Reviewed and Accurate

Posted: by Frostheim

Much like all of you, I am often scouring the interwebs for hunter information and WoW-related snippets. Sometimes I want to see if an obscure fact has already been researched before conducting my own tests, and other times I’m looking for corroborating information, or ideas that I hadn’t thought of to try out.

Holy crap is there a lot of garbage out there!

Pretty much 90% of anything on forums is written by morons. But shockingly some 80% of anything on websites is wrong. The most common reason is that the information is just plain out of date. There are still a lot of facts from BC that are no longer remotely accurate (like auto-shot clipping, 9% hit cap, aimed shot cast time of 3 sec, etc). Sometimes the sites have quit updating but left the info up. Other times it’s blogs and sites that are still updating, but just never went back to correct their old articles.

Well, that ain’t happening here.

After realizing now prevalent this misinformation is, I want to put an additional safeguard in place to let our readers know that our articles are up to date (or warn them when they are not!)

Reviewed and Accurate

Reviewed 3/13/09

When you see this icon at the top of an article, you know that we’ve checked over the information and confirmed that it is still correct and up to date. The date beneath the icon will let you know the last time we reviewed the article. My goal is to do a review of all guides every 3 months.

The idea is that you know that the guides are still accurate. And if for some reason Arust and I are hit by plane or flee the country and quit updating, you’ll see that the articles are old and stale.

Either way, it’s just another benefit of paying yer dues.

Not Everything is Reviewed

Every page you see on the Guides or Gear page will be reviewed regularly for accuracy and updated with new info if needed. The rest of the hundreds of posts on the site are not going to be reviewed :) In the end, if you see the icon, then it is something that is scheduled for review, at least every three months.

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  1. Vael says:

    You guys rock. ‘Nuff said!!!
    *Although try not to get hit by a plane, won’t you?

  2. Landazuri says:

    I have been cheking this blog daily since I arrived here after some random link jumps, when looking for info when WotLK went live.
    I have to say GRATZ! to Frostheim and Arust for the excellent work they are doing to make better hunters out of us (you know, due-payers). Especially this updating effort is something hardly seen in lots of other similar pages, and it’s a tough one indeed (good luck with it, Frost)

    I send a “hearty hello!” from a fellow hunter from Barcelona who prefers playing in English realms.


    PS: sorry in advance if i did some “spanglish” mistake :P

  3. Axebrew says:

    Nice, Frost.

    Old blog info doesn’t bother me, there are generally dates displayed for blog articles. When it comes to undated guides that are now woefully wrong… it just bothers the hell out of me. It’d be nice if more places posted article dates.

    Reviewing and posting review dates on your previous stuff is simply a class act.

    Have a Thunder Ale on me :)

  4. Frostheim says:

    Implementing the reviewed and accurate is going a bit slowly, but progressing along. The slow down is that I’m actually reading through and tweaking each guide as I go.

    I also had notices on many of the guides like “updated for 3.0.8” etc. I’m taking all those out, since the reviewed will take the place of that.

  5. Michelangelo says:

    Rather then a date, what about the number of the then current patch?

  6. Frostheim says:

    I thought about that; however, a lot of people are not aware of the patch number. The people who do keep track of the patch are usually somewhat aware of the date associated with the patch.

  7. Axebrew says:

    Dates also help give folks a starting point where to browse through the WHU blog looking for additional SCIENCE/updates/SCIENCE/discussions and… what was that? Oh, yeah, SCIENCE.

  8. Drool says:

    I have been playing a hunter (allience and horde) for over a year now and have been doin fairly well. A buddy gave me your website to look at and I am very impressed! At 1st I thought some of your damage meters and such were BS but then I stared to use some of the tips and tricks from ur blogs. Very awesome!
    My Guild has just started using wow webstats and wow meter online to make our guild better by reviewing stats and helping others be better players. Very awesome and informative! As iI was comparing my toon with others I was stunned to see Hunter DPS lvl as high as 9k plus. I could not believe it! WELL DONT. Obviously, these “tards” are utilizing a private server and jacking stats thru the roof so they look like they are actually doing that kind of DPS. I looked at the combat file that is created and noticed that within a one second time frame the hunter got off 2 autoshots 4 exploding arrows 2 serpent sting ticks and 2 steady shots.
    All I am saying is that watch where the information comes from. Use info from known guilds on your server for comparisons or just utilize the experiance from the people of WHU.
    Thanks Guys and keep up the good work!

  9. Megaman says:

    Keep up the great work – simply the best hunter site period. Have turned me from being a huntard to holding my own.

  10. Kavookavalah says:


    Before finding your blog I had a hard time to find accurate data on stats conversion and hit capping, and knowing that you guys are going to keep your stuff up-to-date is wonderful.

  11. Dorianenigma says:

    I’ve avoided playing my main (hunter) since WotLK came out. I couldn’t bare the huntards getting great dps and didn’t want to know what the nerf about to occur would look like. I’ve been a class leader for 2 years and switched to Lock out of shame and fear of getting spoiled.

    Until now. Thanks for defining the needs of a class so commonly played wrong and disparaged for the newbs on “EZ mode”. I could barely find anything up-todate and statistically supported and then, there you guys are.

    Thank You so Much Gentlemen!

    (Quick question – is “” accurate for lvl 80 gear ratings?)

  12. Cre says:

    this info is out of date !!!!!!! !
    there is new info to be had lol as the epic gems though not cheap have 20 agility not 16 agility and are thus better

  13. Frostheim says:

    Cre: I assume you’re talking about the gem guide, which is up to date; however, we currently only have sections for superior and common quality gems — we haven’t added the epics yet (though they will just be the upped versions of their superior counterparts).

  14. muhn says:

    is this post reviewed and accurate ?