reviewed and accurate
Reviewed 8/26/10
Patch 3.3.5 (OUTDATED)

Warning: This is an outdated Wrath guide. For current information, see the level 85 Cataclysm version of the guide Here.

Pets are the most identifying unique feature of the hunter class, and our pets, regardless of hunter spec, make a significant contribution to our damage. A hunter who wants to absolutely maximize his or her raid dps must be sure to have the best dps pet possible.

After all, a pet is more than just a boon companion — it is an extension of your ability to kill things.

As a point of reference a level 80 BM hunter gets about 40% – 45% of his or her dps from the pet. MM and Survival hunters gain about 10% of their dps from the pets. Do not discount that 10%.

This guide will identify the best ferocity pet to gain the absolute best raid/group damage. We will  identify the best exotic ferocity pet for BM hunter as well as the best ferocity pets for the MM or Suvival hunter. These pets are chosen to get the maximum dps, and that’s all.

The Two Pet Damage Factors
There are two factor to take into acount when trying to find the absolute best hunter pet for the best dps. The first is the talent selection of the pet — and we can assure you that the ferocity talents make ferocity by far the pet of choice for raid dps at lvl 80. (See our ferocity pet Talent Guide for the talents to chooce). The second is each pet’s unique special ability. Since all pets across the board were normalized in damage in patch 3.1, the special ability is what will differentiate pets from each other.

The vast majority of ferocity pet abilities are some kind of special attack on cooldown. The most accurate way to test most of these is simply by testing the ferocity pet in question on the target dummy and see which results are best!

Well, it took a lot of pet food, a lot of beers, and we left a trail of elf corpses behind us, but I’ve trained every ferocity pet in WoW (except the Spirit Beast – I’m not that crazy) and tested its dps against the target dummy. All of this to bring you factual evidence on which to base your critical dps hunter pet decisions.

Every pet was tested with the same talent spec. All of them were tested on the lvl 83 heroic target dummy for three testing sessions, and then the results were averaged.

wolf1Best BM Hunter Ferocity Pet for Best DPS at Level 80

For a long time in WotLK the Devilsaur was the preferred BM pet, but alas that has changed with time and the Wolf has become the top raid dps pet for hunters. All those exotic pets are cool to look at, but no longer the top choice.

The runner up for BM hunter pet is the Devilsaur, and at very high gear levels the Devilsaur can again take #1 spot.

wolf1Best MM or Survival Ferocity pet for Best DPS at Level 80

For MM and SV hunters without access to exotic pets, our testing found that the pets fell into several dps bands. With the changes made to the wolf’s Furious Howl in patch 3.1, so that the ap bonus now scales with other similar buffs, the Wolf is the best MM or SV ferocity pet.

The runners up for MM and SV dps pets are the Raptor, and then the Cat. Both have special abilities that grant them excellent dps. But they just can’t compare with the boost that the Wolf grants to the hunter himself — especially since survival and marksman do so much more damage than their pets to begin with.

A Note on the Wasp

The Wasp pet is significantly lower dps; however, it bring the minor armor deuff to your raid, normally provided by druid’s Faerie Fire. These debuffs do *not* stack. If you do not have the minor armor debuff in your raid, it will probably be a net benefit to your raid’s dps for you to bring a Wasp pet, even though your personal dps will be a tiny bit lower.

The Worm pet brings the major armor debuff; however, it’s also a tenacity pet and BM only. In most cases going BM and bringin a worm will only be worth it if your in a 25-man raid (not usually worth it for 10-mans). The major armor debuff is usually provided by warriors or rogues, and the worms debuff does not stack with those.

The Odd Choices
I hear strange talk of non-ferocity pets beating ferocity for lvl 80 dps every now and again. In particular the Gorilla and the Dragonhawk come up frome time to time. I did grab them to do some testing, even though logic suggests that they shouldn’t be up there. Testing did show that they are not better than their ferocity cousins. So stick with ferocity if your goal is to maximize your damage contribution to the raid.

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  1. Yorigrim says:

    You know frost, you could have just retamed the same kind of pet you already have at 70 to make the numbers more legit :)

  2. Frostheim says:

    I did retame my lvl 70 ferocity pets so I had lvl 65 data — that’s what’s reflected on the big list (so the 340 dps with corehound and devilsaur are with lvl 65 pets.

    Lower down I show the results of my 70 corehound and devilsaur against a lvl 70 target dummy by way of contrast.

    Blizz has said that they were going to make exotic pets about 10% better — so BM hunters have a reason to take the talent, but don’t necessarily *have* to take an exotic pet.

  3. Atlacatl-Shadowsong says:

    I think you have missed the best hunter dps pet there is. I believe windserpents (just make sure you dont have a “caster” one, check for a list) are THE BEST dps pet there is. Specially for raiding.
    Why? you might ask.
    I have tried again and again my pets. What I usually do is that I just duel another hunter, but instead of us fighting, we just let our pets fight. Then you can check out who kills who first. As an MM Hunter I have been able to kill BM hunter pets.
    I’m an MM Hunter, my windserpent has slaughtered every single pet you can possibly imagine. Because gear plays a part onto your pets stats, u have to make sure the hunters are similarly geared. Windserpent’s dps is just amazing.
    Another benefit of having a windserpent is that they eat bread. You know what this means? That if u raid and u have a mage in the group, you don’t have to worry about food. Windserpent’s can eat mage food. Also, with the [Carrion Bird] ability, you never have to worry about food again. Dunno about you, but carrying pet food for me is a pain.
    You be the judge. Try out a windserpent.

  4. Frostheim says:

    The problem with Wind Serpents is that they are a Cunning pet. So right off the bat they lose the 9% crit that a ferocity pet would gain, and that’s a huge dps loss. Instead they get very situational abilities, like Cornered and Feeding Frenzy. Cornered basically doesn’t come into play in raid/group situations.

    It’s possible that the WS and it’s special have huge dps that is better than exotic ferocity dps, and specials, and the 9% crit. I will even tame one and compare it’s dps.

    However, I think you’re going to find that you were just dueling BM hunters with poor gear, poor talent choices, or that plain didn’t know what they were doing. I could tame the worst dps pet and it would still kill a MM pet, regardless of what it was. That’s what BM is all about :)

  5. Arust says:

    I’m inclined to agree with Frost on this. Cunning is highly situational, and Wind Serpents were great at one point in the past. I believe because they could get the +spellpower damage buff from Shaman Totems, and because it scaled with your AP. So they got kind of a double benefit. Most other hunter pets didn’t benefit from that buff. So by having one more buff, that made them better. But that was before patch 3.0 or LK, before they were segregated into another category of pet.

