Posted: by Frostheim

You guys are so awesome.

I am humbled and amazed at how many people turned out for the level 1 dwarven hunter raid. Honestly I was desperately hoping to get at least 20 people to give it an epic feel. After filling 2 raid groups and still having overflow, we left epic far behind.

It was legendary.

Over 90 hunters showed up to the raid (not counting various people we picked up along the way). In fact we had so much unstoppable hunter power on hand that Hogger took all of five seconds to kill. It didn’t feel like a satisfying conclusion to our march across the Eastern Kingdoms, so we let him respawn and killed him a couple more times.

Still not satisfying. Finally, we charged into Duskwood (where nearly everyone leveled from the explore xp) to discover that the world dragon, Ysondre, was up. Now THAT is a fitting challenge for 90 level 1… well level 2 hunters.

The video project I’m working on will take a bit of time to finish (waiting on someone else at the moment) but this raid was so legendary I wanted to whip together something of just the raid as a way of saying thanks to all of you who came. So thank you!

I would also like to apologize if I was quiet during the raid — I was dealing with a pretty much constant stream of tells and chats. I was trying to respond to everyone and invite everyone, and I’m sorry if I missed yours. At times it really was just streaming past my screen non-stop.

Some nice moments were the band of followers we picked up in Stormwind who all stayed a respectful distance back (nice of them). The less friendly followers who followed us to Ysondre — and got killed for it. Only WHU members were there at the end! A particularly delightful moment of the raid was when Arust showed up to join us in duskwood eliciting responses of “OMG! He is real!”

Again, thank you all for coming. That was unbelievably fun. I do believe we’ll have to come up with another in-game event if this many people are interested :)

Screenshot Gallery

Many thanks to Arth and Raidtard for contributing screenshots of the event.




People started gathering more than an hour before the event.


The party kicked off in the bar, of course! Alas my FRAPS screwed up and I didn't get any footage of this crazy scene on video.


Charging through Ironforge -- starting to pick up some followers.


Ah the tram! We lost a handful of people and had to wait for them to catch up :)


Charging out of Stormwind -- an epic sight.


Our final kill -- I can't believe we didn't lose more people tearing across Duskwood.


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  1. Jaedia says:

    Haha I love the single level 80 next to the big dead dragon :D

  2. Jackfinished says:

    I was happy to see after we killed Hogger to see my fellow hunters kiting mobs back to the group for quite a ways. That’s right a level one hunter kiting a mob ten times their level back to the raid. Thanks frost it was a great time.

  3. Cam says:

    Wait so 90 level one hunters killed Ysondre?

  4. Lakland says:

    Brilliant! Respect to all who took part. Reminds me of Hunter only Raids back in Classic. Great job WHU

  5. Rhinochaser says:

    OOOOOO look in the 2nd raid group. OP lvl 2 Rhinochaser!!! lol Sorry I missed the tram the 1st time. A hot Night elf distracted me. :o)

  6. Creepnfreak says:

    Had a fun time last night Frost, I would miss raiding for that any time.

  7. Spudless says:

    arrrrrggggghhhhhh I was at Uni and missed this. I hope you do something like this again.

  8. Alihandra says:

    How I wish I could have made it… but we all gotta pay our dues. In my case it was working for my paycheck so I could play through the end of the year.

    Congratulations Hunters!

  9. code says:

    man, I HAD A BLAST! really fun time.

    Thanks everyone for showing up, and thank you frost for a great idea!

    The video rocked,

    -Matt “code/FITFAT”

  10. Zeea says:

    OMG!! That was so cool! I have seen a lot of 40 man raids on Hogger but seriously, NOTHING compares that! The editing, camera angles, music and sound affects were just great. Wish I could have been there for the fun too! Keep up the fantastic work Frost, you are doing all us hunters proud! ;-)

  11. Grimstout says:

    That was an awesome time! You got great footage and captured all the best parts. What a blast.

    If things like that will be happening on Icecrown, I may need to transfer. Thanks for a great event, Frost.

  12. enecia says:

    Epic video,
    Awesome night ,
    & Legendary guy ,
    Thanks Frostheim :).

