The House that Frost Built

Posted: by Frostheim

whumining2I’m a huge fan of the idea of having Guild Halls as someplace unique and accessible only to guild members.

Of course they would have to be implemented correctly. It doesn’t do much good just to have a room or an inn to hang out in. Only the roleplaying people would care about that. It has to appeal to them certainly, but also to all manner of casual players and raiders alike.

Next to having a pet collar, this is probably the non-existant aspect of the game that I’ve fantasized about most. If I were in charge of implementing it (and of course I should be), here’s what I would do to make Guild Halls into awesomesauce:

The Cost

whugoldTo begin with, I don’t think the Guild Hall should be free. Make it something that the guild has to pay for, so the whole guild can work together on it. I also think that the Guild Hall should have an upkeep cost every month in addition to the larger purchase price. Then there are Guild Hall upgrades possible for additional cost, and additional upkeep costs.

The purchase price of the hall and the upgrades should probably be in gold. Maybe something modest for the hall itself, in the 20-50k gold range. But the upkeep cost of the hall and the upgrades should be in the form of a unique new material, call it guildonium. There are three ways of getting guildonium:

  • You can create a bar of guildonium by combining a bunch of mats – this would require metals, enchanting mats, eternals, etc. If fact, it would be nice if it required something from every gathering profession, so everyone could kick in. Those without gathering professions could farm eternals, if they want to help.
  • Guildonium also has a 10-20% chance to drop from raid bosses. This way raiding guilds could pay for the upkeep on a modest Guild Hall with their raiding loots alone. Or if they have an excess, they could sell them on the AH to add to the guild gold pool.
  • And finally, since guildonium is BoE, you can buy it on the AH.

I like the idea of putting a cost element, including upkeep cost, for a couple of reasons. Mostly because it’s a centralizing activity that brings the guild together and supports a sense of community. Even if you aren’t raiding, you can go out and grind some mats to support the guild. And it also means that not all guilds will have the same Guild Halls. Some guilds will be able to afford cooler upgrades. Some will go for cosmetic stuff, while others go for useful stuff. And to make a Guild Hall really appealing, it has to be something that you have to work for. Having every possible upgrade should require either a huge guild, or a huge effort.

Of course the downside of a cost is that some guilds will implement member dues that have to be paid to support it. That would suck, but my hunch is most guilds will have plenty of people eager to help. I know mine would.

The Basic Hall


The basic hall is that you purchase exists in every major city as an instance portal. You step through the portal and pop into your guild hall, assuming your guild has one. In my mind the hall is a spacious area with massive stone arches, tapestries with your guild tabard insignia, a feast table, and then a number of side rooms that sit empty until you purchase the related upgrade.

You could also set it up so that you enter the instance of the group’s group leader, so that you can bring non-guildies in to show off your awesome Guild Hall.

In addition to being an awesome place to hang out, even the basic Guild Hall comes with features that make it immediately worth the investment. These include:

  • Guild Stone: another hearthstone on a separate 1 hour cooldown that will teleport you to the guild hall.
  • Hub Portals: portal to Dalaran/Shatt and any future expansion hub cities.
  • Mailbox: gotta be able to stay in touch
  • Guild Bank: obviously this is where your guild stores it’s stuff! Note that only the guild bank is accessible, not your personal bank.
  • Killboard: a board you can click on to see the complete list of the guild’s first kills with dates & times of the takedown.
  • Trophies: The walls of your hall automatically populate with trophies from certain raid boss kills. Not every boss, but stuff like Onyxia’s head, Sapphiron or Sartharion’s head certainly. Something from Kel’Thuzad, world bosses, etc. I would totally include BC and old world stuff in this. Encourage guilds to have off-night fun raids to fill their trophy hall.
  • Achievements: Perhaps these trophies gain additional decoration (or only appear) when you gain some kind of special achievement on the boss. And there can be additional decoration for special guild achievements.


whutargetdummy1While I think the extra hearthstone and trophy wall alone are worth the price of the Guild Hall, the real benefit comes from the host of upgrades you can purchase for the Guild Hall.

