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So I was running around Un’goro doing a quest, to move me towards my goal of being a Loremaster of Kalimdor.  Guild chat started rumbling about an impending invasion that had hit Orggrimar.  The Lich King and his cronies, mainly Freezy Abominations and Freezy Wyrms, had shown up and were smashing the place.

My initial reaction was “Well, the horde probably deserved it.”  Then a good natured Pally whispered me and said, “If the same thing happens in Stormwind, there might be Argent rep.”  Which was all it took to get me to show up.

So I hearthed to Shatt, and then ported to Stormwind.  I rode on the back of my trusty Frostsabre to the docks.  There was about half of the server there.  All mounted. And all yelling in /y.  Bunch of tards.  I mean really.  Do you have to knowingly bring down the server, at least dismount and keep it quiet.

Then I started a guild raid and we all started showing up in Stormwind Harbor. The new harbor is quite pretty.  I think its funny that the Dwarven Steam Tank explodes after driving about ten feet.

Anyways, then it started… it got cold and misty and then…

And then all hell broke loose. Luckily no guards were hurt, cuz there were 1,000 of us there…



There were up to about eight of the wyrms flying around, and the Abominations seemed to spawn in six or eight places as well.  Thanks to GD, some other tank didn’t have to tank one…

When GD was done nomming on it, we moved on, and the invasion quickly ended.

Some threat… nub.

Anyways, it startedup again in about five minutes. So if you missed it, you have a chance (I don’t know for how long) to see it again.  I’ll however be moving on to a zone with less folks in it.

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  1. Frostheim says:

    So did you get any rep for it? And was it arget dawn or crusade?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh, neither.