  13. Buurmen says:

    Last night will be one to remember, awesome that you made such great video of it! The ambience, editing and camera angles are pro. I put it on my guild website so loads of people rofl :D

    PS: no need to apologize for being quiet during raid, I felt bad for you, thinking of the wall of text that was probably on your screen with so man fans around haha

  14. alittledrunk says:

    That was an awesome night of fun, although i will say i didn’t talk to you Frost, but i did have a nice chat with Bella…………/wave

  15. Ashamel says:

    Wow, Frost. Just wow.

    I literally got chills down my arms from watching that video. Great music, and epic shots! (Pun intended!)

    Wish I could have been there, but alas, was paying my dues with the guild… needed to get into new content for them.

  16. Omogon says:

    It was epic :D I was great fun to run out of the group , grab a mob, kite them back and watch them decimated by a hail of level 1 & 2 gunfire !! I spent most of the Ysondre fight either running back from the graveyard or sleeping, but was honoured to be in the final shot.

    Thanks very much sir

  17. kayoon says:

    wow that’s crazy… wish i had heard about it, i would have come as well :) maybe next time.
    cant wait for the official video.

  18. Vael says:

    Last night was a blast, Frost…kudos to you and your great guildies who sheparded us thru some scary areas (and when Arust materialized out of the mist in Darkshire, well, that was SPECTACULAR!) ;)
    You captured great stuff for that vid – how did you manage to get that scene where we had the mass ding?!?
    Thanks again for a truly fun night in WoW, one that has definately made it to my Top Ten list of moments! (Although I just gotta know what Yssie dropped…I just gotta! *grin*)

  19. the Cheerleader says:

    /wave @ Alittledrunk:D (it was great to chat with you tooo!!)

    It was totally cool and i agree legendary! I particularly loved the river of leveling!! once we hit that river to Duskwood, it was like fireworks!! :D Great fun was had, and i really think it shows how a group of people can truly work together for a common goal!! :D WoooooWoooo!!

  20. Roarithaar says:


  21. Commie Tank says:

    Can’t wait to get home to see the vid (can’t see them at work.) Sounds like you had a blast!

  22. Arthemystia says:

    I’m completely in awe of what just happened, and was happy to be a part of it.

  23. Arthemystia says:

    And there’s more video awesomesauce from the night on its way. When I heard Frost was busting his hump to make a video overnight, I had to follow suit. It was just too incredible to let it go even a few days.

  24. Rhinochaser says:

    HRIST MUST have a lvl 1 Nelf Warrior raid now. LOL .. It was fun, I was in 25 Ulduar as soon as i got done and was telling everyone about it and they were all like, lvl 1 raid??? why?? lol

  25. Johnnyz says:

    In four years of playing WoW, that was probably the most fun I have ever had. This should become a monthly event. I can envision us now catching the boat to Northrend.

    What a fantastic idea Frost. Thanks for putting this together.

  26. Johnnyz says:

    Would be interesting to know what realms and countries were represented.
    Llane – Maryland-USA

  27. Terawyn says:

    I am really sad I missed this now!..Knew I should have skipped that rehearsal. It looked like a blast. You should plan another one Frost!

  28. Soogluk says:

    Wow! Looks like a lot of fun. It’s times like this when I wish I was with you guys on Icecrown.

  29. Brewmore says:

    Amazing time Frost. Much Love and Applesauce
    Maelstrom /Honolulu-HI-USa

  30. Wolf says:

    my net was messing up was over 26k lag but i showed up to the meeting point and got into the raid then storm or something must of passed by cause my net went to all hell if anyone out there is thinking getting of satilitte net dont it sucks

  31. pacjag says:

    Epic!!! Sorry I missed it but it was the wife’s birthday. This should be a monthly event. Loved the videos and the pics.

  32. Chickalet says:

    I missed it :-(

  33. palris says:

    That was definately the most fun I’ve had playing wow in a long time. Some of us from my guild were on vent and we were just laughing the whole time.
    WiCKEd Dragon guild
    Drenden/ Long Island, NY

  34. SonTzu says:

    Great time!!! Thanks for organizing it Frost!!

    one of my top 5 wow moments

  35. Moriquendi says:

    /tar Frostheim

    I hope next time you do something like this is isn’t during Oz work hours so I can come along and join the fun. :)

  36. Hailphage says:

    Woot – I saw myself a couple of times in the video. :D Also awesome to see my own name there in the raid list (Grundrong)

    Truly a great time – unlike others I have no plans to switch realms but I have kept my hunter (he’s got 4g in loot already – why not?) and as someone else has suggested hopefully we might be able to make this a regular thing we can all come together and do – already someone has gone and created a guild on the server. :)

  37. quivering says:

    haha yeah im showing my friends “look theres me! im on the internet!”

    whoever had the idea to raid the world dragon is a genius :P

  38. Aardbeitje says:

    Wauw! Really nice vid and it looked like you guys had lots of fun there ;) keep it up!