Best of all, there are two routes to getting them: either you raid a lot and get the drops to pay for it, or you’re a casual guild that is happy to spend that time grinding the mats. Works for both kinds of guilds!

Here is what I see as some of the cool upgrades available for your Guild Hall:

  • City Portals: Purchase portals to major cities – Ironforge will obviously be your first choice. This helps make your Guild Hall a valuable hub for traveling anywhere in the world, whether your questing, leveling, or grinding.
  • Stone Portals: Purchase more expensive portals that take you to specific instance summoning stones. Need to go to Naxx? Your Guild Hall can take you there!
  • Target Dummy: purchase a target dummy that spawns in a special “target range” in the hall. You can buy this multiple times if you need more dummies. Do your testing in the Guild Hall without having to worry about the 20 other people applying various debuffs that skew your results.
  • Vendors: Several kinds of vendors you can get: general goods, trade goods, repair, etc.
  • Locations: forge, anvil, stable, etc. Whatever you need for your profession, you can buy it for the Guild Hall.
  • Trainers: your guild can hire profession trainers to serve the guild. Each one purchased separately, of course.
  • Bank: for a modest monthly fee, your guild can open a bank right in the comfort of the Guild Hall.
  • Cosmetics: Obviously you gotta be able to waste some money to make your Guild Hall just plain look cool. Perhaps you can purchase statues (maybe generic, maybe special ones you can only access after doing achievements), upgrade to marble floors, marble pillars, fountains, change the color scheme, put in an outhouse for Arust, fancier tapestries, buy a library with lore books, furniture, purchase “guild pets” – critters that run around your hall, etc.

The Balance

One of the ideas behind the upkeep costs is that it makes it virtually impossible to have every upgrade. In fact, most guilds would only have a handful. Thus while the Guild Hall would somewhat reduce the population of Dalaran (and that would be a good thing — way too crowded) people would still need to go out there for the various things that they don’t have upgrades for.

So the idea is to strike a nice balance of making the Guild Hall home and your hangout, while still giving enough reason to go out to the various cities. Dalaran will still probably be more crowded that you would like.

[Edit] Note that the cost I proposed off the cuff may seem high, for a player, but for a guild it’s nothing. 20 – 50k gold? Sure most small guilds don’t have that in the bank, but they have no need for lots of gold in the bank. Even a guild with just 20 players can make that kind of money in a couple days.

Also keep in mind that for a modest guild hall, the upkeep cost (much lower) can also be paid entirely with the excess guildonium drops from raids. It’s only if you try to get everything that it’s incredibly expensive – which it should be. That’s what keeps you from packing all of Dalaran into your guild hall :

Your Community

Being in a guild is pretty much necessary in the World of Warcraft, and just about everyone is in one. I think that the Guild Hall would help bolster the sense of community, because the guild as a whole will have to pull together to get the funds to continually improve their home and upgrade it. It shows off your guild’s achievements, gives you a place free of all the annoying gold sellers and a-holes to hang out with your friends, and it provides some very real conveniences that make the game more enjoyable to play. Guilds could use their awesome hall as a selling point in recruiting, and guild members would be that much prouder to be affiliated with their guild.

Best of all, it should appeal equally to hardcore and casual guilds, and allows either of them to build and upgrade their hall in their own way. Because implementation of something like this must be both social, and functional, so it appeals to all types of players, not just one subset.

Am I the only one that thinks this would be the coolest thing ever? What else would you add to the Guild Hall concept?

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  1. chaospet says:

    In my opinion thats a great idea. I love games that have lots of things to customize espeically if it some sort of buildin such as guild hall. U shud put it in the request forums on wow home site. :)

  2. Thzerika says:


    added bonus is it would clear out dalaran of the 1 billion dossers!

    40fps dalaran? YOUGOTIT! :O


  3. Valinor of Greymane says:

    I’ve thought about a guild hall for as long as i’ve played WoW and while I like some of your suggestions I will say that some of them would ruin the game.

    When I rolled my hunter so many moons ago I was instantly amazed but I didn’t really get the gut punch of how cool this all was until I stepped foot into Ironforge. I mean the sheer scale of the place and the fact that EVERYONE was there was what did it for me.

