I Hate Faction

Posted: by Frostheim

I remember fondly the early parts of my dwarfy life, blissfully faction-free. Sure, I’d gain faction with the three main Alliance groups (dwarves, shrimps, and hummies), but that was incidental. I didn’t care about it. I didn’t need to care about it.

I still remember when I first became aware of faction as something that you had to grind. I was level 50-something and killing furbolgs. The Winterfel furbolgs wanted me to kill the other furbolgs as I recall. I’m fuzzy on the what or why, though back then I did actually read the quests. The point is you got some rep for killing these guys, and when you got enough rep you would get awesome things, like patterns and whatnot.

So I figured, “Hey, I’m totally tired of questing anyway. Why don’t I just camp out here and grind some xp on these guys and get this awesome faction stuff I keep hearing about.”

And I did so. This was also my very first raid ever. See, this was back when everyone in a raid got reputation for the kills as long as you were in the same zone. So people farming rep would form up in a raid and kill the furbolgs both at the northern and southern ends of the zone for super fast rep gains. It was exciting, really, being in a raid! But the shiny soon wore off when I realized just how little xp I was getting.

When I finally got honored with the furry bastards, I quickly learned that while they had lots of stuff to sell, they had nothing for me, an engineer. In fact, none of the faction grinds had anything for me. For a little bit, I was annoyed about this.Then I learned.

Engineers were the luckiest bastards on the damn planet, ’cause grinding rep sucks greased monkey balls.

In BC, it was all about faction. Faction here, faction there. And I actually needed some of them. Want a shoulder enchant?

Yes, please!

Then go grind rep. Same for helm enchant. Oh, and just to make sure your nutcase splits like an overripe peach from all this ball kicking, if you want to get into any lvl 70 dungeon or raid you have to grind rep for that too.

Man, that hurt.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s better now. I get why they did it — you can’t buy rep with gold that you buy from gold farmers. Fair enough, but I think we can all agree they went overboard. BC was the red scare of the rep grind. Wrath is better. We have tabards, of which I fully approve.

So the other day I pop into guild chat, being the often ignorant dwarf that I am. Or maybe not ignorant so much as terribly clever to know that I needn’t work to find out information when someone in my guild will have already done so. So I pop into guild chat,

Frost: “So where do you get the new shoulder enchant?”

(secretly I’m hoping the answer is Argent Crusade. I’m already revered with them, ’cause I wanted some Gear from them, but then accidentally got better stuff before reaching exalted)

Arust: “The Sons of Hodir.”

Frost: “The whozzit now?”

Hrist: “Sons of Hodir.”

Arust: “Sons of Hodir.”

Frost: “I don’t even have them on my reputation screen…”

Arust: “You have to go to K3 and get a quest, and then follow that quest chain for the next two days of your life. Then get on your mount and fly in circles for a few hours. Then you can start getting rep. I’m a naughty elf, I’m touching my bear.”

Frost: “Goddamnit. Don’t tell me that stuff! I guess I’ll have to get friendly and get the tabbard.”

Arust: “There is no tabbard. You have to do dailies for them for the rest of your short dwarf life to have any hope of getting anything.”

Frost: “Goddamnit!!”

Arust: “Oooh, now my bear is touching me.”

So anyhow, this is why I hate faction.

And elves.

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  1. Twocold(Bloodhoof, US) says:

    I take it you avoided the scryers then…..=P

  2. Purp says:

    I dunno I found the storm peaks quests got a bit interesting and fun near the end, but that’s just me. But then the dailies… /cry..
    Yeah the rep grind is not gunna be fun.

  3. Dharthus says:

    I thought Sons of Hodir went pretty quick. My priest toon is exalted with all the factions in Northrend now (LOVE the tabbards). Sadly I’m just starting the rep grind on my hunter….not so much fun the second time through. = /

  4. Sylken says:

    At least now you can get hodir rep by doing the regular dungeon dailies.. before that ..it just burned!

  5. Aldrong says:

    i hate rep to, mine is basically just because i don’t have the patients to sit there and farm ppl though

  6. Flint says:

    And now with Kungfu Panda we have this horrible grind all over again.