Essential Hunter Macros

Posted: by Frostheim

reviewed and accurate
Reviewed 12/8/09
Patch 3.3 OUTDATED

Warning: This is an outdated Wrath guide. For current information, see the level 85 Cataclysm version of the guide Here.

The goal of this guide is to provide the essential and the best hunter macros that every hunter should use. Each macro described here is designed and tested to allow you to play the game with fewer button presses, and allow you to concentrate on your raid rather than as many miniscule details of cooldowns. Macros are about efficiency, and a skilled hunter will make use of these basic and essential hunter macros to optmize his or her raid and group dps.

In the Intro to Macros guide I shared the basic version of a “spam for DPS” macro and promised I’d fill in the details of how the [modifier] conditional and the ‘!’ operator worked. In addition I will go over the core macros that I consider to be essential for the raid hunter.

Rule #1 — Everyone Kills the Same Thing Macro (it’s called focused fire)

The most important macro is IMHO the macro that helps to achieve this rule. The basics of operations in raids is that a “Main Assist” is the target selector and everyone else attacks the MA’s target. In 5-mans the MA is usually the tank. In raids it often a rogue (due to combo point needs) but really can be anyone who knows enough about kill orders to be able to prioritise what needs to die next. In our raids a hunter often fills this role.

Regardless – if you’re not the MA you need a way of picking up thier target quickly – assisting is built into the game and if I always had the same person to assist then I could just write the simple macro ‘/assist Frostheim’

But, we can do better.

Assist Macro:

/focus [modifier:alt] target
/stopmacro [modifier:alt]
/tar [target=focus,harm] focus
/assist [target=focus,help] focus; [target=pet, exists] playerpet

So, this is the macro I have bound to the ‘F’ key, overwriting the built in assist behaviour. It essentially operates in 2 ways “Mode 1” is when I press ‘Alt-F’, “Mode 2” when I just hit ‘F’.

The underlying idea is that I want a marco to set my ‘focus’ or to assist my focus, my pet, or a specific focused enemy mob.

The operation is that in raids I set my focus to be the MA, by targeting the MA and hitting ‘Alt-F’ then from there on I hit ‘F’ to assist them. Thus once I have my focus set to the MA — all I have to do is hit “F” and I’ll automatically be targeting the same target as the MA!

Lines 1 & 2 are the ones that look after the setting focus bit. Basically the first line sets the current target as my focus, but the conditional in [ ] says only do it is a modifier key is pressed, and specifically the ‘Alt’ modifier key. Then second line says to stop doing anything else if we just set the focus — it’s the “early exit” clause.

Line 3 deals with the idea that I sometimes need to focus on an enemy and target them, rather than assist someone. The ‘/tar focus’ say to target the focus mob, but this time the conditional (the bit in the []) is a little more complicated. Basically the conditional ‘[target=focus, harm]’ asks the question “Is my current focus an enemy (harmful unit)?” The ‘target=focus’ tells the line what is the subject of the question & the ‘harm’ specifies what question is being asked.

Line 4 is really two commands, or the same command, ‘/assist’, with 2 possible endings. Ending #1, ‘[target=focus,help] focus’, asks the question “Is my current focus unit a friend?” in which case we assist that unit. This is essentially the opposite question from the previous line. Ending #2, ‘[target=pet,exist] playerpet’, asks the questions “Does my pet exist?” in which case assist my pet.

What is important to realize is that the three questions asked on the last two lines are asked in order, and when one of them answers “yes” the associated action will be taken and the macro will stop automatically, so the others will not.

Basically then Priority 1 is to target a focused enemy, next is to assist a focused friend, only if the focus hasn’t been set will you attempt to assist your pet (useful when soloing).

Being the MA Macro…

Sometimes you might be the main assist… or you might just be leading the raid and need to help call attention to what needs to be done. Try this macro:

MA Target Announce Macro

/script SetRaidTarget(“target”,8);
/cast Hunter’s Mark
/stopmacro [nomodifier]
/rw >> Assist me on %t <<

Line 1 puts the skull mark over your current target (if you are not a raid leader or assistant it can’t do this and you’ll see an error).

Line 2 is straight forward, add a big red arrow of the target as well (I hear there is a DPS boost for doing this too).

Line 3 is the early exit clause which says “don’t do anything more if I wasn’t holding down any of the modifier keys (Shift, Ctrl, Alt)”.

Line 4 Tell everyone in the raid to wake up and pay attention to the assist target. %t will be filled in with the name of the current target and /rw sends this message to the raid warning channel.

So if everyone is paying attention during combat you can just hit this once each time you change targets. If they aren’t, you hold down ‘Shift’, ‘Ctrl’ or ‘Alt’ and spam it to wake everyone up.

Stop Stuffing About – I Want a Hunter Damage Macro!

Okay, okay … I’ll talk about “spam” macros then…

But first, we need to clarify what “spamming.” Pretty much all the important damage abilities are on the global cooldown (GCD) — for a hunter that is 1.5s. If you’re BM raid specc’d you are already at the “soft haste cap,” and if you’re MM or SV, with any significant amount of haste rating you are too. So what? I hear you ask. It means most hunters can use one damage ability every 1.5s no more, and preferably no less. Once thing every 1.5s translates in 40 beats per minute (bpm) for all you musicians in the room — and if you’re a musician you realise that is quite a sedate pace. If we can only do something once every 1.5s then we only need to execute the macro once every 1.5s, so in a perfect world (with no lag) “spamming” the macro would mean hitting at 40 bpm.

What’s the macro look like? The current “40bpm spam Macro” is as follows.

Hunter “Spam” Macro:

/cast [target=pettarget,combat] Kill Command
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
/cast [modifier:alt] !Aspect of the Dragonhawk
/cast [modifier:ctrl] !Aspect of the Viper
/cast !Auto Shot
/cast Steady Shot

Note: If you are a MM hunter, you want to add /cast Silencing Shot just before the Steady Shot line.

You can duplicate this macro for Arcane Shot, Multi Shot, Explosive Shot, etc.

Most of this macro should make sense by now…

Line 1: Cast Kill Command (not on the GCD) if the you pet’s current target is in combat (which by the way implies your pet is in combat to, since it doesn’t have a target otherwise).

Line 2: Cast Kill Shot — currently not on the GCD, but will be in 3.1

Line 3: If Kill Shot is not available for line 2, it will write an annoying error message on the screen. Line 3 gets rid of it.

Line 4&5: /cast “Aspect of the X” if either ‘Alt’ or ‘Ctrl’ is being held down *BUT* … there is an extra trick here.

If you cast Aspect of the Viper when Aspect of the Viper is already on, you will turn it off – this is called “toggling.” We don’t want this toggle behaviour, so we introduce the ‘!’ operator. By using ‘/cast !Aspect of the Viper’ we change the toggle behaviour and the cast “always turns it on” – if it is on already it won’t be turned off, but it will still cost you mana.

Line 6: Auto Shot is another “toggle” ability – ‘/cast !Auto Shot’ makes sure our Auto Shot ability is turned on.

Line 7: Cast the Steady Shot ability… this is the only line that changes to create my Arcane Shot and Multi-Shot macros.

The Devil’s Macro: Castsequence

On various sites you see people putting forward macros using “/castsequence ………” to try and wrap the arcane shot and Steady shot macros into one (or the explosive shot / chimera shot… etc)

Why don’t I do this, or recommend it? Because the /castsequence line is inflexible and locks you into certain sequences. Some people mis-understand the reset options of cast sequence and think they can use this to fix the inflexibility – but it’s not generally born out.

/castsequence reset=6 Arcane Shot, Steady Shot, Steady Shot, Steady Shot — the great fallacy

Many people who do a quick read of the macro syntax guides think the above line does what they want. They mistakenly interpret it mean “Cast the sequence of spells in order, but reset to the start of the list every 6 seconds” and based on that interpretation propose some amazingly complex macros to manage shot cycles.