    I’d hate to see yet another part of Azeroth or Outland become a depopulated wasteland. When was the last time you visited Shattrath? Do you really think Darlaran will stay as populous once the next expansion comes?

    If you move vendors and trainers and forges etc… to a guild hall (which I imagine would be instanced) suddenly we’re all playing guild wars – a game where pve plays like a solo game.

    There is a place for guild halls but I think the balance needs to be struck between being merely cosmetic and being the new hub of everyone’s experience in WoW.

    If i could add one mechanic to your guild hall I would love to see players champion their guilds. Not champion in the sense of the current implementation involving talbards and reputation but instead a system by which the guild owned certain pieces of gear. That gear would be displayed in the guild hall and could only be donned with the consent of the guild leader before a raid or instance. The gear would be stronger than the gear one could get from heroics but not as strong as the best in slot items. It would have a buff that would only benefit guild members in a raid. To prevent puggers from /gquit right before a raid to get buff it would be required that the raider had been a member of the guild for a week prior to the raid.

    You can dream I guess. Anyways this is my first post on your site. Keep up the good work. I enjoy the articles and your work ethic.

  4. Malleon says:

    I love the idea of trophies.

    Maybe also in addition to the big trophies for bosses like KT, Saph, etc… also have a killboard for each expansion to show your progression through the raid bosses. (ie. You’d get a trophy from KT to hang on the wall, but also have a killboard with a list of all the Naxx bosses and the date you beat them)

  5. Frostheim says:

    Oh yeah, a killboard with first kill dates and times would be excellent!

    I’m not worried about depopulating for two main reasons: firstly, I deliberately left the AH out of possible upgrades. Secondly, I left the “base” guild hall pretty sparse. The idea is that it’s virtually impossible to get every upgrade, so you have to pick and choose. Most guilds will only have a handful (and will probably be portals) but almost every guild will have things they need to go elsewhere for.

    Shatt is just gonna stay deserted (and good riddance I say). However, depopulating Dalaran *somewhat* is a very good thing. It’s too crowded now, and many people without great computers or internet connections are slowed to a crawl there.

    I think th system serves both needs perfectly: depopulate busy areas a little bit, but leaves reasons to go out in the world’s cities.

  6. Kalakakin says:

    I, also, have thought about this avenue but I would also agree with Valinor to a certain extent. I am sure it will lessen the “traffic” in places like Dalaran or Shatt but I would have to say it would take some time before that is even possible especially if you associate high costs to purchase the items but also require monthly fees for each vendor/trainer/bank NPC, they need paid too! … LOL … The only thing I would think to add would be to allow non-guild members access inside the guild hall but only in a group with a guild member as leader. This way you can show off your guild achievements via the trophies and what not. Especially useful for recruiting purposes but they would not be able to use anything just be able to ‘see’ everything in the guild hall.

  7. Kent says:

    I like the idea but I think it will cause the main cities to become less populated, and while Dalaran is all kinds of problems for people, it does help with the “feel” that WoW is a world you’re part of.

    I think some items within your suggestions could certainly be done if they are some how included within the city element, or near a city so that you would still have a reason for going there.

  8. Neven says:

    I remember this from Star Wars Galaxies. The problem I found with them there is that not too many actually used them. If you were going there, it was for a specific purpose, whether it was to craft something, to store something or what ever.

    Trophies would be a neat idea (and they had them in SWG) but it turned into “stop for 20 seconds to see what new things are put in and continue on”. I wouldnt see too many people having half hour long sessions staring at all the trophies.

    The main reason people go into Dalaran, is because that is the central hub of all the new stuff. Its where everyone goes to do northrend stuff so it is where most people would be hanging out anyway.

    Adding in portals to everywhere as well as more stones that someone could use to port whereever seems like it would destroy the few portal requests mages get now. with the addon of all the portals in shatt origionally, as well as dalaran now, mages got hosed out of one of the neat utilitarian features they had.

    As far as a good example would be Dalaran. No AH, but still rediculously busy.

