Pet Collar

Posted: by Frostheim

Back when I was a wee dwarf of only 10 levels or so, questing in Dun Morogh, I occasionally had to kill these snow leopards that lived in the mountains. It was important to the dwarves there to keep the population low.

collarEvery now and then I’d kill one, and they’d drop this. A Small Leather Collar. Now being a wee dwarf only a few days into my warcraft experience, I thought that eventually I’d find mobs that would drop a version of the collar that I could put on my own pet. In fact, I tried several times to put this on my pet. I mean… it’s a collar, right?

I never really got over the idea that WoW should have pet gear of some kind, perhaps just the one slot. But something. It would be so cool! Over the years Blizz has been very kind to hunter pets. If you had a pet back before patch 2.0, you know what I mean. Pets simply did not live through boss fights in raids. Pet heal was a channeled spell. My pet used to do 72dps. Very few abilities, and fewer still that were useful.

So I’m thrilled with how totally awesome pets are now. But I still yearn to get Nibbles some kind of bauble to help him out, and show that he’s loved. So here’s some suggestions for Blizzard, who no doubt read WHU regularly:

Spiked Collar
blue gem slot
Attacks against your pet cause 25 damage to the attacker

Thick Collar
blue gem slot
Your pet takes 10% less damage from physical attacks

Plate Collar
blue gem slot
Your pet gains 50 defense rating

Shiny Collar
yellow gem slot
Your pet’s attacks cause 10% more threat

Collar of Renewal
yellow gem slot
Your pets damaging attacks have a chance to restore 1% of your mana

Collar of the Predator
red gem slot
Your pet’s special attacks cause 10% more damage

Jeweled Collar
red gem slot
blue gem slot
yellow gem slot

Collar of Ambush
yellow gem slot
Use: reset all pet cooldowns. Cooldown: 5 minutes.

Sleek Collar of the Cheetah
yellow gem slot
Your pet gains 40% movement speed. Does not stack with other movement enhancing abilities.

Gargantuan Collar of the Beast
yellow gem slot
Your pet’s size is increased by 20%

Beloved Collar
yellow gem slot
Any time someone /love s your pet, your pet gains 5 happiness

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  1. Kujo says:


    A THOUSAND times approved!

  2. Untain says:

    A splendid idea!

    [Signature Here]
    The Hunter Untain, Maiev

  3. MaiYuki says:

    has anyone suggested this to a gm? This is seriously a great idea ^_^

  4. Conweezie says:

    wow thats a great idea in every way

  5. Kalam says:

    Gargantuan Collar of the Beast + BW ftw!!!!
    My Devilsaur would rule!
    Has anyone seen Godzilla??? lmao!!!

    Kalam, Executus

  6. fyte says:

    Yeh, it’d be nice to fix armor on them one day too…

    Ferocity: Mail / Leather,
    Tenacity: Plate / Mail,
    Cunning: Leather/ Cloth.

    Could add a hole new Character Screen tab just like ours, It’d be nice to see my BM Ape (Todd) All dressed in Plate Epics… Maybe even have a baseball bat.

    This all seems like alot of work, and chances are we’d probably be nerfed on our abilities as a result of being competely Imba, with it seemingly being nigh on impossible to improve other classes creatively outside of just raising the numbers so Hybrids can have their arses powdered and keep up with the rest of us who have to research and earn our DPS. :P

    By the way… I have beef with Warlocks Out DPS’ing me… any secret around this other than Gear.

    Got my Nessingway 4k last night which should help XD

  7. rapidan says:

    i’ll take one of each… whose rep do i need to grind?!

  8. Thzerika says:

    collars would be cool.

    but iwhat i really want is pet tuxedo’s :O

  9. Kantsuu says:

    Ha, that would be really cool. Like the idea of one with 10% more threat- a shiny collar.

  10. Arthemystia says:

    I need that damn threat collar. It’s the only thing between where I am now with my off-spec, and my dream of legitimately tanking something in WotLK.

  11. Holmium says:

    Brilliant idea. I’d love that. :)

  12. I love it. I’m sort of surprised that there’s never been a pet equipment slot added.

  13. Collar Of Happiness is the loveliest idea I’ve ever heard, you should be working for Blizzard :-)

  14. Tatianya says:

    Those are awesome ideas! Man there should be some sort of petition to sign to get this going. Like the signature of 1,000 hunters. That would be fantastic!

  15. Neela says:

    Please post this on the Blizz Suggestions forum; I would but it is your idea ;)

  16. brewskii says:

    this is an awesome idea. i would also like to see one that gives the hunter a +(rank) stam ,attack power, or crit, back to the hunter.

  17. digitaldiva says:

    I thought I was the only one who saw those collars and thought that eventually I’d use them for my pet. I can’t tell you how many I had saved up in my bag thinking I would need to trade them in for a ‘real’ collar or something. fantastic idea!

  18. Tyrik says:

    Absolutely. That would be awesome. And I think the way you’ve outlined it we’re not really jacking up the value too much where other classes would complain (well.. there are always some). I think my favorite would be the Beloved Collar. haha. Nice work!

