I believe that it is crucial for every hunter to understand how threat and aggro works. Not just to have and addon to warn them, but to understand it.

Hunters have a powerful aggro-management tool in Feign Death, but too often it leads to sloppy behavior. Shoot shoot shoot, pull aggro and – no problem, I’ll just FD. What all hunters need to understand is if you pull aggro, and then FD, you could end up wiping the raid.

So to start off, let’s define a couple things:

Aggro: the character that a mob is attacking. Thus if you’re being attacked, you have aggro.
Aggro List: every mob has a list of everyone that it’s gonna get around to attacking, when it has a chance. This list includes everyone with any threat, and anyone in combat with it.
Threat: anything you do to get on the aggro list. Usually, doing damage.
Awesomesauce: a tasty topping of awesomeness that does not go well with aggro

The Basic Numbers

Some crazy people did a ton of testing, using science, to determine exactly how threat and aggro works in WoW. Seriously, they were insane to do these tests. However, we now have answers and it is based on this scientific, repeatable testing upon which threat addons like Omen are based.

Doing damage is our base unit of Threat.

1 damage = 1 Threat

Simple enough. So if you shoot the boss for 3,500 damage, you just did 3,500 threat. Now, your tank isn’t going to be doing as much damage as you, but that’s okay because they have abilities that generate extra threat in addition to the damage they deal. Your tenacity pet’s Thunderstomp does the same thing — for every 1 damage thunderstomp does it causes a total of 2.5 threat. Tanks are like that too. So a tank may have done only 1,000 damage, but they might have 4,000 threat.

Pulling Aggro

Here’s the interesting thing: having more threat than the tank does not mean you’ll pull aggro. You need 10% more threat than the tank to pull aggro. So the tank can have 1,000 threat and you can have 1,050 threat and the mob is still on the tank.

Even better: if you’re out of melee range you need 30% more threat than the current target to pull aggro. This also means that the tank can have 1,000 threat and you have 1,200 threat but you don’t pull aggro. However, if you then stop shooting, but move closer to the mob and you can suddenly pull aggro, even if you have a DoT tick for just 1 point of damage.

Healer Aggro

Healing also causes Threat, only it works slightly differently. We’re not going to get into the details, because we’re all hunters here, but healing basically causes .5 threat per point of healing. This sounds good and safe on the surface, but generally healers are healing a lot more that a dpser is damaging. Healers usually have talents to reduce the threat their heals cause, and are still often up on the top of the threat lists.

Note that this works for you too. If you bandage, you’re causing threat to all the mobs in combat, or if you drink a healing potion, or heal your pet. This is part of the reason that ferocity pets are so good at holding single-target aggro — because they heal themselves with every attack, which causes threat in addition to their superior damage.

How it All Falls Apart

So here’s a very typical situation: 25-man raid on a progression raid. So not something that you have on farm, but something challenging that you’re still learning. You’re halfway through the fight, and it’s looking good. What you aren’t seeing is the actual threat list, which maybe looks like this:

  • Tank – has aggro
  • Hunter dpser
  • Warlock dpser
  • Main healer
  • Raid healer 1
  • Death Knight dpser
  • Warrior dpser
  • etc.

But here’s the thing, let’s assign some make-believe yet realistic threat numbers:

  • Tank – 1,000,000 threat – has aggro
  • Hunter dpser – 1,289,843 threat
  • Warlock dpser – 1,123,483 threat
  • Main healer – 1,022,435 threat
  • Raider healer 1 – 1,009,827 threat
  • Death Knight dpser – 987,832 threat
  • Warrior dpser – 979,102 threat
  • etc

So as we’re playing, everything looks fine. The tank has aggro, everyone else is shooting and healing like crazy. The top dpsers get the little warning glow that they’re high on threat, but it seems good, the tank knows what he’s doing, and they just gotta keep riding that edge.

But, the hunter is perilously close to pulling aggro, and the warlock is not far behind. But more importantly, the top two dpsers and the top two healers all have more threat than the tank. Because they haven’t exceeded his threat by 10% or 30% (depending on range) they haven’t pulled aggro.

