Best Leveling Hunter Pet

Posted: by Frostheim

reviewed and accurate
Reviewed 12/8/09
Patch 3.3 OUTDATED

Warning: This is an outdated Wrath guide. For current information, see the level 85 Cataclysm version of the guide Here.

Simply put, the best pet for leveling is the Devilsaur (and BM is the easiest hunter leveling spec). If you’re not BM, then you can choose between the Wolf, Cat and the Raptor as the best leveling pet.

The best solo leveling pet is not any tenacity pet, not even with Thunderstomp. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll do well with a bear; however, while questing dealing with 3 or more mobs is not common. Mostly you’ll be attacking only one or two targets anyway.

Here at the WHU, we’ve done some experiments that made use of science to determine which is best. First of all, we determined that Ferocity is Better than Tenacity at Generating Threat. Then we explored Which Ferocity Pets Are Best.

First a recap, then we’ll get to the beloved thunderstomp.

A graph that implies the use of science. Which we used. But this isn't it.

Ferocity pets do way, way more damage than their tenacity cousins because of their superior talent choices and special abilities. Even when we take into account the 20% threat bonus of tenacity, ferocity still blows them away. This is great news, because that means that in addition to holding aggro better, our ferocity pets also help us kill more!

But in addition to killing more, and holding aggro more, ferocity has a couple of other advantages.

Ferocity have a chance on hit to heal themselves with the early Bloodthirsty talent. This healing generates healer aggro to the pet, further increasing its threat lead. This helps ferocity hold tighter to multiple mobs, and best of all we don’t have to waste time or mana healing the pet. Sure it’s nice that tenacity gets a bonus to its heals — but really all that’s doing is taking a pet weak on threat and driving even more threat away from it to us.

Our fantastic ferocity pets also have the ability to self-heal up to full in seconds, during combat, with Lick Your Wounds, available at higher levels. We click a button and BAM, they’re at full, and just generated a whole ton of aoe threat! Even better, if the worst does happen and they die, BAM again, and they self-rez at full health. We feign death, then retake aggro, and we’re off.

So ferocity pets do more damage, generate more threat, and have more ways of dealing with Oh Shit situations than tenacity, making them ideal for solo leveling.

And then there’s the tenacity pets.

People love tenacity – especially bears and crocs – and for good reason. Thunderstomp rocks, especially when it crits. Thunderstomp is the aoe rock for our badass volley madness. But, is a tenacity pet really better than a ferocity for leveling? I’m sorry, but no.

The Thunderstomp pet is great for tanking 3 or more mobs, and will do so better than a ferocity. But he’ll require a lot of healing, and that healing plus one volley will outstrip his aggro. And how often are you really going to fight 3 or more mobs at a time while leveling? The answer is: not that often.

A ferocity pet will hold aggro on just one or two targets better than a tenacity pet.

So, soloing, leveling, you want senior stompy.

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  1. Thorynn says:

    Nice post, I like how you explained in detail how the ferocity pets generate aggro and how you view them as the best for leveling. I have three pets at the moment, Devilsaur, Gorilla, and a Hydra (reskinned croc from sholazar basin). I switch between the pets as needed. When farming or soloing I use my Gorilla. Thunderstomp is a fantastic catch all, especially when competing over quest mobs that 4 or 5 others are waiting to respawn. When I really need to crank up the dps its a devilsaur all the way. Its aggro is nice to pick up that loose mob in a instance that rushes your healer for example. Nice post I enjoyed it.

  2. Gantu says:

    I just found out about this page, and I love it. I’ve learned a ton today. Regarding this post, though… it’s talking about “the best pet for leveling” and you say ferocity over tenacity because they can self-heal. But don’t they only get 1 talent point at level 20 and then 1 point every 4 levels after that? So by the time they can self rez you’re, roughly, level 64, and the self heal comes near 70, right? So what about for the earlier leveling when the ferocity pets can’t take the same damage as tenacity pets, say in the 30s, 40s, and 50s? Are we better off with a tenacity pet for the early/mid part of leveling, until we get to a point where those other talents are available to us?

