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So we were raiding Naxx 25-man again tonight. Now, within my guild, the hunters have their own guild chat channel. There’s one for tanks as well. Used to be a healer and a pally one, but don’t know if they’re still around.

Our hunter chat channel is awesome, but that’s because we hunters are awesome. We pay our dues, and boy were we gonna be paying them tonight.

So as we’re raiding, there’s some discussion in Officer channel about how to handle the upcoming boss with only one priest in the raid. I’m not paying a lot of attention, being busy mocking someone in the room with me about their juggling skills (not because I’m mean, but because I’m sometimes mean). Then Myrlandre pops into the hunter channel to give us the briefing of what they decided.

Several minutes later Myr says something like “I hope you got screenshots of that for the blog.” I’m still not used to getting screenshots of everything interesting, and I hadn’t thought of it. But I promptly scrolled up and snapped some shots, and here it is, a secret look into the guild hunter channel:



As an aside, we wiped a couple times figuring out the pingpong strategy, but we finally took the boss down. And I did not ever let Arust die. When he died, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t responsible.

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