The important thing to realise is that the ‘reset=6’ clause means something subtly, yet importantly, different. It means “If you haven’t hit the button for 6 seconds, then reset” .. the 6s countdown resets every time the button is pressed.

*If* the castsequence could be reset based on me moving, I might use it – but currently that is not possible.

– Myr.

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  1. Michael says:

    Totally AWESOME great fer the Advice and the Macro as a SV Hunter using Serpent Sting and Explosive Shot in place of Steady Shot with this Macro is great

  2. Yorigrim says:

    Reading this make me think of a huntery question, whenever I am running around on noel, I am spamming my lazy damage macro. When the mob dies if I am not paying attention (remember lazy) if I hit the macro again it will target a new mob and even if it doesn’t cast anything, I will begin shooting this new mob. It’s kinda frustrating, how do I stop this from happening?

  3. Neven says:

    I dunno Yori, stop being lazy perhaps?

    Oh, and stop hate’n on all the gnomes… we have rights too!

  4. quivering says:


    ill have to try out that assist macro. ive read it, but something isnt clicking, so im gonna try it out real time. i was using a basic /tar focustarget, and for everything ive done, seemed to work fine, but ill try this one out to.

    that spam macro looks cool but i admit, they make me nervous. i prefer to have more control over the damaging abilities. its also a reason i dont care for BM, i dont like having so much of my dps based on something i have little control over (pet). felt inflexible and vulnerable to me. idk, just my play style i guess. control freak.

  5. Ramcke says:

    A good write-up. You really know your macros.


  6. Mercyfulfate says:

    Ok learned alot over Macro´s.
    But still I´m curious to the Blue Thunda !

    I hope I´ll see it in a few days…

  7. Clinh says:

    I’d like to clarify something on macros please. When your spam macro fires Kill Shot, does the MACRO then get a 1.5 sec GCD or does it get the 15 sec cooldown from the Kill Shot? I’m guessing it only gets the GCD (otherwise the macro would never fire anything but Kill Shot). However when in the past I used a macro the cooldown on it appeared to be of varying length, sometimes just the GCD but other times much longer and I don’t see how that can happen, maybe it was my imagination?

  8. Shadedragon says:

    Clinh – with macros so long as the casted ability is not on the same cooldown as the spells below it – it won’t trigger. And once something in the list triggers any /cast below it won’t go off.
    kill shot is off the GCD until 3.1 making it only fire when available.
    Kill Command is on a qued timer so it will go off when available to the pet and thus does not affect our gcd and should be factored into every action. Although I think the kill command is what causes Yorigrim’s problem – been trying to figure this out for a while as it started back during Sunwell I think.

  9. Dangphat says:

    Are trinkets and rapid fire included in the GCD? If not, can you incorporate these in the same way as kill shot?

    Thanks for another great article!

  10. Cooco says:

    Is there a way to add in to a macro casting cycle a way to have it cast a spell that uses the “a more powerful spell is already active”? For example, if a druid wants a macro that casts thorns, unless you get the “a more powerful spell…” message, otherwise cast wrath? Would be great for making sure thorns is always on the tank for example.

  11. Myr says:

    Cooco — (un)/fortunately not. This falls into the caveat that blizzard has intentionally limited macros so that the player has to make most of the play decisions.
    A single macro will only attempt to cast 1 spell on the GCD — regardless if that spell succeeds or fails the macro won’t do anything after that one try (that’s why the /cast steady shot is the last line)

    Dangphat — trinkets and rapid are not on the GCD and can be incorporate in the macro *BUT* I don’t because I don’t want them to fire off right at the beginning of the fight – I’d prefer to trigger them all manually just as the shaman casts Heroism.

    The first article had a trinket macro:

    /use 13
    /use 14
    /cast Rapid Fire
    /cast Steady Shot

    would bundle them all together.

  12. Huntelaar says:

    Is there a macro I can use to trigger multiple trinkets not equipped? I have trinkets equipped that unfortunately have not such a great use right now, but I have other trinkets with a good Use and a shitty Equip. Is there a way I can call those trinkets out use them and then switch back to my others? Or is it not even worth it?

  13. Krystallia says:

    @Huntelaar, unless you equip the items before a fight, you cannot make use of them in a fight. Those in your backpack should be forgotten about whilst in a fight as they are useless.

  14. Ishatain says:

    I havent been able to understand the macro passe’
    Im starting to dable in it now.
    I understand that having a 2 part macro attack system is better than getting it all in 1?
    Something that goes like this?
    Macro 1 – steady shot and auto shot rotation
    Macro 2 – kill command, chimera, aimed, serpent
    Obviously for MM hunter (which im proud to bare for the Tureshot Aura for the team) ++I love being MM.
    That said, what do i write please?
    /say lol

  15. Fradin says:

    Hi guys , thanks for the info on macros i used the pet attack =kill command, clear the text if not ready , auto shot then either Arcane, Steady shot , multi shot as I am a BM however i notice the cooldown on the icon appears to be with the kill command option which means arcane could be reapplied earlier as it cools down alot faster than the kill command. Have i done something wrong ? or you just keep hitting the icon until it shoots ? Im still a noob with only 5 months under my belt but ive hit 80 and our guild is doing Northend instantances just waiting on our healer to get the last levels before trying some heorics up there, i know your really busy but any help would be appreciatted. Keep up the good work !.

  16. Tsailencer says:

    ok so if I made a macro just stating this line:
    /castsequence Aimed Shot, Arcane Shot, Chimera Shot

    this would shoot these 3 shots in order and then ignore any that are on cd and go to the next right?…

    Antiquus Morte Ortus, Silvermoon

  17. Revvion says:

    if you add ‘#showtooltipto ‘ the spamm macro you will see the the icon,tooltip and cooldown of the specified spell , like arcane shot

  18. Robert says:

    When I try This Macro the Black arrow cooldown time applies to all the other macros like Steady shot and Explosive shot. Same macro but different shot.
    Anyone else have this problem?

  19. Kantsuu says:

    A very simple but useful macro that I use for MD is:
    /tar (pet/tank name)
    /cast Misdirection
    /assist (pet/tank name)

    This is only really useful if you are planning on always attacking what your pet or what the tank is attacking, but it helps in that you don’t have to manually target what you want to MD on, and it automatically resets your target to the enemy so you don’t have to manually target again.

  20. Kazic says:

    i was wondering if there is a way to put in serpent sting to the spam macro to only cast if your current target doesn’t have it on? i find myself always forgetting to put it back up but i dont want to lose the mana for casting it when its not finished yet. or if anyone can suggest a good dot add on to remind me. ADD gets the best of me…

  21. Curious says:

    Is something missing on the assist macro? I put it in, and hitting alt+f works to make someone a focus, but, hitting it again, regular, does nothing. My character just sits there, I have to manually target something to kill it.


  22. Aardbeitje says:

    Is it possible to have a macro that does: Hunter’s mark, then pet attack and then kill command? Cause ive been trying a few things, but my pet never starts attacking.

  23. ziggy says:

    no space, works for me :)

  24. Guest says:

    For the spam macro is it really needed to put in auto shot. Arent they linked since WOTLK.
    Wouldnt the macro work just as good if it looked like this.
    /cast Steady Shot
    /cast [target=pettarget,combat] Kill Command
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();

  25. Guest says:


    /cast [target=pettarget,combat] Kill Command
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
    /cast Steady Shot

  26. Thorudin says:

    I find it more fun to click the actual spell instead of using macro’s

  27. Ancienteye says:

    I have several questions about why sometimes macros don’t work for me or have bad side-effects.

