Leveling Hunter Build

Posted: by Frostheim

Warning: This is an outdated Wrath guide. For current information, see the level 85 Cataclysm version of the guide Here.

The simple truth is that there isn’t much you can do wrong when leveling as a hunter. We have one of the easiest classes to solo through leveling content. You can level in any build you want – and you can even go through and choose the absolute worst talent mix possible and still have no problems.

However, if your goal is to optimize your hunter for leveling, you want to focus on the Beast Mastery tree. In general your goal is to focus on your pet – you want your pet to hold aggro and survive being attacked by several mobs at once.

We’ll go over the order to pick your talents and glyphs as you level your hunter.

Hunter Leveling Spec


You want to start in the Beast Mastery tree and always take the first opportunity to go lower in the tree. Let’s look at it tier by tier:

Beast Mastery

Tier 1
Spend your first 5 ranks in Endurance Training to buff up your pet’s health (and yours as a side effect). Survival is the first rule of leveling.

Tier 2
Next start with Thick Hide – again because our pet is going to be taking the hits and we want it to last as long as possible. Follow up with both ranks of Focused Fire for a nice little damage boost.

First Glyphs
At level 15 you’ll be able to get a major and minor glyph. Your first major glyph should be Glyph of Mending to drastically improve your mend pet. Be aware, however, that all that healing will be giving you threat. Minor glyphs are largely useless for hunters, and we recommend going for Glyph of Mend Pet so you’ll never have to feed your pet again.

Tier 3
Start with both ranks of Pathfinding. When you’re leveling your hunter increasing the speed at which you can move around is going to speed up the process more than any damage increase. Then take Aspect Mastery, and finally the first two ranks of Unleashed Fury. We’ll pick up the rest of the ranks later.

Tier 4
Take all five ranks of Ferocity to increase your pet’s damage and aggro holding ability. We’re ignoring Improved Mend Pet, which really doesn’t have a signicant impact on our leveling.

2nd Major Glyph
At level 30 we have access to a 2nd major glyph. We’ll be changing our glyph choice in the future when we have better options, but for now we’re going for Glyph of Hunter’s Mark.

Tier 5
Start with both ranks of Spirit Bond – the passive healing is great for restoring your health without having to stop to eat or bandage, and of course it increases your mend pet healing. Next take Intimidation (great for bumping up threat) and then one rank of Bestial Discipline. Since that’s all the Bestial Discipline we really need at the moment, we’re going to jump back up to tier 3 for a third point in Unleashed Fury.

Tier 6
Start out with 4 ranks in Frenzy. With 4 ranks Frenzy will basically be up all the time. We’ll spend our last point in another rank of Unleashed Fury up in tier 3.

Tier 7
The first point here goes in Bestial Wrath where we finally get the infamous big red pet! The next 3 ranks should go in Ferocious Inspiration for a nice damage boost. Spend the last point in Catlike Reflexes for a significant reduction in pet damage.

Glyph Change
As soon as we have Bestial Wrath we want to swap out our Hunter’s Mark glyph for Glyph of Bestial Wrath. More big red pet means more pet destruction!

Tier 8
All of our points here are going in Serpent’s Swiftness. This is a huge damage increase for us and our pet.

2nd Minor Glyph
We get a second minor glyph at level 50. Best bet here is to go for Glyph of Revive Pet. You won’t get much use out of it while leveling… but then we just don’t have good minor glyph options. Feel free to take anything else that strikes your fancy.

Tier 9
First point is The Beast Within, then the next 3 go to Longevity which increases our pet threat generating ability significantly. We’ll toss the final point back up in Unleashed Fury from tier 3.

Tier 10
Kindred Spirits – woo!

3rd Minor Glyph
Level 70 gives us yet another nearly useless minor glyph. Feign Death is our best option.

Tier 11
Beast Mastery – now we can tame exotic pets and, more importantly, we get more talent points for our pets.


Tier 1
Lethal Shots.

Tier 2
Start out with five ranks in Mortal Shots, because big crits are fun.

Tier 3
First rank goes in Go for the Throat, at which point our pet should never run out of focus. Then we’ll hop back up to tier 2 and put three ranks in Careful Aim. Finally we’ll buy all 3 ranks of Improved Arcane Shot.