So here’s what happens, and I’m telling you I’ve seen it. (Actually I’m now also telling you that I’ve done it): The hunter gets of a nice crit streak and get more than 30% of the tank’s threat and pulls aggro. The boss turns to attack the hunter. The hunter hits FD, which wipes his threat to zero. Here’s the problem:

Now the boss attacks the character highest on his aggro list — the Warlock. As you imagine, the boss one-shots the lock. Next highest? The main healer. One shot. Then another healer. One shot. Now even if the tank regains aggro, the raid has lost it’s crucial healing and can’t keep up. What happens next?

They all die horribly. And it’s the hunter’s fault. Your fault.

You paying their repair bills?

“But Tanks Can Taunt” and Other Sundry Excuses

Yes, tanks can taunt to try to clean up your mess when you fail at your job. Basically at this point you’re relying on the tank to be better at his role than you are at yours. But even if he’s on the ball you may still have wiped the raid because:

  • Taunt can be resisted! So the tank can taunt and fail to regain aggro.
  • Taunt has a cooldown. It could be on cooldown when you mess up – and some bosses dump threat and the tanks need to plan their taunt cooldowns for those moments.
  • If your tank is a hate-filled asshole like mine, he’ll make sure you die before he taunts.

I’ve heard a lot of other excuses for pulling aggro, and none of them are good. “I got a bunch of crits in a row!” “My FD was resisted!” “I didn’t do anything, I swear!” Sure, it happens to us all – but if the tank is standing and you pull aggro from him, it’s all your fault.

How to FD Properly

Now that you understand threat and aggro, there are two things you need to know about Feign Death to know how to FD properly.

  1. Feign Death, when it works, wipes your threat to zero. Zip. Nada. You are now at the very bottom of the aggro list.
  2. Feign Death can be resisted. There is a chance (around 16%, reduced by hit chance, but it will seem like more) that you will hit the FD button, drop to the ground, but it won’t lower your threat. In all likelihood you’ll also not see the resisted message, because that’s the way life works.

With Wrath, tanks cause a lot more threat than they used to, so the FD early, FD often isn’t as big a deal as it used to be. However, in a boss fight, you want to FD early, and FD at least a couple more times.

Ideally you have a threat addon like Omen that shows you exactly where your threat is. To me the most valuable thing about Omen is I can see when my FD was resisted, because I don’t drop off the aggro list. I generally like to be on the bottom of the list. That way if something goes wrong, I’m not the first one getting munched. I usually FD the first time after two rotations of my shot cycle. If it’s resisted, I reign back my dps and FD again the second I can.

After that, you want to FD again about halfway through the fight. At that point, you’ll probably never pull aggro unless the boss has an aggro dump or everyone wipes. Look at the threat example above. The tank has 1,000,000 threat. The hunter has 1,289,843 threat. The hunter FDs and is now at Zero threat to the tank’s 1 million threat. That hunter is never going to pull aggro for the rest of that fight.

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  1. Aldax says:

    Good post dude. Good post.
    I never read this anywhere else, and I read lots of blogs on hunters.
    Keep it up

  2. Stonefather says:

    Just to add a little to the “tanks can taunt” comments. Lot of bosses at the raid level are also immune to taunt, the usual amendment to this is a boss fight designed to have multiple tanks sharing the role, like gluth/4horsemen. “If your tank is a hate-filled asshole like mine” I remember those lessons fondly :)

  3. quivering says:

    “Yes, tanks can taunt to try to clean up your mess when you fail at your job.”

    nice. btw i like your tanks approach to someone pulling ‘gro. when you get into 25 mans, there shouldnt be noob mistakes. sure we all flubb up occasionally, yeah, but there comes a point when we shouldnt have to worry bout that kind of stuff. tough love, let them suffer the repair bill and scolding of the raid leader and -50 dkp or whatever it is.

    i didnt understand the science behind threat and aggro, i had a general understanding of “too much threat = aggro = wipe” so i used FD 2-3 times in a fight, depending on the length or if a tank died and an OT had to pick it up or whatever. i see a lot of hunters using misdirection throughout a fight tho, and i dont do that. i suppose thats another step in threat management?

    thanks for the % and the mathy stuff. i just didnt know about it, and now i do. especially the 30 yard rule. i always try to stay far away but some bosses dont afford that.