    I have tried this macro:
    #showtooltip Steady Shot
    /cast [target=pettarget,combat] Kill Command
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
    /cast [modifier:alt] !Aspect of the Dragonhawk
    /cast [modifier:ctrl] !Aspect of the Viper
    /cast !Auto Shot
    /cast Steady Shot

    i have noticed, that with this macro, having the kill command up front, will cause this macro to not show the cooldown on the special shot at the bottom. (in this case its steady shot, so its not that important, but for Arcane shot, id like to keep an eye on the cooldown)
    Second problem for me is: pressing the macro key repeatedly produces an annoying ‘clicking’ sound, something that i rarely notice with the castsequence macro.
    Although yes, castsequences are bad, because of all your above mentioned reasons.

  28. NrgsiO says:

    Yeah im getting the same prob as ancient.
    Maybe because of the changes to the command structure in macros in 3.2 ?

    Yeah i love this site so much :D use it for all my hunter needs
    i would love to compare my dps against u frost :D u rock

  29. Judicar says:

    Dumb question…. How do I bind a macro to a specific key? I use the default UI if that makes addressing my question easier. I’ve looked in Key Bindings but I didn’t see a way to bind a macro.

    Thank you for your help.

  30. Jezrael says:


    From memory – you can drag the macro icon from the macro view pane into one of your action bar buttons. You then need to be able to identify which action bar and button this is from the key bindings menu and then set a key binding against it.

    Personally I use the Dominos action bar mod as I find it really lightweight and easy to use. Makes setting key binds much much easier than the default interface.

    Hope this helps :)

  31. Vayder says:

    i was just wondering if there was a macro that auto puts Hunters Mark,Kill Command and pet attack at the same time? and is there a way to make the macro to auto target the MT target?

  32. Shelei says:

    This is my pet attack macro…it targets nearby enemy, tells pet to kill, puts hunter mark on it, then I auto attack:

    /targetenemy [noharm]
    /stopmacro [noharm]
    /cast Kill Command
    /cast Hunter’s Mark

  33. Duuk says:

    i still can’t get the assist macro to bind to the “F” key, would it be possible to have a more detailed explanation of how to do this in the guide please?

  34. Judicar says:


    Haven’t been able to get online much lately, but wanted to thank you for your time/help.


  35. Duuk says:

    @Vayder – easiest macro is
    #showtooltip Hunter’s Mark
    /cast Hunter’s Mark
    /cast Kill Command

    if you want it to target the mt, try this (assuming Mt is your focus)

    /showtooltip Hunter’s Mark
    /cast Hunter’s Mark
    /cast Kill Command

    keep in mind tho that most tanks need to build threat, and this could possibly pull the threat from them. if so, split it into it’s two halves to assist your mt, then wait for him to get threat b4 popping the hunters mark macro :)

  36. Duuk says:

    now for a question of my own. i just re-specced to MM from SV, to try it out for a while, and i’m wondering about my shot macro’s and if a certain line is necassary. this is my basic macro, it’s the same for all shots, only the shot name is changed, so if this is actually hurting my dps, let me know. :D i’ll do the aimed shot macro since i’m already on that one in-game.

  37. Duuk says:

    ran out of room lmao.

    #showtooltip Aimed Shot (*change to chimera, arcane, steady, and kill for each shot)
    /cast Silencing Shot
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
    /cast Rapid Fire
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
    /cast Aimed Shot (*change to chimera, arcane, steady, and kill for each shot)
    /cast !Auto Shot
    /cast Kill Command
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();

    ok, so the basic idea behind this is to always cast rapid fire and kill command when their cd is up, and to make certain my pet is always attacking my target, the line i’m wondering about is the /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear(); line. i believe this line clears the text error message when you can’t cast something, so this is optional, right? And again, is linking silence and kill command to all shots a bad thing?

    any info would be helpful, since many of the other macro sites all support the /castsequece bullcrap. i have personally sent at least 20 hunters from my realm here, lol, this is my hunters bible!

  38. Duuk says:

    edit* i have since removed rapid fire from the macro to make sure i can pop it on the way to a boss and refill mana on trash mobs b4 hand, as well as cast it when i NEED it most, like the last 10% of a boss health when i can blast my kill shot, followed by entire rotation, rediness and repeat, lol

  39. Gudale says:

    I play WoW on a mac and have no Alt key. Is there a way to modify the following line to get it to work?

    /cast [modifier:alt] !Aspect of the Dragonhawk

  40. Dolleran says:

    Hey there Frost! Just wanted to let you know that I am completely addicted to our site and am currently going through each and every post/video you have. I am far from being a number cruncher, which is why you help me out so much. I am currently using your SV spec, as well as shot rotation… and it’s amazing. Although, seeing how my Explosive Shot already crits 54% most of the time, I did remove the Explosive Shot glyph and replace it with the Hunter’s Mark glyph, and actually liking it a little more like that… but then again I could be missing something. Also, I just wanted to throw up a macro that I personally use. It really helps me out on bosses when I want to get a little DPS boost right off the bat. It’s not as technical as yours, but it has done wonders for me. I do need to put in where if Dragon Hawk is already activated, it won’t cancel the effect. But anyway, here goes…
    /cast Aspect of The Dragon Hawk
    /cast Blood Fury(Racial Orc ability)
    /cast Rapid Fire
    /cast Kill Command

    And that’s my own little personal DPS booster. One little click instead of 4-5. But anyway man… awesome site… I appreciate all the amazing information… and I hope you keep on keeping on with it. Take care, Frost.

  41. ShadowDreamz says:

    I’d just like to add a simple macro that i find is also very fun and I hope people find it useful.

    /cast disengage
    /cast frost trap (or snake trap)

    I find it a very useful macro. It will drop a trap at your feet at the same time you disengage. Also with the use of at least one point on the talent “entrapment”, makes it handy in both PvE and PvP.

    ShadowDreamz from IceCrown

  42. Saleena says:

    I got this macro from some site ages ago, I reckon its essential for Survival Hunters with Improved Tracking.

    /run local Tt,t,c=Tt or {} for i=1,25 do t=string.match(GetTrackingInfo(i) or “”,”Track (.+)”) if t then t=gsub(t,”s$”,””) Tt[t]=i end end c=UnitCreatureType(“target”) if Tt[c or “”] then SetTracking(Tt[c]) print(“Tracking “..c) end

    Considering that we get 5% extra dam from Improved Tracking we REALLY need to be tracking the correct type, this macro auto tracks whatever your targeting, great when you have a group of different types of mobs like humanoids with beasts.

  43. Frostheim says:

    Note that this macro is no longer necessary — Imp Tracking now will give you the benefit as long as you are tracking any of the creature — ie: if you’re tracking humanoids you’ll get the dmg bonus on beasts, dragonkin, etc.

  44. Al says:

    Getting *** with macros (apologies to South Park)! When it says you can duplicate this macro for Arcane shot etc..does that mean you add /cast Arcane Shot at the foot of the macro script or replace /cast Steady Shot with it?

    Sorry new to this, and was never good at piano, so working keys wasn’t my strong suit.

  45. Kuldrad says:

    Anyone have the correct command lines to dispel Abomination’s Might and Unleashed Fury (rage?) before casting Aimed shot to ensure TSA is on you?

    I could have sworn I read it somewhere in this sight, but can’t for the life of me find it again.

  46. Kuldrad says:

    Duuk, it has been shown over and over that macroing your shot rotation to a single button macro drastically reduces your DPS. If all you are doing is questing, then roll however you like. But if you do any raiding at all, you will fall far behind any other hunter that uses shot priority and manually presses the key for each one.

  47. pois says:

    meh dont be lazy,

    learn to play good and dont use macros and yu will win.
    I pull almost 8k dps without macros so yu should all just try it, also to clarify dont even
    bother wasting time using silencing shot its not even worth it, it will rush you and cause yu to fuck up yur rotation over something thatll hit for say 400.