    I dunno. I think it would be a great idea to add flavor to guilds, but I dont think it would be as earth shattering or game breaking as others make it out to be.

  9. Frostheim says:

    Pfft. First they complain about everyone bugging them for portals. Now the mages complain that people don’t do it often enough anymore.

  10. Radulf says:

    Love the idea! Love it. I think that it would foster a healthy guild rivalry. It may need to be capped by population or give incentives for new guilds to start. One thing I like about the idea is that it would potentially cause smaller guilds to combine to create larger, more viable 25mn raiding guilds. On my server (skywall) I know there are a lot of guilds with enough good players to do 10’s but not quite enough to do 25. With the resources and progression it would require to have a good guild it would encourage guilds to merge. Perhaps they could make it just large enough with some type of mid-range guild incentive so they didn’t get too large and dominant. Maybe having little city criers that howl out major guild achievements or something.

  11. Ord says:

    So, in your design, can you exclude certain guild members from your guild hall? Like, oh, I dunno, maybe all gnomes?

  12. Axebrew says:

    It needs ale and wenches of an acceptin’ nature an’ easy virtue. That’s what makes a hall a home, y’know.

  13. Arthemystia says:

    It’ll need an outhouse, apparently. Priorities, Frost, priorities.

    A table around which to drink mead would appease me. That other frivolity I can do without.

  14. Golgat says:

    How about a WHU Hunter’s Hall? Now how to get across servers… :p

  15. Tsailencer says:

    went threw this when I played Dark Age of Camelot….Neven is right….it was great for like a month then nobody would use the hall and then the cost got to be out of control because no one else really wanted it so they didn’t put any $ towards it…one kool option from DAOC was a vender guy standing outside your house/hall in which anyone could walk up to, see what you had for sale and then buy it….I saw this in Ultima Online also…another problem with the house/hall idea is that Blizz would have to create a new land in which all our houses/halls could be stored on…in Ultima Online they allowed you to put up a house almost anywhere and it became run threw a forest full of houses…these areas tend to look like huge trailer parks after a while….sounds like a good idea but in the end it gets tiresome and costly to upkeep..but this doesn’t mean ppl who want to do it shouldn’t be allowed to.

    Antiquus Morte Ortus, Silvermoon (Horde)

  16. I think it would be cool if they also had high level, hard to achieve, guild only portals that put you at the stone of various instances. That way the whole guild would be able to finish, say, VoA and port straight to Ulduar.

  17. Frostheim says:

    Clusters of houses is not a danger – as I said, they just make one building with an instance entrance.

    As for people not using it — it’s all a matter of giving it features that are legitimately useful in game. I imagine the biggest would be the portals (although the second hearthstone alone would be big). Also keep in mind that you can pay your upkeep just off of the guildonium loot drops :)

  18. Will says:

    Actually, EQ2 does some very interesting things with Guild Halls and more importantly Guild Progress…. Guilds in EQ2 have levels that are achieved through player advancement (individual character status). I’d LOVE to see WoW implement a Guild Advancement system similar to this using Achievement Points. This is the one aspect of gameplay that EQ2 has over WoW.

  19. Boletus says:


  20. Sturmovic says:

    Great ideas, I love how the house usefulness will be limited by a limited number of vendors/forges etc.

    Other things that would also prevent city depopulation: the exclusion of the instance from city chats, and having a player minimum number for a guild to get a guildhouse.

    Also, a guild house needs to have a prison. I don’t know what will be kept in it, but it shalt be awesome. And a miniature arena where the prisoners fight. Maybe the opposing faction leaders if the guild has done a for the Alliance quest?

    Now, why is there no player housing atm? I guess because having to instance 40k unique guild houses would break the Blizz servers, right?

    Ooooh, last thing: a giant throne only for the guild leader, with smaller thrones for officers.

  21. Eccy says:

    In honesty I believe the guild hall would need a more static feel. I would lower the cost, and make each guild hall in each city unique. It wouldn’t make sense, for instance, for IF-inspired architecture in Dalaran. I understand its an instance portal meaning it can be anywhere, but it doesn’t “fit”. Blizzard use instance portals simply to segregate that content, not to segregate location. It’s not in keeping to have a magical hall location that is accesible from every major city.. and a hearthing stone! There are portals which serve this translocation functionality, but they’re quite different in form and function to what you’re describing.