  4. Myr says:

    Nice post — I want to say 3 things;

    1) I believe it is still the case that FD base resist chance against equal level mobs is 5% — against boss mobs it’s 16% (just like other spells), but I haven’t tested this recently.

    2) If you have never pulled aggro from a boss – then you’re not doing your job – stop slacking and learn to DPS.

    3) If you didn’t learn from the experience – then you’re not doing your job – stop slacking and learn to ride the bleeding edge. Damage dealers who can ride the edge of their tanks threat curve without pulling aggro are the most valuable. (though as hunters we get such a snooze cruise on this because we can FD).

  5. Myr says:

    Oh … #4 and the take home message:

    Always stand next to the gnome warlock.

  6. Neven says:

    2 things:

    1.) Mages sometimes find it hard to “ride the threat wave” and “I got a couple crits in a row” while a poor excuse, is still a valid one. Fer example: lets say we are a little ways into the fight and a FFB mage gets hotstreak to proc (meaning they just had 2 crits in a row) which means they can cast a instant cast pyroblast. Most mages will do their FFB and then immediately do the pyroblast. what if both those crit? thats potentially 20-30,000 more threat immediately, not counting the ignite or the threat from the origional 2 crits. hard to ride the wave on that one.

    2.) So I found out that if a mage does mirrior image (splits into 4 awesome mages) that their threat drops to 0… for a little bit. as soon as the 4 mages die or dissapear, you go back up to where you were. So if you hunters ever see a mage split into 4, then die immediately after they go away, make sure to point and laugh at them, as this doesnt work for aggro management.

  7. Hatolaz says:

    Don’t overlook MD in a boss fight. When properly used, it can buy a little breathing room on the threat table.

  8. Yorigrim says:

    Hey Neven, doesn’t invis do a full threat wipe?

    Also, when did it become 30 yards? I always thought it was 8 yards for 30%.

  9. Neven says:

    yes, invis does do a full threat wipe. The problem mages have is getting burst dps early on, making aggro a problem early in the boss fights.

    I mentioned the mirror image because I was seeing my threat go down to zero when I used it and was incorrectly thinking it was wiping my aggro. What I am not sure about is whether it doesnt count the aggro produced while its up. Suppose Frost and I could go to one of the targetting dummies and find out. He loves that theorycrafting crap, though its hard to convince him to get excited about mages.

  10. Arust says:

    For anyone that has never read the science behind his, I suggest going to http://www.wowwiki.com there are amazing articles there with more concrete numbers. Learning other classes is a great way to make yourself a better player.

  11. kilyan says:

    EXCELLENT article, ill definately be watching my threat meter closer tonite, i was in h VH last night and somehow pulled out 2083dps and ended up pulling aggro quite a few times, luckily the tank was next in line in terms of aggro when i pulled it. so FD away. i just wanted to mention, i am in the habit of using Misdirect on the tank anytime its ready during a boss fight just to keep the aggro on the tank.

  12. Myr says:

    Using MD on the tank everytime it is up sounds like the right thing to do… but I’m going to put pur forward thearguement why it is not.

    1) MD is on the GCD – every time you cast it you’re reducing your DPS

    2) Rogues have a better MD & Rogue’s need to use theirs all the time because (a) they are in melee and have less margin & (b) only have a 5min CD threat wipe (Vanish).

    3) it is the tanks job to generate threat – your job is to do the most damage you can. If you’re in a situation where the tank is not generating enough threat (especially in easy mode raiding like Naxx) there is a good chance the tank is the fault — probably over gearing for mitigation and not enough for threat gen.