  3. Frostheim says:

    The main self-heal that makes leveling with a ferocity pet totally non-stop is the passive Bloodthirsty. It’s 2nd tier, so you get your first rank of Bloodthirsty at level 32.

  4. Gantu says:

    Ahh, missed that one. Was looking at heart of the phoenix and lick your wounds near the bottom. Cool, thanks. And thank you for the quick response.

  5. Absol says:

    This isn’t a leveling question, but I didn’t see a more appropriate topic for it. From all I’ve read you consider ferocity the best dps option by far. I’m curious though how much effect the Jormungar’s acid spit ability has in raid groups, especially 25-man bosses. Does it stack with a warriors sunder armor? And if so, how much overall raid dps will 2250 less armor on the boss give? Even if it doesn’t stack with a warrior’s sunder, I’ve been in many 10-man and even a few 25-man groups with no warriors at all, at what point does 2250 less armor on a boss outweigh the loss in pet dps, if at all.

    • Arust says:

      Frost says that no, it does not stack with sunder armor with a worm. The wasp is an unknown quantity, but its minor, and if you have a rogue their armor pen one is a minor, so it won’t. The wasp is ferocity, so the real question is “Does a wasp’s sunder armor a) stack with a rogues ability and b) does their sunder armor provide more raid DPS than the cats or other ferocity pets pure DPS ability (like rake (a dot I think) or a raptor).

      Frost has given me his word as a Dwarf and a Man of Ironforge that he will have answers for these (or I get to kill a gnome).

  6. Flyer of Medivh says:

    hi all,

    has anyone come across a technique for taming an mc corehound? seemed like there was one floating around using a druid as partner.

  7. MG says:

    Tamed on solo lvl 80. Take some health buffs, food/elixirs/flask. After WG, I headed out to MC in raid. Enter and stay to the right. Another post said you can jump down and not hit the lava, but I slid in anyway. At 200 – 500 a tick I was fine and just swam forward, jumping out behind two elementals. Bandaid real quick and walk behind the ‘mentals to the center of the room. I watched the patrols for a sec to make sure I wouldn’t get any surprises. My back was to the entrance and bridge, looking downhill, ‘mentals now on the right. Ancient core hound at the bottom was my target. This one will pat toward the entrance, I got him on the way back. Took 3 trys, as I only had food buffs and fort elixir, health was aprox 17500. They hit hard even at 80, 1-3k without crits. Max your distance and pop the tame. Oh, and frost traps don’t work either. Good luck!

  8. Orhhuntz says:

    Rofl great post and all true ive tested this before and it’s works.
    btw nice comment on the last sentence. stomper over poo flinger rofl that made me laugh on the spot. Great Post Frostheim

  9. Szariton says:

    I’m sorry but I totally not agree with what you say about not tanking more than 4 enemies at the same time at least not for a BM. I just started WoW again after a long pause and leveled my hunter from 70-80 in about a week.
    I have a bear pet and my usual tactic was to have the pet attack 2 or 3 enemies and pull another 2 or 3 with misdirection. I’d leave mend pet on all the time (aided by both talent and major glyph) and finish them off with volley. This is of course only better when you have enough enemies around. But when you do it is amazing how much fun you have with it … dreaming about killing off a mamoth herd … and it is still quite usefull in some of the daily quests (kill 10 icecrown …)
    Another advantage during leveling is the better survivability when you solo group quests where it is (in my opinion) more important that the pet survives than that it generates more aggro. It took my quite a while to finish off some of the enemies but my pet managed to stay alive.
    It is definately an unusual style of playing a hunter but it’s a lot of fun and you should really try it out.