    Twilight Vanguisher Poisiiden (darkspear)

  48. Frostheim says:

    As a MM raider, you should absolutely always macro silencing shot into all of your shots. It’s not on the global cooldown, so it’s a free shot! Never leave any dps sitting on the table – use everything you can to increase your dps :)

  49. Oyless says:

    Frost, I understand what your getting at with Silencing Shot but don’t we as MM hunters need to save it at times for certain boss fights to interupt harmful spells. Thats why I personally have mine bound to my F3 key because its handy and easy to get to. I use it whenever its avaliable but on some boss fights I just hold on to it till that pivetal moment.

  50. demidevil says:

    hey just get a nostramo n52 game pad and use those macro with in game macros and u solve the castsequence prob

  51. Oyless says:

    On Setting a Focus to the Main Tank or my Pet I use the actual name so with just a push of button I don’t have to change my target and continue to DPS but in the middle of a Raid if the Main Tank dies and the Off Tank picks everything up I have a little trouble switching my MD to the Off Tank. The way it is set up is that if the Main Tank dies then its just used as a normal MD but at times its difficult to find the Off Tank amongst the mass of mobs, adds, boss and adds, etc. My question now; Is there a line that I can add to my Misdirection Macro that will help with that. Instead of using their Names, which takes time, to something more versitle?

    I’m on my work computer right now or I would post my actual MD Macro.

  52. pr0gr4m says:

    That first macro is just what I’ve been looking for. In HoR everyone is attacking something different (including me) and I needed a better way to find what the tank is fighting and unload on them.

    I’m gonna take it out for a test drive tonight.

    NOTE: Line 2 seems to be missing from the last macro.

  53. Dedrick says:

    It was removed from the macro I believe when it was put on the GCD in 3.1. Before it would killshot and steady at the same time, but with the introduction of the GCD you would have to click the button twice to get the steady off if Killshot is up.

  54. Wolfrain says:

    Dues paying hunter here, I don’t get macros, i don’t even like trying to get macros, but I love macros…. and mine doesn’t work anymore since 3.3 :( [very sad face], so would you be able to help me out and give me a 3.3 version of that great old does everything macro… you know the one that MDd to your focus but if you didn’t have a focus it would MD to your target but if your target was hostile it would got to your targets target and if all else failed it would defer to your pet, that was a great macro. /sigh

  55. Balzer says:

    Okay so Frost if your setting your focus to be the MA so that you can more easily assist the MA how do you quickly MD the tank? Also I know this is a little off topic and could probably go into another forum but does anyone know of some kind of an addon to help list all targetable mobs nearby or in the raid. I just hate trying to click a mob that is on the other side of a boss when I am the MA or there isnt an MA. One main example is on Jaraxxus when I need to quickly target Fel Infernals or a Mistress it is very difficult when they spawn on the other side of Jaraxxus. Thanks a bunch for all of the useful info, loving the side all-in-all.

  56. Myrdreon says:

    For the hunters out there, here’s a serious combination of macro’s. Its some basic stuff, but allows you to go partially braindead or focus on actually important stuff. Feel free to copy/share arround:

    #1-getting that target:
    /assist [target=focus,help] focus; [target=pet, exists] playerpet

    #2-getting it tracked:
    /run for i=1,GetNumTrackingTypes() do local n, t, a, c = GetTrackingInfo(i); if string.find(n, UnitCreatureType(“target”)) then if t~=GetTrackingTexture(i) then SetTracking(i); end end end

    #3-Mark the attack:
    /cast Hunter’s Mark

    3.1- Put each of the 3 above macro’s on a button. I’ve got them on the 1st (left) bar on the 2 on the right hand.

    #4-Using all at once:
    #showtooltip Hunter’s Mark (optional)
    /click MultiBarLeftButton1
    /click MultiBarLeftButton2
    /click MultiBarLeftButton3

    The result:
    1st targets whatever your focus target (target caller, tank, whatever) is bashing and else your pet. 2nd sets the tracking type to this target so you always get your 5% tracking bonus. 3rd puts up hunter’s mark, sends the pet in and starts autoattack. All behind 1 macro, the 4th one, so it only takes 1 button.

    If you desire you can add more macro’s to the 4th, just make sure you put them in the right order and have room available on your bars. Say to manage your aspects, make sure your pet is out, cast misdirect or whatever is usefull as fire and forget.

  57. Niadain says:

    Myrdreon, as previously stated by Frost and others, You no longer need to change tracking to that of the mob you are attacking:
    “…Note that this macro is no longer necessary — Imp Tracking now will give you the benefit as long as you are tracking any of the creature — ie: if you’re tracking humanoids you’ll get the dmg bonus on beasts, dragonkin, etc.”

  58. Myrdreon says:

    True, but its still great. Generally areas are filled with just 1 mob type. Immediate switching tracking to whatever is inside that room/area allows you to monitor patrols/adds on radar without having to change the tracking type.

    That way you can cc adds or MD to the tank instead of waiting for your healer to ask for help. And lets face it, the tank has to worry about agro not about monitoring adds.

  59. Devostar says:


    Firstly I want to say I love this site its like my hunter bible, and just wanted to add a macro i use, its mainly for a MM build but can still be useful for other specs.

    /stopmacro [noexists]
    /run for i=1,GetNumTrackingTypes() do local n, t, a, c = GetTrackingInfo(i); if string.find(n, UnitCreatureType(“target”)) then if t~=GetTrackingTexture(i) then SetTracking(i); end end end
    /cast Hunter’s Mark

    I’ll try and explain it…..

    basically the first part of the macro scans the type of mob you are focusing on, then adjusts your tracking type to match it, so you always get the improved tracking damage. The second part sends your pet in to attack your target and finally the last part puts a hunters mark on your target. It does this all with one click and no delay between actions so by the time your pet’s reached your target, your already on the right tracking type, have marked them and are ready to send them to hell. Hope this helps : )

  60. Yvonne says:

    Anyone has the macro Wolfrain was asking for? I am a 2 day-old MM hunter and would love a macro that ‘the one that MDd to your focus but if you didn’t have a focus it would MD to your target but if your target was hostile it would got to your targets target and if all else failed it would defer to your pet, that was a great macro.”

  61. Myrdreon says:

    Long live wiki, copy/paste and just try from there;

    /cast [target=focus,exists,nodead][target=pet,exists,nodead] Misdirection

    #showtooltip Misdirection
    /cast [target=focus, help] Misdirection
    /cast [target=focustarget, help] Misdirection
    /cast [target=target, help] Misdirection
    /cast [target=targettarget, help] Misdirection
    /cast [target=pet, nodead, exists] Misdirection

  62. Kenneth says:

    I play WOW I have a hunter on the Horde side that I am very proud of but, I am having some problems with his damage. The people that play WOW in my guild, who are hunters, who do 8k-10k damage will not share there secrets with me how they do it. I was hoping you can help me and give me a macro, that will combine all to do the damage that can match what the other hunters do.

    Thank you sir, for your help

  63. AncientOne says:

    Frostheim I am trying to set up a macro to set my target to my focus target so I am always shooting at the correct target. I used your macro and then combined it in an arrangement used by Myrdreon to assign the macros to action bar buttons.

    /focus [modifier:alt] target
    /stopmacro [modifier:alt]
    /target [target=focus,harm] focus
    /assist [target=focus,help] focus; [target=pet, exists] playerpet

    This macro is assigned to bottom left action bar #2. When I have my focus set to MA it does not target his target.

    /cast Hunter’s Mark
    /cast Serpent Sting

    This macro is assigned to bottom left action bar #3. It does not cast mark but does fire Serpent Sting.