    MD on the pull …
    MD on the threat wipe …
    MD the OT when the MT dies …
    MD the healer … oh wait ….

    but don’t MD to “reduce your threat” … FD is much better value.
    and don’t MD to “boost the tanks threat” … that’s wasting your DPS time.

  13. Stingster says:

    I think ur right on target i VD at least two times on a boss fight and i never pull aggro. I know my threat is high becouse i use the meter which is glowing orange most of the time when i am on that threshhold meaning i know the next shot is going to pull arggo i VD. Our tank has a problem with telling us to back off which in-turn ( I lose DPS ) and that is not going to happen i am high DPS on every boss fight and i plan to keep it there. if he dies it’s the healers fault and if the healer dies it’s his fault as a hunter if i die it’s my own dam fault.

  14. SeriousM says:

    oh wow, thx for the post.

    im a good hunter i think and i never archive a wipe because of my FD, but its good to know how many aggro is neccesary ro get the mob and how the aggro-lock works.


  15. Ashamel says:

    Hey you guys are great! I really appreciate this post (and many others, lol)!

    First off, it’s good to have more concrete numbers, as many of said. I am a Volley-addicted hunter, b/c I go into a lot of AoE mobs, so I FD pretty often. I’ve learned you usually need to give a good tank about 3-4 seconds to gather aggro on a group before turning and burning.

    “MD the healer” reminds me of a Kara run I was on with a really mouthy healer who ‘knew how to play every class better than anyone else’… always had ‘advice’ for the raid. So we had the 2 rogues and 3 hunters all do our MD (and rogue equivalent) onto the poor excuse of a healer. The tank had no clue and so both he and that healer had a huge surprise when the Prince gave him a friendly adieu from all of us DPSers.

  16. strain says:

    You just stepped up my game. Thnx!

  17. Garson says:

    Great post. As someone new to WoW and really new to level 80 I am trying to learn as much as I can and am quickly realizing that while I thought the entire game was about getting to lvl 80 that is only about the 5% of actually getting to game mastery which is what I want to strive for.

    This might not be the right place or you may have addressed it earlier but what do you think and the absolute add-ons for hunters (by name if you have them).

    I wasn’t even aware of the threat meter (being a newb) and a guild was kind enough to add me to there 10 man raid of Nexx with one other hunter. Now I know why he was FDing all the time….lol…I thought he was just hitting the wrong button.

    Again thanks for the great post and hope to see you in a raid sometime.

  18. Erik says:

    This is the most succinct and accurate post I have ever seen on this subject, and it matches exactly what I had eventually figured out from empirical analysis (which is a fancy way of saying that I was paying attention during raids). A shame I never saw anything like this 2 years ago, but kudos to you for writing it now.

  19. Johanna says:

    I love this site and I think I’ve printed and read every guide on it since yesterday. I never thought about this it seems so obvious after you’ve read it. I’ve been playing with several “new off-spec tanks” after the dual-spec. I have sadly blamed(not to them, but in my head) them for my high threat and getting aggro. *blush*. Now it’s time to go see if I can implement some of this in the game. Thank you very much. :)

  20. Nitestalkrr says:

    I have to agree with everyone else, this site ROCKS!! I’ve never even thought of using FD in this manner, but I sure will now. My Guild might even start asking me to join them in a Raid, instead of grudgingly allowing me to go, cuz they can’t find anyone else.
    I respec’d and regemmed per your advice, and my DPS on the IF Heroic Training Dummy went from a sad 1300 DPS up to a nice, constant 2200 DPS, without BW or having my Darkmoon Card Death equipped.
    This site has been like a good Andre Norton Science Fiction novel, I haven’t been able to put it down since I stumbled upon it. I keep logging my Hunter on, switching back to this site to check what I needed to do next, then after a couple hours finding my poor Hunter logged back off from neglect. Thank you for this site of truths, among a whole internet full of BS.