  10. Frostheim says:

    I have indeed done what you’re suggesting. When I need to farm mammoth meat, I break out the tenacity pet and aoe down mammoth herds. When I’m leveling a new tenacity pet for testing I level it by aoeing down groups of 8-12 mobs in Icecrown.

    But when I was leveling, questing was the fastest way to solo level. And that meant I was rarely fighting 4 or more mobs at a time. It was more efficient for me to be killing the mobs much faster. Survivability is generally never an issue when leveling. We got survivability oozing from our every pore.

  11. Dharthus says:

    I agreed with Szariton and was leveling with my pig…that is until I went and got a devilsaur myself and tried it out. I killed stuff a LOT quicker and was able to move onto the next quest (thereby leveling faster). GRINDING for levels is sssslllooowwww.
    Once again, Frost makes me a better hunter…even if I AM a BloodElf. =P

  12. Taranna says:

    I have a question, ive been hearing somethings about this Spirit Beast i was wondering
    is this pet any good? Ive heard it only spawns every 6 hours for a span of 10 minutes and im thinking is any pet worth all that time?

  13. Triggerhappy says:

    Hey frost, should add this for those who hit 60 and have trouble taming that devilsaur. First place a freezing trap infront of you. Pull the devilsaur, before he hits the trap, use scare beast, then quickly start taming. This will give enough time to tame him as when the scare beast runs out, he will freeze himself on your trap. Then it’s all yayay from there

  14. Düm says:

    I notice that you mention BM is the best spec for leveling – which is completely true, in my opinion – but I also notice that the only BM guides you have are optimized for the endgame – raiding for the one, or extreme soloing for the other. Could I use the ‘Best BM talent guide’ while leveling, or did you have other suggestions?

    I know I could find leveling talent guides elsewhere – I just wanted to ask here, since the science behind your answers is always top notch, and I like to know the ‘why’ behind a choice.

  15. Zubra says:

    I just started playing my hunter again and wanted to do some research on how to spec and what pet to take and how to spec it . Had some intresting reading done here but i was curious if all the guides were up to date as of patch 3.2? It seems most of the guides here are from way earlier.

  16. Frostheim says:

    Zubra: if you check the “Reviewed & Accruate” logo at the top of the guides, it will tell you when they were last reviewed and/or updated. It looks like this one hasn’t been reviewed in a while; however, not much has changed. All tenacity have thunderstomp; however, a ferocity pet is still going to get you levelling faster as you’re questing up levels.

  17. Detta says:

    I’m one of the casuals who leveled a hunter half way and gave up to go back to other toons, but recently started playing the class again. Just wanted to give a big thanks to the site, the articles have helped a ton, and I’m cruising up through the 60’s now very quickly.


  18. Dookinski says:

    I have the same question as Dum posted 5 messages above. The BM talent spec you list is optimized for endgame dps. Would you suggest using the same talent build to level a hunter from lvl 70 to lvl 80?

    And thank you for your great web site! I had put my hunter in “mothballs” for over a year and am now playing him again using your web site as a primary source of help.

  19. LB DK says:

    I still prefer Tenacity pet for leveling, simply because I can actually do group quests with it easily, while Ferocity one will just get mauled by the Elite mob.

  20. elkshard says:

    I have a lvl 47 hunter and i was wondering what would be the best way to lvl that hunter up faster. What pet should i use at this lvl and is ferocity really better than tenacity at my lvl? Another question. Should i go ahead and dual spec my hunter and if so what should i spec. I am as of right now a BM hunter. Im am questing now in searing gorge and it is a little difficult to do those quests with the bear i have had since lvl 10. So what pet should i get and where should i go to get it. Thanks

  21. Otung says:

    This article is pretty far outdated. Gorillas no longer have Thunderstomp they have a casting interrupt called Pummel. All tenacity pets have access to Thunderstomp via the talent tree. IMO the bear is hands down the best pet to level with. Decent DPS, a 3 target AoE swipe and with the rework to hunter threat heals + volley no longer pull aggro like they used to. You have to be careful but you should be AoEing 5+ mobs no problem.