    #showtooltip Auto Shot
    /click MultiBarBottomLeftButton2
    /click MultiBarBottomLeftButton3

    This macro is assigned to bottom left action bar #1.

    Serpent sting fires when I have the target manually selected. Otherwise nothing else seems to work.

  64. AncientOne says:

    I tried Myrdreon’s first sequence but it did not work either. I didnt use the sequence to set tracking because I use the mod Auto trac. Sorry for double post.

  65. Staggs says:

    Anyone else having an issue with your macro icon changing after you drag it down to your toolbar? I made macro’s out of this guide….but they all show up as autoshot on my bars…

  66. Pharin says:

    For anyone experiencing cooldown timer issues, power aura problem, or any other such nonsense this is the order to correct the macro. Does the same thing, and stripped !Auto Shot since any shot will cause you to go into auto shot now.

    /cast Steady Shot
    /cast [target=pettarget,combat] Kill Command
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
    /cast Silencing Shot
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

    The only thing to change for any shot is to replace “steady shot” with whichever other you want.

  67. PLEASE HELP says:

    ”I play WOW I have a hunter on the Horde side that I am very proud of but, I am having some problems with his damage. The people that play WOW in my guild, who are hunters, who do 8k-10k damage will not share there secrets with me how they do it. I was hoping you can help me and give me a macro, that will combine all to do the damage that can match what the other hunters do.”

    I AM haveing the same problem . i do not understand how i am being beat by hunters that are less geared than me i am running my hunter as hard as i can the only thing they can be doing is running marcos that allows them too . i have been looking for this macro that is how i came to be here .i am a 0/14/57 surville build if there is someone out there that can help me i would be VERY GRATEFUL THANK YOU

  68. Suppressor says:

    A hunter in my guild and I were talking about how the delay between emergency feign deaths and dropping agro has sometimes gotten us killed, and after throwing some ideas around, we came up with the following macro:

    #showtooltip Feign Death
    /cancelaura Deterrence
    /cast Deterrence
    /cast Feign Death

    This will cast Deterrence at the same time as feigning, just in case the mob gets some swings in. A second press will cancel Deterrence so you can get back to dpsing once agro has dropped.

  69. Huntardix says:

    Suppressor, thank u for this macro.. i actually really love it :D..

    I’ve put an extra line to it, just to have less icons/spells on my bars.. I’ve done this.. And it does work, Ive checked it.. Ive put the Readiness in the tooltip just for the CD of it.. Feign death got a CD as well, but thats lower than the CD of Readiness thats why I did that..

    #showtooltip Readiness
    /cancelaura Deterrence
    /cast Deterrence
    /cast Feign Death
    /cast [modifier:ctrl] Readiness
    I use this for my hunters mark and pet attack.. I use this macro for about 4 years now, always worked fine with every patch.. Kill Command in tooltip is the same as above macro, just to see the CD time of Kill Command..

    #showtooltip Kill Command
    /cast Hunter’s Mark(Rank 5)
    /cast Kill Command
    Just being very simply in macro.. I also use this macro for caring my pet..

    /cast [nopet, modifier:ctrl] Tame Beast
    /cast [nocombat, modifier:shift] Dismiss Pet
    /cast [nopet] Call Pet; [target=pet, dead] Revive Pet
    /cast [nocombat] Feed Pet
    /cast [combat] Mend Pet
    /cast [nocombat, mod:alt] Call Stabled Pet

    U only can revive ur pet with clicking the macro when u do not log out ur character, when ur pets body disappeared the macro just wont work… so beware of ur pet.. ^^ .. The last line is only useable if ur hit lvl 80, I hitted 80 a while ago and putted this line at the macro.. I checked it and it works.. The #showtooltip without a spell name is just an easy thing for yourself, if u stand on it with ur mouse u can see what u can cast on that very moment.. like ur pet being in combat ull see Mend Pet standing in tooltip.. and when not in combat ull see Feed pet standing in tooltip..

    This is my auto attack macro.. Which i only have combined with arcane shot.. I use this also like 4 years now.. Its just a simple macro, but handy and having a spell button less in ur bar.. u can keep on clicking when cd of arcane shot is done and u still will be autoattacking target..

    #showtooltip Arcane Shot(Rank 11)
    /cast Auto Shot
    /cast Arcane Shot(Rank 11)

    I think most hunters find it annoying having a number of aspects and almost having a bar full with them just to the fact u can switch if u want.. Well i have a macro that reduces ur aspects buttons just to one.. U can make this macro as long as u want or simply if u only use 2 aspects just make it for the 2 u use.. I made this macro with 4 aspects..

    /cast Aspect of the Dragonhawk(Rank 2)
    /cast [mod:ctrl] Aspect of the Viper
    /cast [mod:alt] Aspect of the Cheetah
    /cast [mod:shift] Aspect of the Pack

    I just made this macro and tested it, it works.. its for the 3 freezing traps, so freezing arrow, freezing trap and frost trap.. they share the same CD and I made this just to have less buttons on my bar..

    /cast Freezing Arrow(Rank 1)
    /cast [mod:alt] Frost Trap
    /cast [mod:ctrl] Freezing Trap(Rank 3)

    I hope ive helped u out a bit with some macros.. Im still trying to make more handy ones, but isnt easy in some ways..

  70. Aro says:

    I started very fanatically making macros for all my shots with silencing in there..but I haven’t implemented them yet. I was planning on replacing my regular buttons with macro ones, but is that really a good idea? Sometimes you want silence to actually be available for interrupts (off top of head examples: Less-rabi, P1 of Yogg, forcing a caster to approach the tank). If I used the macro for every ability it would always be on CD, right? What’s the solution to this? Which buttons do you use it on?

    also: under ‘hunter spam macros’ it still says “Line 2: Cast Kill Shot — currently not on the GCD, but will be in 3.1”. I don’t see kill shot in line 2..perhaps better to remove this text altogether now that it’s off GCD? Or did I miss something?

  71. Desmodian says:

    I am a total fan of macroing kill command and silencing shot to all my normal MM rotation. I use:

    #showtooltip chimera shot
    #show chimera shot
    /cast [target=pettarget,exists] kill command
    /cast chimera shot
    /cast silencing shot

    Then inserting aimed, steady, multi shot in place of Chimera. This puts my rotation into a nice tidy 3 button package (the multi-shot macro being mainly only used for trash)

    One of my fav macros is my “pew pew” macro:

    #showtooltip rapid fire
    #show rapid fire
    /use 13
    /use 14
    /cast call of the wild
    /cast rapid fire

    pretty simple, casts rapid fire, uses my first trink for an AP boost and casts call of the wild. Once rapid fire is up I pop readiness and hit the macro again. By this time my 2nd AP trink will be ready and will get the full benefit of the macro minus call of the wild. I tend to start most boss fights out with this. The nice damage boost right off the bat is great for the MD cast on the tank for initial aggro, and will ensure that before the end of the fight the entire macro will be available for use again. This makes for an almost solid minute of top end DPS.

    I have tried out a lot of MD macros, and found my fav. to be:

    /tar tankname
    /cast Misdirection

    Now, I have 3 of these macros set up and just insert the 3 raid tanks names into each one. Saves me from having to use a focus target, and doesn’t interrupt my targeting. Plus, having the other 2 macros lets me cast MD to any of the off-tanks at any given time.

  72. Lolcano says:

    Is there any way to control your pets ability with a macro? For example combining Furious Howl with an on use trinket?

  73. Wolf says:

    MA Target Announce Macro

    /script SetRaidTarget(”target”,8);
    /cast Hunter’s Mark
    /stopmacro [nomodifier]
    /rw >> Assist me on %t <> Assist me on %t <<

    was missing a space thought u would like to know

  74. Wolf says:

    ok that didnt post right
    MA Target Announce Macro

    /script SetRaidTarget(”target”, 8);
    /cast Hunter’s Mark
    /stopmacro [nomodifier]
    /rw >> Assist me on %t <<

  75. Basjin says:

    I use 4 macros in order to be able to use the petskills from my spellbook (i.e. the ones I don’t have on my pet bar).

