agree with these people and the lazy pets or the no pets like wtf… my pet does upto 900dps + that wolfs call and the other +10% ap buff etc why would i just let that go?

  43. Obnxs says:

    Good stuff! I didn’t play vanilla WoW, started with BC, but most of this stuff was still in effect when I began and in all honesty I miss some of it. Doing the research and hunting for that pet to get the new skill to train your main added something to the game imo. I’ll always remember my long trek to the top of Jintha’Alor to get dash 3 rather than wait the 3-4 levels to get it from one of the winterspring cats.

  44. ZOyi says:

    I have to say, i was pissed when it became much easier to play the hunter…power leveling an animal painstakingly…now its ALWAYS 5 levels under you…. and the hunters I see bringing in their “vanity” pets to raid rather then one that will do damage is KILLING me! I too miss vanilla… and BM:( I heart my devilsaur and despise the wolf I bring to raid in order to stay competitive in raids. I however do NOT miss mend being channelled…. remember when if you Feigned for too long you really DID die?

  45. Sudiin says:

    I would vote this the article of the year 2009 if possible. It’s very very well worded and composed, and boy does it bring back the vanilla feeling. The many times when in BWL and MC our hunters used to (and their lovable sacrificial pets) pull bosses to us tanks, or their joy at having the sinew or leaf drop, man those were indeed the times (=

  46. Lynxsus says:

    LMFAO, I use my pets 2 their full potential, we both want locks 2 die haha =)

  47. scrombat says:

    i’ve played a hunt since early BC(wasnt a belf so dont worry) but i poved my pet and it lived through most anything cause B<M was good dps for a while, nowadays all hunts are survival and thats fine but no hunt will admit, SURVIVAL IS BORING!!!!!, ive been all 3 specs and marks is alot o fun and dps isnt awful, so hunts stop bitchin about dps and have fun thats what games are for.

  48. Jijibaishou says:

    HELL YEAH!!!

    :’) It’s just awesomef to finally find a fellow hunter that still remebers da good old days ^^, it’s just rare this days, these youngsters know nothing of what it used to be like to be a HUNTER!!!!

  49. Chilimac says:

    Delightfully done! My first toon was a warlock who I leveled to 60 and was raiding BWL and MC and Ony (original) with. I remember being b****ed at all the time about keeping dots up on the boss and of course running out of mana. I now have an 80 hunter, priest, deathknight, and druid as well. I by far love my hunter the most. I remember back in the day hunters got a bad rap for being the easiest and quickest to level, however after leveling one a few months ago I would say the hunters had one of the hardest classes back then, I mean I didn’t have to go out and find other demons to train, just to learn a skill off of to add to my current demon, it was just do a quest earn a demon. Hunters today have no reason not to have a full stable and should throughly love catching new pets, I have 3 spirit beasts, and 2 cats one of which I got as an alliance from a little cat trinket and its naturally ghost so doesn’t count as a special beast and I can use him in my MM talent spec. I love seeing my pets in raid fights putting a whooping down, it may not be much but when you are kiting a blood beast and want to keep dps on the boss every little bit counts. So I say CHEERS to all you hunters who busted your A**es in the early days just to be laughed at now, by the new hunters who don’t have to suffer through!

  50. Dourne says:

    Oh yeah, this brings back memories. The bad queue time was started AFTER you were finally able to login (sometimes up to an hour… which is why we had multiple servers). Lots of theorycrafting about the best pets in the game. And if you found a really good one, you might part with information on it, but not to just anyone. It was reserved for people you liked.

    Actually, that’s one of the things I wish they would bring back. I really enjoyed seeking out different pet skills to train my pets. I know it took up time… but I did some really stupid stuff trying to get pets and new skills. Plus it took a lot longer to tame and you had no armor so most of the time it was a game of “Am I going to die on this one?”
    Don’t get me wrong, I freakin love the new Call Pets with multiple slots and the Epic Hangar of a stable we can use now… totally awesome! Way to go DEVS! I hope Ghostcrawler has something to do with that, because I am starting to like him.

    Thanks for bringing back the memories Frost. Makes you wonder if the days back then made Hrist who he is today. Har har har…

  51. Pyril says:

    I love this post. I remember hunting down specific pets to be able to teach the pet I used specific ability’s. I also remember how ticked off I was when the game made it so that other hunters didn’t have to do the work I did to get the talents my pet had. I spent hours and hours getting those specialized skills hunt down specific pets, so I could teach my main pet. Those were definably the \good ol days\ LOL.

  52. Calthaliss says:

    Seriously, there are hunters that don’t use their pets? Intentionally? That’s just stupid. What’s the point of being a hunter without a pet? I know I’m relatively new to the game, after only 4 months or so, but my pet has saved my ass on many occasions. Not only that, but I’ve been able to solo many group quests by playing healer while having my pet tank for me. My pet ate better than my toon did on most occasions before the latest patch made feeding obsolete.

    • Karhandras says:

      Hi from France and thanks again for those fantastic reminds of the old times
      I play since the Beta version.
      Hunter remains my main character becouse of fun and game play.

      I remember when i had to convince our raid leader that i was able to use a pet effectively & with no error such as sheep breaking etc… just becouse pets were poor advantages & often their master also ^^ Pet were usually forbidden.

      I had to whisp to have buff on my pet and i get marrried with a priestess to make sure to have support.

      Then comes the time of Moltencore where pulling was an art!

      Hunter was raised as one of the best DPS, able to CC with trap, pet, kitting in the same time. (i used to manage 3 targets in intances…)

      Then comes the nerf cycles, followed by a period were hunter was a best in class PVP character…

      Be proud of our history my brother of arms! We have to stand for the future!

  53. Muka says:

    Nice Work Frost, I love your articles especially these nostalgic ones!
    I can’t describe in words what pain it was, that you didnt only have to farm food and pots for yourselves but for your pet too!!! it had that little smiley next to its name that indicated, wether it was about to leave and attack you! if you didnt feed it, it was unhappy!
    and do not get me started on the epic hunter quest with the demons to get your epic fing QUIVER!!!Staff and bow! lol back then it was sheer impossible that your pet had more hp than you! think about it.