I’m a Hunter

Posted: by Frostheim

“I’m a Hunter” Music Video

YouTube direct link: I’m a Hunter Song

Almost all of the raid footage was collected in one night of raiding where I tormented my raid group, MNK, with the way FRAPS messes with voice chat and generally poor performance  (raiding without the UI is difficult).

We hit Ony, VOA, TotC, and the first part of Ulduar that night. A lot of the footage worked out, but I regret that we didn’t do the end of Ulduar (for looking epic) and that I was in SV (ret pally was out that night so I had to bring replenishment) thus I didn’t have the big pretty numbers that MM brings.

That said I’m really happy to be done with this project, and pretty pleased with the way it turned out :)

Lyrics & MP3

I’ve been a bit flooded with requests for lyrics and a downloadable mp3. There is not going to be an mp3 download option in the near future (so you can just learn to steal it like everyone else) but here are the lyrics:

I’m a Beaststalker, Giantstalker, Dragonstalker, Cryptstalker, Demonstalker, Riftstalker, Gronnstalker, Cryptstalker, Scourgestalker, Windrunner, I’m a pwning leet skilled hunter

A death dealer
A life stealer
That’s just the cost of being awesomesauce

A dues payer
A boss slayer
I Rhok out with my Loq out now

(I’m a hunter)
Honing my leet skills
(I’m a hunter)
racking up the kills
(I’m a hunter)
pwning you to death
(I’m a hunter)
just me and my big red pet

From viper to cheetah to dragonhawk
No time to waste ’cause I can jump-shot
BM, MM, and SV
I can rock out any tree

Never worried about my threat
I’ve got FD and misdirect
Cathcing loose mobs in my traps
I never miss ’cause I am hit-capped

‘Cause I’m the hunter and not the marked
I’m the fire and not the spark
I’m the kiter and not the kite
I’ll top the meters every fight

Raiding endgame, dealing death
Just me, my gun, and my trusty pet

Now let’s begin with Illidan, Ossirian, and Kil’jaeden
Magmadar, Azgalore, Gruul, C’thun, and Razorgore
Onyxia to Ragnaros, which one have we killed the most?
Kel’Thuzad to Malygos, we even killed Akama’s ghost.

Feels like we’re getting close… all that running as a ghost…

Anub’arak, Yogg-Saron, Nefarion, Sartharion
Magtheridon, Sapphiron, Lucifron to Sulfuron
Archavon, Emalon, Koralon and Algalon
The Faction Champions, the death toll rolling on and on

Garr, Vael, Executus, Chromaggus, Jaraxxus
Moam, M’uru, Kael’thas, we won’t stop ’till we kill Arthas

(I’m a hunter)
Honing my leet skills
(I’m a hunter)
racking up the kills
(I’m a hunter)
pwning you to death
(I’m a hunter)
just me and my big red pet

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  1. nheco says:

    nice song m8

    now u have to do another versions like hunter song rock version =D


  2. Sub says:

    That was one of the best WoW movies.. Great song.
    Any chance of a download link to the song?

  3. Annie says:

    this is the coolest thing i’ve ever seen…nice song :D

  4. Omogon says:

    Excellent :D the ending with the level 1 raid and “riding off into the sunset” was great !

  5. Absol says:

    I gotta say, that’s freakin awesome. It had me smiling the whole way through.

  6. SmakenDahed says:

    Good work! (as usual)

  7. sonicross says:


  8. bigmathunter says:

    Epic, dude has a good voice too. and my little level 1 was in it …..woot

  9. Selissia says:

    I watched it 7 times in a row!!!

  10. Mumbazoa says:

    Dude, LEGENDARY!!!

    (2 exclamation marks is a sign of insanity, 3 is just plain crazy awesomesauce lol)

  11. Ciddypoo says:

    Honestly, I thought it was gonna be extremely lame judging by the clip I heard on the podcast.

    …but the song *plus* the video just makes it too cool for words.

  12. Nemesiz says:

    That song and that vid, god it’s awesome :D

    Never been prouder of being a hunter xD

    Awesomesauce with extra stress on the awesome.

  13. Greenphlem says:

    Sick sick sick. Nice work.

  14. Arthemystia says:

    lol, love the 2nd half boss shout-outs. Also, someone mentioned making the song downloadable, which would be great. Clearly I’m not enough of a WoW geek already, and need to flaunt it by playing a hunter song nonstop as I roll around town.


  15. KahliTorah says:

    That was… THE SHIT!!! You wouldn’t happen to have an mp3 version would you? I’d love to stick that in my winamp. :P And Youtube video converters have horrrrrible quality.

    And i’m with Nheco, Rock remix pl0x! That was so full of win.

    *watches it again*

  16. Prelious says:

    It doesn’t get any better than that. Truely epic!

  17. Jackolas says:

    All I can say that it is epic.

  18. Vael says:

    Thumbs up!!
    (*Stutters* Was? Was that? Was that a 31,821 crit hit on Icehowl in the beginning?!?)