    I’m not speaking from facts here. Our guild never really had one of those shaman type things :D

    Nor was I BM to properly test it. Nor will I be. I like saying Nor. But what I will say, is its hard for me to imagine any pet doing more than 1500 DPS in a raid. Which is how much Frost and Myrliandre’s pet do on occasion. On boss fights, in raids. (those were Devilsaurs btw).

  6. lore says:

    as this was posted in november, i’m curious to see if you’ve managed to tame the spirit beast and test it to see how it scales against the other ferocity pets.

  7. Frostheim says:

    I have not snagged the spirit beast yet — mostly because it’s dps is inferior to the Devilsaur from all reports, and it’s so much work to get.

    However, now that they’ve both increased it’s dps and fixed the longevity problems, I may have to go pick on up. And boy, am I not happy about that prospect :(

  8. Lori says:

    The spirit beast under performs most pets. Here are some numbers to help out –

    My AP: 3637 with dragonhawk up
    My crit: 22.72%

    Pets (all level 80)-
    Corehounds DPS: 473.2
    Cats DPS: 600
    Spirit Beasts DPS: 469.7
    Crocolisks DPS: 397.7 (yes, I know it’s not ferocity, but it was worth mentioning for comparison)

    Keep in mind this is completely unbuffed and on a level 80 dummy for 5 minutes. One thing to note about the spirit beast is that his special move is “magic” based, and will miss quite often unless you have the hit rating of a caster (which I wouldn’t recommend) since your hit translates to his hit.

    I have to say that I am not happy that the exotics are doing much less dmg. Ah, oh well. Anyway – these results aren’t scientific…the ferocity pets were specced the same way.

  9. mix master says:

    hey thx this really helps , i wasn’t shur but now i now thx :)

  10. Yougeki says:

    Right now im speced BM. I have a Red Core Hound from Molten Core. If i respec to Survival/Marksman and this will cause me to loose my Beast Mastery talent, will i loose my Core Hound and Devilsaur?

  11. Frostheim says:

    If you respec your pet will go to your stable. Your BM exotic pets will remain in your stable, but you won’t be able to take them out.

  12. soloo says:

    one note on the pets wolf is great unless u have pali in raid group the wolfs buff doesnt stack with might so cat is better with pali in group

  13. Daragh says:

    ok I ran some tests last night and I must say I was disappointed with the spirit beast, now I knew all along before spending 2 months to find the bloody thing that it wasn’t too hot on DPS because our hit rating did’nt effect the spirit strike which is spell based. I still went for it thinking whats 10 or 20 odd DPS difference… well last night I pulled out my lvl79 cat and took it to the training dummies, now the cat and the spirit beast have the same talents and the lvl79 cat out DPS’d the 80 spirit beast :-(

    I quickly shot off to level up the cat to 80 and went back to the dummies and here I noticed nearly a100DPS difference between the two of them :-( now I have a lvl 75 devilsaur that I never leveled, I think I might need to give that a go but for the moment well until 3.1 comes, the spirit beast will stay stabled cause I can’t possible walk into a heroic or a raid knowing that I am showing up with the wrong pet :-(

    this makes me a sad hunter it does… I really hope they fix the spirit beast bug like promised…

  14. mawek says:

    My results after 5 minutes of testing each pet, as a survival hunter:

    Bear: 279 dps.
    Cat: 326 dps.
    Boar: 324 dps.

    Conclusion: the Boar is not only the best tanking pet ingame (imo), i also does the same ammount of damage as a so-called “dps-pet”. Don’t put too much into the different pet categories, the difference is often non-existent or miniscule.

  15. Frostheim says:

    Run your tests again. Keep in mind that any 1 session is highly subject to chance. Over several tests you’ll see that the boar is far below the cat or raptor.

    And until patch 3.1 – the gorilla is the best tank pet for it’s ability to hold aggro on groups against healer aggro.

  16. mawek says:

    Yea, you were right. Today, the cats dps was around 350 and the Boars only around 280. I have not tried letting my pet tank for a group and I wonder what situation would ever require that. I have not tried a Gorilla, but I am really impressed about how great my Boar holds aggro, even when you crit 3-4 times in a row that little pig just keeps the mob on him.

  17. quickened says:

    so can any 1 help out with dps raid pet specs as of 3.1 patch plz hunter brothers

  18. quiv says:

    as soon as i heard of how furious howl was changed, i switched to wolf and never looked back. i still have roflraptor just in case, but yeah im liking playing with the 20 second howl and maximizing it.

  19. quickened says:

    ok so the real question is if u have a wolf pet is call of the wild worth specing for ? and if so can u stack call of the wild with furious howl ?

  20. bashel says:

    as of right now yes i believe it does stack

  21. Dharthus says:

    I’m a SV hunter, is there any wolf that’s better than the other wolves? Or are they all the same as long as it’s in the same “family”? the mage hunter looks kinda cool. I just remember BC, some pets had stuff that others didn’t. Thanks

  22. Veratais says:

    as far as i am aware as long as it is in the dog type family (mage hunters, the demon dogs from zul drak, wolves from GH, etc.) they are all the same..

  23. Blada says:

    I personally really like the wolves from Hellfire Ramparts.

  24. Arthion says:

    Hi frost would like to know if u tested the wasp and would like to know your findings as i have been running with one for the fact that (sting) has the lowest cd of all special pet abilitys also how does the moth do in dps tests. Thanks in advance

  25. poop says:

    haha i still still use a ravager cause i like to live in the past ,but after reading all of this ill definately be looking into cats and wolfs

  26. Frostheim says:

    I did test the wasp, and it did not make it into the top tier.

  27. StarsfurY says:

    btw wasp puts a -5% armor debuff on boss wich improves physical dmgs done by raid … & its dps is not so high but not bad as a ferocity pet …

  28. Frostheim says:

    Note that the wasp armor debuff does *not* stack with the other armor debuffs that players apply. So in raids (where you’re going to have those debuffs) you don’t get any benefit from the wasp’s debuff.

  29. Eric says:

    I dunno. I still love my warp stalker. I don’t care what anyone says. I’ve had him since lvl 60, and he does a fair amount of DPS, while looking cool and having the warp ability.

  30. George says:

    So with the new patch 3.1 the DPS for pets are still the same? First Devilsaur (for BM) and the second the wolf (MM/SV)? Or now they have change? Cos i see a lot of guys saying the cats are the best even better that Devilsaur. Can we have an update Frost pls?