  21. PriestlyGoodness says:

    AGREE. I’m one of those touchy healy types. Holy priest. I can easily get one shotted in anything heroic and above. If I’m running a heroic PUG, the worst thing that can happen to me is the infamous ‘huntard syndrome’. They ignore focus fire target, or AoE too early. Tank has a taunt on CD or didn’t notice the add pull in time. Mob comes running balls out to the hunter, they feign, and immediately make a beeline to me.

    If I have suspicsions that this might happen, I’ll sometime tell a hunter to not use feign at all in the instance if they want to be healed. Used correctly, its arguably the best aggro dump in the game. Used incorrectly, its a death sentence for me.

  22. HuntardNoMore says:

    As a new raider, this was extremely helpful. I also found Priestly Goodness’s post enlightening. What I am taking from this, is that I should be careful using my FD if the next highest threat on my omen meter is our healer, especially if the main tank looks like he could fall at any moment. Sound about right?

    I am in a new raiding guild (new to me that is), one that is within the top on the server. Their are a couple of extremely cranky tanks among us. You know the type. The ones that don’t remember back when they were learning the fights too. The ones that do not recall ever having trouble dancing with Heigan. The same ones that think screaming into vent is going to help newer folks learn something. One in particular is a real….well I try not to play with this one and we will leave it at that. This tank is a druid and quickly earning the rep of being a tank that no one wants to play with because she is such a biddy. I digress. The guild was discussing the “situation” with her a few days ago and another guildie told me to keep in mind that it takes a druid tank a lot longer to gain aggro than it does a pally or warrior. I was told not to dps at all period for quite awhile. Of course, I think they were missing the whole idea of misdirect. ;-)

    My question is this, is it indeed true that the druid tank takes considerably longer to gain aggro and as such it is wise to just let her have the beast for a moment?

  23. Frostheim says:

    Two things:

    Anytime before you pull aggro is a good time to FD. As long as the tank has aggro, FD will not hurt anyone. FD early. FD often if you’re even close to the tank’s threat.

    If your tank can’t hold aggro even with misdirects, it’s possible he’s undergeared, or it’s possible he’s gearing too much for avoidance and not enough for threat. Either way an early FD is better than standing around and doing nothing – just watch Omen and FD if your threat gets close, or stop shooting if the FD is on cooldown/resisted.

    I haven’t noticed druids being terribly worse at aggro than warriors, however, I can pull aggro from any tank in the first minute if my FD is resisted, so it’s important to watch Omen.

  24. drayla says:

    very good reading…

  25. Sialies says:

    I’m in love with warcrafthuntersunion.com. <3

  26. Telonnar says:

    Im a prot warrior just starting to tank heroics and have gone into Naxx a few times. My dr gear is ok (dr 540) but not stellar (ive picked up 3-4 epic avoidance gear and have the usual staring epic and blue blacksmith crafted dr gear). this article is very interesting to me (my 2nd char is a hunter). Tanks if geeared to take damage and avoid being critted will not have optimum dps unless they are well-geared. If you are gearing up in early heroics and starting naxx please keep this in mind. In 5-man this never has come up much (other than the hunters occasionally getting impatient while the tank gets his cooldowns restored, rage up, attack power boost and charge up etc (tanks can be a bit slow then etc). I can now see how it applies to a raid like Naxx. I can send a link to this page to explain why Feign Death is useful in a raid and when to use it etc and the importance of an addon like omen.

    I can now have something constructive to send to a hunter in this situation that explains the situation without getting on someones nerves (Every time I mention something like this I seem to irritate the hunter no matter how I go about it lol). I can see this article helping me. Your post is great – i might just recommend deleting the one or two pieces of profanity in it – some of my guildmates are older and have kids in the guild and Id like to be able to cite this page directly.