    But it all depends on your style and what you like.

  22. Wyndraven says:

    I have a question for you all, I quit playing wow for about a real and just got back into playing again, i got got my 80 have have King Bangladesh i am a SV hunter and he is still tagged as elite should i keep him and lvl him to 80 or kick him to the curb?? thanx for the help.

    p.s. justed dual spec’ed as a Bm hunter to try the Extreme solo guide grinding up a turtle right now

  23. zheng says:

    Is ravagers good for leveling?

  24. Ogun says:

    i have a wolf right now and im SV spec but as soon as i got my explosive shot my pet is no longer able to keep agro off me im going to by your talent specs and pet tree spec’s but i keep losing agro im not sure what im doing wrong. i am also using your shot rotions would another pet be better to keep agro when questing

  25. Tallgeez says:

    Very interesting article. Combined with the post that offered actual numbers on DPS and TPS, I feel better prepared as a hunter. That said, I haven’t had a chance to really test the devilsaur in a solo-leveling environment, and my (limited) experience so far has been handling 3+ mobs at a time while solo-leveling.

    My typical style is to just gather all the mobs in a given area, mutli-shot or volley them down, then move on. For this, my Bear pet is quite competent. I alternate Multi-Shot and/or Volley, occasionally throwing Serpent Sting on different targets. Not sure if this is ideal, as it costs a lot of mana, but it kills mobs and still manages to keep threat off my back.

    In addition, the vast majority of quests (at least 70%) I’ve encountered throughout the game (Classic, BC, and WotLK) require the typical “Kill X amount of creature Y” or “Collect A amount of item B”. Again, my bear does very well with these quests, because I can kill multiple targets at once, loot their corpses at once, then move on quickly. So, my leveling experience is somewhat different from the “ideal” method that Frostheim has described.

    I’m 78 now, and plan to be 80 before New Year’s Eve. With the method I described, I anticipate being there by this Saturday or Sunday, after about 20 hours total game play time (rough numbers, for the sake of argument).

    With the method Frostheim has described (using a DPS pet instead of a Tank pet, fighting single mobs instead of many), what should I expect? Leveling after 10 hours?

    Thanks for the article. Keep up the SCIENCE!

  26. Tanzier says:

    I’ve been leveling (61 now) with a bear, after trying a number of different pets, finding it by far held the best aggro (especially in AOE situations). After reading this, I figured I would give ferocity another try so I went out and tamed a devilsaur. After playing with it for a couple of hours, I’m just not seeing the same results.

    With a bear I can send him in and start firing, he’ll pick up the mob, and it would be a very rare thing for me to ever pull aggro off him in a single target situation. With >3 mobs, I’ll work on one target until I see a couple of thunderstomps, and then I’ll unload with Volley. Again, fairly rare I would pull aggro although it happens more often in AOE fights.

    With the Devilsaur, I generally have to make sure he hits first. If I do, I usually won’t pull aggro, but occasionally will. If I just send him in and start firing, I’m virtually gauranteed to pull aggro by the end of the fight unless I back off for the first few seconds. AOE threat is basically nonexistent, so anytime I pulled adds, I was in a lot more trouble.

    I took them both to targeting dummies. I left Growl & Thunderstomp on, because they normally would be. I attacked as well, firing until my mana was empty, then switching to viper until full, repeating 3 times. The result: Me, 320dps, Devilsaur, 185dps, Bear, 160dps.

    25 dps is not bad, but it’s nothing to write home about. But, I probably lose that from my own dps when I have to back off to avoid pulling aggro. With the bear, I never have to worry about it, and if I wind up with adds, the bear can pick then up easily and I don’t get into any trouble. I find this happens often enough (especially in HFP), that the bear is more than worth the little extra DPS.