    /cast [pet:Devilsaur] Heart of the Phoenix; [pet:Worm] Last Stand; [pet:Silithid] Roar of Recovery
    /cast [nopet] Call Pet

    Basically what this does is check if a certain pet is active and use the specified Skill. You can make as many macros as skills you want to use and thus actively use additional skills of your pet actively without having to switch macros in and out depending on your pet.

  76. Ceruustar says:

    I am trying this macro:
    /targetenemy [noharm]
    /stopmacro [noharm]
    /cast Kill Command
    /cast Hunter’s Mark

    it works, except that it doesn’t cast the Hunter’s Mark. I was trying a few of the other one’s and no matter what I do Hunter’s Mark doesn’t cast. I have tried it with and without the rank attached. Any suggestions on how to make it cast?


  77. DLarsen says:

    i dont understand macros at all. as much as i look at them, and read up, i just have no clue. its frustrating. my question is, when you guys are posting your macros up there ^^…does “#showtooltip(insert stuff here)” begin a new macro? im looking for a misdirect macro and was looking at the auto-target the tanks target macro at the top. but i just dont understand the….details i suppose. for example, Myrdreon posted this

    Long live wiki, copy/paste and just try from there;

    /cast [target=focus,exists,nodead][target=pet,exists,nodead] Misdirection

    #showtooltip Misdirection
    /cast [target=focus, help] Misdirection
    /cast [target=focustarget, help] Misdirection
    /cast [target=target, help] Misdirection
    /cast [target=targettarget, help] Misdirection
    /cast [target=pet, nodead, exists] Misdirection

    i suppose my question is, is that two different macros? set to two different buttons?

    also, for the assist macro, i understand most of it. but do i have to target the tank, or charcter i would be assisting PRIOR to pressing “alt+f” then everytime i press “f” afterwards it will target whatever the player im assisting is attacking? im so confused im probably confusing all of you.

  78. Vanter says:

    Can’t get the macro assigned to the F key.

  79. Jayed says:

    I don’t know how to bind to a key either, this is way too confusing…can someone make this simple for noobs :)

  80. rusktal says:

    can someone help me with a macro for casting misdirect using set focus instead of having to type the players name everytime?

  81. Oyless says:

    There are 2 Macros that I consider Essential as a Raiding Hunter. They are probably the most important Macros a hunter can make to help out in Raid situations. I use both of these to help with threat for my Main Tank and my Off-Tank. The first one you focus your Main Tank and the second you type in the Macro your Off-Tank’s name. This way you can Misdirect either one when needed. It also gives you time to refocus a target if the Main Tank dies after MDing your Off-Tank. You don’t have to search, you don’t have to take time to click on MD and a portrait, all you have to do is click the macro and you never lose your target.

    /tar focus
    /cast Misdirection


    /tar (off-tank name)
    /cast Misdirection

  82. Deathsroll says:

    I made a macro that casts “mark of supremacy” (or whatever trinket you fancy), kill command and rapid fire and because i used the trinket first, shows the cooldown of the trinket instead of kill command or rapid fire. im a mm so i can always use readiness when the need arises, so trinket cooldown timer made more sense since (doesnt reset with readiness). none of these 3 have a global cooldown either. woot.

  83. Lupo says:

    Here’s my Heal Macro for Tanking
    /cast Cower
    /cast Mend Pet

  84. Demilo says:

    OMG I dont know what to do i cant find a rotation or a macro to help me i am to the point i want to delete this toon and have had her from the start and i cant get her dps over 2300 as soon as i do it drops again i add my pet it drops i and anything when i get something ok and it drops i am at wits end and just dont know what to do ::sighs:: Demilo

  85. Demilo says:

    Deathsroll would like to see that one i have mark of sup also care to share ?

  86. Demilo says:

    I have a request can anyone post a rotation for survial hunters thanks.

  87. Frostheim says:

    There is NO good macro for your hunter shot rotation. If you chain your sequence together into a macro, you will end up doing much less dps because of it.

  88. Demilo says:

    I was not asking for a macro i am just looking for a good rotation for a survial hunter I read all of the post and have done some practacting and see the difference but i still have a very low dps i am using all agi for gems and as a suggestion from a friend picked up the cards darkmoon, greatness but am still only pulling like 28 sometimes 3.1 k on dps my gs is over 5k but not by much still i should be getting a better dps then that i believe so if anyone knows a good rotation for surv. please post it thanks again.

  89. Thaleis says:

    Hey guys another usefull macro would be:
    /focus [modifier:alt] target
    /stopmacro [modifier:alt]
    /tar [target=focus,harm] focus
    /assist [target=focus,help] focus; [target=pet, exists] playerpet
    /cast Kill Shot

    NOt sure if these are the correct lines but you get the idea,
    Fighting adds while in that final stage of the fight, u could finish adds (that die to fast for Kill shot to reach potential) by using killshot. I would say on LD hc or SF in that final phase while handeling the adds This macro could get you highest DMG shot of on the bossy dus helping the raid more then wasting 50% of its dmg on add overkill.
    Im curious to see of anyone can add a: “return to previous target after” line to it (if stil alive).
    Also handy for helping the timing on PP phase timing while handeling OOzes id say.

  90. Thaleis says:

    In addition to that, obviously if KS is of cooldown when an add comes up or is not near dying, a rapid KS at the boss will give more KS in the end as opposed to waiting for that add to reach 20% (darn i missed it/yes it happens).

  91. hrbalchemist says:

    Very confusing! what about a macro for MM toons that solo. I dont care for raids or dungeons. thank you

  92. Zonar says:

    Macros = Fail Huntard. DO NOT use. As if the playability is’nt easy enough, REAL Hunters cast thier rotation and can adapt it to certain situations. A macro will only screw your DPS into a wall.

    The only macro that is worth it are for pet “care”. (Feed, Mend, Revive)

    Happy hunting.

  93. Gary Gealy says:

    Has any test the SPAM macros lately, because they are not working for me. I copied and pasted the following.
    /cast [target=pettarget,combat] Kill Command
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
    /cast [modifier:alt] !Aspect of the Dragonhawk
    /cast [modifier:ctrl] !Aspect of the Viper
    /cast !Auto Shot
    /cast Steady Shot

    I always get Auto Shot and the alt or ctrl modifiers never kick in. I am playing a lvl 70 hunter, do I need to be 80 to get this stuff to work?


  94. Gary Gealy says:

    Correct I am using this work Serpent Sting and it always tries to fire the serpent sting. I was expecting the macro to fire Auto Shot until the sting is cooled down them fire another sting. But this appears to be firing the sting over and over again.

  95. mdidonne says:

    Hi Guys, I have been noticing that some of you are looking for a good shot rotation Macro that will help with your DPS. Well I am here to tell you that I have one that I use and I am hitting a steady 6k on Heroic dummies and I bang out anywhere from 9 – 12k DPS in ICC.

    Ok, Here is the first one I pop.
    /castsequence [combat] reset=7 Chimera Shot(Rank 1),Aimed Shot(Rank 9),Steady Shot(Rank 4),Steady Shot(Rank 4),Steady Shot(Rank 4),Steady Shot(Rank 4); [nocombat] Serpent Sting(Rank 12),Silencing Shot

    The second one is the following. Remember I am an engineer so you can disregard the Enchant I use for the logSplitters. Which is line 3.
    /cast Kill Command
    /cast Rapid Fire
    /use Logsplitters
    /use Blood Fury(Racial)
    /castrandom{target=Pettarget.exists} Kill Command
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

    I just keep spamming the 1st one after the second one and thats it.