  31. Frostheim says:

    If you look at the “Reviewed and Accurate” logo on the upper right of any guide, it will give the date and last major patch of the last update. As you can see, this guide is updated for patch 3.1. This information is correct.

    Cat indeed.

  32. Elpeth says:

    Though wolf is the best, if it doesn’t stack with pallies’ buff, then there is no real point in getting it.

    Making cats or raptors the highest dps for SV hunters?

  33. Frostheim says:

    The wolf *DOES* stack with the pally buff now. You can get the wolf buff AND the pally buff. I believe this change happened in patch 3.1.0.

  34. Phoenixgreen says:

    Sorry but i have been confused here. As u say the post is “Reviewed and Accurate” so in this case Devilsaur (for BM) and the second the wolf (MM/SV). But after you reply me back u are agree with the cats for both talents. So which one is? :)

  35. Frostheim says:

    Sorry, my dismissive sarcasm about cats clearly did not come across over the interwebs. Cats are not the best, for any spec, at the moment.

  36. Crunkdzilla says:

    from MMO-Champion
    “Armor Debuff (Major): Acid Spit (exotic Hunter pet), Expose Armor, Sunder Armor
    Armor Debuff (Minor): Faerie Fire, Sting (Hunter pet), Curse of Recklessness”

    You can have one major and one minor debuff going on, so the sting will stack with sunder and expose.

  37. Kazador says:

    I see that there are several mentions here of the weak damage of Spirit Beasts, and hints that this is supposedly being “fixed”. Is that in fact the case? Anyone have any evidence of this? If so, how fixed? Does this put them at a close second to Devilsaur, or where?

    Frost, have you managed to tame a Spirit Beast yet to test one out?

  38. Frostheim says:

    The Spirit Beast dps isn’t weak, it just isn’t the best. They did in fact fix some problems with the Spirit Beast (it’s ability didn’t used to work with Longevity, for example) but it’s still not on the top of the dps beasts.

    I think it’s a deliberate choice by blizzard. They don’t want to make such a rare and difficult to find pet mandatory for raiding as a BM. Though now that BM is an inferior raid spec, that’s not so much of an issue.

  39. Kazador says:

    Thanks for the clarification on Spirit Beast. I guess my question, and the question asked by many I’ve talked to, is whether Spirit Beast has been “fixed” to the point that it is at least a viable raid option. Previously it was eye candy only, as it’s DPS was simply too weak for it to even be used. Is its DPS now comparable (or even just very slightly below) Devilsaur, Cats, and other top DPS pets? Or does it remain eye candy only?

  40. Frostheim says:

    Devilsaur is the best dps pet by a significant margin. Spirit Beast is probably around comparable to a cat, but there’s no reason to bring anything but the best to a raid.

  41. Vascilli says:

    Ok so today i saw a hunter with a worgen pet. He said he got it in howlin fordge. I definately need one!! If anyone has any infor on how i can get this id be greatly appreciative!!!

  42. Vyraz says:

    What would be the 3rd best BM hunter pet?

  43. matthew says:

    frost where can i find one of them wolfs for the raiding spec i have a mm hunter and would like to knw where to find that wolf or is it just a random wolf?

  44. Exodia says:

    You get the worgen pet by bugging out a quest in Howling Fjord as Horde. Mania does a nice walk through on how to do it at

    I found that he’s a little easier to get if you knock him to around 55-64% health before wyvern stinging him with my 4.4k AP. Keep in mind that he does bug sometimes and not transform, but just keep at it as his respawn is only a minute or two.

    Note that they’ll probably remove this bug ASAP so have fun with him while you can!

  45. Redx says:

    Guys i see a lot of people saying that cats are top dps, or suggesting so. However, if u look clearly into this, the cat special (prowl) is practically useless in PvE, thus rendering ur argument/doubt unfounded. In the other hand, the raptor/wolf specials, actually deliver an increase in dmg output.

  46. Zochi says:


  47. Arthemystia says:

    Redx, the conclusions are based off of testing at a target dummy over a long period of time. Is Prowl useless? Yes, mostly. But does that automatically discount the cat? Only if the tests say so, which they don’t. It is a shame, however, that Prowl isn’t more useful. And raptor/wolf pets are great too. But so is a cat, which is also getting a small buff in the next patch.

    Zochi, Bats aren’t good dps pets. They’re designed for PvP, and have a different spec tree than a ferocity-tree pet, which isn’t as conducive to raid dps. Keep the bat if you love it. WoW is about enjoyment, after all. But grab a wolf, cat, or raptor if you want better dps.

  48. Zochi says:

    ok thank you

  49. Darriux says:

    ok just a question since im new to hunters and all! i just wanted to know since im BM, ok i like to be different! anyways i want to know about Rhinos are they any good at all with any thing???

  50. Arthemystia says:

    Rhinos are fraggin’ HUGE! Popping Bestial Wrath with a Rhino is a unique thrill, because you can usually swallow entire bosses and groups into his innards.

    But no, that’s about it. They’re fine for leveling, and would have a decent PvP special attack if it wasn’t on too long a cooldown. After that you’d be better off looking elsewhere.

  51. Darriux says:

    appreciate it i love my rhino just wanted some professional advice, ROFL! one more if you may do you have a suggestion for PVP pet as BM hunter??

  52. Arthemystia says:

    Lol at my “professional advice.”

    The WHU has recommendations for raid pets (Wolf = best, Cat/Raptor = Good), best BM dps pet (Devilsaur), best soloing pet (Turtle), and best tank pet (Croc = best, Bear = Good). You can browse the guides for these various articles. Frostheim has said he doesn’t want to do much PvP though, since he’s a PvE expert but doesn’t know as much about PvP. So sorry, but PvP is the one Hunter realm where you may need another source for info.

  53. Darriux says:

    gotcha thank you for your oh so professionalism, LOL! sorry had to do it again. well thank you again ill stick with the rhino just cause it looks like it eats toons, and noone uses it.

  54. Malattack says:

    I have had my dragonhawk since like level 30 i am now level 80 and still using it and finding it very ample, i have been doing lots of raiding and the dragonhawk still comes out well, i really don’t believe that there is much difference between all of the pets

  55. Arthemystia says:

    Hunters are a great dps class when played correctly, so your dps, and your pet’s, can be great no matter what. And the DH is better than a lot of other cunning pets. But the Cunning pet tree isn’t designed for max dps. The ferocity tree is. So you won’t be abysmally lower, no, and you can use a dragonhawk if you’re happy with it. But you’re sacrificing some dps. Frost isn’t the only person to test pets, just like the WHU isn’t the only to post such results, and all are in rough concurrence on the best raid pets to use.