    Am I doing something wrong? I use the pet talent builds on this site, and usually leave all the pet’s abilities on autocast except for cower (which I find I very rarely need – especially on the bear).

  27. Exciter says:

    I agree with Tanzier- this data does not really paint an accurate picture . Sure, the Ferocity pets do more damage, but with a huge decrease in survivability in group pulls and elites and have ZERO problems keeping my pet near full health. I use volley after they’re all gathered and threat is fine. Tenacity pet IS the leveling pet. I personally use a bear

  28. drakmaster says:

    i need to know what’s the best leveling pet for a hunter at level 13

  29. Starfae says:

    Hi guys, i have always used a Ferocity pet for leveling. Currently at level 66 i’m using bloodthirsty talents but i am not BM, i’m marks and since entering the 60+ range my cat can not hold aggro an its annoying plus slowing the process down. I see some people here stick by bears for tenacity but will not being BM make that difference?

  30. Shatamall says:

    I’ve noticed basically the same thing leveling my hunter alt. When she had a ferocity pet, I had to watch my aggro and adds were a serious annoyance. Switching to a bear significantly changed that dynamic (at least for me).

    @Starfae: the threat and survivability for a bear will be less if you’re not BM (since you don’t have the talents that buff your pet), but you’ll have access to the same pet talents, so it should still be a step up in terms of tanking ability. You’ll want to pick up the Thunderstomp pet talent as quickly as possible – it’s nice for sticking those extra mobs to your bear. The big disadvantage of not taking BM is the 4 extra pet talent points from Beast Mastery. That allows you to spec all the way down into Silverback starting at level 64 instead of 80.

  31. Rooeh says:

    I levelled right from the get go as Survival. Was a bit harder for sure, but still relatively easy. I used a boar until about level 30, when switched to a wolf, swapping it out for the Ramps wolf at 60. About 50 however I was almost always pulling aggro off my pet, and FD’ing more than the cool down was available.

    At 63 I dual spec’d into BM, got a Warp Stalker, and hes been my new best friend since. I level as BM now, and instance as Survival, currently at level 70. I farmed sunfury signets / arcane tomes for a level, and I was pulling 7-8 mobs, 0-2 levels above me, tossing a mend pet on before hand, as well as one once all mobs were rounded up. I’d then volley until I saw my threat go orange (usually about the 4th volley & 2nd mend pet), FD, and keep going. It was about 45 seconds per pull, and I only had to mend pet 2-3 times tops. Its talent to Warp was handy with its 3 stacks of melee attacks having a 50% chance to miss for sure, and it held aggro like a god. I tried the same thing with my wolf, he couldn’t hold the aggro, and do do the same amount of mobs was taking about 2 & 1/2 mins.

    I personally feel a tenacity pet is easier on the hunter, requires less healing (if I read your post right it says it needs more?), and held aggo great. Being able to two shot a “Kill 20 ____” quest in 2 mins is very nice, especially for low drop rate quests, and farming items.

  32. Skrivva says:

    i have learned a lot from this site but could not help but notice there is nothing about cunning pets anywhere to be found. I remember when i first played wow this is b4 BC and wotlk. pets where more unique and quirky back then and i had arikara a summoned quest mob lvl 28 windserpent that even after taming cept its unique summoning appearance of a cloud of smoke. i often wonder what use cunning pets are now adays like my old windserpent buddy. who lost his unique summoning appearance because some douche at blizz thought all pets should be equal…. bah what a load of shi… sorry

  33. Valkaneer says:

    Best hunter lvling pet is Devilsaur, Yes, but what about before you can obtain one? You say the other build can chose between raptor, wolf, and cat. So I would think before 51 tp that BM would use the same, but does that mean they all produce the same dps / Threat? Being that wolf is best at lvl 80 does that mean its best pre 80 as well?

    Also would be great to see a Fastest lvling spec for *Pets* / hunter section as well. Your Extream solo section I belive is no where near optimized for Fast lvling (that is, if it was ment for lvling at all), as it seems to be geared twards taking on big mobs / quest and surviving in the end.

