Dues… Wa?

Posted: by Arust

So yeah, this is great man. I’m a dues paying member of the Union.

I’m excited. I think. Maybe its like being a card carrying member of G.E.E.K., the infamouse Goblin Engineering Korporation. I have to pay dues for that too. I’m not sure what I get either.

But I like this page a lot and the art too. Frost is a great artist. He did the logo. He’s the short one on the left.

I’m sorry, that wasn’t supposed to be a short joke. Or a fat joke. Having been immortal, I like to think I rose above all of that petty name calling and ass-grabbery. I’m the target of it alot, but hey, I stand out in a crowd. Bears make great crowd control. Nothing tears apart a crowd (or a family) like a bear. Except maybe a DPS pet.

But what am I paying dues for again man?…

Anyways, rising above it. I won’t stoop down to the dwarf’s level (not a short joke), and I won’t make any jokes about how I kissed his mom last night (she doesn’t have a beard FYI). I’m going to offer objective advice about being a hunter, gear, guides, and pets after 3.0.3 and after I figure out who actually gets my dues money…

Cuz if its like a Repair Bot, I might want my money back.

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  1. Pav says:

    SRSLY I want to drop engineering for Profession: Repair Bot, I would get fat gold.

  2. Arust says:

    You might. But then you’d die in 5 or 10 minutes too.

    Then all you’d get is a /mourn.