    Also in my limited experience in a large group even if the tank has his cooldowns ready to use (taunt, challenging shout etc). Once I lose aggro no matter what I do, Im probably not going to regain aggro if 2-3 people are bombing away on the loose mobs and/or boss pulled from the tank. Its a lot easier to just not steal aggro from the tank in the first place and this article is big help. thanks. I hate getting blamed for not maintaining aggro in situations like you propose. I think thats the reason some tanks get kinda irate – its not anything personal at the hunter – the tank doesnt want to be blamed for a wipe any more than the hunters/dpsers do I have to admit Im always eyeing the mobs near me to try to position my characters and ration my abilities to regain aggro if I need to – it is tricky to do sometimes in a tough fight with a lot of dps flying around me. As a warrior, My eyes are typically jumping back and forth from my ability bars/cooldowns, the boss and any loose mobs. I barely look at the threat meter or what others are doing. If I had a word of advice to new 80 hunters it would be that 80 dr/prot tanks are slow, ponderous to get 5 devastates/aggro going and will always have slower dps if they are geared for defense – take it a bit easy on offense at the start of a fight and when you need to during a long fight (per this article) and everything will be fine.

  27. NaƩl says:

    Ah thanks a lot for explaining.. Hehe when i first saw this article i though.. this is dumb i know about threat and aggro >.> Then i read another article, then i had nothing to do so though well might as well read that too.. Then i read it, and i totally didn’t know anything XD

    Hehe, when you talked about the hunter aggro fail, i was like omg then how do i use FD, almost desperately i read on and then “aaaahh that’s how you do” XD

    Hehe anyways, just wanted to tell that this was very informing and that you explain things quite well =P

  28. Pallyscorned says:

    Also wanted to point out that even if the tank has a taunt, or he boss wont reach you before you can feign, If that Dragon turns around while breathing (whether it be Flame, Arcane or Frost (Sartharion, Malygos, or Saphron)) everyone who enters taht frontal con during his spin is now hugging the floor. This also applies to Death Knights who love to use Army of the Dead to help out the tank. If that dragon sits and spins to eat all your little ghoulies, everyone just got nailed by death breath.

  29. Tinliin says:

    Frost, if there is a hunter heaven, you will have a place in it…

    I was a lonely BM hunter until 72. relaying only on wowwiki and thottbot, until someone convinced me to get into a guild. Never raided, never done dungeons till 80. But when i got in new 5man dungeons, I was always ashamed for my low 1400 DPS. My guild master advised me to go Survival and this jumped me to 3k. I have applied some of your teachings and now they ashame me because I keep getting the mobs on me. And I dont care, cause usually Kill Shot stop them in their charge…

    But now I finally understand how aggro works and what that means for the entire group, being it for dungeon or raid. Because of their usual hours I cant get in raids, but if I will ever get in one, you have teach me how to play my role properly…

    Thank you Frost! And thank you to all that shared their knowledge…

  30. Barrun says:

    Wow, this post is awsome!! Yay Frostheim!!

  31. leetdps says:

    I run across this article during maintenance from a link at wow insider. Anyway, I’m curious how the threat generation worked when this article was written. I started raiding actively when Trial of the Crusader came out and I never encountered a doomsday scenario where 2 dps and 2 healers are riding the edge doing more threat than any decent tank just geared for that raid. I’m a very rounded player and I have 2 tank alts, 2 healer alts, and a hunter that I run through ICC.

    Since I have 2 healers, a resto druid and a holy pally that I run through ICC every week, I know that my healing does not generate threat that even come close to the worst dps in the group. I always have omen running, and that threat I make is insanely low. I don’t have concerns like OMG if I heal that mage, I’m going to pull aggro. If people need to be healed, I can heal freely worry free. The rare few times I get healer aggro is when in trash pulls, the warrior tank’s thunderclap misses a mob, and it goes straight to the healer. In other words, the tank had no threat whatsoever on the mob.

    As a warrior and pally tank, threat is almost never an issue as being vigilant on your cooldowns and watch dbm to stay alive (and the other tank alive). On some occasions, I see a warlock, hunter, or leet boomkin riding dangerously close where I am only ahead by 20-30k threat deep into the fight, in which case I monitor closely if when they go ahead, I immediately taunt (even without them pulling aggro yet) that puts me ahead of the threat meter. Then I pump all my threat building abilities even those in long cooldowns like shockwave and heroic throw when all my other abilities are in cooldown.

