In Sickness and in Leveling

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So Wrath of the Lich King is out, and we here at the Warcraft Hunters Union have been busy leveling. We had a plan, and a party, and some of it came to pass.

I took Wed-Friday off of work to have a bit of a mini vacation of WoW craziness. The Wednesday was for no particular reason other than to enjoy my last day of smoking. Alas, on Wed, I started to get that “Uh oh, I’m getting sick” feeling. Sure enough, I got a horrible, horrible cold complete with wracking cough and fever for most of the weekend, thursday on.

Obviously what I really wanted was to lay in bed with icecream and watch tv on DVD. But Wrath was out and I couldn’t miss out on my first several days of leveling, so I played WoW instead (and in the meantime infected several other people in the room).

So here are some of my vague, feverish memories of four days of non-stop wrath:

  • Sitting around Wed night getting sicker and sicker, wondering where the hell everyone was that said they were coming over. Then they all came over just before it was time to leave, and there was a bit of chaos as we tried to figure out how to fit everyone into the computer room (plan was to put half in another room, but no one wanted to be the first to sit alone in a separate room (in retrospect that should have been my diseased ass))
  • Going to Gamestop for midnight pickup. Their credit card machine was down. I found myself wondering how the Wrath release compared to their average daily sales. Or weekly. Or monthly.
  • Installing Wrath, everyone going at a different speed. Sometime during the install we presented Arust with the super awesome statue of himself. Watched the cinematic, logged in, then had to travel around Shatt and old world a bunch to pick up all the supplies I had stored for engineering and so forth.
  • Hitting 71 – not sure if I remember anything before that, but hitting 71 and getting a new rank of Steady Shot and Kill Shot. A very good level!
  • Going to Grizzly Hills early on only to discover that I had to be higher level to adventure there.
  • Shockingly few mines to be found. But everywhere I went animal corpses stretched to the horizon like a sea of bloated pinatas that spew gold when you poke them. Oh to be a skinner again!
  • Running Utgarde Keep with Arust and I pet tanking! This was exciting — our pets made viable tanks.  Well, more or less. But no wipes and we cleared it. Later I tanked it myself with just the one pet tank. Gotta try this with some other instances now.
  • Other than those first couple of runs, no one wanted to do instances, even though we discussed how this was going to be the main thing we did (note that another guy in our guild did mostly instances and ended up at lvl 78 yesterday, so the plan was good).
  • Taming my new pretty Northrend worm, which was a nightmare. I was 72 and the only ones I found were at the bottom of this gorge. But at the top of the gorge were these big elite giants that kept throwing boulders down and killing any worm I was trying to tame. I finally got one by camping it’s spawn, then we went up and killed all of the giants out of spite. Vengeance is sweet.
  • Speaking of level 72, it sucked. A new rank of immolation trap? Whatever, not worth traveling back to train that crap!
  • Arust found how how to get a mage to Dalran and talked one of the party goers into going through everything to get there, then grouping with us all and joining a battleground. We all /afk’d out and were in Dalaran, where we promptly set our hearthstones. Because Arust is a freak he then promptly bought a bear mount and a 20k gold mammoth with vendors. It was kind of cool.
  • I don’t remember much about level 73, other than it must have been on Sunday, as everyone was packing up and leaving, ’cause most people ended up at lvl 73, exactly as I predicted.
  • Getting my first upgrade at lvl 73, the Mark “S” Boomstick that I made as soon as my engineering hit 400.
  • 74 was another fantastic level, Aspect of the Dragonhawk rocks, and a new mend pet that heals nearly twice as much? Yes please!

And that’s it, just about the extent of my memories of the last four or five days. Oh, except for one other thing: despite being horribly, horribly, ill, I still managed to find time every hour or so to desperately want to go out and smoke. And I did not, so yay me.

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