Tier 1
Our last 3 points will go into Improved Tracking.

You now have an excellent soloing build; however, as soon as you hit level 80 it’s time to respec to a group/raiding build. Again, just like when leveling, any raiding build will server you just fine while soloing, though Beast Mastery is much stronger at handling lots of mobs.

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  1. Omogon says:

    Cool :) Now I can direct new hunters here for a good leveling build.

  2. Vamanar says:

    What pet should you have when levling a hunter, wolf or Devilsaur, or a tank pet?

  3. Valacia says:

    Excellent! I’ve started taking hunters I discover who show signs of “huntardation” under my wing and trying to teach them (as opposed to just insulting them). This will be an excellent way to introduce them to the site, a site that helped me become of of the best hunters on my realm.

  4. Valacia says:


    Ultimately a Tenacity pet is going to make leveling easiest, especially when combined with the above spec, however any of the three trees is going to get benefit from it. I use the “extreme soloing” spec here with my warp stalker as well as my silithid, dragonhawk, and cat and the survivability is simply amazing with all of them.

    I would say to tame whatever pet you want to tame. If you are anything like me, the pet you level with will be in your stable for a long long time if you pick one you enjoy. Ethan, my dragonhawk was mine. I braved the journey to eversong forrest at level 27 to tame him and used him all the way to 80 without any troubles. Before that I had my spider, Peter, who, sadly, got released in order to tame garwal…. :cry:

  5. Eidotrope says:

    If a primary goal is for the pet to “survive being attacked by several mobs at once” then I think at least one point in improved mend pet is a must. Clearing debuffs isn’t useful in all fights, but when you’ve got multiple mobs stacking debuffs on your pet it often makes the difference between a dead bear and a live one.

    Also, for ease of play I’d suggesst Hawk Eye and Focused Aim. Pulling from farther away means less running and more shooting, and Focused Aim allows you to miss your targets less before you can start stacking hit at 80. Both of those talents would likely come at the expense of pet dps talents in the BM tree, though.

  6. Bozanimal says:


    Pet selection does not truly matter until your pet hits level 44. This is when a Tenacity pet gains access to Thunderstomp, which will allow the pet to hold aggro on multiple mobs more easily, allowing you to multi-shot and volley groups.

    That being said, your pet is your tank, so you want the best tank possible so you can DPS without fear of attracting the mob. A Bear of Crocolisk is typically preferable even at the earliest levels, since they have attacks that hit multiple mobs. Read more about pet tanking right here on this site.

  7. the Cheerleader says:

    Wooo! now my 77 hunter will be a little better spec’d:D Thanks Frost:D

  8. Furrymammoth says:

    While most of it makes sense, I highly disagree on pathfinding. You get access to that at level 20, but at level 20 you should be getting your first mount which will let you move even faster.

  9. Bozanimal says:


    Two points in Pathfinding increases your mounted speed by 10%, which is a huge timesaver while leveling considering you’ll spend tons and tons of time going from objective to questgiver to objective. If the goal is to level as fast as possible Pathfinding is borderline essential mount or no mount.

  10. Axebrew says:

    This is pretty close to what I spec’d when Axe came back out of retirement. I ended going for Focused Aim instead of Pathfinding.

    No love to Blizzard for making Riding Crop useless once one hits 71.

    As mentioned above, pet choice is entirely up to you. If you do go for a tenacity pet, you have some less BM-ish and more MM-ish options starting in your 40s-50s. Thunderstomp + Volley + Improved Barrage is loverly… but I found myself coming back to a BM-centric build repeatedly, as it (with Focused Aim) let me consistently do harder content. The BM build alone will do that, Focused Aim makes it a tad easier.

  11. roike says:

    Anyone else bugged by the fact that our glyph choice is so terrible?

  12. Omogon says:

    The Pathfinding talent is very useful at lower levels simply because it DOES apply when mounted. It saved my bacon more than once by allowing me to run away from a higher level hordie who was trying to kill me. maybe not so useful on a PVE server.

    As to pets….I still quest and solo in BM spec with a tenacity pet. I agree that a bear or croc is probably the “best”……but “Scutters” my pig has been with me from maybe level 14 and for some weird reason I still feel safest with him when questing or doing dailies……….dumb I know……but true.

