Posted: by Frostheim

As a quick note: I’ve now caught up on all WHU emails.

If you emailed a question in and I did not respond, it’s because your email was lost in the void that is my computer (I know I lost a handful). Resend it and I’ll try to stay on top of ’em this time!

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  1. Yorigrim says:

    Frost, you haven’t responded to my email yet with your bank account information. I really need it so I can move this money out of Nigeria.

  2. Reylas says:

    LOL Yori.

    Thanks for the reply Frost. You were a wicked help and you’ll be happy to know i dropped that viper glyph for the hawk one :)

    Also my crit is boosted now (32% unbuffed) thanks to some JC and Enchant balancing. Saw 3.6k on 25 voa the other day so i’m happy :)

    Keep up the wicked work and g’day to the Aussie in your guild. I’m from downunder as well ;)

    Thanks again for your reply


    ps. your aussie accent is AWEFUL! :D

  3. Reylas says:

    pps. i use way to many emoticons …….. :S