    So yeah, with the majority of a hunter’s dps coming from the hunter himself (BM specs notwithstanding) the gap between any pet won’t be huge. But it’s there. The nice part is that it allows hunter’s to choose what they want, so you can be conscientious about dps without giving up a pet you love, or making sure you pump out the max dps, all depending on your play-style.

  56. Frostheim says:

    Malattack: yes, I’m sure your Dragonhawk does pretty okay; however, our guide is for the best DPS pet not “Some pretty okay dps pets.”

    Perhaps the difference is as little as 20-50 dps — but all those “little” bumps in dps add up. As dues payers, I recommend always choosing the best dps option…. because why on earth wouldn’t you?

  57. Sistersmercy says:

    hi guys ) this is the first time post on this site ,so can i first say thank you for all the Great advice on all your guides :)
    Im a lvl80 BM with my main man “CULT “Devilsaur , Hes a albino with pink eyes , “should see the size of him with BW on ” any way can you answer this as i get wispered this all the time “Why is he (cult) a Elite ?”

  58. Arthemystia says:

    All pets are elites, for whatever reason. Is you get asked, just tell them it’s because hunters are so l33t themselves that it can’t be contained in a single character and affects pets as well. I’d like to think that’s exactly what Blizzard thought when they did it.


  59. Blakkwater says:

    Greetings. After all this time, I just discovered this website. Yes, duh. Thanks Arcorionis. It’s incredible. I’ve spent the last two hours (it’s Tuesday!) scouring it up one side and down the other. Not nearly done. Fantastic job!

    My question: Did the 3.2 patch fix the Spirit Beast bug?

  60. Jinx says:

    What about Raptors, i always thought they were up with the dps, where do they stand? i’d be interested to know as ive always had one but am having thoughts about leveling a cat or wolf to 80. (i have them in my stable already) Porblem is the cat keeps stealthing even when i turn off autocast, so its really annoying. I dont have any addons. grrr!!
    Im on survival.

  61. The Raz says:

    Interesting discussion thus far. Please consider this, Endurace. Yes I said it and it concerns DoT wich is all raid. As in Naxx one time (a pug) the RL asked me why don’t I use the wolf like everyone else. My replie was the following ” My Raptor will out last a wolf thus providing a more stable dps from boss to boss. Bams Has a natural +125 resistance to all 4 special attacks (ie. Nature ect.) and because of her elite status , a “True” elite , any mind control or movement impairing effects is ruduced by 15%.” Before you say “huh” just getting a stock pet and putting points in the right place is good DpS but the rabbit hole goes way deeper than that. Elite pets are special class and every pet is not an elite Arthemystia. Sorry to point out a flaw but its the truth. My Elite Raptor is 18% higher in DpS than my regular , same level same talent spec. As for the science part, I had a Lock duel me 5 times for each pet and clocked the duration fear lasted on my regular “off the Blades Edge shelf” to my Elite from Dred’s pen and there is a 15% difference in the Elites favor. In closing, my friend a MM closely spec’d to me with his dog from shattered halls does not have Bams even in it’s sights.

  62. Frostheim says:

    Raz — sounds like you’re benefitting from a bug. Enjoy it while you got it!

    Also keep in mind that your friend’s wolf may not be able to hit your raptor’s dps (no wolf will) the advantage of the wolf is that he is increasing the *hunters* dps – substantially – with Furious Howl.

  63. The Raz says:

    A follow up report : yesterday i trained a cavewolf and gave it a go in the name of science. I am pleased to report a 215 DpS increase in my stat. As for the overall DpS the wolf is 200dps roughly addind to the overall picture on training dummy. Now I took WileCyote into ToC H and he constantly wipes, and that is my fault. Next we HoL H for the dungeon daily and smae thing, constant wipe , so I called up Bams and she performed as usual. Now it is my responsibility to heal my pet not the healer, I just need to get used to throwing a heal to WileCyote wich will lower my DpS; by how much yet to be determined. For the record, my raptor 99% of the time never gets a heal from me and does just fine, always retuning to my side after a boss encounter.

  64. Atrousniper says:

    I did some tryouts on test dummies and found that as a BM hunter the wolf does more dps then the t rex now probaly due to the new 3.2 talents.

  65. Frostheim says:

    That’s…. profoundly unlikely. I assume that you mean the wolf’s dps plus the dps gain he gives to the hunter is more dps than the rex. I just did a quick test and found the rex still has a very large lead — could you describe your testing methodology and the data that you got?

  66. Atrousniper says:

    KK. i did my test by doing a normal rotation with only steady and arcane shot along with ss kept up and popped kc and bw when it was up until i ran outta mana. Then i clicked on the merge pets options on my recount and unless my spec is completely screwed i did more dps with my wolf then my rex.

  67. Frostheim says:

    Ah, I see the problem then. You are suffering from the effects of RNG. Here’s an example: I can do my full rotation to out of mana. Then do the same thing again – same gear, shots, and pet and I can get literally a 600 dps difference.

    For actually testing something like this, you need to eliminate RNG as much as possible. Remove any trinkets with procs – and most importantly – go through at least 1,000 and preferably 2,000 shots (thus you’ll have to be in viper). That will let all the randomness average out :)

  68. Atrousniper says:

    KK.. i took off everything the tier gear the trinks the whole nine yards if it procced it was gone then replaced and i even went into viper and shot nothing but steady same results wolf was owning the rex by 100dps and i myself even had a dps increase of 50dps in viper. My spec is a little diff from yours but i use the exact same glyphs.
    Avg dps in viper with Wolf: 1988.8
    Rex: 1844.5

  69. Frostheim says:

    Did you double check to make sure the rex had his spells on auto cast? That’s the only thing I can think of that would cause him to do less damage than the wolf — the pet’s spellbooks are still bugged and abilities randomly turn on and off when you log in, or rez pets.

  70. Atrousniper says:

    Yes every time to make sure growl wasnt on and call of the wild was also off.

  71. Tyrik says:

    I thought I read somewhere yesterday that the Wolf’s Furious Howl is overwritten by a warrior’s shout. Can you confirm that? If so, is there now a better pet to bring to a raid situation where you know a warrior will be doing his shout?

  72. Atrousniper says:

    No that was fixed a while back the only player furious howl buffs now is the owner of the wolf.