    Likewise, with the portals, a guild would not buy them, except one to the current expansion hub which will doubtless have its own portals to other major locations. Even Undermine will have Goblin translocators to get around, not visibly the same as Dalaran/Shattrath portals, but indentical functionality. If additional portals are costing them upkeep, they’re simply not going to buy them.

    I realise your post is simply “my dream guild hall” rather than “guild hall I think Blizzard should implement” as there are many reasons for Blizzard not to implement certain functions described. Personally my dream would be rather to see unique grand guild halls in each major city, which likewise can be upgraded for aeshetic reasons rather than functional ones. A guild hall in Stormwind that roughly resembles a couple of rooms of the Stockades would be the free, beginner guild-hall. A canal-side guild hall? Several thousand gold. A guild hall with balconies overlooking Stormwind harbour and enjoying the sunsets of an evening.. prepare for the 20-50k you mentioned.

    There’s no reason why these things should be exclusive to only those already raiding Uludar with massive cash reserves. Understand, Frost, the majority of guilds (read, over 99%) do not even have 1k gold in the guild bank. Blizzard is clearly no longer creating content for exclusivity. The raiding guilds you know of that have plenty, are the minority not the majority.

    It’s my belief guild halls should form a primarily social role rather than a functional one. I realise this means they not be used as much as you desire, but neither should cities be abandoned for the same reason. A guild hall should be a refuge. Certainly, a trophy hall is a must. Upgrades also to a degree – I like the idea of buying drink, food and reagent vendors, for instance, but class/profession trainers – again, there’s no reason to take these out of the cities save for personal convenience, in which case you’d never see another living soul again. There has to be a balance between the two – and replacing 90% of the city functionality (except for bank and AH) is not the balance Blizzard would be seeking.

    Some nice ideas – it is certainly a nice fantasy to have one place that provides virtually everything your character will ever need.. and let you move around the world exceptionally rapidly with a combination of hearth/guild hearth/city portals/guild portals/etc, but its not completely practical. I do like some of your ideas though. :)

  22. Radulf says:

    I think to keep people hangin out in guild maybe you could have a coat rack, it would take off your armor and items and allow you to hang out in leisure wear of your choice (or quested/achieved wear). You could then have a pint that might include drinking games, or make a little table to sit and and play the coin game shooting game from Fable (very cool), or someone could do card tricks to gamble very small amounts of money.

  23. When you said “feast table”, an actual feast on the table would be nice. Everyone can feast and get a (respectable, not good enough to put cooks out of business) food buff, more than suitable for soloing or 5 man content, as well as trash clearing in raids. I think being able to purchase themes would be a nice addition, maybe have one for each race in your faction. I agree that maintenance costs would give the guild a group activity to focus on, but coming from a small, 10 man, friends and family guild, it just sounds like it would exclude casual players and people who dont get to raid much content. Plus, it would make playing the game feel “mandatory”, since you would have something to lose.

    An ingame message board would be nice, maybe replace the calendar feature. People would have to visit the guild hall to check raids and sign up, Non guild members could be invited through the mail. A forum for leaving notes and messages would also be nice, and could completely remove the need for people to have external websites, since this message board could also be visited from your armory page.

    I’ll have to think about it some more, and maybe come up with more ideas.

  24. quivering says:

    i havent read all the comments so this may have been mentioned, but i think it would be cool to help in guild recruitment.

    i did read the thing about wenches. thats a must.

  25. Vermeir (Borean Tundra) says:

    Ok I ABSOLUTELY love the idea… when I first saw this posted on (the New I was sceptical… I’d never support this… but the way you describe its GREAT..