    You will also need this one as well if you are already in combat.
    #showtooltip serpent sting
    /console Sound_EnableSFX 0
    /cast Silencing Shot
    /cast serpent sting
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
    /console Sound_EnableSFX 1

    Have fun and Enjoy. Let me know how they work for you.

  96. Frostheim says:

    Once again, let me stress this: YOU DO NOT WANT TO USE A SHOT ROTATION MACRO. They’ll look good on the target dummy, but in practice they will *hurt* your dps a lot. Never use a rotation macro — we were able to do this in BC which has some people thinking we still can. We cannot. Do not do it. Read the article.

  97. mdidonne says:

    I do not have a problem with using this macro. My GS is 5986 and My DPS is where it should be. Why do you think that this should not be used? I am always the top of the list in DPS. Only in ICC 10/25 I may only be in the top 10. Please advise?

  98. mdidonne says:

    I have actually tried using a regular shot rotation using single button smashing of each shot and my dps decreased. So I am confused why this may be an issue. I have fellow Hunters as well using this and they are actually hitting high DPS as well.

  99. Frostheim says:

    Generally castsequence “rotation” macros work well (for some specs) on the target dummies, or fights where you never have to move. On the majority of fights, the movement aspect screws up the castsequence — either it starts over when it shouldn’t, or it continues where it left off rather than re-prioritizing the shots based on the time that’s passed. Either way is a loss from the optimal rotation.

    So if your MM macro fires chimera > aimed > steady > steady > steady (with other junk macrod in like normal) and you fire chimera but then have to run because you’re on fire… you hit aimed shot while running, then arcane shot while running, and then can’t do anything for a bit, then stop. Now you hit your macro. It’s going to either start over (fails at chimera and aimed, then does 4 steadies) or keep going (fails at aimed, then does 4 steadies). But because you were running for a chunk of time you only need to fire off 2 more steadies before your big shots are available — so the macro just lowered your dps.

    The single button rotation macros are easy, no doubt, but there are very few fights where they won’t hurt your dps.

  100. mdidonne says:

    Well thank you Frost for taking the time to explain that to me. I appreciate you going out of your way to explain in detaiI. I understand exactly what you are saying as to movement shots that have been macroed and the shot not available when your ready to go back to the macro. I however only use Arcane shot and Serpent Sting when on the move and constantly watch my CD to be sure nothing is missed. I think this does require a little more attention and skill to properly grasp. But yes, during movements it will require you to most likely switch back to single spamming your shots.

    Thank you,

  101. Deathlightofmisha says:

    I don’t get the spam macro . is this part of thE MM roation or just a all-in-one eps macro?

  102. Saelle says:

    I have no doubt that a castsequence shot rotation macro will give new hunters better dps. One of the biggest hurdles to being a good hunter is being able to quickly use the many abilities Blizzard gave us. A castsequence macro will make it easy for new hunters to always be casting something.

    The problem is whether you just want to improve your dps or maximize it. Any novice hunter should be able to do at least 50% of the damage of a top hunter (in the same gear) with just autoshot and steady shot. A castsequence macro will instantaneously increase that damage to 80%. There are two things that affect dps – shot selection and downtime. As Blizzard has given us a global cooldown of 1.5 seconds, the goal is to always cast something as quickly as possible after every cooldown. If we don’t do this we will lose dps. A new hunter is full of doubt as to what button they should cast next and their indecision lessens their dps. A castsequence macro takes the decision making out of the picture and increases dps as a result.

    On the other hand, 1.5 seconds is a long time to make a decision. Any hunter that uses the combination of a keyboard keybinds and a cooldown mod (PowerAuras, InlineAura, TellMeWhen, etc.) will quickly improve past a castsequence player in a matter of a few weeks. The key is to getting used to the keybinds and as your finger muscle memory gets used to the new setup. When that happens your dps will quickly improve. After a while it will feel like you are constantly waiting for the GCD as you have the next 2-3 shots queued in your mind. Then it is just a matter of tailoring your target and rotation to a fight to maximize dps.

    The bottom line is because we now overgear everything and with the 25-30% ICC buff it is easy to take shortcuts to big dps. When Cataclysm comes out that won’t be the case and people that use castsequence macro’s will be at a disadvantage.

  103. Oyless says:

    I don’t get why people are still trying to use Shot Rotation Macros. Frost said they are junk, which in fact they are. Just put your shot rotation on your Action Bar from Highest Priority to Lowest which should be Steady Shot. Then press which Higher Priority is off of CD between Steady Shots. The main thing to remember is that you can actually press your next cast right before the GCD is up making your shots come out slightly quicker. Like Frost said, the cast sequence macro doesn’t help anymore…it actually hurts.

    There are a good number of Macros that are very useful and can be applied to many situations without thinking. I’ve already posted MD macros that help out a great deal but I also have a Tranq Shot Macro that works great.

    #showtooltip Tranquilizing Shot
    /target mouseover
    /cast Tranquilizing Shot

    (check spelling on Tranq Shot)
    Simple and to the point. you can be shooting one thing and see that something enrages or that some enemy has buffed themselves. All you have to do is move your mouse over what you want to Tranq Shot then hit the macro….BAM… buff / enrage gone. Works great for the Shambling Horrors on the Lich King fight as well.

  104. mdidonne says:

    Well I just tried giving my knowledge to others who might be having issues with DPS. I use exactly what I have posted above and I am always at the top of the charts when it comes to DPS. I dont have a problem with using the macros listed above and neither does any of the players im in an ICC with. I understand some of you disagree with my tactics, and thats fine. I totaly understand. I am just letting you now that with the Macs above I am hitting great DPS. TOC=8-9k DPS, ICC -9-12k DPS, and this is all the time without AOE Damage. I do however appreciate the constructive critism and when CAT comes out, I am sure I will have to change my tactics, but I’m sure I will adjust fine.

    Thank You All,

    Good Luck Fellow hunters

    P.S. If any of you guys are on the Skullcrusher Realm and need help, Please hit up Ozara, Im always on and would be glad to help any fellow Hunters. :)


  105. Shortpants says:

    Just thought I’d share my two favorite macros, which so far haven’t really been gone into – they’re for starting a fight, and ending a fight.

    And now that we’re at the end of Wrath, I figure I should share JUST before they become obsolete.

    I don’t have manual proc trinkets, but I’ve put the /use 13 and /use 14 in there because it does no harm, and should I ever get such trinkets, then it will work

    Start Fighting:
    /cast !Aspect of the Dragonhawk
    /cast Silencing Shot
    /cast Rapid Fire
    /use 13
    /use 14
    /cast Serpent Sting
    /cast Kill Command
    /cast Rabid
    /petautocaston Bite
    /cast Call of the Wild
    /petautocaston Rabid
    /petautocaston Call of the Wild

    It takes up 243 characters, so there’s no error trapping – but i really don’t mind if “Ability not ready yet” shows up.
    Of course, if you’re clever enough to ALWAYS be in dragonhawk at the start of a fight, then that’s OK – I keep it there in case I’m having a stupid moment.

    Then, to recover at the end of a fight, and get my pet back to a completely passive state, allowing me to control it however i like – I hit this after the boss dies:

    Stop Fighting:
    /petautocastoff Bite
    /petautocastoff Call of the Wild
    /petautocastoff Rabid
    /cast !Aspect of the Viper
    /cast Mend Pet

    I put /stopattack in there just in case I’m wanting to get out of something that’s still going, or if I’m hitting a target dummy

  106. Vanter says:

    When it says to assign a macro to a F key it’s not the “F” character but any of the FUNCTION keys F1 F2 F3 F4 etc

  107. kokopeli says:

    Hey all,
    Really getting into my hunter lately and trying to get all I can out of him. I have looked at some of the macros here and like alot of what I see. The firs macro I started using is:
    /cast [nopet] Call Pet
    /cast [@pet,dead] Revive Pet
    /clearfocus [@focus,dead]
    /focus [@focus,exists]player;target
    /clearfocus [@focus,noharm]
    /petattack [@focus,exists]
    /petfollow [@focus,noexists]
    /cast Hunter’s Mark

    I like this macro and it has helped me quite a bit.
    But I tried using a focus target macro and one interupts the other.

