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So this is a true story.  The names of those involved have not been changed because this is the truth and because I asked permission before using them.  They’re great people, dear friends, and I think we had a pretty good time in the process.

So there we were on a lazy monday evening, looking for something to do.  The druid tank Ogham says “Heroics!”  We gather up a few people including Frostheim our trusty dwarf hunter, Ryfft the crazy DPS mage, me, and Bellaskye our healadin.

Let me paint a picture of our group.  Me, Frost, and Ryfft are pretty sweet DPS.  Ryfft has done the most heroics of the three of us, and Frost the least.  This is Bell and Og’s first heroics at 80.  Og is a long time heroic fiend/friend from Outland.  Bella is new to healing since Wrath.  Bell and Og are both is full L80 crafted/quest/drop blues, with maybe a hold over T6 or super good L70 purple, but no Naxx or heroic gear (obviously).  So we’re a mixed bag, but we’re excited :)

Pulling goes well.  Og sets a fast pace and does the regualr tank experiment thing. He pulls one; we smoke it.  He pulls two; we smoke them.  He pulls four; dies with two up, one gets CC’d or kited as we blast the other, then Ryfft dies or I die (I forget), then they finish off the last one.  Limit found.  So we push on, using some CC.  But level 80 blues are tuned right for tanking (even druid tanking w/o a shield) this instance.  You don’t need heroic gear to do a heroic.  So thats positive.

More importantly, we’re not interested in quitting.  We discuss quitting, after we wipe on the first boss, but we don’t.  We discuss a few improvements to our strat, and we get the first boss on the second pull.  The wipe happened with about 30k health left on the boss.  That’s missing it by about 10 seconds of the three of us being alive.  Or less.  So that’s a discouraging loss from a DPS point of view.  Doing 10 more DPS in any way shape or form for the course of the fight means that would have been a win.  That’s why you eat food, pot (or flask up), and bring good ammo.  So Frost goes to get his level 80 pet instead of bringing along a level 75 pet like we both were, and on the second go round we win.  Dues paid.

So we clear through some more mobs and get to the second boss pair.  They’re real SOB’s.  Pengu hates them almost as much as I do.  You can tell by looking into his demon red eyes.  So we wipe hard on the first go round.  Second time, we wipe again and I die ignominiously to being in melee to the damn ghost mage.  I think we wipe the third time too.  We’re knocked down and discussing quitting.  But F that, we get back up, repair bot, and take it too em again.  The DPS focus was really good and the mage died fast.  The DPS were able to AoE and kill the adds (I hate adds).  Bell kept us all healed and we dropped the second boss confidently.  It wasn’t even a miracle on ice last minute victory.  It felt good.  Dues paid.

Just a few more mobs and we’re staring at the end boss.  He’s a real pain.  We discuss quitting again, but we’ve made it this far, it would be a shame to quit and not even know how it would have gone.  I mean, he’s brutal on melee, but only the Bear-tank will be in melee.  So we line up, pull, and smoke him in the first phase.  He’s as much of a joke in the first phase on heroic as he is on normal.  The second phase however is not a joke.  Og dies in about six seconds and we promptly wipe.  So we come back and try it again.  Bell just needs to do more over-healing.  So we come back again, and oh Shatterath, Og gets smashed by some crazy boss thing in the last 10k health of the first phase.  The phase seemed like a joke but no one is laughing.  We can’t rez him between phases, so we wipe.  We run back and line up again.  We say we’ll give it one last try.  We’re all saving our cool downs for the second phase.  It all hangs on the healing and the tank avoiding what smashes he can in that phase.  We line back up and Og pulls.  First phase goes great, we make it to the second and Og’s health gets really low at times but thanks to (I think) a bubble and a LoH by Bella and Og’s skill we pull through and the Boss dies and lets down the Death God.  Doom on Him.  We all woot! and cheer and Og gets an awesome blue druid staff upgrade. It has like 4k more armor than his old one.  Bella gets some off spec DPS pants and we all get badges.  Dues paid.

So the moral of the story is, that just because you wipe on the first try, doesn’t mean its always going to be a loss.  There is a fine line between knowing when you’re beat, and when you can make it through.  To me, it looks like that line is all level 80 blues makes you ready for heroics.   The line is also heavily dependent on skill, and having new people learn those skills is important, and having old people be patient is important.

The only down side is the damn repair man got all my dues this run :D

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  1. Frostheim says:

    Ah, I remember that run. I had a streak of jumper cable failures. My repair bill wasn’t that bad — I managed to FD out of about half of the wipes :)

  2. Pav says:

    Man this sounds brutal… One has to wonder if it really is more effective to spend your time somewhere else… but then don’t we play games to be challenged? Luck will get you so far, but you really have to bring your game to win these things. It’s not like BGs where you can just show up over and over again and still benefit.

  3. Arust says:

    It was brutal, but its one of the only ways to learn. :D

    Also, the rep gain was very good. Even though the run took us a touch over an hour (I wasn’t really timing it) the rep gain was about 3x what it is in a normal instance. So until we can run a normal instance in 1/3 the time, the level 80 faction grind demands heroics. :)

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