  19. Galika says:

    Good work! Thumps up :)

  20. essandv says:

    Awsome, i now understand why i love the hunters

  21. GIntokoss says:

    Throw it up on itunes so that I can buy it!

  22. Zobbl says:

    really entertaining
    big respect ;)
    not my ultimately preferred type of electronic music, but it suits well ;)

  23. Purp says:

    Great song! Any chance of getting a video and/or audio download of it?

  24. Grorin says:

    Made of pure win.

  25. Brewmore says:

    OMG!!! THAT WAS THE COOLEST F-ING THING EVER!!! I was laughing my ass off it was so awesome. You got some of the best shots for it and it fit together perfectly. I really love how you mad all the boss names go together in sequence. PROPS x over 9000!!! That so made me wanna log into the game and go hardcore on shit! lol. I absolutely loved it! Great Job!

  26. It’s stuff like this EPIC video that makes me proud to be a Hunter. Frost, if I see you on the server, horde/ alliance aside. You’ll get a respectful nod from me.

  27. zne says:

    me like =) going around singing this while i’m shootin now!

  28. Cazulon says:

    haha Frost thats soo beast your mad good at that,
    Frosthiem- Kick ass hunter by day, kick ass film maker by night

  29. Hrist says:

    Aside from the slew of mispronounced boss names, it was pretty damn sweet! I am sure Elixir loved being in the spotlight too! :P

  30. Mike says:

    How about a video series showing current raid content from a hunters perspective? A video us hunters can go to, to the learn what we need to do in a fight?

    Just throwing ideas out…

  31. Killanator says:

    ok first i am new to this site i have been looking all over the internet for a website like this and omg i have found my home i am going to get my night elf hunter to put here as his hearthstone here second the video rocks third everything here was useful and i wish i had u on my realm on wilhammer to many hunter haters there all about DK dps’s can’t wait for the rock video to come out i will be here till my hunter dies of old age or lich king kills him
    Look me up on realm Wildhammer-Europe-Name= Killanator

  32. CrosshairHunter says:

    Excellent work! Thank you…

  33. Bashel says:

    HUNTER THEME SONG!!!! I will be listening to this during every single raid! i showed this to my pally buddy he laughed threw most of it.. sigh those other classes just don’t get the leetness hunters truely are once you go through the 1000 noobie huntards that just started.. awesome work frost as usual!

  34. Satsok says:

    Frost, this was pretty cool. Enjoyed it very much.

  35. Korblimey says:

    Very funny matey! I laughed out loud… truly!………btw , it’s a trance track not techno….

  36. Lakland says:

    Brilliant! All the old armour sets brought a tear to my eye.

  37. Serafine says:

    Absolutely amazing!

  38. the Cheerleader says:

    Great job Frost!! truly awesome!

  39. Ashamel says:

    Excellent production, Frost. This is now my official Hunter’s Anthem! I’m a hunter!

    You continue to amaze all of us Frost… you have the analytical mind of a theorycrafter and the creative eye of an amazing choreographer/cinematographer. The lyrics were a masterpiece, truly embodying what it is to be a raiding hunter.

    You continue to pay your dues, and you’re good enough to help us pay ours. Thank you from all of your readers!

    Ashamel, Night Elf Hunter, US Stormrage

  40. Fradin says:

    Now that is awesomesauce !, wow that is so impressive awesome job, loved the video I think wow should be paying for this video its that good. Have to be one of the best wow videos i have ever seen !.

  41. Teilathan says:

    Love the song and the video!!!
    We really need more of these awesome songs and movies for hunters.
    And thanks for all the nice work u do in here for all us hunters.

  42. illy says:

    loved the tree pun and the misdirect on the clothie :)

  43. Tieren says:

    Hah! Fantastic

  44. col says:

    have u ever actualy done algalon?

  45. Frostheim says:

    Nope, not yet!

    The song, however, isn’t about me, it’s about hunters :)

  46. Quatermain says:

    I’ve been coming to this site for quite a while now. I have to admit, that was THE MOST EPIC Hunter vid that I have ever seen. I can hardly contain myself. Amazing song, amazing shots, all around one of the best WoW movies ever made. Makes me proud to be a Hunter! Thank you :D
    80 Draenei Hunter
    US Stormscale

  47. Kagomechan says:

    Awesome Vid! Best Video ever! Hunter Pride! Now we need to make a video about pwning rogues.

  48. Bloodseeker says:

    Fantastic video!
    Would love to see both the full lyrics of the song and a downloadable MP3.
    Haven’t been on WoW in a couple months, i play off and on, but this REALLY makes me want to get back to my Hunter and start working towards some of that Windrunner set :D

  49. Rhinochaser says:

    AWESOME SAUCE! LOL I was on the night shift and saw this about 1 hour after you posted it. Great stuff as always Frost. HEY, would it be possible to have a question and answer forum here or would you take hunter questions via your email here?
    I have a few questions from time to time and it would be nice to have discusions with other hunters at times.