  73. Tyrik says:

    Ok… I’m not exactly sure that answer my question.. but maybe the question was not clear. :) I thought I read on this site (although I can’t find it now) that if you have a warrior shouting in your party, his shout will cancel furious howl. So in essence the wolf is not providing you with furious howl. If that is true, it means one of the major avantages of a wolf is gone. Therefore I’m guessing there is a better DPS pet out there.

    Your response means to me that you’re talking about the nerf where the Furious Howl used to be raid wide, not its only affecting me. It doesn’t necessarily say whether or not the Warrior’s shout will overwrite Furious Howl. Thanks!

  74. Frostheim says:

    Tyrik: warrior’s shout *used* to overwrite furious howl, and furious howl used to be raid wide. Then they changed it so that furious howl stacks with everything, but only affects hunter and pet.

    That change is what made the wolf the best pet for MM and SV – because furious howl now stacks with everything.

  75. Tyrik says:

    Thanks Frost.

  76. Jastor says:

    Hello. I’m a new hunter, and not sure if this they right place to post, but whatever. if i’m going to lvl should i get a wolf till i can get a t-rex? Plus what spec should i lvl?

  77. My Hunter is BM spec. I have 4 ferocity pets.
    Gondria, a spirit beast – spirit strike – arcane damage
    A Devilsaur – monstrous bite
    A Wolf – Furious Howl – boosts RAP
    A Raptor – savage rend – a bleed effect

    As discussed, the spirit beast is a sad case. It gets taken for walks now and then, thats all. The Devilsaur is the one to take to raids, but its too darn big for my liking.
    I had MM as a secondary build, so the wolf was for that build.
    I am happiest with the Raptor, when I have a choice.

  78. Jastor, I would recommend a BM build for leveling. As for a pet, I recommend a Raptor, wolf or whatever suits you. Play around with the pets, and use the one that makes you happy :)

  79. Jastor says:

    Cool, thanks for the help

  80. Automatik says:

    Glad this was here, it has been since early BC that I had played my hunter and just today decided I’d start using him again. Found this resource on the best utility ever made, google. Thanks again for the help!

  81. FJohns says:

    Hi Frostheim,
    Again big fan of the page.
    This guide is last Reviewed and Accurate 08/04-2009
    Was thinking about Spirit Beasts or Core Hounds, how are they compart to Devilsaurs.?
    Im looking for the Ferocity Pet for DPS, im BM Hunter.
    I am still new in World of Warcraft.
    Thanks in advanced.

  82. Saimelaul says:

    hey Frostheim,
    Just was wondering if you have a list of numbers and stats from each of the pets you tested. At the beggining you said that the devilsaur was the best damaging pet followed by the core hound. What was the difference in dps?

  83. Atrousniper says:

    Hands down in 3.2.2 the wolf is best dps pet. The 10% damage the hunter gets from beast within helped out alot the overall damage with the hunter and wolf combined beats the hunter and t rex combined by a huge margin. I know i been saying it since 3.2 but never had the math to back it up. All i did was test on the training dummies and used recount in 3.2 and the minor AP buffs we got in 3.2 seemed to give the wolf the edge back then also. One thing i did notice is the T rex bottoms out on focus alot more then the wolf. Which i can pin to the rex’s monstrous bite.

  84. FJohns says:

    Hi all.

    Frost do you have any comment or data on the comment from Atrousniper.?
    Is the Wolf the best DPS pet atm or.?
    Thanks in advance.

  85. Frostheim says:

    That’s why this post is flagged for review — most of my testinging since 3.2.2 has been on the SV vs MM balance since BM is still not gonna be a raid spec, by my paper napkin math. But I’ll be getting around to testing BM soon — gonna try to get to it tonight.

  86. rickyk says:

    I agree with the mentality of; if u enjoy leveling with the pet then stick with it. End game is a whole new ballgame :0 As for raiding definetly a wolf as a MM SV is the way to go, BM in a raid situation if u want to get invited back to a raid (if u pug consistently) then a raptor just due to size issues of the saur. My personal pet of choice is the ravager solid dps nice interupts for pvp. Frost have u ever tested the dps of the Ravager?

  87. Atrousniper says:

    I would say BM is also back to being a raiding spec especially with the new tier gear i recently topped the charts in a voa25 with a consistent 6.1k dps. Here is my spec on armory Improved Arcane shots get a huge boost also with the new 24/7 10% dps and i dont use multi shot do to the fact it doesnt proc cobra strikes I also specced Improved stings since serpent sting can crit with the 2 piece bonus. Another thing in raids as a BM Hunter is too buy/make spiced mammoth treats it stacks/scales with all raid buffs and doesnt get canceled out by anything.

  88. Atrousniper says:

    TY frost for at least looking into my results i tried to also post this on the hunters lodge forums and got ridiculed. So thx much.

  89. Hellvomit says:

    Quick quesion.
    Is there any considerable difference between an Elite pet vs Reg or Rare, in terms of DPS, amor health etc.

  90. Brunah says:

    Did you test a Moth? I chose my “butterfly” because of her self-healing ability and damage buff,(and because I’m a girl and she’s pretty. =))

    Where do Moths come in in the dps line up?

  91. Crithit says:

    I just thought i would throw in my two cents. I raid with a cunning pet because of the skill that returns 30% of the hunters mana. This in effect reduces the time i have to spend in viper aspect during long raid fights, in turn increasing the hunters overall dps. So yeah, while cats/raptors may put out 50-100 more dps on a spreadsheet… TRY thinking outside the box for once and see that ferocity might just be overated as THE ONLY way a hunter should raid. CUNNING PETS FTW!!!

  92. Snoggi says:

    I agree, your guides are wonderful,so a similar guide on Cunning pets would be very helpful indeed.

  93. parabellum says:

    crithit: asfor a normal raidsetup goes you have a paladin that judges wisdom in that case u never go oom so u wont even have to switch aspects, wolf pet ftw.

  94. Helwyr says:

    SO, we are now in 3.2 and I am wondering whether they have buffed exotic pets (in particular Spirit beasts) and are now the best BM pet for dps? If not, what is the best pet for dps in 3.2

  95. Frostheim says:

    As the date at the top says, this was last reviewed for 3.2.2 — wolf is the best raiding dps pet for every single spec right now!

  96. Snoggi says:

    Did you also consider the “+damage while target is below 35% health” boost? I’m not saying that makes cunning better or anything, but it does equal a relatively long period of time during a raid boss fight. Not to mention that it’s often the most crucial stage of the battle.