  13. Prelious says:


    I will always regret turning “Porkbutt” (my long lost pig) loose. He served me well from lvl 12-70. In my heart of hearts I know someone at Blizzard is seriously considering a sprit pig (Porkbutt reincarnated) for Cataclysm release….well…maybe not….but a guy can dream can’t he?

  14. Fradin says:

    Also i would look for the carrot on a stick which comes from ZF boss and you get the quest in shimmering flats which also increases mount speed but you need to be 40’s before the quest becomes available. Personally as for the pets i would get 2, pay the 10s for a extra slot and get a croclisk or bear tank for those multi target fghts and a ferocity pet like a raptor or wolf for the faster take downs for questing that way you have both options just remember to switch them over ocassional or one will end up being levels behind.

  15. Targit says:

    Lovely guide thank you.
    I love the white bears when leveling as they are unique.
    I have just caught Bjarn at 12 and even though you can get an easyer white bear as part of a lv 11 quest there is a sense of achievment on getting your first rare pet :-)
    Thanks Frost, will certainly take this onboard as i level another hunter with my shiny white tanking Bjarn:-)

  16. Sanctos says:

    I just leveled my hunter to 40 in <30 days played with pure Marks build. When you one-shot half a mob's health it doesn't matter if your pet holds aggro.

    I'll be switching to BM in ~10 levels or so, once more damage talents are available in the tree. The problem with BM is that early on there's crap for damage talents. Go MM early on then switch later imho.

  17. Abbaddaba says:

    Just leveled my hunter 1-40 in less than 30 hours (played) as a pure Marksman build. Using the heirloom gear, you can just about 2-3 shot most mobs with these talents. Doesn’t really matter if your pet holds threat there.

    I’ll be switching to a BM build eventually here, but BM has such crap for damage talents early on, you’re better going MM and then switching over once you get very deep into the tree.

    Although I just dinged 44 and will be grabbing a bear for thunderstomp, see if that is enough threat to keep going MM for awhile longer and continue to annihilate mobs.

  18. FJohns says:

    Great work again Frostheim.
    I am runing your Best BM Hunter Raid Talent Build atm at lvl 53.
    It has been and is very good. Can take other players with higher lvl’s than me and 5-7 mobs at the time.
    Now this build, you made for leveling, se some change. But how much better is this build.? Better is perhaps the wrong word, but would you recommended that I use this Talent build insted.?
    Also I can see that you now have 4 points in Frenzy insted of 3. But in the other build you say = Frenzy: you only need 3 ranks of frenzy because at 3 ranks, this ability is basically always active. Putting five ranks into the talent will not increase it above “always.” Thus you’d be wasting that talent, so it should go elsewhere where it’s useful.
    Then the last Q ;)
    What pet to use when leveling.? Cunning / Ferocity / Tenacity ?? atm I have a Wolf as the new data showing that the Wolf is the best DPS pet atm.

    Thanks as always in advanced.

  19. Angelo says:

    I agree with this for the most part, especially if you are using a tanking pet. However, if you want to use a ferocity pet, the only change that I would make is to point points in cobra strikes and cap bestial discipline. Your pet will start tearing through mobs.

  20. Toddosan says:

    Looks like Im gonna be respeccing tonite, because I’m currently using the raid build from this site since I couldn’t find a good leveling spec. Also I got from 1-40 in 2 days played with the raid spec(very little blue gear) and also raised secondary/primary ones like leatherworking, skinning and the others to a decent level to keep gear current, and my pet choice is a wolf(gotta love furious howl).

  21. Frostheim says:

    As I said, you can level easily as a hunter in any spec, and the BM raid build will work really well. And I do recommend a ferocity pet for leveling — it’s better for holding threat and takes down mobs faster. Tenacity is great for handling lots of mobs at once, but that situation just isn’t the most common while leveling.

  22. Ventura says:

    Hey guys, awesome site. Read it every day now. I’m levelling a 68 hunter at the moment and was in a Survivalist build… I’ve noticed that since I got to Netherstorm though I’ve been dying a lot more and can’t take multiple mobs as well as before… a few quests I just put aside as they got too difficult. So after reading your post yesterday I changed to Beast Mastery. The difference was huge! I’ve been taking several mobs simultaneously (and easily) and ripped through a bunch of quests I couldn’t complete before. So any Survivalists considering respeccing but not sure because they’re so close to 80. Trust me, even if you’re up near 70, it’s worth it.

