Best BM Hunter Glyphs

Posted: by Frostheim

reviewed and accurate
Reviewed 8/26/10
Patch 3.3.5 OUTDATED

Warning: This is an outdated Wrath guide. For current information, see the level 85 Cataclysm version of the guide Here.

WotLK brought us a new way to customize our characters in the form of glyphs, and patch 3.1 gave us a wider selection of glyphs for the BM hunter. For the BM hunter trying to get the best dps out of raids or groups, choosing the right major glyphs is an important way to increase dps.

This glyph guide is specifically for Beast Mastery hunters. Other hunter specs will have different glyph needs, but for the discerning raid BM hunter, these glyphs will help you on your quest to top the dps charts.

Best BM Hunter Major Glyphs

g-steadyshot1Glyph of Steady Shot
The Steady Shot glyph gives the BM hunter a flat 10% gain to Steady Shot damage while Serpent Sting is up (which should be always). Of all of the hunter specs, BM hunters get the largest percentage of their damage from Steady Shot. BM Steady Shot damage is second only to their auto shot damage. Thus this glyph is the single highest dps return for the BM hunter.

g-hawk2Glyph of the Hawk
Increasing the haste bonus of the Improved Aspect of the Hawk talent by 6% is a considerable dps gain. Even though the BM hunter is already at the soft haste cap so this only increases the auto-shot rate of fire — auto shot is the BM hunter’s largest percentage of damage. This is an often overlooked glyph that has the largest dps return of the BM hunter glyph choices available. Of course, you must have at least one point in the Improved Aspect of the Hawk talent — but then you’d be foolish if you didn’t.

g-bestialwrathGlyph of Bestial Wrath
Big Red Pet is the defining aspect of the BM hunter, and nothing is better than being able to hit Bestial Wrath again and again. With the great BW ner, however, the Bestial Wrath glyph is far less exciting than once it was. It can still be nice at lower gear levels, but should be replaced once gear gets good.

At higher and higher gear levels, the BM pet becomes a smaller and smaller percentage of dps. Once you’re well-geared, you’ll want to drop the Bestial Wrath glyph, and instead pick up Glyph of Kill Shot or Glyph of Serpent Sting.

Best BM Hunter Minor Glyphs

g-mendpetGlyph of Mend Pet
This is the best minor glyph by far. Sure, no minor glyphs actually help our dps, but by giving Mend Pet a chance to increase your pet’s happiness, you no longer ever need to carry around pet food again. That is awesomesauce!

g-feigndeathGlyph of Feign Death
Reducing the cooldown of Feign Death can definitely be an advantage in raids where the bosses have a pretty good chance of resisting it. At least you can claim there is some kind of advantage to it, unlike most hunter minor glyphs

g-genericGlyph of Whatever
For your third glyph, there is pretty much nothing that is practically useful except in the most rare situations. So take whatever tickles your fancy.

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  1. Arthemystia says:

    For the 3rd minor glyph, I might suggest the Revive Pet one. It’s mostly useless, like anything in that slot, but once or twice during bosses I’ve used both the Phoenix revival and the regular Revive Pet when my pet has been unfortunate enough to die twice and I still feel like there’s enough fight left to justify reviving him (I was BM spec’d at the time, of course).

    I post it here rather than the SV glyph page, because BM hunters will be much more likely to do this. It’s incredibly rare, sure, and even then you might still not use the glyph (which protects from spell knockback) but it’s something. I have yet to fathom a use for any other minor glyphs.

  2. Fradin says:

    Yeah I am a BM and use all those glyphs except the hawk 1 , i’ve always used arcane shot instead but this site has blow me away with knowledge and the facts to back themselves up. Great work !! does that mean that Fezzik’s pocket watch will also increase auto shot dps due to speed as well like the hawk glyph ? i know it has it’s own AP was wondering if the speed helps since a BM is at haste capped.I have been swapping between medal of honour and the watch could’nt decide 50 crit or the 432AP.

  3. Juniez says:

    Who on earth wants to be BM for raiding? s:

  4. Arthemystia says:

    Fradin, there’s a blog about the haste cap on the main guides page. Haste means less for BM hunters than other specs, but it still helps with auto-shot. The math is all in Frost’s post.

    But yeah, pay your dues and go SV if you’re BM. BM is, and will likely always be, easier. But you’ll thank yourself for the trouble when you add 800 dps or so to your raid totals.

  5. dorianchika says:

    Re: Glyph of Whatever… Yep, it seems like Glyph of Mend pet took up all the goodness that would otherwise come from Minor Glyphs. Mind you, I wouldn’t EVER trade it away. Pet food is waaayyyy more expensive than fish oil and light feathers.

    Does anybody else find the “reduces cd of X spell by Y seconds” glyphs as dull as I do?

  6. Arthemystia says:

    Or Glyph of Possessed Strength for the other minor, in case you want to do some really complex pet tanking. I’m going to be trying it out soon and seeing what my tank (now a Croc) is capable of.