  97. Gyp says:

    I read all these posts and questions about rare vs elite vs reg. I never really saw anything about if it makes a difference at what level the pet is when trained. I have used my boar since I trained her @ 17 and it is now 80. So does the level of training have any effect on the dps or is it just the talent tree that effects it?

  98. Snoggi says:

    The pets were standardized a while back right? So supposedly, it doesn’t matter what kind of boar you trained at what place at what level, they’re all the same statwise?

  99. Phypa says:

    Hello Frost and Arust, and thanks for your utterly amazing guides, they have significantly increased my dps and increased my overall happiness level by 5%. One question–I will keep my cat pet for my own silly emotional reasons; however, every time I enter an instance or battleground, my pet resets which abilities she is allowed to autocast, and if I don’t catch it she randomly vanishes or tries to take aggro from the tank and I get yelled at. Is there any way to get rid of this real annoyance? Or permanently delete things from her spellbook?

  100. Frostheim says:

    That is an annoying bug that’s been around forever. Most people find that any abilities that are on their pet’s cast bar don’t get reset. Everything else is at risk of it, alas.

  101. Sallego says:

    One thing I’ve seen as a MM hunter is that amor pen helps a ton. As I don’t ever run with a “minor” armor pen debuff, such as ferie fire or curse of weakness. I picked up a Wasp pet that has that 5% armor reduction poision. I noticed about 250 dps upgrade with the wasp over my cat in this particular case. I do run with another hunter sometimes and he has a wasp as well and as these buffs don’t stack I’ll revert to my cat.

  102. Frostheim says:

    Keep in mind that in a raid you’ll likely have other classes providing the 5% armor debuff – meaning your wasp is doing nothing :)

  103. Goreshot says:

    The Wolf works beautifully for me I just avoid bringing him into the fight when dealing w/ trash mobs and when a boss comes up send him in to fight with a buff timer addon up and AoE heals from some of the healers I am able to keep him alive which means I can get a few more Howls in for some more DPS :)

  104. Mads says:

    dunno if im just blind.. where do i find and tame that Furious Howl? im sure you wrote it somewhere.. i just cant see it

  105. Rania says:

    Hey there!

    I know that this particular guide is focusing on the best DPS Pet for Raids and maybe my post is more a suggestion towards a new topic with the titel: “Best or most useful pet for Raids”. Maybe it would be worth to look into some testing to see what pet family provides the that most usefulness to a raid?

    And on that note, I just think its important to point out that especially for SV and MM (as they deal most the DPS themselves) another pet-family in my opinion can be hugely valuable for raids in particular: Tallstriders

    I find that the “Dust Cloud” ability (Your tallstrider kicks up an obscuring cloud of dust, causing all enemies within 10 yards to miss their next attack. Lasts for 8 sec.) provides a greater benefit then the sole maxing of the pets dps. Taking some amount of pressure of tanks and their healers while still providing decent dps for the hunter.

  106. Frostheim says:

    Mmmm, the hunter pets that are really going to boost your raid in ways other than your dps are the Worm (20% armor reduction – same as sunder) and the wasp (5% armor reduction – same as faerie fire), and in a 25-man raid other classes are going to be providing those debuffs anyway. The pet that’s most helpful to your raid is the wolf.

    10-man raids are a different issue, because it’s entirely possible you may not have one of the classes present, in which case depending on your composition the pet may be a good idea (for example, if your raid dps is mostly warlocks/mages/ele shammans etc the armor reduction won’t be so useful).

    I would have to strongly disagree on the tallstrider — the ability to avoid just one attack does not significantly ease the healing burden.

  107. Sincere says:

    So, since the wolf is once again THE pet to have as a Huntress ( yes I’m female ), where would or could I find a rare or nice elite one to tame 49-50ish range?

  108. Sincere says:

    PS. I will be getting the T-rex asap as well. Just adding that as a side note.. But wanted a good wolf in my lvl range as well. Thanks for any responses.

  109. Arthemystia says:

    Sincere – Petopia has the best list of pets and there whereabouts for hunters. The link should be further up on this page under ‘Hunter Links.’ Elites and rare are, well, rare. So there may not be one around your level. But it’s likely that you’ll find a model that you like somewhere on their list, elite or not.

  110. Frostheim says:

    Petopia is indeed the resource to go for to find where to get a specific skin on any given pet. Here are all the wolf options:

  111. Rockasan says:

    This question is in regards to worgs vs. wolfs, now i have a outland wolf i have had for some time, and time and time again, i have seen it been torn up in damage by worgs. I noticed this from belf hunters who had lvl 219 gear get very close to my dps, (which i’m in mainly 245,) and looked at recount and seen worgs due double damage then any wolf i may have tamed in outland, eastern kingdoms, or kalimdor. Ever seen anything like this? And if so, then whats the skinny would be appreciated.

  112. Sincere says:

    Thanks guys. I’m guessing they ( Blizz ) has gotten rid of the rare’s and elites special talents they once had back in Nilla days?? Im looking for a Croc 50ish range, for mob tanking, since I’m now in 50’s theres gonna be more mobs to handle, so need good croc. Any named ones come to mind?

  113. Sincere says:

    Oh!!..Thanks for the petopia site. Very nice.

  114. zheng says:

    @Sincere – Maybe if your alliance, you can try to tame the Sewer Beast in Stormwind City.

  115. Sincere says:

    Can I get one of the big elite Dino’s in Ungoro w/o having the 51 points?..IE..ironhide..tyrant??

  116. Sincere says:

    Disregard last post….lol

  117. Snoggi says:

    What about pets who have ranged attacks, in fights like against Onyxia where she’s in the air for half the battle? Would it be worth it to use for example, a Spirit Beast there instead of a Wolf?

  118. Snoggi says:

    Nevermind, I suppose your spreadsheet article answered my question.

  119. twinkpower says:

    I have a Agam’ar I tamed. I have been lvling with him, when I do battlegrounds I best lore other pets. He is always high then other pets in armor, health and damage. Only time he is not is when the other pet is four lvls or so higher.. Should I stay with him.. my hunter is only lvl 43..I knoe everyone says wolf.. but was just wondering…

  120. Zheng says:

    wolf is only good for raiding a instance because it buffs the users, but Blizzard says they will nerf the wolves.

  121. Zheng says:

    wolves buffs the user and others i mean, sorry.

  122. Frostheim says:

    Wolves special affects the wolf and master only – no one else. Blizzard said they would not nerf them, but implied that they’d like to change the balance up in cataclysm.