  23. Mike says:

    Great guide, You know what else would be a good guide would be one talking about Key bindings and spell placement on the tool bars.

    I noticed you have all the action bars full and have not seen a close up of what ability you have where.

    Also curious if you use the standard 1 – = key binding or if you use a different arrangement to make your spells easier to reach thereby increasing your DPS.

  24. Dâv says:

    this is the build i’m going for http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#cxbhdxxRid0eot0eAs
    i’ve lvld a hunter before so i kinda know what i will be needing.
    i’m currently sitting at lvl 54 and have had no problems at all so far.

  25. Sanctos says:

    “As I said, you can level easily as a hunter in any spec, and the BM raid build will work really well. And I do recommend a ferocity pet for leveling — it’s better for holding threat and takes down mobs faster. Tenacity is great for handling lots of mobs at once, but that situation just isn’t the most common while leveling.”

    Level 62 now, and with the DPS of the heirloom gear, I pull threat extremely quickly with the added DPS boosts of MM. MM was great pre-60, but BM is now my build.

    Less than 2 days played to 60 though with MM.

  26. redis says:

    “Just leveled my hunter 1-40 in less than 30 hours (played) as a pure Marksman build. Using the heirloom gear, you can just about 2-3 shot most mobs with these talents. Doesn’t really matter if your pet holds threat there.

    I’ll be switching to a BM build eventually here, but BM has such crap for damage talents early on, you’re better going MM and then switching over once you get very deep into the tree.”

    “Level 62 now, and with the DPS of the heirloom gear, I pull threat extremely quickly with the added DPS boosts of MM. MM was great pre-60, but BM is now my build.

    Less than 2 days played to 60 though with MM.”

    Wow, 2 days. If i want to level hunter WITH heirloom items, is it really better to go MM first, and then respec into BM? Ferocity pet with both builds, yeah? =)

  27. Deheune of Steamwheedle Cartel(USA) says:

    I have a question, ever since I dinged 60 and have been using my devilsaur I noticed that I can’t always loot the corpses with certain mobs. For instance I was killing hellboars and could loot everyone, but when I was killing demons under honor hold I couldn’t loot them all! Know I may know why but wanted to confirm is it because my Dino is getting the killing blow or is it some random bug I ran into? Also I find myself running out of mana fast and have to swap over to viper alot, should I try for more +int gear or don’t worry about it? If need be I can post my armory later when I get home or look me up.

  28. Frostheim says:

    You won’t be able to loot anything that your pet kills entirely on it’s own with no help from you. If you at least hit it once, you’ll be able to loot it.

  29. Sanctos says:

    @ redis

    I leveled a ferocity pet to 44 then grabbed a bear for easier multipulls.

    With heirloom gear, I chose MM, and those were my times. I killed much faster at those levels and stayed out of viper more (i dual specced and switched around for a couple hours to test this). YMMV.

    Eventually, though, you pull aggro too quickly, and the pet takes too much damage. BM was my spec of choice 60-80. I even dualed 2 BM specs, one for speed and one for maximum pet tanking for soloing elite quests.

  30. Deheune of Steamwheedle Cartel(USA) says:

    Figured it out, it was a bug of some sort, oh well. im still wondering about increasing int or not to help with mana, i have 304 agi, and 305 stam, and 78 int, should i pump some into int or just keep on using viper when low?

  31. Frostheim says:

    Don’t worry about Int — just pop into viper when your mana is low.

  32. redis says:


    ty for reply, m8! I have another small question – is there any sense in buying “Swift Hand of Justice”? Haste+heal on killing blow.
    I think heal part is kinda useless, coz it doesnt heal our pet and im supposed to be full hp all fights. But i’m not sure in haste. Does it worth emblems?

  33. Sanctos says:

    I had one heirloom trinket on my account from other alts, so i used it for awhile. I swapped it out for other trinkets when I came across them, but the first one isn’t until the hinterlands, and then again till the outlands, so you will get use out of it if you happen to have access to it.

  34. John says:

    How about Pet talents? Should we have specific ones to optimize leveling?