    Is there a way to add in a focus target into the above macro. I am not a macro specialist and appreciate any help. I would like to be able to use the above macro but also be able to target the tanks target as he changes from one to the other.


  108. Taffysparky says:

    Hi guys i have just read all of these threads and its very interesting but after playing wow for nearly a year and my hunter is still doing crap DPS just did my first icc 25 last night and i was ranking between 11 and 15 of DPS some basic macros are ok with main casts with trinket built in but everything else is so confusing.

    had new gear from there so need to jem them now but main hunter “hunttres” was 2nd DPS ranking so how its done im still to find out
    some nice posts tho thanks will read again any help would be appreciated

  109. Taffysparky says:

    Hi sorry to be a painn but the other hunters name was HUTTSER

  110. GTyoungblood says:

    The guys saying Hunters shouldn’t use macros are partly right.
    I say that because it really does hurt your DPS when you are having CASTSEQUENCE being used. BUT, I dont think CASTSEQUENCE even works anymore. Pretty sure it was nerfed in the patch the followed the patch that nerfed RANDOM.

    But, Hunters CAN benefit from some well thought out macros. Macros that work WITH your shot rotation, with all shots on separate key bindings. As earlier stated, in order of priority, left to right, on a task bar. Mine are on key binding task bar, keys 1,2,3,~,9,0,-,=

    Here’s what i used to have before 4.0.1. I’m still working on my new rotations, and bundled macros.

    Key #1, by far the most complicated, and not original. I borrowed a very popular one. I had modified it iin the past, and cant remember if this is the modified one or not. But it works.

    /cast !Aspect of the Hawk
    /clearfocus [@focus,dead]
    /focus [@focus,exists]player;target
    /clearfocus [@focus,noharm]
    /petattack [@focus,exists]
    /petfollow [@focus,noexists]
    /cast Hunter’s mark
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

    This one is nice as it puts HAWK up, sends in the pet, and casts HUNTERS MARK, all in one key press. AND… if you accidently sent your pet in, a quick second press of the key will recall the pet. And since you do no damage in this macro (until the pet attacks) you can avoid pulling that mob from the other group that your raid team ISNT fighting yet. Just make sure of the target before using. I have pulled mobs from the wrong groups, plenty of times.

    I believe there is room in the macro for another command or two for attacks or trinkets. Haven’t tried that yet.


    #2 key

    /assist pet
    /cast Serpent Sting

    The /Assist Pet makes sure I am attacking the same target as my pet. This helps keep you from attacking a differet target than the pet, and grabbing aggro.


    /assist pet
    /cast Chimera Shot

    …and so on for my rotations on both my specs. My shots all have been macro’d to include /assist pet or to assist the tank. I have my secons task bat (shift2) without any modifications as such, and all attacks in rotation are strait attacks, no macros at all, so i can make attacks where i want with out them auto assisting anyone.


    This macro is special, as it combines a special mouse button and macro at the same time.

    /cast Freezing Trap
    /cast Disengage

    I have this macro mapped to the task bar just above my 1,2,3 task bar (excuse me, ACTION bar, before I get flamed, and to be specific, lower left ACTION bar).

    When i use it i use it in conjunction with a jump. To make it really fast access, i have my my mouse buttons for FWD/BACK (mouse buttons 4 and 5) which are adjacent to my left mouse button, and smallI and close enough together i can hit them both at once with my index finger.

    When both buttons are pressed, i JUMP and drop an ICE TRAP and CAST DISENGAGE and give out a /woot just because i can. I sometime get crazy distance with this disengage (because of the jump) and sometimes get killed, but its awesome fun. Just know whats behind you before using it with a jump combo.

    Its important to note, move commands like JUMP can not be macro’s, but can be bound to buttons or key presses.


    As obvious as this is, i have met lots of hunters who never thought of it.

    /target pet
    /cast Misdirection

    combining those two and you save time having to target your pet. And now with MD getting an instant cooldown if you target your pet with it = SWEET!!!


    This one worked great, but now Volley is gone :(
    This combo was good if initial rotation didnt kill the mob, i’d throw this in at the end of the rotation. Or alternately, right after the pet hits the mob, as not to was its few seconds of up time it has. (maybe multishot will work with this?)

    /cast Bestial Wrath
    /cast Kill Command
    /cast Volley


    An example of another alternate method of this. (#showtooltip Aimed shot <== putting that line in forces the macro icon to look like the Aimed Shot icon, AND show if its on C or not.)

    #showtooltip Aimed shot
    /assist pet
    /cast Bestial Wrath
    /cast Kill Command
    /cast Aimed Shot


    This one isnt a Hunter macro per say, but it makes one of the Argent Tournament quests 500% easier!!

    /use Warts-B-Gone Lip Balm
    /target lake frog

    Good luck with them. Sorry for the lengthy post.

  111. Eidelweiss says:

    Some very cool macros here and if you read though it all, you know how to make your own. I just wanted to see how to clear the errors because I’ve woven bestial wrath and kill command into my BM shots.

    Cool work dudes!

  112. rkaycom says:

    Got a few improvements I’d like to make;

    /focus [mod:alt]
    /stopmacro [mod:alt]
    /tar [@focus,exists,harm]
    /assist [@focus,exists][harm][@pet,exists]

    ^ Same as your focus macro, just better… And if you don’t have a focus target and have a friendly player targeted it will function like the default “F” key bind, which yours doesn’t do currently.

    Your spam macro is also EXTREMELY dated, here’s the one I use;

    #showtooltip Cobra Shot/Steady Shot
    /console Sound_EnableSFX 0
    /cleartaget [dead]
    /use 10
    /use 13
    /use 14
    /castsequence Cobra Shot/Steady Shot
    /use Chimera Shot/Explosive Shot/[@pettarget,exists] Kill Command
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
    /console Sound_EnableSFX 1

    *You need to change parts of this to work with your desired spec, if you’re BM for example, remove all entries of Steady Shot, Chimera Shot, Explosive Shot, etc.*

    ^ Normally if you put two abilities that trigger the global cooldown after each other, eg;

    /use Steady Shot
    /use Chimera Shot

    The macro will only do the first one, in this case; Steady Shot. However, this appears to no apply if one of them is a /castsequence, even if there is no follow up spell to the cast sequence.

    So, the above macro will do this; clear your target if you have a dead one selected (useful if you just looted), select the nearest enemy, use your glove enchant & trinkets, cast Cobra Shot/Steady Shot, then AFTER completing that spell, cast Chimera Shot/Explosive Shot/Kill Command, BUT only if you continuously spam the macro, if you stop spamming while casting, it will just use Cobra Shot/Steady Shot. The other commands just remove the error messages and sounds.

    Should also point out that this macro automatically handles Lock n Load procs by casting Cobra Shot as fillers, allowing your Explosive Shots to tick their full duration.

    If you need anymore macros just let me know, I’m a bit of a macro master, I can make a macro to do anything (within the rules set by Blizzard) and I love neat & efficient macros.

  113. rkaycom says:

    Just realise a typo I made with the focus macro, should be;

    /focus [mod]
    /stopmacro [mod]
    /tar [@focus,exists,harm]
    /assist [@focus,exists][help][@pet,exists]