    There are some fights however where you can’t build burst threat right away especially when you need to position the boss at the start of the fight like in Onyxia. On several occasions, I find myself on the edge in the first 20 seconds of the fight especially if some huntard decides to dps right at the very second you pull. On the times that the hunter hasn’t pulled yet, in my mind I’m still deciding whether I let him pull, and taunt back after or to let it go, and go to business as usual.

    Lastly as a mm hunter, I find myself almost always in the top 3 in threat. If it’s a competent tank, I just ride the edge. I only use misdirect at the start of the pull to give the tank a boost threat. But in the middle of the fight, when I do manage to pull, I can feign death, and the tank is the second in threat and he instantly gets aggro.

    The only times that I see 3 or 4 other dps on top of the threat meters other than the tank, is when the tank is undergeared and having problems in threat generation. But since in most ICC and even ToC raids, the tanks are pre-screened, I encounter undergeared tanks mostly in VOA. On such occasions, I drop my special abilities from the rotation, and observe a few seconds if he’s doing better threat than my white damage auto shots. If he is, I feign death early to wipe my threat. But there were at least a couple of times that I run into a tank who can’t catch up with my white damage. In that case, I stop dps, and just wait for someone to pull and save feign death to save myself in the inevitable raid wipe.

  32. Windflier says:

    wow, Thank You..i have to read posts several times before i truly understand.. this i get. thanks for all the information..truly saves me in a guild of –well- not haters but dislike hunters…1/3 that actually gets to raid. i will keep coming back for more info and try to improve myself :)..Hubby is tank..he appreciates what i learn LOL

  33. rayzer says:

    Just to put it out there, someone mentioned being careful about pulling then FD-ing with a healer in position to take threat on your aggro dump. I usually dont see healers that high anymore but on the chance that I have messed up and pulled aggro in the first place I will sometimes pop deterence rather than FD right away to give the tank a chance taunt first then begin again with a proper FD to clear aggro before I actually take it. Its basically a way to reset the situation without endangering healers or other ranged dpsers.

  34. Elanesse says:

    This an EXCELLENT guide… And I recommend it to all hunters…

    A couple of things… If you normally use FD just as you aggro something, learn to be a better hunter… A lot of ICC fights depend on the boss being positioned in a certain way, and if you pull aggro, even if the tank taunts back, you could easily throw the positioning off… My omen flashes when I hit 100 % of the tanks aggro and that’s when I FD…

    Unless asked not too, ALWAYS start a fight with MD… You can cast it just before the pull so you’ll lose no dps… It can make your job easier as well as making the tanks job easier… If you use MD, you can usually open full blast without it being a problem… And it’ll help the tank with those who won’t wait for him to gain enough threat

    And to those who think your number one job is to dps, in most raids you’d be considered a liability… Your job is to help the raid get the boss down and sometimes that means less dps for you… But you stand in crap and expect the healers to heal you through and if you pull aggro, you blame it on the tank… You let the other hunters do your job (MD, traps, kiting) because you think you’re so uber… :p I was the asst RL on a 25 and hunters like that were quickly dropped from the run…

    • pixxqee says:

      I just was refered 2 ur site by someone on trade earlier & found myself fascinated & quicly emmersed in the info. I have been playing like 2yrs & was vry impressed. I will definately recomend this over wowhead.. lol Petopia.com stays under ur site. I have played alot of hunters & now thanks to u have a much better grasp on the 3 specs/ pets/ dps ect. tyvm for opening my eyes to all the awsome possibilities for Hunters since Cata. LUV u all keep up the awsome job!…….. :D

  35. player1 says:

    If a tank can lose aggro on something he is actively fighting that is poor design not poor players. A hunter should never be able to pull aggro off a tank, even using growl, regardless of the level of damage he is doing. If he is hitting something or if he taunts it that aggro should not be resistable even to bosses. Its the tanks job to pull aggro off of squishies, not being able to do that when needed is just poor design.