  35. Thal says:

    I have a quick question, my hunter is quite a bit away from 60 but I’ve already been wondering about something, once I get the last talent in the BM tree, should I get an exotic pet or just keep mine? I tamed Snarler in Feralas and I really don’t wanna lose him for an exotic pet tbh …


  36. redis says:

    So dont get exotic, if you did not want =)
    And you still have bonuses for picking last BM talent – free four talents for your Snarler =)

  37. Thal says:

    I was wondering, are exotic pets really that much better than regular ones?

  38. Kahrn says:

    No they are not, they are just unique-looking. The Devilsaur and Corehound used to be the top DPS pets for raiding, but that is no longer the case. If you want to tame one by all means go for it, or just use the extra talent points on your Snarler pet, its up to you. besides, for leveling, the differences in the pets of any given type is really minor, so pick whatever pet you like best of that type and you’ll do fine.

    If you are trying to pick a good pet for specific things, like soloing elite quests or massive group pulling, then you should be able to find guides for that and pet suggestions in other guides here. :)

  39. Dakottah says:

    Excellent guide thank you :).

    My wife recently started playing WoW and is busily levelling a hunter, so this is a great help to her (and me lol). We were wondering however if there is a guide somewhere for a Ferocity pet’s talent point levelling guide?

    The “best levelling pet” guide section doesnt seem to cover that and the “ferocity pet talent guide” seems to be aimed at a raiding talent build.

    Sorry for such a nub question, we are both complete novices when it comes to hunters so help from our far more experienced colleagues will be much appreciated :).

  40. ray dirksen says:

    Nice guide. This build is similar to the one I found on other sites like Hunter Leveling X Do you both use the same source or is it just that obvious the best way to level?

  41. Zheng says:

    Do I still need to get [url=http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=19560]pathfinding[/url] if I got a mount?

  42. zheng says:

    Edited : Do I still need to get Pathfinding if I got a mount?

  43. phl0w says:

    Nice guide. Although I think since 3.3 one should focus more on dps than survivability or utility. Who in their right minds is questing now that the dungeon tool is available? Once I hit 15 I never set foot in the world again. Only instances. Better loot, more gold and more experience.

    Zheng: Yes, pathfinding also increases your mounted speed. Read the skill description!

  44. almae says:

    Hi, great guide.. is the crocolisk a good choice for leveling?

  45. Winnson says:

    Probably any pet is, just in different ways. I always like ferocity wolves and cats while leveling, hated bears and loved a scorpion after I got it.

    Switched to SV / MM after 80 and some gear, but might drop SV for BM if I get a good epic rare and want to try soloing.

    Frost, I suggested on wow.com once that you just might be a reason hunters are no longer huntards. I hadn’t read this guide yet (wish I had when I was leveling and had no clue about talent points, let alone where to put them!).

    I can now safely say that you must be without a doubt the single largest reason that most half intelligent hunters are the coolest class to play in wow. Much respect.

  46. Mihir says:

    At Tier 7 you spend 1 point in Catlike Reflexes, saying its a significant reduction in pet damage. At this point Unleashed Fury isn’t maxed yet. At Tier 9 you got another spare point, but this goes to Unleashed Fury. Any reason to get only 1 rank of Catlike Reflexes, and before maxing Unleashed Fury?

  47. Solitha says:

    Thanks for the talent guide… I’ve had quite a lot of problems finding anything up-to-date, and having it laid out helps a LOT.

    I’m curious, though, why there’s no guide of this type that includes pet talent points and where to most effectively spend them as you level.

  48. Nighwaldeeb says:

    I am loving this site…I just respeced to this build last night and as a 72 hunter got an immediate 300 dps increase. This site is going to be really good for helping me a GOOD hunter and not just another huntard!

  49. Taz says:

    I just wanted to say thank you very much for this post. Permanently bookmarking this website. It’s great how you give the spec then tell us why and the best way to go about it. I think it will help me “learn” the hunter class as I go along as well.