  123. Gulies says:

    hey admin quick question wolves still the top of dps?

  124. Snoggi says:

    Does the new Wolverine Bite change anything in the Dragonhawk vs. Wolf debate? My first instincts would say no, but then again, 380 damage every 7 seconds isn’t too shabby, about twice the damage regular attacks do…

  125. nick says:

    So if I am a bm hunter, what stats are better, example, agility or ranged ap. And what are all the stats our pets receive a bonus from?

  126. Snoggi says:

    It’s mentioned in the other guides, namely the Stat Conversion and EAP guides.

  127. Nekro says:

    So it’s still wolves, right? As of…whatever this patch is, as of Feb 4th lol

  128. Tyyrologica says:

    I have found a pet that is almost vital for squeezing out extra dps in raids (not for heroics). Switching to BM spec will drop your dps but allow you to aquire the best(in my opinoin) raid pet in the game! JORMUNGARS! There special ability drops the targets armor by 10% for 30 seconds and STACKS twice! In a perfect world this means +20% dmg for everybody but im sure theres some drops and variable numbers here and there…overall I notice a distinct increase in my entire raids dps when using this pet even if it costs me a bit of my dps!!

  129. Shatamall says:

    @Tyyrologica: That’s only an option if you don’t have a warrior tank, since the worm’s acid spit is classified as one of the three greater armor debuffs (Sunder Armor and Expose Armor[rogue] are the other two).

  130. Nephy says:

    I have noticed this past week that more and more hunters are going back to cats for raiding. I am still using my trust wolf when playing as a survival hunter. Have I missed something about this trend?

  131. DayWalk3r says:

    Hi, Im leveling my hunter and im finding that i swop and change pets often, atm i have the wolf and the buff and general dps is great, but another question is shud i change this for boar, as i heard these are great for holding aggro and the charge ability for those that escape.

    Should i stick with a wolf or go to boar, for a level 50 hunter.
    TY, and a great guide

  132. Crixus says:

    Suppose the following:
    You are marksman
    You have 721 ArP and have dropped arcane shot from your rotation
    Your 10 man does not have a warrior and the rogue does not expose armor in his rotation
    Is it worth taking the wasp over the wolf for its armor debuff?

  133. Hanuremeap says:

    I am dual specced BM/SV and I have all stable slots full (Ravanger, Silithid, Devilsaur, Crab and Hyena) and I am unsure if I should get rid of one to get a wolf. So I’m wondering if a Hyena ( specced the ferocity pet Talent Guide way) will do decent enough damage while in SV spec.

    I am also wondering if a cunning pet can be used affectively in dungeons and raids?

  134. Varnleko says:

    Hey, just came to this site on recommendation from Hunter forums, and i was wondering just how big of a dps drop a raptor is from a wolf. I have had my raptor since lvl 10 and am very attached to it, but i dont want to hurt my guild by doing a fair amount dps less.

  135. Frostheim says:

    Raptors aren’t bad — they’re in the 2nd tier of ferocity pets. The actual amount of dps that you’ll lose depends on your gear, but figure it’s around a 1% overall dps loss. For me, dropping from wolf to raptor is around a 150 dps loss total. At lower gear levels or for non-marskman it will be less.

  136. Varnleko says:

    Ah ok- ill probably have to switch to a wolf then for progression, as that seems too big of a dps loss to want to pass up.

    Thank you for the help.

  137. Silver says:

    Any 3.3.3 update?

  138. Hunterinator, Nagrand says:

    for MM hunters, like me, imo u should just get a ferocity pet. At my lvl, i out aggro the pet and nearly die bcuz of it lol ( with an MD) D: wolfie it is

  139. Nevael says:

    I have seen no mention of a sporebat.. It has a 3% armor reduction called spore cloud, that stacks with everything that i have seen. Would the wolf still be the best contribution for a raid?

  140. Frostheim says:

    Yeah, the sporebat’s debuff is considered a minor armor debuff, alas, so it doesn’t stack with the minor armor debuff provided by faerie fire, and it’s less.

    If you need that debuff, the wasp’s is better — it’s 5% instead of 3%, and it has 100% uptime — the sporebat has a crappy uptime, alas.

  141. Norm1967 says:

    I’m using a hyena and I was wondering if that is considered similar to a wolf, or if I could gain extra dps switching to a wolf.

  142. Valkaneer says:

    Somthing I’ve been looking for and can’t seem to find is Pre-Talent Point 51, and Pre-80 how do the pets compare. For BM I’d think Devilsaur is sill best after Point 51, before though I don’t know. I’d think it come down to Wolf or Raptor.

  143. Nightpath says:

    Do you still have the numbers behind your testing? I did not find them on the site. I am trying to maximize my dps in every aspect of the game… but, huh, i just do not like wolves, and i love my Darnassus Nightsaber.
    Spreadsheets (rawr, femaledwarf) give a difference of about 40-50 dps on my character between a wolf and a cat. Does this agree with your testing? I’d want to know how much dps i am losing if i let my RPG soul win in this only aspect of the game… i suspect that with AP boosting (flasks, buffs) this difference could be even lower. Thank you for the great site, and the even greater work behind the site.

  144. fearcom says:

    have any of you guys tried a raptor its pretty sick and it might just make a viable option for a dps pet frost you should check it out.

  145. Cureenvy says:

    just about when does the Devilsuar take the lead again in BM dps? Gearwise and such.

  146. Frank Johnsen says:

    Hi Frostheim,
    Sry if this is the wrong place for this.!
    Just a normal day in WoW but something was wrong with my pet’s dps hmm.
    Now I have used 3 hours have 3 different Wolf’s with 3 diffrent DPS stats, but all have the same spec , same lvl 80, same buff , happy feet them all 200 times to be sure ?
    Have one Young Scavenger (has many names but sure you know the type) that has Damage 293-316
    Have on Cavedweller Worg (again many name diffent look) that has Damage 352-384
    and one Vargul Blighthound (only one of them ^^) 488-527
    All other stats are the same.?

    Hope you can help me, have printscreen of all if you like.

  147. german says:

    hi Frost… im from argentina and founded very useful this conversation… now what i want to know is… what is the best for an sv 2H axe…Massacre or Major Agility…wich is not common???

  148. Trondish says:

    I have just dinged lvl 80 with my hunter. I have used a cat so far, but I have lvled a wolf up to lvl 76. In my experince they both do nearly the same dps. i have now set my spec to SV, and I wonder witch pet you recommand me to use in instances/raids for best dps?

