Gah AFK!

Posted: by Frostheim

whubatSo our 10-man group got to the raiding again last night. I think we somewhat redeemed ourselves after our sad performance last week. No more silly wipes from stupidity (depending on how you define stupidity), but still having problems with some bosses.

But more interesting was what happened just before the raid: There I am, sitting in the computer room, all alone in a big dark house. Suddenly my ninja senses tingled and I saw a shadow moving in the hallway outside the computer room.

I stalked after it, since I was alone in a dark house – with no pets – any movement like that is horribly suspicious. Suddenly with a burst of utterly silent chaos a frickin’ bat swooped down the hallway. And of course into the computer room.

Now I’m in Minnesota. We don’t get bats in the winter. They either hibernate or die, so who the heck knows what this guy was doing up and active. Possibly it was a vampire in bat form.

I locked him in the computer room, fetched an old shoe box, and proceeded to try and capture him. That didn’t go well. After flying around for a while I cornered the bat behind some blinds, but it cunningly escaped, flapped madly around, then disappeared. I couldn’t find it again.

Until, of course, the middle of our Sartharion clearing. Suddenly he’s out and swooping at my head. I just had time to type out “Gah AFK!” before diving for the shoebox. But then he was gone again, and I continued to raid with one eye to the ceiling.

Still haven’t caught the bat, and still have the computer room shut off. My sister – biologist and currently in vet school – had some comforting advice: they bite, are notorious carriers of rabies, and they will bite you in your sleep.

Thanks, sis.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with some snippets of wisdom from the Hrist tank:





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  1. c2 says:

    You missed the ‘Waiting on captain AFK’, ‘Did you just call me cpatian AFK?’, ‘I could have called you something worse…’

    Perfect tie in!

    <3 angrytank