    Though I do have one addition, since you have a table added in, why not fill this table, or multiple tables, with food like the Great Feast or buf foods, foods that don’t disappear, and for those of us who don’t like leveling cooking it would be perfect, since the Hearthstone is set to 30 mins… the buff food could be applied as you eat then you go out into the world and quest…

    Also, maybe each guild can choose one city to have their hall in, sort of buffing that unity thing… like Illegal Danish and Ironforge… lol… anyways, the hal could have a npc that you can hearth too, kills the cause for a second stone and allows you to get to all the cities you need too without having to hit a lag caused log… I have a GREAT computer… brand new, top specs, but I can’t get through Dalaran without lag… so this would allow me to skirt around dalaran for a majority of my needs, no 5 min trips to make it from the Inn to the IF portal… which should be a 10 sec trip… then i can go back into the guild hall and portal to dalaran.. which is better since a portal would take me to the little mage person which is significantly closer to the Flight Path.

  26. Futhark says:

    Simply Amazing!!!!

    /target Frostheim

  27. Purp says:

    You know when I first started reading this I thought it sounded like just one of those stupid “What Ifs” about games you might talk about with your friends.. but towards the end…
    You’re a fuckin’ genius man.
    Pardon my french.

  28. Bloodstyle says:

    Pretty good. But its pretty much like Guild Wars. But anyway all the MMORPG games copy each other. Nice idea :D

  29. herp derp i want internet house says:

    guild housing would a waste of developer resources just so you can RP harder. thanks for confirming the stereotype that all hunters are retards.

  30. Irix says:

    First post here :)

    Guild halls were really a nice addition in EQ. One of the nicest features was the ability to raid buff, but not have the counter on the buff start counting down until you left the hall. So, a guild raid could assemble, buff, and hang out while you waited for the slackers to arrive.

    I think Frost should be hired as a consultant! Great ideas for sure :)

  31. Frostheim says:

    Herp: OMG! Almost 9 months online, and we have our very first troll! (Does some checking… yup, Wow Insider linked to this article. Welcome guys!)


  32. Flamesofsal says:

    OK, the idea that Dalaran will lose population isn’t anything to worry about as long as you don’t give guild halls a few things:

    Do not give guild halls class trainers, that makes the DK starter zone and every city useless, because why travel so far when you can hearth to your guild train and use a portal to nax or whatever to get into that zone.

    Do not give guild halls a portal to Wintergrasp ,if you do then why go to Dalaran ,once again, if you can just teleport there from your guild hall? Taking away Dalaran’s spot as the only place to enter is a bad idea because it’s not like a instanced pvp area.

    Do not give guild halls places to turn in badges/tokens to get gear so that Dalaran, like I said above, isn’t useless.

    What to give a guild hall:
    -Portals to battle grounds

    -Portals to major cities (which will help bring some people back to them)

    -A guild bank

    -A mail box


    -Different designs

    -Enough space so that if you have 400 players in your guild you don’t crash the place when having a party in it.

    -Maybe a designated dueling area so that a little order is brought to the guild

    -A jousting area for fun

    -Maybe a race track and prizes to whoever wins

    -Different hang-out zones so there can be an officer’s quarter and you have to have a key that the guild master gives to you to get in.

    -Some way to bring friends in

    -A bar

    -A guild master’s quarter which will pretty much be a small room where he can escape the members for a while

    -And just random little things that would make it cooler like a trophy room, tabard room, and vendors.

  33. Zappo says:

    Another good purchasable item would be display dummies. Do you or one of your guildies have an old set of obsolete tier gear that you’re too sentimental to pitch/DE? Outfit the display dummy and let him stand as a reminder of vanilla glory! And get into team-building arguments with guildies about who the hell put the 17-pound catfish in the dummy’s off hand!

  34. Wrecker says:

    brilliant idea mate i have also always thought that some sort of a guild hall should be created =D

    Im thinking one of the upgrades you could get would be a guild mount =D
    like everyone gets to choose between the 5 racial mounts but the guild master gets to choose the armour and banner on the mount much like how you would create a tabrad.

    what you think?

  35. Frostheim says:

    Couple things to reinforce:

    1) Will not replace the cities! Almost no guild will be able to get all the upgrades. Each will use a handful that they like best — and will still need to go to the cities for the rest.