    Another question is that I have read the diffrent types of cats and the wolfes have diffrent attack speed? Like for example a cat named Broken Tooth have 1,1 attack speed and the barrens cats have 1,3 attack speed. So is it still like that or have all the cats and all the wolfes the same attack speed now?

  149. Phanx says:

    Is a Serpent any good i know he is cunning but i love my serpent and I’m wondering how well he compares to other cunning pets?

  150. Lerais says:


    If you use Zeherahs Hunter DPS Analyzer :
    You will see that the Serpent do less damage then a Wolf.

    I did the test with Common Pet Spec and got -163.43 damage then with my Wolf.
    Hope this helps.

  151. Miguel says:

    I just did several times tests in the heroic dummy with my 3 spirit beast (loque, skoll and arcturis) plus the core hound and the results show me that ALWAYS arcturis did more DPS then others.
    Arcturis 771 DPS
    Skoll 722
    C.hound 666
    Loque 598

    How this can happen knowing that Spirit beats are all the same?

  152. Lavien says:

    Being new to having a Hunter, and nearly 80, the question I have is which DPS pet would be better for instances/raiding/battlegrounds; a Wolf or a Cat? Right now I have a Cat for my main DPS pet that I switch out to (I have a Warp Stalker for tanking while questing) when I queue up for randoms. I have heard from various Hunters (and others that have Hunters as alts) that both Wolf and Cat are acceptable for DPSing. So I come here to the pro’s to find out which I should have as my main DPS.

    So WHU, which is better? Cat or Wolf? And why? What makes one better than the other? I’ve looked through the various guides here, taking notes and such, but I would also like your opinions on the matter. =)

    Thank you for making such a wonderful, informative site! It’s really helped this wee Hunter learn the ropes! ^_^

  153. braddahclyde says:

    ok just to say for those in pvp i found a pet it i think is the bst pvp pet in the game
    chimeras they let out to different kinds of spell and it has a 10 second slowing effect and a very short cool down very short. it hits hard and is hard to get away from , plus its big so its hard for ppl to see you when attacking

  154. braddahclyde says:

    with all the raiding u would personaly say the wolf because you wont be depending to much on their dps but your oun as a fire damaging shots my pet dies all the time to a aoe , aoe the number 1 cause of death .cats prob second , wind serpant , i like birds of pray only for the fact that they can disarm and an mm can also disarm with his chimera shot . but that ines just me , the only thing is the cool down i think is to long , i think every special ability should have the same cool down , just to make it fare. . most ppl wont say it but , leveling i am sorry is a bear , they attack more then one enemy more theat and thunderstomp, and this is comming from a tank also.

  155. braddahclyde says:

    with all the raiding i would personaly say the wolf because you wont be depending to much on their dps but your oun as u are fireing damaging shots. my pet dies all the time to a aoe , aoe the number 1 cause of death .cats prob second , wind serpant . i like birds of pray only for the fact that they can disarm and an mm can also disarm with his chimera shot . but that just me , the only thing is the cool down i think is to long , i think every special ability should have the same cool down , just to make it fare. . most ppl wont say it but , leveling i am sorry the best is a bear , they attack more then one enemy more theat and thunderstomp, and this is comming from an 80 the more ppl yopu can hit the more people that will wont to hit you back. i have 2 80 tanks and its all about making every one hate you lol.

  156. Icehawk says:

    I have only just recently got to 80 on my first toon, which is a BM Hunter. I also ran some tests on the 80 heroic dummy’s, for 5 mins with all my pets. I found 1 pet to out DPS all the others, and it’s never been mentioned anywhere that I can see. All tests were done unbuffed. My gear is also still lame, but these were the results (also dual-spec’d to Suvival but can’t say i enjoy the Survival Spec, but the results for comparison are there also) [for non-exotics anyhow]

    tanking bear – 540 in BM, 215 in Surv
    ferocity cat – 500 in BM, 225 in Surv
    Spirit Beast – 550 in BM, N/A in Surv
    Silithid – 600 in BM, N/A in Surv

    The Silithid by far does more DPS than any of my other pets, and combine that with a venom web that sticks targets for 4 secs, I think it makes a good PvP pet. In instances (still haven’t done any raids), while buffed I can get his DPS up to 900. With better gear and gems, i’m sure I can get this up even further, possibly to match that of the wolf. It would be interesting to see how a geared BM Hunter’s wolf would compare with a Silithid. ANy testers out there?

  157. Riktade says:

    Ive been a BM hunter for some time now and always used my trusty 80 Devilsaur until I found Arcturis ( Spirit Bear) I understand that spirit beast are only good for show but my blue bear does high 700,s in dmg where the dino fell inthe 600,s
    Did bliz improve spirit beasts ?

  158. hululu says:

    is wolf still best pet for hunter in raids?

  159. wilegenuis says:

    I think that starting 4.0.1 a pet selection is a bit tricky. You should look at the overall raid buffs and see what if missing, the pet should be selected to complete the missing buff gap

  160. GTyoungblood says:

    I’m sure the healing aspect of the Spirit Beasts have been mentioned elsewhere, but OMG!

    I level my new, level 77 pets, on the Converted Hero’s in Ice Crown. Usually, the (i’m just talking ferocity pets here, tenacity, and cunning are both different) pet CAN NOT tank the whole group (of 8?) at once, and i end up pulling one at a time, using MD to my pet. By level 78 they can handle the group, maybe 50% of the time. By 79, most of the time. And of course at 80 hey have no problem. All this of course is with the pet spec’d for healing and survivability, not DPS.

    Now the Spirit Beast, I macro’d in his healing ability, with my Mend Pet. At level 77 the Spirit Beast can tank the entire group, while I spam MD, Multi-Shot, and the healing Macro. I even set up an Uh Oh! macro to heal myself. It appears the Spirit Beasts heal is on its own Cool Down. So I can macro it in with anything.

    I’m thinking of putting it in with all my attacks, and just keeping it up all the time. Its cool down is 28 seconds! So that means a down time 18 seconds between heals when no healing is being done. The initial heal is 3443, followed by 1188 every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. And that’s all heals on me.

    On the Pet, with Mend Pet macro’d in, he gets healed for an initial 4500, followed by 2100 and 1600 alternating every second for about 10 seconds. Then add in Blood Thirsty, and Lick Your Wounds.

    I hardly ever used BM in dungeons or raids, but will A LOT now. This is great. Until we get nerf’d again.

  161. Stubble says:

    Frost, have you messed around with different pets at all since beta/patch mode? Just wondering if the wolf still fits the equation as top DPS.