  50. Gunforhire says:

    That was friggin’ awesome! Well done!

  51. kitkitty says:

    LOVE this!
    lyrics plz lol

  52. Buurmen says:

    Pro video, pro song, pro WHU, pro everything!
    I have been watching this video quite some times but just saw something that made me ROFL big time! Check 3:32 Massive dragon on the background, scared to death lvl 2 hunter with his hands covering his head while running out of the picture… sometimes the little things can be so incredibly hilarious! :D

  53. Frostheim says:

    Rhinochaser: You can email me with questions. We’ve discussed making WHU forums in the past and it was generally rejected; however, perhaps it’s time to open that discussion again.

  54. Rhinochaser says:

    Thanks Frost. And I for one would enjoy a open forum here to talk all things WOW.

  55. sudzy says:

    Lmao, it was an awesome clip and truly an inspiring hunter piece, proven by the way Hrist, the 1 and only haterade had the only complaint (mispronounced bosses). again truly awesome

  56. Aardbeitje says:

    <3 this song! Great job boys :D

  57. Kilyan - Baelgun says:

    fricking awesome. loved it.

  58. Trayloch says:

    awesome song i see a record deal in the future

  59. Nadipa says:

    All hunters misdirect on Frost till hè gives us the mp3 link of this song:)

  60. Ineedhelp says:

    would so love a DL link

  61. Ineedhelp says:

    [url=http://depositfiles.com/files/1mrs1v17o]Mp3 DL link for those what want it[/url]

  62. ecogirl says:

    I listen to this all the time when I’m reading the blogs.. hunters get bashed so much – this is the perfect antidote. Moar please! <3 <3 <3

    And adding my voice to call for mp3 :)

  63. fartex says:

    damn frost, you got the shwing going man…

    longtime reader, and as soon as i heared the song i said to myself:”hey, i know this song from somewhere…” when i saw the side note on youtube it rang my bell: fruityloops :p

    nice lirycs aswell ha ha, keep on rockin and lockin :p

  64. Miss Pagle says:

    Where does the Arthas snippet at 2:50 come from?

  65. pwn says:

    thats song is epic i love it it has made me wana be a hunter now they look fun!!! as

  66. Gohan (Гохан) says:

    I from Russia.
    All my friends hunters and I love your epic movie.
    Thanks for that Excellent SONG!!!!:)
    Night Elf Hunter, RU (Борейская тундра)

  67. Yorsove says:

    Talk about the shiz! lol
    SO was that like a billion level 1-10ish dwarves that killed that big old green dragon?

  68. Factoid says:

    @ Yorsove:

    Took a couple raids worth. Click the link if you would like to learn more.


  69. Bashel says:

    so i hate the word steal the thought of stealing from WHU is is just beyond words… someone help me figure out how to “spread” this song via my ipod =)

  70. Perfectkill says:

    What is the name of the song you put the lyrics over?? (nice vid, I liked it) it’s killing me because I know the song, and just can’t put a name to it lol

    • Slaughting WOW hunter says:

      Did you find the background music for this song? It’s killing me too. Much help is very appreciated.

  71. Azilyn says:

    Man that would make an awesome ringtone… *grins*

    I love this site!

  72. Laurana says:

    How sad is it that I just discovered WHU recently, and only just discovered this video on YouTube? (But then, I’ve only been playing WoW since June. Not doing too bad, if I say so myself.

  73. BabyDrgn says:

    Hello! I’ve been using this site for a while for all of my hunter needs. I love it. And I registered today just to tell you how AWESOME this video is! ^_^ It totally made my day.

  74. OGganster says:

    HA HA HA great song best part MD to the healer…. done that some many times to healers that dont heal my pet

  75. Divastarr says:

    Best thing goin! !!! :D

  76. Tams says:

    Awesome video. I too been useing this site for awhile to better my hunter, and just register to say thank you for all you do in the testing and figureing. So to sound redundant…

    THANK YOU!!!

  77. Slayzor says:

    very nice song :D its sad that im stuck on a private server of WOW… official doesnt work on my computer…
    but still hunter was always my fav class ^^

  78. Gayia says:

    Hi Frost & Balth – just a quick question.
    I wanted to make kind of remake of “I’m a hunter” (for personal use only). I’d like to engage 2 fellow guild hunters, and myself, make a video with music & lyrics from “I’m a hunter” song.
    That would be for private use only, I’d show the video only to my guild, I’d give credits ofc to you guys.

    Please let me know if I’m allowed to do so :)

  79. Slaughting WOW hunter says:

    I loved your video it was epic atm I am a lvl 82 undead hunter. Ive heard the techno/trance rave song in the background before and its killing me what’s the name of it. I remember it and I loved it. I also like to listen to rave and trance music when I go solo and play WOW. please much needed help on the background music. Thank you ^.^