  50. Robingood says:

    Hi Frost & Co. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I thought it would fit within the topic. Here goes, do you know of a “viable” BM/MM Hybrid Spec for Hunters to lvl all the way to 80? Here is my thinking on that matter, from literally EVERYTHING I’ve found online, there seems to be an agreement that the BM Hunter is far behind in terms of DPS when compared with the other 2 specs. So what I was thinking is, seeing as BM is already in a distant 3rd, couldn’t we build a BM spec Hunter that doesn’t get up to the 51 pt talent (as it seems pretty useless, IMO), and instead spec further into MM? I know we “can” do anything, I am just asking if anyone has tried it and run some numbers on the DPS output. Basically, I was thinking of building it around the two party buffs in each tree. You could get high enough in BM to have Ferocious Inspiration (and Bestial Wrath) and get high enough in MM to get Trueshot Aura. So overall YOUR damage may not be the best, but you are adding value to the rest of the group overall, plus you’d have numerous increases in DPS from speccing that far into MM (granted you’d be missing out on Chimera & Silencing). Bottom line, even if its not the exact scenario I just described, is anyone aware of a hybrid Hunter spec that’s performing quite well into end-game? For the record, I am well aware that pretty much anything is viable while leveling, I’m just speaking to end-game content here. My last question for you all, why do we see the full 5 points allocated to imporved aspect of the hawk in so many builds? From my own experience playing my hunter, I almost never shoot white shots intentionally, its almost all special abilitites. (Now I know that auto shots fire here & there between special shots), but its doesn’t seem to proc the rapid fire effect very often. Was there a patch change to this ability or something? Other than that, this place is GREAT, just re-specced my pet this weekend after reading your guide, there are several tool tips for Hunters that are not exactly intuitive to read. Keep up the great work guys & gals.

  51. Robingood says:

    Just saw your post on “mastery” in Alpha, maybe that makes my previous post moot?

  52. Robingood says:

    I posted some comments that said “awaiting moderation”, now they are gone…. Were they moved, deleted? I admit I may have posted in the wrong topic, first time and all. Can you tell me where to find your replies?

  53. hopdevil says:

    I actually am using a bm/mm hybrid only for lvling currently I am lvl 50. This is my second hunter and I am finding that the quickest way to lvl is quest little and get in que often (I guess if ya know how to do dungeons quickly, if you a new stick to quest till ya learn how a group works) I found that focused aim and careful aim help alot I only went down the bm tree enough to get bestial wrath. I will be putting a few more in bm but have no desire to have an exotic pet. The way these ques seem to work is just a race to the final boss so I am been just trying to keep up with the mages at this point but didn’t want a pussy pet.

  54. hopdevil says:

    Robingood, if you use a dps meter like recount you will be amazed how much of our dps comes from auto shot especially in the mm tree.

  55. Robingood says:

    Thanks for the response Hopdevil. Interesting, I re-specced as BM over the weekend, and expected to see my DPS plummet (as I was MM), but in the half dozen dungeons I ran this weekend, I was still on top of DPS, and that was while running w/people 2 lvls higher than me in the group! Granted I’m only lvl 67 now, so there is still a ways to go, my main point was just to see if anyone had run the “science” on such a hybrid (where you get party buffs from both trees (BM & MM) I find it odd that Blizzard set this up so that Hybrids aren’t viable in end game. I like to question things, stubborn as I am, so I was curious what the output of such a hybrid spec would be like. Obviously I don’t want/expect anyone to go out and do this FOR me, but thought perhaps someone else had pursued this logic before and could share their results. Great blog, can’t wait to try extreme soloing. And on that point, is there any reason to run BC Heroics for gear, or are the WLK green gear drops still better then Heroic drops from BC?

  56. Kiyevame says:

    In the Tier 7 section it says, “Spend the last point in Catlike Reflexes for a significant reduction in pet damage.” At first glance, I was really confused, because I thought that meant a reduction in damage your pet is doing, but I checked the talent and then understood that it meant reduction in damage your pet is taking. But you should probably change the wording of that to avoid further confusion for hunter newbs like me. :)

  57. Derrick says:

    while any pet works great with this build i think a tenacity pet is the best leveling pet for their ability to handle multiple mobs , warp stalkers are fun because their telport and dodge move means their where you need the quickly but im finding that the best 2 too use tenacity wise are the bears and the crocalisk – bears because with the right build / the extreme solo pet build are awesome , and crocalisk because its the only pet with its own aoe move that you dont have to get out of tree , (but you should still grab the one out of the tree )

  58. Morhault says:

    Just making sure I am reading this right, essentially do you just run right through the BM tree until the end then start into MM? I have the MM talents but I wonder if it might be easier to go fully with BM first, if for no other reason than to get a devilsaur as soon as possible.