    Other than that great work, loads of time and work put in on this site to make it what it is :)

  34. Aldrong says:

    i did the same as Valkaneer, i used a raptor up until i was able to get a devilsaur, it is a great pet i don’t recall many times when i took agro from him and he was able to dish out the dps

  35. Corwyn says:

    It does strike as a little silly that the ‘best leveling pet’ can’t even be obtained until level 60.

    For me, instead of choosing a pet that will perhaps allow me a few more mobs per hour, I pick one that will save me on those rare occasions when I do get into trouble. Namely, a Bear (which I can get a level 10). Multiple mobs are my only concern, and to me, fewer deaths is worth far more than slightly faster leveling (which only works if you manage NO deaths).

    Threat per second is (to me) irrelevant since, it is never so low on a single target, that it is a concern. I don’t think an analysis that doesn’t assume multiple targets at every opportunity is useful for determining fastest leveling. The question isn’t “And how often are you really going to fight 3 or more mobs at a time while leveling? The answer is: not that often.” but rather “how often is it possible to fight 3 or more mobs at a time?” Taking every chance to fight 3 or more mobs may well get you faster leveling. Or not, but the analysis here doesn’t support either conclusion.

  36. Nightstalka117 says:

    I would have to agree with some of the earlier posters that in my experience tenacity pets are much more effective while leveling. I’ve been doing most of my leveling with a bear, until recently when i made the trip to Un’Goro and picked up my devilsaur. I just haven’t been getting the same results since…. I never had to worry about pulling aggro off Hermod (bear), and it was always very easy to just have him gather 4-5 mobs at a time and mow them down with Volley/Multi-Shot. Ive used the tenacity tanking spec from this site, and he requires very little healing at all even when pulling multiple mobs. My Devilsaur can take down single mobs faster, but I find i breeze through quests much more quickly when i have Hermod handy.

  37. Ahbitrox says:

    A spider’s web or a hyena’s slow ensures that your targets will never reach you alive, nevermind the aggro you generate.

    4 days 10 hours & 10 minutes 1-80 using a spider.

  38. Calamus says:

    I’m a measly lvl 25 nub hunter, and I have a question. I have learned, and subsequently my pet cat has learned, to cower. Should I leave cower on “autocast” when leveling?

    I read earlier to have it off in instances, but nothing was said about when he’s out there mano-a-mano with a mob. While we’re on the subject, what about any other talents my pet my learn?


  39. Lirac says:

    In my very unscientific studies, I have found that while leveling up to 60 (when the Devilsaur becomes available), my Raptor is more efficient than my Wolf, which is still more efficient than my Bear. I do better damage with the Wolf because of the howl buff, however, I have to wait for the Wolf to attack in order to not lose agro when I unleash my full arsenal (I use multi-shot all the time for better dps). My Raptor’s additional bleed attack seems to allow it to hold agro even when I unload from the second I put up Hunter’s Mark.

    Again, very unscientific, but this has been my experience.

  40. Torbid says:

    I was wondering if someone could post a leveling build for both tenacity and ferocity pets. You’ve highlighted the main talents to get, but I’m still not sure about the specifics of my leveling pet build.

  41. Matto says:

    I am in the same boat as Torbid. I would love to hear what people have to say about good ferocity levelling builds.

  42. Althrinn says:

    While I trust the math in this article, and I agree that Ferocity pets do better TPS overall, I don’t think that makes them the best soloing/leveling pets. To be particular, I think you ignored one important factor: mob’s health.

    While leveling/soloing, vast majority of mobs you fight will die in around 10 seconds. In such short period of time, the average TPS is not nearly as impportant as initial TPS, even more so since most people will start by using up their highest damage skills first.

    In addition, it’s not super important for your pet to hold aggro for the whole duration of the fight. If you’re keeping your distance, you will have 1-2 GCD’s to kill the mob while it runs at you (this also gets the mob closer for looting).