    2) 20-50k gold is not that much for a guild. Yes, most small guilds have almost nothing in the guild bank — but why would they? What does the guild need money for? This will give them a reason – Even a guild of just 20 people could easily get 20k in just a few days of grinding.

    3) Upkeep cost is not that bad. It would be much cheaper than the purchase price, obviously — but you can also pay for it with your raid drops of guildonium! As long as you don’t go crazy with your upgrades, you can maintain a modest guild hall on that alone :)

  36. The Cheerleader says:

    I have completely read this post and give it a huge two thumbs up:D I agree that it would bolster “team work” and a sense of belonging:D gooood time:D

  37. daniel says:

    i like pink

  38. dangphat says:

    remind you of guild wars anyone?

  39. Skaarr says:

    I really like the idea of guild halls, but I would probably take a different direction than you. I agree with the posters who said the focus should be on the social aspect. A guild hall should be a place to chill when you have nothing better to do or a place to meet before a raid.

    I do, however, think that there are a few functional things that do belong in guild halls.
    1) The training dummies are an EXCELLENT idea. It’s functional, and not game-breaking in the least.
    2) A few vendors would help to make it more attractive of a hangout spot. Things like a repair, reagents, ammunition, etc. Of course, I think they should add to the feel of the hall, but I’ll elaborate in a second.
    3) Being able to set your hearth to your hall would be great. If the guild hall instance portal is located in Dalaran, it wouldn’t be too inconvenient either. Naturally, then, you would become rested while staying in the hall. This would promote guilds with members who are still leveling getting halls, too.

    With these in mind, I picture a guild hall like so:
    A guild hall can be purchased by guilds with 10 or more members from separate accounts. They initially cost 7.5k g, so that 10-man guilds can purchase the basic one without weeks of farming. It starts with only a basic inn-type setting. There’s a hall from the instance portal to a medium-sized room with a bar, tables and chairs. This room would come complete with an innkeeper, barmaids, and a bartender. The innkeeper is called something different, though I haven’t thought of a proper name yet, to reflect the additional functionality that he/she serves. The innkeeper person is basically the guy you arrange all of the upgrades to the guild hall with and set the hall to be your hearth with. You can set this person’s name in any way that fits with RP server naming rules, sans weird characters that might circumvent filters. The barmaids roam the main table area, and can be used to purchase drinks, each with a unique name following the title barmaid. The number of barmaids automatically scales to the number of people in the guild excluding alts, and are more active when more guildies are in the hall. The bartender offers food that is equivalent to the highest mage food with a small well-fed bonus depending on the food. You can also purchase things like feasts that go on the tables for more festive guild gatherings.
    The atmosphere of the guild is dynamic, changing with the time of day. You can purchase different “themes” for the hall that might fit better with the guild. These could include themes based on the major cities, general horde or alliance themes, and possibly a basic create your own theme option. A guild can purchase upgrades to the theme in opulence, eventually getting to the point where the bar/general communal area has marble tables, and chairs with gold leaf.
    A guild can purchase additional rooms for 1k g each, and can be placed in any of the available room spots, so that guild halls are more personalized to the guild. These rooms include the training dummy room, a shop with vendors, a trophy room with a large central table for more serious guild meetings (for things like raid preparation), a stable for us hunters to store our precious companions (this could have a few spots where your pet would actually be visible while stored, limit one pet from each hunter in a slot, up to five slots; stable slots change to match the pet stored, so that a jormungar worm would have some nice snowy environment going on for example) with a stablemaster, and an addition to the original room with bedrooms, for those RPer types.
    There would be more room upgrade options, I’m just drawing a blank, what with it being past 1 am here.

    The GHs would have their own seperate instance server so we wouldn’t get that wonderful message.

  40. As long as you can buy a pub it’s a great idea. The pub should have a duelling area as well, pubfight ftw!

  41. Powersurge says:

    Great idea that will evolve in to even more great ideas.
    I have the idea of the guild wanting to purchase the guild hall, has to declare themselves champion of one of the race’s city of their side. Then have each city only have like 12 lots around the city that can be rented as you stated earlier.I know blizzard likes to make everything easy so everyone can experience it, but this is something that should separate the real organized guilds from the scrub pick up anyone guilds.