    This is my first hunter and your site has been a great help.

  59. Robingood says:

    Hey Morhault, In general, its probably a good idea to spec in one tree until you hit lvl 60 (the 51 point talent), that way you can access the best talent in your tree as soon as possible. If you spec a few points in MM first, then you’re not going to max out your BM tree until several levels after 60. Another option is to just put talent points wherever you want/need them as you level (regardless of talent tree) until you hit lvl 60, then go re-spec at the trainer to get the 51-point talent. Re-speccing is pretty cheap (the first few times) Good luck with the Devilsaur though, he may be the “best” for DPS, but he is obnoxious to play with, I’m finding I enjoy the wolf much more, while still providing a similar buff to me. In all honesty, the hyenas are my favorite pet to have for pure bad-ass-edness, but their special ability is just plain “meh…” it can help with runners, but thats about it. Spot on about this site being a great help to Hunters everywhere, I know elitist jerks has a lot of detailed info too, but this website is much more accessible for the average player (less jargon), and I tend to side with WHU on most differences I’ve noticed between the two camps. Best of luck to you!

  60. Morhault says:

    Thanks Robin, never really thought of it as going for the top talent quickest. I have a Ghostclaw since I was lvl 17, had some guildies port me in to tame one and I love it. I think I was going with a Devilsaur more to level faster, but its been good so far. I agree a wolf is nice, I managed to get Snarler and he was great. Ultimately I guess its about what you like, its a game afterall.
    Thanks again.

  61. Robingood says:

    To over simplify slightly, what you pick while leveling is not that big of a deal early on, once you get up higher in lvl than its more important where your talents points are spent. Also, if you’re just questing on your own than I would personally recommend putting the first 51 pts into BM, as your pet is your tank for all intents & purposes, on the other hand if you were running dungeons from lvl 15 upwards, I might lean more towards MM to increase the dmg you dish out. You’re right, it is a game, and you should do what you enjoy. To each his own, and heck, even AFTER I’ve read all the “best builds” out there, and all the science supporting them, something in me is still really stuborn and so I want to experiment for myself, guess I like to learn my lessons the hard way, best of luck to you! Though I haven’t found anyone anywhere who suggests its possible, I am still determined to find a hybrid hunter build that “competes” on par with the pure MM or SV tree.

  62. Morhault says:

    It is mostly solo, any dungeons are done with guildies for gear only really. I went with aimed shot early, but I think I will go and max out the bm tree, then by the time I get to northrend I should be able to get it again. Ultimately I never really built /intended to raid with a hunter, I am a tank by nature so my pally is built for it…BUT the more I play the more fun I am having.

  63. Kernunnos says:

    I levelled to 57 with a cat but now at 71 have 4 pets, which I’m juggling to keep all up to level with me: a pig for questing as an SV hunter (my off-spec which I’m developing in parallel with my BM main spec for when I’m in heroics & raids later on), a wolf for SV instance runs (best non-BM DPS pet), a devilsaur for BM instance runs & a rhino for bimbling about Northrend & questing in BM spec without having to worry too much about dying.

  64. Vynere says:

    this is a really bad build for me, i get hardly any quests done and my main leveling source is from random dungeons. can anyone suggest a build or some changes to make to suit dungeon leveling?

  65. Mascaron says:

    I just leveled a new hunter 1-80 in 5 days 8 hours, I did have both the exp heirloom items. I used the addons tourguide, tomtom, and didn’t do a single dungeon. My pet was a cat. Marksman becomes the spec to use once you hit lvl 60 for Chimera shot. Make sure to put 2 points in Concussive Barrage to give you more time to put shots in the mob.

  66. Vaettir says:

    @Frostheim –

    How updated is this leveling guide/build? Are there any changes to it during the last few months?

  67. Pmip says:

    I would also like to know, if you are planning to upgrade this guide? Becouse IMHO, now with heirlooms it’s should be all about dps! Faster kill > survability.

  68. Draco912 says:

    love the guide but since the new patch and everything was reset i am stuck on what to choose to help me lvl my hunter.

    i am such a noob at this game and as a hunter. lol