    It is my understanding (I did not confirm this with tests) that Growl + Thunderstomp will generate much more initial threat than any Ferocity pet.

    Still, self-heal is very useful.

  43. Neverbehaven says:

    I haved used ALL pets to experiment which is best and or more fun… It really comes down to play style… I personally like to be able to take on a room with 4 to 5 mobs in it when needed and in my opinion its more about how you do it rather than which pet you use…
    My favorite pet is the Black Widow looking spider… After testing it out in multiple situations, it is as hardy as a bear or dam near… Invest in dash and boars speed and it becomes real nice…
    To take on multiple mobs correctly, I first have a hot key set up that allow me to stop attacking. I also have the option on for auto attack. Now to take on multiple mobs, mend pet, then send it in on attack… Retarget other mob and hit pet attack and repeat until pet attacks all mobs around it… I can do this quick with hot keys.. Then the last mob you had pet attk, just burn it down and AoE dmg at the same time… Another important thing to remember is once first mob dies, target new mob and make sure to have pet attacking same one… I have not pulled aggro off my pet yet with this method.
    I went outside of Scarlet Monestary last night and they were two levels higher and burned them down quick… Up inside where the dungeon entrance is I had six mobs at one point.. Two added on me, the other four on pet… I froze one, had pet pick up other one on me and killed it off. Then we killed off the one coming out of freeze… Pet was around 600Hps (1900 max) at one point but keeping mend up continually outpaced their damage as each mob died off… Major fun..!!
    The important things to remember is get the the glyph that improves mend by 40%… Second, invest in dash because it lasts fairly long and allows the pet to encounter all the mobs super fast as you initially switch targets… Invest in pet Stamina… You and your pet always fight off the same mob… If a mob adds on you, stop attk and send pet after it and fight that one down until dead… Keep mend up at all times during a multi mob fight… Try it out its fun stuff..!!

  44. GTyoungblood says:

    I didn’t see a response to the “leveling my pet” question. So here’s my two cents.

    For levels other than 80, it really depends on the level and the pet, and if you are geared at level. Also, your pet is usually close enough to your level to not worry about, as it will level up to you pretty quick anyway.

    Now, for level 80. Patch 4.0.1 brings our new low level pets up to three levee behind us instead of five. So now a brand new armored boar from Kraul, will start at 77, making my tip that much quicker and easier.

    I take all new pets to the Converted Heros quest area. There are eight of them in formation, and a standard bearer that buffs them. Take out that buffing mob first. Then send in your pet to the center of the formation of converted heroes, give him a heal, MD, and AoE them down. Follow that with another heal and AoE if needed.

    Pet level 75 and 76 couldn’t hold aggro, or the pet would get killed. Either way, 75-76 was very slow. But now that the new pet starts at 77, this should take about an hour to level from 77 to 80.

    I haunt tried this yet in 4.0.1, but I’m sure it will work out pretty well. Prior to the patch, I could level a pet from 75 to 80 in less than two hours, depending on how much wife aggro I generate.

    GTyoungblood, 80 BM/MM, Garrosh

  45. GTyoungblood says:

    One of my favorite pets is one you can only get while on a daily quest. Its an “out of body worm”. Its one of the Stormpeak Worms, as a ghost or spirit. You need to be on the Sons of Hodir daily (that i cant remember the name of) where you get the tooth, that looks like a snowball, and throw it at a worm. The Sons of Hodir’s frozen leader comes out and eats it after you DPS it down pretty low. Just tame it after you throw the tooth.

    It has no special abilities that the other worms dont have, except it is nearly invisible! Especially in snowy terrains like Lake Wintergrasp. PvPing with him is great as he goes almost unseen. I often lose track of him!

    If you have rep with the Sons of Hodir, go get an invisible worm, you’ll love it!

    My pet worm Harvey for the win!