  7. Fradin says:

    Thanks Arthemystia, yeah i didnt keep the watch for haste i know about the BM has a soft haste cap, the watch also gives 432 AP and thats why i kept it. Does anyone know yet if MM took out SV in raid dps yet ? i am dual specced and so far i would like to keep BM for soloing but was wondering which other talent tree to add to arsnel ?. I am the only hunter in my guild and i have not teamed with another yet so i am slowly learning throw trial and error but its a slow process. I would’nt even know were to start in a different tree but theres alot of info here i would read through to bring me up to speed just not sure which way to go .

  8. Frostheim says:

    Fradin: SV is currently the top raid dps spec.

  9. Fluffywumpki of Kilrogg says:

    For the third glyph, at least for me, Glyph of the Hawk and Glyph of Serpent Sting are both VERY close (2-3 DPS difference buffed or unbuffed) according to the spreadsheets. Heck, at the top end of the buff scale, the difference with using Glyph of Kill Shot for extra burst at the tail end of a fight is STILL comparable DPS to the others, although the gap widens with less buffs.

  10. Fth of Garrosh says:

    Did anyone consider The Glyph of Hunter’s Mark….The new patch added 200 extra attack power to it making the glyph give it an overall 600 ap gain and gear so far has already given me 3% haste and it will give me more as I get upgrades

  11. Ley says:

    i was wondering that aswell Fth of Garrosh, can you give your opinion Frostheim?

  12. Frostheim says:

    Glyph of Hunters Mark is a bad choice. First of all, the gain from the glyph is only 100ap — and that gain will always be a flat AP bonus, no matter how much better your gear gets.

    On the other hand, not only are the glyphs listed here better dps gains, but they also scale with your gear. 6% more haste is always 6% more — no matter where you’re at currently (since BM is already at the soft haste cap to begin with). The same applies for all of the glyphs listed here.

  13. Ley says:

    ok, thanks for the info!

  14. Codex says:

    Does this still hold, as the Hunters Mark glyph now has a 20% gain?

  15. clivetortoise says:

    Glyph of Mending? 40% bonus to heal

  16. vegas74 says:

    I saw a huge difference when I dropped Glyph of Mending. I actually think it’s extremely useful…just about a must have glyph…no question.

  17. Kohva says:

    Frostheim, you say to get Glyph of Steady Shot. You say “Of all of the hunter specs, BM hunters get the largest percentage of their damage from Steady Shot. BM Steady Shot damage is second only to their auto shot damage”.

    However, in your BM Hunter Shot Cycle – Shot Rotation Guide, you say to choose Multi-shot over Steady Shot. Ref: “Multi-shot will do more damage than Steady Shot, even against one target. Thus to really pump out the most dps possible out of your BM shot rotation, include multi-shot in place of a Steady Shot whenever possible.”

    What should we do?

  18. Frostheim says:

    Both are true. Multi-shot does more damage than steady shot, so you want to use that (or aimed shot) when possible. However you’ll be firing a *lot* more steady shots than anything else, which makes it the largest percentage of your damage done of all your shots.

  19. Kohva says:

    So use Steady Shot more often than Multi/Aimed once you have the glyph?

  20. Frostheim says:

    Wha? No! Steady Shot is the last shot you want to use. However, you’ll still end up using it more than any other, just ’cause you don’t have many choices. Just follow the rotation guide and you’ll be good.

  21. Kohva says:

    Should I still get the glyph. :o

  22. Kohva says:

    Frostheim? Should I still get the glyph?

  23. Tahita says:

    Hi BMs!

    Being now lvl 80 for some time and not being able to solo anymore, if I want to get somewhere, I have to give finally more attention to my gear and my talents – and glyphs. Now , that I studied and searched several hours (if not days), I found your site and that convincing article. However, I found [url=]Pike’s Site, Aspekt of the Hare[/url] as well and she proposes to either take Aspekt of the Viper or Serpent Sting instead of the Hawk.

    What now? could you pease comment her choice? :D Thank you!

  24. Tahita says:

    Darn, sorry for the wrong format of my link!

  25. Dominax says:

    Curious why you didnt think Glyph of Serpent Sting was useful?
    An extra six seconds on that means i can get off another two Steady Shots before i have to use a GCD to re apply SS.

  26. Archenag says:

    I don’t think he’s saying that those glyphs AREN’T useful, he’s saying that the glyphs listed above are the MOST useful. Of course you can ignore him and do your own thing, it’s just advice.

  27. Jonathanjams says:

    MM is best raid spec currently. some would say surv would be a close second. I disagree i run ICC ALOT and i can push alomost as much DPS in BM as mm ty

  28. me says:

    then you must suck at mm jonathanjams

  29. Aylfric says:

    This guide needs to be updated. Glyph of Bestial Wrath is not worth using now, and hasn’t been since they reduced the duration of BW to 10 seconds.

    Glyph of Serpent Sting is a much better choice.

  30. Cartier says:

    im confused here since, in the “BM HUNTER ROTATION”: guide, you specifically state to use arcane shot instead of steady shot for higher DPs. However, in this BM glyph guide you tell us to get the glyph of steady shot, and not the one for arcane shot…please clear this up for me.

  31. jonekip says:

    hi, ive always had this huge question, does pets benefit from my own haste? or they just get haste from talents?
    also, i would like to see a pvp spec for bm, i can see, this is all pve :(