  19. Bloodelf_Argent says:

    I totally agree that would be awsome, mabe hunters can craft collars (like runeforgeing for DKs)

  20. Kayoon says:

    such a good suggestion!!! hopefully they do something about it..

  21. Dorianchika says:

    I’ve always felt that pets should get closer to mount size as they leveled with their hunter. Armor plates, collars and size are appropriate and I hear that warlock pets are getting all new skins.

    Its a bit cheezy (think Battlecat/He-man) but man I’d love to ride off on my armored cat after laying the beats in Wintergrasp. Perhaps Blizz would consider the Collar if we asked for more animations/armor?

  22. hypnotoad says:

    Pet armor ftw!!!! =D. I’m pretty sure tho that if we got it, the class as a whole would be nerf’d back into the stone ages. Btw I know locks and mages who constantly complaining how they got a huge nerf. Mages and locks both hit like trucks. I don’t see how they can complain especially when i see them one and two shotting other classes in pvp (including myself, with over 600 resil and 24k). It’s bad enough that hunters generally see a nerf of some sort with every single patch that is released since they ruined BM. It’s even worse that we have to fight with 3, sometimes 4 (depending on what it is) other classes for gear. I guess that’s all a part of dues paid, but it really irritates me that so many other classes complain where there is no reason to complain, and then turn around and gripe about hunters. It may just be my server, but i get constant dirty remarks from other classes from using druid and rogue gear. How is there any reason or room for that when I see, in particular, rogues and druids, roll on hunter gear all the time. All I can say is cry me a river because if anyone wanted it badly enough, they’d be willing to spend the dkp on it. If they didn’t have enough dkp to outbid me, then too bad. I’m pretty sure everyone in here is in agreement with me.

  23. Varashen says:

    i have always wanted them to do this for our pets. heck even let them wear some sort of mail and or leather mask like the elite wolf in helfire citadel that would be cool or imagine a raptor with some kind of armor with additional spec.

  24. Maiew Shadowsong says:

    A splendid idea!

    i enjoy the idea that our pets should have somewhat of a strength enchanting thing instead of just the talents. I’d love if you could also go to the hair saloon with em and change color of the fur but add it like a buff so it wears of eventualy. always wanted a blue cat =D

    [Signature Here]
    The Hunter Untain, Maiev,Maiew of ravencrest

  25. Jacob says:

    Frostheim, you’ve done it again, what a fantastic idea, I am always saddened with every patch cause it seems us hard working hunters can barely get our foot in the door for a buff, it seems it’s nerf after nerf for us. Believe me I loved the idea of pet talent trees, and with the 3.3 buff of transfering stats I couldn’t be happier, but it seems I still can’t keep up with mages, If this idea of yours got instituted in some way, I think it could bring hunters up to par (not to say that we need it, since everyone knows hunters conquor all. :D /flex)

    Hopeful for the future of hunters, Dvnomad of firetree

  26. Oyless says:

    It would be awesome if they came out with something that can be made for hunter pets. Any crafting profession that a hunter has should be able to train from certain NPC’s to make one item that their pet can use. Like BS’s-armor, LW’s-armor, Eng’s-some sort of armor weponary, JC’s-collar, Tailor’s-a blanket (why would a hunter be a Tailor). Anyway, I’m sure you get the idea.

    It would be awesome!

  27. Phydeux says:

    Left out one collar, great for Battlegrounds for those pesky Rogues:

    Brown Collar of Ick
    meta gem slot

    Every time used on an opponent of the opposite faction, it poops on it’s shoes. Leaves an easily trackable scent (similar to Hunter’s Mark) on opponent for 5 min.

  28. beth says:

    I hind these leather collars all the time and i wish i could put them on my pet wolf named killer =)

  29. Cinterclaus says:

    I’m late to this discussion, but when I was a new hunter, I too expected these collars to be usable on our pets.

    Turns out they’re probably just what’s left over after the beast ate someone’s household pet. I guess we looted the beast’s stomach contents :o

    Frost talked to Ghostcrawler at Blizzcon the other day, and he seemed to be open to the idea of giving our pets a “jewelry” slot! Of course if you’re reading this now, you probably already know about it, but here’s the link:

  30. Nyth says:

    Well I don’t oppose the idea. Although I think a clear direction for the collars should be made. Do you want to use them as a novelty something or should they really be similar to what items are to a hunter.
    Should they be pet bound, or hunter bound; this is a rather important question when you swap pets quite often with the new system.

    I mean, this has a very large chance to just become a hunter “relic” and i know from my DK and Shaman that relics in general (before cataclysm) were hard to balance, sometimes really dull and often lead to it just being another stat stick.

    That’s why if the collar becomes a dps increasing thing it might turn out to be just another lame mandatory item that might (since we’re the only class) see little variety or where we use the T1 version in later tiers.

    If it becomes a vanity thing, where you get like bigger pets or people attacking pets get a little damage or your pet gets happiness from whatever; then it’s a different story.

  31. erébus says:

    Agree but it should be a vanity item.