Recruiting for 10-Man Raids

Posted: by Frostheim

Hrist and I had a long phone conversation yesterday about the progress of our 10-man raid. The big problem that we’re having right now is that we have some very occasional players, and we need at least one of them to show up to have a full group. And of course we need every single regular to show up as well.

Suffice to say we haven’t been raiding a whole lot lately, and when we do we’re usually short so we just go romp through Naxx for badges. However, almost all of our guildmates are members of  different 10-man groups, so we don’t have much of a pool from which to draw.

Then we had a conversation that went something like this:

Hrist: You could post on your blog looking for more people.

Frost: Yes, but they’re all hunters.

Hrist: No, we have enough hunters. We need better class synergy. Like a Death Knight, or a Warlock.

Frost: Right, but the site is read by hunters. We have a union. Of hunters.

Hrist: I know what your site is about, but there’s this thing called an “alt” and a lot of people have them.

Frost: But… we’re hunters… I’m sure if they have alts they’re hunters too.

In the end I lost the argument and Hrist convinced me that it’s possible that a hunter could have a non-hunter alt. Or that a non-hunter could be a hunter in his or her heart and thus read the WHU.

So… we’re looking for a few good raiders to join our 10-man team!

Recruitment Basics

Server: Icecrown
Faction: Alliance
Raid nights: Tuesday & Thursday
Times: 6pm server. That’s 7pm Central Standard Time.

1 DPS class (non-hunter, alas). Preferably a Warlock. Or something.
1 Tank class. Preferably a Death Knight, but not that picky.

The Details

  • We need people who can usually be at the raids. We all got lives that make us miss a raid here and there, but we need to be able to rely on you to be there most of the time.
  • Expect to have to tolerate Hrist, the haterade
  • I may blog about you
  • This does not guarantee an invite into the guild. Our 10-man team is separate from the guild. We do have a separate 10-man bank with raid supplies. You will also be able to join the friends of the guild chat channel. As more people from the guild come to know you, a guild invite could happen down the road. (Need many people in the guild to know you before you can get an invite).
  • You will, of course, be eligible for raid loot from day 1. No rolling or DKP – if you want a piece of loot you put in for it and Hrist decides where it will benefit the team the most.
  • You’ll also be eligible for ribbing and mocking.
  • Our goal is to have 12 regular raiders – which means you may have to sit out the occasional raid. If you have to sit a night, you’ll be in the next night. We want to keep everyone in the raid as much as possible.
  • If you need gearing up, we can help with naxx runs; however, you’re expected to do the work on heroics in your free time.
  • There is a 1 month trial period before you become a permanant member. You’ll be eligible for all the loots and stuff during the trial period. Permanent membership based on decent attendance, performance, and compatability with the team.

How to Apply

If you’re interested, just Email Frostheim. Tell me about your raid experience and send an Armory link of your character. If this is an alt that you haven’t raided with, please send an Amory link of your main as well (so we can see where you’ve been).

Also, importantly, be sure to tell us a little about yourself. Where do you live? What do you do? What makes you tick? What do you want out of the team?

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  1. Jackfinished says:

    God, this angers me that i have not leveled up my Alliance, non-hunter toons! I have a 74 priest (holy/shadow) Spacegoat shammy that is like 60 something and a 50 something druid.

    *shakes fists*


    But hey, my fail is someone else’s gain since I doubt that I could blitz level a toon to 80 in time to get in on this offer. Doesn’t stop me from trying though. The game is on!

  2. heddamazra says:

    i got a hunter… and um, a hunter. but i’m a dirty horde, with a hunter

  3. Malania says:

    Well I do have a Hunter and a DK and a Priest but you know, other side of the Atlantic =P

  4. Stokes - Balnazaar says:

    Likewise Malania, wish I could play on US realms ._.

  5. Anheg says:

    T_T this makes me wish i had an alt…
    Good luck with the recruiting guys.

  6. Nochecazador says:

    Never underestimate the magnitude of althood.

    I’m not applying, but my main was a prot pally first. Now my main is my hunter, but I also have a fury warrior, prot pally and a frost/unholy death knight.

    My hunter is 80, warrior is 78, pally 74, and the death knight is 73.

  7. Jackfinished says:


    Yeah between my two accounts I have…

    5 Horde toons (80 Druid as Main, Hunter, Shaman, 2 Dk’s as farming/profs mules)

    6 Alliance toons (Hunter, 74 Priest, 60ish Shaman, Druid, and and 2 Dk’s as farming/prof mules)

    Ans somehow my g/f still loves and tolerates me. Probably because she plays as well, just not as much.

  8. the Cheerleader says:

    This will be fun:) Annndd.. if Hrist does get to you, there are nine of others who are relatively hate-free:)

  9. dd says:

    i know a guy who has an alli hunter, a horde hunter and a twink hunter. oh and he raids the latest shit on both his 80 hunters

  10. Arthemystia says:

    What is this mythical non-hunter alt that you speak of?

    My level 20 priest would like to apply. Or my long-forgotten lvl 61 DK. But alas, that would require me to play them again. A possible spot in the WHU raid isn’t worth that kind of torture. Good luck though.

  11. dkgem says:

    I would like to help but I am horde and on another server. My guild is starting to get raids together agin and I am the newest player right now. So naxx was first raid and that was an eye opener. 1k ups… But that to whu I can pull 3k. So best of luck to you and thanks for this sight.

  12. If your a nightelf, be prepared for disappointment. Frostheim discriminates ;)

  13. the Cheerleader says:

    It is cause he is so short they tend to tower over him:D And the ladies… well.. you have seen how those NEs moove… oh my…. :D

  14. Creepnfreak says:

    just one problem…your alliance…..blahhhhh!

  15. Vael says:

    Where’s the shammie love? Eh?
    Oh well…I’m a crappy shamen player anyways. Must be the whole “hours in the saddle” thing. I keep wanting to “feign.” ;)

  16. Vael says:

    See? I can’t even spell it right. How the hell did I get her to 80? *grin*

  17. Axebrew says:

    Hahaha, congrats. You’ve just been renamed the “WHU raid.” Be sure to change the chat channel, mmmkay?

  18. quivering says:

    id love to join your group but i know how you alliance cant stand blood elves.

    come to think of it, not many horde can stand blood elves. i guess people hate it when a toon is prettier than theirs

  19. Axebrew says:

    Nah, it’s generally the stick you guys have rammed so far up your…

  20. Frostheim says:

    Oooh, a shammie would be great, in fact.

  21. Hal says:

    Hey, you guys need heals on Thursdays? Looks like I will be going to poetry open mic on Tuesdays a lot…

  22. Zelnith says:

    Damn, I would so transfer to your server with my shammy if he was 80 yet. Oh well, maybe another time. I’d love to join a 10 man I hear so many good things about. =)