This is a guide for the Pest Control achievement in WotLK.

I took on the Pest Control achievement thinking it would be fun, and maybe I would get to clear out Tinkertown, perhaps kill all the NPCs in less than 1 minute.  But no.

Maybe I would find myself having to have five gnomes die while grouped with them?  No.

While not as fun as killing gnomes, I got to kill critters and Control Pests around the World of Warcraft. Here is a guide on how to complete the Pest Control achievement with Dalaran as your hearth point:

Open each of the following links in your web browser of choice, hit CTRL+M to open your mini map, then fly or run around to each dot on your browser map.

If you’re lucky enough to have a flying mount, you can macro (see below) all the names of the pests you must control and just fly over the area.  Fly low, so that if your instant cast spell dismounts you, you don’t die.

1. Head into the sewers of Dala and kill an Underbelly Rat.
2. Go to Zul’Drak to and kill a Zul’Drak Rat.
3. Make your way to Howling Fjord and kill Devouring MaggotFjord Rat, Roach, Spider.
4. Form a raid and zone into Naxx to get your Larva, Maggot, and Rat.
5. Continue west to Coldara and take out a Crystal Spider in The Nexus.
6. Zone into Halls of Stone or Halls of Lightning and kill a Gold Beetle.

Hearth back to Dalaran and zone to Outland.

7. Head north to Zangermarsh and kill a Snake.
8. Now to Hellfire Peninsula for the Adder and Scorpion.

Now fly back to Shattarath and head to Stormwind.

9. Either Nethergarde Keep or Darkshire and go kill a Moccasin in Swamp of Sorrows.
10. Fly over to Searing Gorge for the Fire Beetle.
11. Last, get to Westfall and eliminate a Mouse.

Everything in the dungeons is close to the doors, or if not, use the links to find a close alternate.


/tar Mouse

then another /tar for each critter

Drop the macro onto a key, and then spam it as your fly around. When something comes up target it.  Then cast an instant or otherwise kill it.  You can remove that critter from your macro and move on.

You are now a Pest Control er.

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  1. Bella says:

    yay! Thanks:D

  2. quivering says:

    i did something similar with this, but i did both the /love achievements and the pest control in one swoop. made a big syllabus and just got it done.

    it wasnt as satisfying as i was hoping, mainly cuz there was no tangible reward. i didnt expect a title or mount from it, but it just felt empty. maybe a tabard or a vanity pet reward.

  3. Yorigrim says:

    I refuse to love critters, but I am an achievement whore so I was thinking, if I could love their corpses, maybe it would be okay to do that one. Turns out the loving the corpses works for the achievement.

    Of course, then I found out that one of them is in shattrath and you can’t kill it :'(. Oh well, too bad I will never finish that one.

  4. Khevyn says:

    You can also find Mouse in Grizzly Hills, down in Venture Bay.

  5. Spazmoosifer says:

    /tar Adder
    /tar Maggot
    /tar Moccasin
    /tar Rat
    /tar Larva
    /tar Scorpion
    /tar Spider
    /tar Beetle
    /tar Mouse
    /tar Roach
    /tar Snake
    /stopmacro [noexists]
    /cast “Name of instant cast spell”

    /tar Rat should cover the Rat, Fjord Rat, Zul’Drak Rat, and Underbelly Rat
    /tar Maggot should cover the Maggot and Devouring Maggot
    /tar Beetle should get the Fire Beetle and Gold Beetle
    /tar Spider should cover the Spider and Crystal Spider

  6. I hate pests, even in WoW.

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  10. Oyless says:

    You can also get the Mouse in Grizzly Hills running with the deer north of the logging camp (sorry don’t remember the name of the place).

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  33. Book of Ra says:

    Adding squirrels to the Pest Control list is a cruel joke :(