  42. Trackerbr - Warsong says:

    Take this post to Blizzard now please.

  43. Nagatamen says:

    Great stuff, Frost, love it…

  44. Lyraat says:

    I have to agree with the troll (except on the huntard part). I’d rather see the devs work on actual content than pure RP and flavor elements. Yes, the proposed idea is cool and if implemented, I would be thrilled. However, the effort to create such variable spaces is enormous, and the computing power required would be…I can’t quantify or even analogize it. Basically, we’d have ever-changing mini-cities for each and every guild in WoW. I can feel the server farms overheating, maintenence people stressing, tech support folks ragequitting.

    And for what, so the RP’ers of the world can have a private space? So a guild can showcase their 133tn355? Post your bosskills on your website, have a gallery for cool screenshots. If your guild needs to dump some money, buy everyone mounts. And let’s not forget all these goodies will be non-refundable. If your GM disbands the guild in the middle of the night, you’ll lose everything. Think gbank pilfering was bad, just wait until guild houses are cleaned out.

    Cost: Extraordinary
    Benefit: High at first, then low
    Verdict: No.

  45. Gryffyn says:

    Couple of things that could also be added would be a visitor lobby. It would list the boss kills, achievements like city boss kills and have access to a roster of the members. Yeah this is available online but having it in the game would make it more immersive. Recruiters for a guild could bring potential members there and interview them in relative peace and quiet. Oh, and the newbie could check the guild out.” OH WOW, thanks for the invite, but why do you want me when you have 20 other level 80 warriors that are all geared to the teeth.”

    The visitor lobby could also have a major domo who could stand there and give out a welcome like the guild message of the day. This would let people get the flavor of the guild. Everything from ” Welcome to our esteemed halls kind Warrior” to “Yo, Dude, get your noobsauce over here”.

    Wandering in and out of the guild halls lobby would be at least more interesting than endlessly wandering around a city waiting for WG to pop or that dammed guild enchanter to show up.

  46. Mygga says:

    Post this on MMO Champ ASAP!

  47. Jim says:

    sounds like Star Wars galaxies.
    Awesome idea if it is done right.

  48. Grimstout says:

    I very much like the idea, but I have to join the camp expressing some concern about what this will do to the population in major cities at any given time. I know you’re sensitive to this and tried to deal with it by limiting the upgrades, but it’s still a delicate balance.

    Putting the genie back in the bottle is harder than leaving it alone, so unless the work through this VERY carefully and maybe roll the upgrades out incrementally, I’d hate to see people hanging around in guild halls too much.

  49. Jessa says:

    I saw a great idea that nobody really seemed to pick up on and that was for some sort of duelling arena, hell why not let people place bets?

    However, on the flipside what DOES happen if GM just disbands the guild leaving them with nothing? Open to a lot of stress, but if it could be made to work… I like it :)

  50. Edathren says:

    Sweet idea. Only problem I see is if you Guild Hearth to your hall, where do you come out? Would it be like BGs are now, where you come out same place as you entered?

  51. Rujusu says:

    Whay haven thay implemented this? we can allways hope this will come in the upcoming expansion!!!

  52. code says:

    awesome idea.

    This would be perfect when they add guild Achievements to the game.

    I have always imagined like a guild only place.

    Good write up.
    -Matt “code”

  53. bearterrible says:

    Guild halls, so very Everquest.

    But 20K? I’m still to find a guild with more than a handful of guild tabs

  54. Bluebird says:

    Ah, go away trolls and leave us to our dreaming! I love the idea of a Guild Hall! However, i must agree that the majority of guilds including mine (10-man casual) would have a huge amount of trouble getting even 20k gold. I would propose not a 20k-50k but a 10k-20k or something like start out basic but cheep and upgrade. This has so much potential, I could anticipate this as soon as I hear about advances in server hosting.

  55. scrombat says:

    add a special stable area where you can see all the hunter pets in the guild that arent being used ATM. maybe mkae em play, run around sleep eat, have the devilsaurs get out and start munching on gnomes. its just all win.