  39. Fradin says:

    Love the footage Frost awesome Job by all , it reminds me of lord of the rings epic battles fantastic job spewing i missed it but us Aussies had to work maybe next time it could be a friday or saturday that way we can make it i dont care what time i would get up at anytime to take part in that :)

  40. Moot says:

    So awesome. Thanks Frost for doing this. Four of us from our guild jumped on for this. And you are right, this blew past epic to be truly legendary. And the raid list looks soooo much better in green. :) (Grumblebutt in Raid 1)
    Selected Guild of Caelestrasz (Oceanic Realm)
    Honolulu, HI, USA

  41. trustmenow says:

    this was too big to miss , i was at work (Australia) but ran a toon anyway ;p (orangutan) .
    so much fun thankyou for hosting ,
    I have 5 lvl 80s on blackrock , but this was so much fun it’s hard to believe , i kited a mob into the raid and was almost dead thinking “oh crap that was a wrong move ” when like a machine gun the raid opened fire ….you had to be there

  42. Hailphage says:

    Forgot to reply to this:

    Cam: Wait so 90 level one hunters killed Ysondre?

    Not quite :) – we did have Frost plus another 80 or two there who did most of the legwork – for all us Lvl 1 (actually Lvl 2 by this stage) hunters we spent most of our time dying and graveyard running (now wish I got a screenshot of it actually – so many dead dwarves running :D).

  43. Smiley says:

    What fun you must have had! The videos (and music!) are so much fun.
    Thanks for the effort and I’m sorry we missed it.

    Smileez & Aleãna
    Earthen Ring

  44. dd says:

    plz plz plz do this again for us poor souls who were unlucky on missing out

  45. AFK Rogue says:

    This was defiently fun to just hang out and watch even though I was stealthed almost all the time to stay out of the shots. it was defiently fun to watch especialy with the luck of the world dragon being up!

    If any of you saw me I was on the Choppa just staying nearby I remember how neverous Frost was that he’d get even 20 and I was going to help summon then all of a sudden I get a tell “Won’t need it we have too many” “How many?” “Like 90!” lol I’m glad so many showed up and I hope you all had fun

  46. Wolf says:

    btw epic song fits the vid very well also heres a suggestion maybe make a whu guild for theses events so that way we can represent the site and u better if u would if done that people would of been why who the fuk is whu when running through the citys lol

  47. Hailphage says:

    [i]heres a suggestion maybe make a whu guild[/i]

    I’m pretty sure someone already has – I swore I saw at least one person with ‘Warcraft Hunters Union’ hovering above their heads for their guild name.

  48. Wolf says:

    hmm ok didnt see it cause my lag prevented me from going beyond the meeting point :(

  49. Kana says:

    Truly WOW, im definately making the next one!

  50. Knarlg says:

    Aww and I was on my main when you guys did that. Makes me wish I had joined in.

  51. Raav says:

    unfortunately i had to bail before the raid started, i just watched the video and wish i was there :(

  52. kaozz says:

    Wow looks like you guys had a blast, great screen shots! Wish I had heard about this one, looks like it was fun.

  53. Sylrus says:

    Just saw this in the 3.3 patch notes:

    Players below level 10 may not join raids

    Looks like we got this in just in time :)

  54. Nayr (Bronze DF) (EU) says:

    This alone proves that when you click that hunter option when you 1st start WoW, that not only are you going to have fun but you are about to join something pretty special, this is what they were thinking of when they 1st said “Awesome Sauce”, easily my favourite WoW hunter video yet.

  55. Pyrelik says:

    man I’m sorry i missed that. i can almost hear you laughing Frost. truly a awesome thing.. hope there is more to come ill be there next time rofl

  56. Tlord says:

    Epic, The End.

  57. HotSoHot says:

    Let’s do something similar to kick off 2010!

  58. Derogatory says:

    THAT WAS EXCELLENT!! I literally LOL’d.